How my Posts are Tweeted to more than 500,000+ Twitter Followers

‘At long last, the battle has ended and therefore Ghana, your beloved country, is free forever’. Those were the exact words uttered out by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the founder of Ghana  on the day of Independence, 1957. But today, I’m here to offer you freedom in the blogging world which will lead to getting more Facebook likes and more retweets of your posts.

How do you see your blog? Is it just for fun or you mean real business. Are you down-hearted as your blog seems to dwindling all the time with little or no retweets at all. There is one blog which I really like its name. I like the name of the blog, it’s known as MY-BLOG-IS-MY-MONEY. Is your blog also your money as  Raaj puts it.

Good! Now let us look at where you can get more retweets especially. I was truly amazec to find out how my posts were just being retweeted. Mind you I’m not Obama or Bill Gates. I’m just a common floor member just like you with my twitter followers hovering around six hundred.

Getting more retweets doesn’t necessarily means I write extraordinary with some superficial skills which you don’t have. That’s not true, we are all the same level putting our views across but in this blogosphere, you have to be really smart. Be at right place at the right time. Those we call probloggers are just like us. The difference between a problogger and a blogger isn’t about the vast knowledge a problogger possess but rather how smart his intelligence is applied. The reality is that, learn to build from your own experience and ask the right questions on Google.

In order not be seen as bragging, let me show a screenshot as to how my posts are being retweeted. Kind courtesy of easyretweet.

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Member ID Date Tweeted                                                                     FOLLOWERS
@NathansReality Saturday, 13/10/2012, 05:59 87714
@KOmarketer Thursday, 17/01/2013, 23:09 1532
@Pwnyzei 18/01/2013 1246
@DOXCANNON 18/01/2013 747
@jewelrymandave 18/01/2013 23049
@youbihar 19/01/2013 11902
@agnesdipesto33 Saturday, 19/01/2013, 03:41 139
@WeirdTechnology 19/01/2013 155
@n_uryanto 19/01/2013 370
@HilariousYoMama Sunday, 20/01/2013, 09:33 214
@crystaijzers 20/01/2013 108
@Yongki_Kardina 21/01/2013 110
@Beauty_ 21/01/2013 2046
@BloggingAndWB 22/01/2013 175
@nightflings Wednesday, 23/01/2013, 04:03 486
@SellMeaProduct 23/01/2013 143
@bethelnwigwe 23/01/2013 153
@naijatechbase 25/01/2013 198
@SEEWUTTT 25/01/2013 111
@WorldSurrealism 28/01/2013 181


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@NathansReality Saturday, 13/10/2012, 05:43 87714
@WeirdTechnology 13/01/2013 159
@CBBNBuzBuzzz Sunday, 13/01/2013, 12:21 189
@agnesdipesto33 Sunday, 13/01/2013, 18:36 130
@DOXCANNON 14/01/2013 730
@Pwnyzei 14/01/2013 1244
@jewelrymandave 14/01/2013 22930
@ActressRare 14/01/2013 130
@n_uryanto 14/01/2013 374
@bethelnwigwe 15/01/2013 151
@hollowman2013 15/01/2013 1442
@MayaKashif 15/01/2013 1321
@FREDDOW34970FR Tuesday, 15/01/2013, 18:55 790
@youbihar 16/01/2013 11895
@Yongki_Kardina 20/01/2013 112
@HilariousYoMama Sunday, 20/01/2013, 09:18 214
@crystaijzers 20/01/2013 108
@Beauty_ 21/01/2013 2046
@jialeichipster Monday, 21/01/2013, 08:57 122
@beachacademics 21/01/2013 2310
@nightflings Wednesday, 23/01/2013, 04:03 486
@SellMeaProduct 23/01/2013 143
@SEEWUTTT 25/01/2013 111
@WorldSurrealism 27/01/2013 175
@FaizanMahboob 28/01/2013 3539
@Mavtrevor 04/02/2013 3569


