How to get a new AdSense Account even after being BANNED!

Being showed the exit door from  AdSense is one of the hardest pills to swallow in this world as a blogger. Making thousands of dollars  from Adsense is inevitable but when one is banned, it’s simply elusive.  So what are the options for someone who has being banned from Adsense? And that’s what I’m here to let you know. Come on, give me some fans! Ha..ha.. Okay, lets go.

For some unlucky reasons (mostly due to the invalid click activity), your Adsense acount account has  being disabled by Google-(Google love their advertisers more than you).  Although Google strongly emphasizes that they have sophisticated tracking programs, as well as human monitoring, to track for the invalid clicks, they often make mistake and charge some innocent Adsense publishers, and take away their rights of participating in the program for  the rest of their life. I must admit that this is definitely unfair.

If you received that email-( which was condemning you from the use of Adsense) I am sure you are very frustrated by now. The first thing to do is to read carefully on why Google charge you and took away your Adsense account. You should also think twice on whether you have committed that charge. Then, prepare all the evidence  in favour to your defence and make an appeal to Google. Then, pray that Google will give you back the Adsense account, and most importantly, the earning accumulated inside. However, chances (though really low) are there that you may get back your adsense account. Fill in the appeal form and as usual hit the submit button.

As I have mentioned before, the chances that your Adsense account would be reinstated is as small as to how a sinner who died in his sins is going to make it to heaven.

If your account is really banned unluckily, you may wish to open a new Adsense account. But from the Google’s  policy, if a publisher is banned, he/she cannot apply for another one.

But there is a little trick that can enable you get a new Adsense account.

So how do you get a new Adsense account?

First, choose a new computer to start a new blog/ site with blogger, and then apply it with Google Adsense. Make sure that the IP address is completely different with those you had used to login your Google and Adsense accounts. With that, you’re simply on course with your new Adsense account. Google will approve your account  if your new site is clean and have enough contents. Then, use those computers only (or other new computers with new and different IPs) to login your Adsense account. Never login your adsense account with the one you previously used, because that will let Google know this new Adsense account has correlation with the previous invalid click activity and disable your account.

Remember, it’s your Adsense Account which was banned and not your blog. Good! So you can still add Adsense to your former blog but as Jesus said to that woman, ‘’Go and sin no more’’ so must you not engage in any dubious activities again. Otherwise your new account would be banned again and again.

Hope it helps.

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  1. They removed my account and after appeal they still refused to give a reason, can’t defend myself without a reason, so this told me they had something to hide. I don’t work with people like that, so its their loss not mine

    Google let people think they are the only ones offering this service, or that they are highest paying, you know what guys… They are NOT! On both counts.

    I use an alternative – infolinks, and earnings are the same or better!

  2. Hey Cudjoe, I like this advice. It will help a lot of people so I added a link to this post in a post on my Blogger blog. You can check the link in CommentLuv.

    Thanks for the tip.

    1. Hi Ileane,
      If that’s the case, don’t you think it would be really great to submit this post as a guest post in your great blog? And have it deleted here?

      1. There are lots of posts on “how to ad AdSense” on the Web, nothing different than Google would tell you, but this post is extremely helpful, original and more rare.
        Thank you Emmanuel.
        Jimi 🙂

  3. Hi Cudjoe, nice tips… Now a days it is the biggest issue faced by bloggers. AdSense is the most easy and productive source to monetize blogs but it is really hard to get and retain it. Thank you for leaving comment on my blog and showing me the way to your brilliant blog.. I loved it.

  4. Good to know it bro. I also get banned my Adsense account once and what I did I opened a new account from UK (the site was same like previous one). Believe this will be really helpful for newbie who have been banned due to invalid activity by others.

    1. Hi Taswir,
      There is certainly no doubt that Adsense is a leader in the world of CPC and to get banned is very frustrating.

      Good, you’ve gotten a new account.

  5. Hi Emmanuel
    What is the difference between banned and disapproved. Please post a article to get a disapproved site approved.
    The google email is vague and doesnt specify as what changes are to be made to blog.

    Any information of this face will be appreciated.

    1. Hi Vijay,
      There is a vast difference. Being disapproved has to do mostly with ones falling short of some of Adsense’s category. But if that’s met, you can easily get your Adsense account.

      But I already have an article as where to get an Adsense within 2 days.
      Read it.

  6. Good information on how to get a new account but what about the address. When they find out that its the same address could they could ban again. Just wondering.

  7. Hello Emmanuel
    I am not so sure whether this is really going to work. Yes it may work sometime, but then that would be a rare case. Expecting the same to happen everytime is nothing but foolishness. Adsense is not the only way to monetize a blog. I think we should better look for some good alternatives.

    1. Hey Saha,
      I quite agree with you. Adsense is truly not the only to monetize ones site but hey, don’t forget they are the leaders with high CPC.

  8. Awesome article. Quick to read, short and straight to the point.

    I was banned by Adsense for whatever reason, I don’t know. I made several appeals for my account and didn’t get it back.

    I signed up a new one and it has been good so far. I too would recommend these tips.

  9. These tips could help me to apply for adsense. I still not apply for this. I have noted some tips from my blogger friends and I will also remember these tips and will apply for adsense when I fully made my blog according to Google white-listed type blogs.

    1. Oh Mubsahir,
      These tips are only necessary when your your account is blocked or banned.
      If you quickly need an Adsense account, then read the post below.

  10. Are you sure changing the IP is the only tips?
    How about your name and home address? I think you should that take into account.

  11. Hey man,
    I finally made it to this post as you suggested, and this was exactly the same advice Harleena gave me, if by next week they did not get back to me then, i will have no other choice than to go with this.

    BTW: Will i still use the same name i used before?


  12. Hey Emmanuel,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. At this moment I have not faced this situation but if my account banned hope that this thing never happened with me then I will surely apply these tips.

  13. I wonder why they cant nab the actual culprits and always end up banning accounts of bloggers who have done nothing wrong at their end?

    1. Yes Ambika you are right they always banned the account of good publishers. I have seen many blogs that are not following the terms and conditions of adsense but still using adsense.

  14. Hello Emmanuel,
    i am running a blog and my adsense account was banned, now i am thinking of creating a new adsense account after reading your post. So after that i can use my new adsense ads on my same website right?
    Thanks for the post,

  15. good info sir. but it is not enough. we have to apply with new payee name,new address, new phone number. if any will match you will not get adsense any how. i have 3-4 disables adsense when i was not known with blogging.

  16. Great article and thanks for the tip. So I create a new account using new info (name, email, payee info, address) and ip address correct? After that how do I apply it to my old site that I used when my original adsense was banned? Also when I create the new adsense account do I need a blog to connect it to or just connect it to the old blog? Thanks and I apologize if these questions are redundant or don’t make sense…I just didn’t get a clear picture from your article. Awesome blog by the way!

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