Why Indians Dominate the Blogging World

This is a question I intend asking myself most at times. It’s really interesting how our fellow brothers and sisters from India have dominated the blogging world. I for instance took the pain to find out more of top bloggers in my country Ghana and the results were really up holing. The least said about it, the better. So what is in this blogging business which tend to attract many Indians? Are you left out in this goldmine? Or you’re now trying to find your rhythm? If so, then you ought to really hurry up before that goldmine gets over exploited.
Aside their beautiful women,(How I wish to get one of those lovely beauties), what makes our Indian bloggers more successful as bloggers? What makes them to dominate the blogging world more than any other nationality? What helps our brothers from India to cash in more from adsense?

The answer obviously isn’t from the fact that they pray more to Budha. After all, our fellow muslims do pray five times a day with our Christian fellows praying ceaselessly. So all in all, we all do pray according to our believes. So Cudjoe, after all these rattlings, what do you think makes the Indian blogger unique? And I can confidently tell you that all Indian bloggers are united. Yes, united. They love each other and that’s one unique characteristics of them. A blog from India is more likely to receive more comments no matter how old, its Pagerank or Alexa Rankings. If you think I’m lying, try visiting most of the top Indian blogs and take note of how many Indians are living comments on their compatriot’s sites. It’s simply amazing and mind blowing  how the Indians find common unity in lifting up the name of their country high.

Another interesting thing with regards to most Indian blogs is that, they provide a lot of value to their readership. I entered into blogging, no, wp blogging due to a comprehensive content I read through one Indian’s site. Evey thing was explained straight to the core and this placed in the proper assumption as to why one must not be in the classroom of IT experts in order to become a blogger or create a website.

I guess someone might be wondering, what at all does Cudjoe wants to achieve with regards to this post? And that’s a question I’m not going to answer. After reading this post, you’re likely going to find out what I want to cut across.

Good! Let’s us look into some great Indian blogs which you might not know they came from region of India.

When the great Harsh Agarwal started his blog, shoutmeloud, what happened? He took the whole blogosphere by storm with his intriguing and well researched posts.Providing value was his hallmark. Hey wait! I’ve you heard of HellboundBloggers from Pradeep Kumar?  And the answer I know you’re going to give is a big YES!. Good, all these qualities are from India.

There are many other countless Indian blogs which are making head-waves on various blogging platforms. To be honest with you, the list seems endless.Suresh of BIVORI-( that’s a friend of mine), Rahul of LearnBlogTips, Nagi of BloggingCage, Moin of CapturedbloggingTips etc. The list can just go on and on and on even for the whole day but please let me just put a pause here for you too, to have your say.

But before I end, I certainly wish to be sincere, the fact is, ”How I wish I were an Indian Blogger”. As the Indians say “A smile you sent, will always return”  So please make smiling to everyone your top priority.


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  1. I wonder on what basis you conclude that Indians dominate the world of blogging. I know that we Canadians sure don’t, but most bloggers I run into are from the USA.

    OK, I just did some research and here is a chart that shows where the bloggers are from:

    Basically, 50% are from the USA. About 25% from Europe. That is followed by Oceania (which appears to include Australia). Then comes “North America”, which I assume is Canada, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Then comes Latin America. South Asia (which I assume includes India) comprises a very tiny wedge. I wonder where you get the impression that Indians dominate the blogging world?

    1. Hi David,
      The argument I intend to carry across hasn’t got to do with just numbers but rather how influential most Indian blogs are.

  2. Hi,
    Well I feel blogging is all about passion and you need to give good information to your bloggers. Providing a lot of value to their readership is all that a blogger must provide. Thanks for the share!!

    1. Hi Aditi,
      And I also do think that’s something most Indian bloggers possess it more.
      Thanks for your comment.

  3. I have noticed a high proportion of Indian blogs in the tech reviews field, as well as the “bloging about blogging” niche. I have often wondered why that is the case.

    I think you’ve got a good point there about people from that nation being united. I think Indians also have a very strong work ethic. So they tend to stick with things until they master them.

  4. You are right and to the point Cudjoe. I would also like one more and practical point to the list. This is related to financial situation of a country also.

    A blogger from India should be happy and can live his lifestyle in a super cool way if he earn $1000 per month from full time blogging, whereas if a blogger from USA or UK earn the same, then that would not support his livelihood.

    Bloggers from USA and UK can earn $5~$10/hour easily by doing any job and that is fine for them, which is tough for them to earn from blogging in the initial couple of years unless they are good at programming and create some unique products of their own. So they do not find that much benefit in blogging in the initial couple of years and most of them likely to leave blogging soon after they start. Because blogging requires time and patience to survive.

    1. Hi Taswir,
      That’s certainly correct. High standard of living in most western countries is also a factor which discourages most western bloggers. They simply can’t wait for that long before the realise the real benefits of blogging.
      Blogging goes with patience and that’s also something most Indian bloggers possess.