Post- Parable of the Talents


@NathansReality Saturday, 13/10/2012, 05:13 87714
@WeirdTechnology 13/01/2013 159
@MayaKashif 13/01/2013 1320
@agnesdipesto33 Sunday, 13/01/2013, 19:06 130
@amabaie Sunday, 13/01/2013, 20:17 3409
@DOXCANNON 14/01/2013 730
@Pwnyzei 14/01/2013 1244
@GeorgiGochev3 14/01/2013 1049
@jewelrymandave 14/01/2013 22930
@NickChopperDigg Monday, 14/01/2013, 11:29 536
@ActressRare 14/01/2013 130
@waqascheema87 14/01/2013 1854
@n_uryanto 14/01/2013 374
@bethelnwigwe Tuesday, 15/01/2013, 08:59 151
@hollowman2013 15/01/2013 1442
@FREDDOW34970FR Tuesday, 15/01/2013, 17:03 790
@youbihar 16/01/2013 11895
@ActAFoolEnt 17/01/2013 2127

EasyRetweet is the site in question. Getting more  retweets couldn’t just be that easy without Easyretweet. You see, this is ‘How my Posts are Tweeted to more than 500,000+ Twitter Followers’

27 Replies to “How my Posts are Tweeted to more than 500,000+ Twitter Followers”

  1. Hello,
    i have used easyretweet once but didn’t liked it because it uses your twitter account without your consent and that’s bridging of privacy. i love justretweet because they keep your privacy safe. Thanks

    1. Hi Babanature,
      Thanks for your comment but anyway,you authorized them to do so when you were logging in. That’s part of the agreement.

  2. That`s awesome Cudjoe,
    Congrats on that. I use Just retweet and I saw great feedback.
    Will also try Easy retweet.


    1. Hi George,
      I’, really appreciative of your comment and certainly do hope to see you here more often.

  3. Emmanuel,

    That’s pretty sweet.
    I love leverage. RT’s are just that. I usually get about 50 RT’s right after I publish which is done through a community. I wrote a post about it “How I went from PR0 to PR2 in four months”

    thanks for the share!

  4. I use Justretweet mainly. I guess this only is similar and I can find more people.
    Time to add it to my list 🙂

    However, as poor as it seems, being retweeted to 50K viewers doesn’t lead to a high click average, or is it for you?

    1. Hi Servando,
      Yeah, it just works like JustRetweet.

      It does not necessarily lead to high click average but if 10% of this followers should click, that’s indeed a lot of traffic.

      1. I guess it’s more like 0.1% CTR. If not, you’d get 5K visits per each tweet.

        But it’s good to know the power of doing retweets with high profiles and people with tons of followers. I retweet your posts too 😉

        1. Ha..ha..ha! Whatever the case might be, it’s really nice to see that your posts are being retweeted.

          Hi Servando, thanks for the retweets as well.

  5. hi there again cudjoe. im kinda confused in using easy retweet. i think justretweet have the same capability but more user-friendly. it helped me increased my traffic a lot from 6Millionth Alexa Ranking, to 300K mark at least … that is with the help of Blog Engage of course..

  6. i have used many of sites alike but i haven’t really seen any effect they have on my blog, maybe because i haven’t really tried to use it effectively as i should, i guess i will have to revisit easyretweets again.

  7. Hi Cudjoe,

    Social media presence is very important now, it affects the search engine rankings a lot and I think Google will pay even more attention to this factor in the future.

    I’ve used Easy Retweet in the past but now I’m using Just Retweet and Triberr which I think are better than easy retweet.

    Enjoy you day my friend.Cheers.


    1. Hi Philip,
      Yeah, I know of JustRetweet and I also do love using it a lot alongside with Easyretweet.
      But EasyRetweet tops all! lol

      Enjoy your day too.

  8. I need to try it, I used twiends before but it is kind of artificial… I think easyretweet may be better!
    thanks for the tip!

  9. Hi Cudjoe.
    I thought JustRetweet were the only Tweet exchanging site that existed. Thanks a lot for sharing a cool alternative – EasyRetweet.

  10. Woow! this is quite astonishing, my post also got tweeted by bloggersdotcom via their twitter handle 2 days back and it felt cool.

  11. Hey Cud,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing these tips for retweeted our post. i really like easy retweet you mentioned above and surely gonna used it.

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