Why You Should Never Vote

Why you should never vote. Yes that’s what I want to carry across. Who do you vote for and where do you belong? These are questions I have no interest in, myself. This is a world where many countries have turned into democratic states where after some particular number of years, people turn out to vote. I’m not by anyways trying to sound political on my blog but this post has being necessitated by the level hypocrisy exhibited by many politicians especially those in my country. I don’t know about your country though! But there is one unique thing about politicians, they’re all… (Complete the sentence with your own words).  

There was interesting definition of a politician I read about some time ago. It defines a politician as someone who can tell you what will happen the next hour, tomorrow and in 100 days to come and later come back to you and tell you why all these did not happen.

So who is a POLITICIAN?

He’s a wheeler he’s a dealer and a stealer and a thief

His lack of guilt and conscience is just beyond belief

His invective is defective, a collective load of bull

He wants your pockets empty so his coffers will be full

He connives and he deprives and he survives using his wit

He is a patronising bugger and a two faced hypocrite

He’s a preacher, a beseecher and a creature of the dark

He has the morals of a vulture and the menace of a shark

He is vicious and capricious and suspicious of all men

He will bleed you to the marrow, then bleed you once again

He’s impure, he’s insecure, and he will lure you to his pack

He’ll encourage you to join him and then stab you in the back

He is profligate, a reprobate, a candidate for power

He’ll give you bad advice and then charge you by the hour

He’s critical and political, and is typical of his kind

He’s a devious politician with a twisted, cunning mind

                                                        E.K CUDJOE


This is one lovely quote from Joseph Stalin which I really find it interesting and it goes like this,

“If voting made a difference, it would be illegal.”

“Don’t vote – it only encourages them.”

“Voters decide nothing; people who count votes decide everything.” –Joseph Stalin

Here Wait!  These are my own thoughts and what I personally do feel of politicians. I’m not in anyway inciting or influencing anyone. These are truly personnel! Just as freedom of expression exist in my country, that’s my opinion. You might decide to agree with or not.

Anyways, what you think on this post is also verily welcomed. That’s democracy on mycudjoe dot com. And as the saying goes, opinions are like noses-everybody has one.

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  1. speaking of voting, we will vote in may 10, 2013 here in the Philippines and the highest position would be the senatorial level since the voting for the presidential level will start three years from now. i will vote but only for a few positions. i will leave some positions blank since i do not know most the politicians

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