How Much can you Earn From AdSense?

Oh mine! Oh mine! I’m back again. I took a break which wasn’t my intention. Those who visited my site last week might probably would have noticed that my site was down due to maintenance being performed on the server by the web host I use. Yes, at last, all of these are over and so is my short break.

Since I never knew when the maintenance would be over, I kept checking on my blog to spy whether it was back on track or not. After two days without any good response, I realized I was just wasting my time. After all, I might get to know when the maintenance is over. I therefore took on to a different field. I began exploring the more. This got me to something which really fascinated me.  I became more and more relaxed. I learnt new things and took up the challenge of learning a new word everyday courtesy of an app I got on my mobile through Getjar. Its a mad mad word- that’s the name of the app. I took tests and really learnt a lot of new words. So from now onwards, don’t be surprise if my English moves to an astronomical point without any cipher limit with lots of sapid topics. But don’t forget the golden rule in blogging, if your post can’t be understood by a kindergarten boy, then you’re doomed for failure. Always be on the look out for ‘smaller words’ to that word you intend to use. Hungry will do instead of famish. Sapid for instance is the same as interesting. But how many of would have known this without consulting the dictionary. So please don’t be more concern with writing what we term as ‘big big’ grammar. That will certainly do you more harm than good.


Okay, let us move on to the main reason for writing this. Again, the question I want to ask is, so how much can you earn from Adsense?  I started blogging seriously on January 13, 2013 and as at February 28, I’ve reached the AdSense threshold which makes me eligible to request for payment. And as you might know, the threshold of AdSense is in the range of more than $100. Earning from your blog only has to do with perseverance and simply providing value. There are many blogs with  a lot of quality but don’t use AdSense like the likes of Ehsan of They might have their own special reasons but for those of us who are really eager to make it big from AdSense, let’s continue with our discussion.

This is my 31st post and obviously the road to my blogging life hasn’t being all that smooth. With me, I write simply because I know I have something to say. And if the likes of ordinary men like Shoemoney, Pat Flynn, Satrap and soo many others have made it, what makes me and you different.

Just have a look of Shoemoney’s check he received from AdSense way back in 2005 which is in excess of more $100,000. So you can clearly see that there is no limit as to how much one can receive from AdSense. I once wrote a post as to ‘Do you really want to monetize your blog’  Let me repeat myself here, many bloggers are skeptical when placing ads on their sites. They therefore end up placing one invisible and hard to see ads in one remote corner of their blogs which is really hard to see. Sort out those feelings first when you really intend monetizing that blog.

As to how much you can earn from AdSense that’s entirely up to you.  I don’t have the answer. So far as the likes of Shoemoney have crossed the hundredth thousands mark, this should tell you that someone else is also in the millions.

Your Turn

What’s are your opinions as to how much one can earn from Adsense. As you verily well might know, I’m much more interested in your comments.

31 Replies to “How Much can you Earn From AdSense?”

  1. Hello joe,
    This is indeed a nice post to comment on. Adsense payment is unlimited as long as you put your ads in a strategic place and you get tremendous amount of traffic you pay will definitely increase by 3x the way u normally earn. Nice post and do have a great weekend.

  2. I just heard an interview with ShoeMoney and he was talking about when he decided to post the AdSense check on his blog back in the day. It was interesting to know that the site he was earning from was selling ringtones. It would be hard for someone to put up a site like that today and earn that much from AdSense.

    Most of my AdSense earnings come from YouTube but I do have some on my blogs as well.

    Good luck with your earnings.

    1. Hi Ileane,
      It’s really appreciative seeing you commenting on my posts. I admire you and those great works you’re putting in your blog a lot.

      I certainly do hope to see you here again.

  3. Hey Kabenlah, congratulations on your $100+ Adsense achievement!

    Are you going to post a picture of your first check as well?


    1. Hi Sergio,
      It really a great privilege having a great writer like you on my site.
      wow! with regards to my Adsense earnings, I’m still expecting my Secret code though.

      Of course I’m going to have a picture.

  4. Hi Emmanuel,
    There is really no limit to the amount of money one can make with adsense, it all depends on your efforts.

    I’m also happy to see that you’ve reached the $100 minimum pay off, thats cool man.

    I haven’t reached $10 since a year i started blogging now, although i have not really taking it very serious.

    Is it on this blog alone that you made the money or do you have other blogs that you monetize with adsense?

    Great post.

    1. Hi Theodore,
      It’s really great to see you here. Adsense is my number one earner on this site.

      You really ought to take it serious since it comes in very handy.
      Yes, this is the only blog which brought in the money but I recently launched a new poetry blog last week which I’ve also monetize with Adsense. It’s just a week old!

  5. Congrats!
    I have made just a few bucks with Adsense, I am very very new at blogging.

    Also, I am thinking of changing my web host. I wanted to ask you about your experience with your web host, it appears good, but is it really?
    Thank You.

    1. Hi Salyan,
      Thanks for congratulating. Anyway, I do use a free web host. It’s reliable but I won’t advise you to go in for it.

      But if you still want it, I’ll simply send you the link.

        1. yeah,it’s worth trying. But please back up as always as possible. You don’t know what might happen.lo..

  6. Hey Kabenlah. Congrats. I am sure you would earn a lot more as you have it all what is needed for that. Wish you and MCJ all the luck.

    1. Hello Koj,
      Thanks. Your site also has a lot of promise with that great design and those lovely contents.

  7. Sad to say that AdSense denied my application…twice. I gotta list of reject reasons, but not any specific reason was stated. I’m not too thrilled about this, but I guess WE all can’t be Shoemoney, Pat Flynn or Satrap. Ha-Ha!

    1. Oh msanniedelle,
      It is quite unfortunate your application has being rejected but you can read my post as to where to get an AdSense account within 2 days.

  8. I think you have to be honest here and say that the average blog is not going to make anything other than pocket money with AdSense. To make money you would require more than one blog, invest money, and last but not least dedicate lots of hours marketing and writing. Even then it would not pay more than a 40 hour a week job.
    Don’t get me wrong, if you love it and can get traffic then go for it. Time and effort = Traffic = AdSense views = money
    Great post, thanks, Jimi.

    1. I somehow do understand your point. But the reality too is that an average site with lots of dedication which is not hiding its Google ads can certainly make money with Adsense.
      The right mindset and attitude ought to be practised when one really wants to make money with Adsense.

  9. Making money via Adsense! Haha! I never had any faith on Adsense. And according to me Adsense can never be major earning source for bloggers ( except for few cases, exceptions are always there ). I hardly generate 1 usd per day which according to me is very very less.

  10. Motivating post. I am aiming for $100 earnings per month through Adsense. Though I think I still have a long way to. 🙂

  11. Adsense has been great and i appreciate them but the ish am having with them is how often they ban people’s blog and account.

    BTW, congrats on your adsense check, better checks to come bro.

    1. Hey Sammy,
      Your congratulatory message is somehow coming a bit late. Don’t you think so? Ha..ha..

  12. Hey Emmanuel,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post. For making money online requires lots of hardwork and I think adsense is best way to making money. Till now, my adsense account is not verified but hoping that one day I will also make money through adsense.

  13. You are right Cudjoe. I also want to make huge money with Adsense but you know I got frustrated and almost skipped the dream to earn good money with Adsense as it is almost unpredictable when your account is going to be ban while you haven’t done anything wrong!
    Adsense is very much rude at this point and I believe they should come forward to think some well being for the publishers too.

  14. A very nice article for all those looking out to make money blogging , especially from Google Adsense..Thanks for sharing 🙂

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