  5. Hi Kudjoe,

    Couple of minutes back, I was stumbling upon one of my friends links on Facebook, and the headline “Why Indians Dominate the Blogging World” immediately attracted my eye balls (hats off for the kickass title ;))

    I don’t know whether Indian bloggers could dominate the heavily crowded blogosphere or not, but there’s a huge growth in Indian blogs these days. I hope they stand out from the crowd by doing something epic on their blogs.

    Happy blogging Kudjoe and thanks for mentioning me.


    1. Hi Rahul,
      Thanks for your comment. I’m grateful for that.
      What I intend to carry across isn’t just a matter of how many Indian blogs are in the blogosphere. But rather how influential Indian blogs are.

  6. Hi Kudjoe,

    I don’t know whether we are dominating the world or not. But still the point you mentioned is true over all.

    We love to learn and feel blessed to share what we achieve. We feel more happy when an Indian blogger rises in blogosphere.

    Loved the post. Thanks for share.

  7. Hi Cudjoe,

    That was a good article, I am from India and I blog since I was 14.
    I believe Indians are introduced to the Internet and blogging pretty early and that might be one of the reasons for the high number of blogs !

    1. Hi Babu,
      Yes I quite agree with you. Most Indian bloggers start blogging at an early age.
      Thanks for your comment.

  8. Eye Catching Title.. I must say.
    We cannot debate on the topic on who dominates the blogging world but yes Indians tend to go deep into everything they are curious about which results in well-researched articles.

  9. You got the point Cudoje….Yes Indians help each other to grow their blog.You can also add Pakistani bloggers too in the list since we both support one another other than in borders.

  10. Glad to read this article. Proud to be an Indian. Amit sir, Harsh sir, Atish and more…!! Great Indians are great!! Wonderful post!

  11. Emmanuel, India has indeed been at the forefront of blogging for a good while now.

    It’s nice that you’ve gone into the details as to why. Being Indian, I’ve had quite a few interactions with many fellow Indians who have been blogging and have extremely huge fan following.

    Must say, we all support each other!

  12. Just loved this statement, “It’s simply amazing and mind blowing how the Indians find common unity in lifting up the name of their country high.”
    And yeah, felt proud too 😀

  13. Hey Cudjoe,

    This post is going viral mate!
    I feel honored, thanks for adding my blog.
    Will definitely give it back to you with more quality information.


  14. i don’t think Indians dominating the blogging world more so, most Indians are into copy and paste blogs, i think the award should go to UK citizens.

    1. Hi Sammy,
      I also do think this is one allegation you can’t substantiate.
      I’m more interested into how influential most Indian blogs are.

  15. I think you’ve hit upon something. I find that there are a lot of really great blogs out there and quite a few are from Indians. It’s no surprise that’s the case because as far as technology is concerned, India is a tech giant and that’s not going to stop. I think it’s great and I like reading really great blogs from all around the world…they inspire me 🙂

  16. I reached this post very late and I’m really happy to see the mention. I’m listed among with some really awesome bloggers from India.

    At the same time, please, allow me to clarify that I’m not from India but a part time blogger from Nepal. Nepal is an independent republic country between India and China. Nepal takes the pride to the the land where Buddha was born and the country that has the world’s highest peak – Mount Everest!

    As I feel, to be successful in blogging, it is your learning, research and worthy posts you offer, it is your skill to build relationship, network and being helpful, your smartness to identify the better monetization opportunities, willingness to take actions and experiment. Blogosphere is really democratic without the boundaries and I truly enjoy to have friends from USA, Canada, UK, France, Africa, India, and any other country in the world. I am more than eager to help anybody who helps me. This is the beauty of blogosphere.

    As far as technology blogging is concerned, I agree with you that Indian bloggers are really influential. And also appreciate you to find the reasons why they are influential.

    1. Hey Suresh,
      Sorry for changing your nationality. Blogging indeed has no boundaries and it is an ideal platform for one to connect with the world.

  17. Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. I really enjoyed this post while reading and Yes, unity is the most important thing in our country and we all feel proud when any Indian blogger do best in blogosphere.

  18. an exciting survey you had of the Indian bloggers….Cudjoe!
    unity can really be stated one of the characteristic of the Indian bloggers!

  19. Hi Cudjoe great article. Good to see that we Indian blogger dominate in the field of blogging. Feeling very proud.

  20. Hey, I came to this post from a share by Pradeep Kumar at hellboundbloggers. Your title, kind of hit me and here I am.
    Interesting research. While some of the arguments that Indian do not actually dominate the blogging world in terms of numbers is right, it is also important to mention that dominance should not be measured in terms of number of bloggers. It should rather be measured on the number of authority bloggers. And I guess there is some research that is to be done on that.
    In the meantime, I know a fact for sure that I frequently come across a lot of good and informative blogs from Indian bloggers… which in a way stamps the fact that there are a lot of authoritative Indian bloggers in the blogosphere. Good article…


  21. I think you’ve hit upon something. I find that there are a lot of really great blogs out there and quite a few are from Indians. It’s no surprise that’s the case because as far as technology is concerned, India is a tech giant and that’s not going to stop.

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