Who told you Content is King? It isn’t!

‘Content is King’ this is one popular axiom making waves round the web. As to who said that, do you know? This is one statement uttered out by one of the influential men in the world. He was in my country a fortnight ago on his usual charitable works. He is no other than the world’s number 2 richest man on earth. I hope you know now.

Bill Gates made this popular statement way back in 1996. I was 5 years old by then. Nothing like mobile phone less alone to think of internet in that small village I found myself in 1996. As to what prompted this axiom, let’s see.

Content is king they said, when Google came on the scene with that clean, empty search box and bubble gum logo. They said it again when the web grew larger and noisier, when it got more difficult to get noticed. They said it before the content mills started to churn, turning out their feckless (and wreckless) acres of worthless words every hour. High quality content is king they said, once Panda lay her surprisingly deft paw on those capitalizing on Google’s vulnerabilities (and a few hapless good actors caught in the middle).

So in reality Content is not just King, like by now almost all blogs will be riding high on the pedestals of Google and all search engines.

Churning out contents is another side of the story whiles promoting it also is on the other side.

Let’s see how Kuntala of Learn Blog Tips sees this.

Content is King – F*ck it, it’s NOT!

A mediocre writer that’s friends with every member of the Technorati 100 will become a popular blogger faster than a brilliant writer with no friends at all ~ Jon Morrow

Your blog needs more visibility, not content.

Almost everyone is producing good content on their blogs. But why they are not getting enough attention from the blogosphere?

Good is the enemy of great. There are only few bloggers who are creating really great content on their blogs, it’s no brainer they are receiving even more audience and improving their brand.

If you want to repeat the same on your blogs, follow this..

Great content + better promotion = blogging success mantra


So you see, social media networking is the key to success.

Content WAS king. Now Content is the Servant!

Your audience chooses what content they pay attention to, only if it serves their needs. In that sense, ‘content is a servant’ that earns the ‘wage of attention’ from the consumers of a particular content. In other words, the better a piece of content, the better the wage of attention the audience is willing to pay.

Social Networks are now the King Makers. Setting the pace at which things ought to be done.

This marks a seminal change in the way Google (and the web in general) are moving. “There’s a lot more. It’s not just about content. It’s about identity.

The ironic secret is that, while Google has the market share in search, Bing is already in possession of social data from Facebook and Twitter, and blends it into their results. Without a social platform to call their own, Bing blends social well using data from the category leaders. If users truly want social integrated with their search experience, then shouldn’t we all be using Bing instead of Google?


  • Content isn’t king anymore. Content used to be king. Now it’s a servant in the king’s court. The king is the user. Content serves the king (the user) with valuable writings, videos, images, graphics, resources, or whatever else Content should be. The best content wins. Anything else rolls downhill collecting at the base of the Mountain of Mediocrity, which makes the web. The best content wins, because the web is built with mediocrity.
  • Relationships are the king makers. Relationships allow us to connect with important people, companies, and organizations online. They are what the web (and the world) are built on, too. Consistent contribution makes healthy relationships possible. Consistency is key.
  • Identity is a knight. Identity grants “known-ness” to those lucky enough, smart enough, talented enough, or hard working enough to wear that crown. Identities can be powerful allies on the web, in the never-resting tussle for attention.

Focus on gaining attention from strong identities online (the influencers). Do this by leveraging relationships (your social network), and by producing content of distinction. Stunning, uncommon, exceptional content. Contents which are readable and not dressed in king’s regalia filled with what I term as ‘big, big grammar’.

Your audience are the Kings and as such let them feel as Kings.

So your royal Highness, Let me hear what you have to say by commenting below.

44 Replies to “Who told you Content is King? It isn’t!”

  1. Wooow!Nice Post, Content is King was the Old theory and New theory should be Content is Slave just as you explained, I have noticed many Blogs with poor content flashing up on all search engines, where those with quality contents tired of striving to show up, just at least once, I totally concurred with you

  2. Well said. Users are the king & the best content wins. I have read the article written by Kuntala & he focuses on promoting your content in the best possible way.

  3. That’s a very deep post.
    In my opinion, you need both content and a neck for establishing relationships with other bloggers or audience.

    I tweeted this baby!

    best to you


  4. Content and promotion, it is something like chicken and egg debate. BTW, now the new term the ‘Identity’ has throne the blogosphere! It is truly obvious that its going to be more prominent in future when other search engines like Google implements author ranking.

    Good post, great discussion!

  5. Hi Emmanuel,

    This, my friend, is the reason why I struggled for a long, long time. I wrote good content. Really good content. But I had no friends. I did not network. Then I wondered why I struggled. Nobody shared my content, and I certainly had no influencers in my corner.

    Know this: you will reach more people online if you build a large friend base first, then create helpful content. Start writing from Day 1, by all means. But build your network of good friends aggressively, and you will be following the spot on insight shared by Jon Morrow above.

    I comment how I comment to make friends. I create value, help someone out and look for nothing in return. This is a key to my success, for I work less and play more each day, because my friend network promotes me so aggressively and support me along the way.

    Thanks Emmanuel,


    1. Hi Ryan,
      Networking is indeed the key to success in this present state of blogging. Solving someone’s problem with your post is truly paramount to this current state survival as a blogger.

      I also do thank you for your comment.

  6. Hi Emmanuel,

    A fascinating post, which I would definitely categorize as great content. It often seems to me that Google is King because it makes most of the rules and applies summary justice, which often seems very unfair (for example, when bloggers who behave perfectly ethically get penalized for unwittingly falling foul of technical ‘rules’ intended to catch the bad guys). The web certainly isn’t based on the principles of democracy and fair play, as far as I can see!

    I like your suggestion that our readers are Kings – that’s a great way to look at it. And I agree with you that it’s all about building positive relationships.

    Thanks for a very thought-provoking read,


    1. Hello Madam Sue,
      Thanks for liking my post. This compliment coming from some as great as you is indeed highly appreciated.
      Thanks again.

  7. Hi Emmanuel

    So very true, even though we would like to believe it to be not so. I think we all begin to figure that out somewhere after the introduction to our life online, maybe by month 3. After we have learned a bunch of techie stuff and have written content and no one comes to say hello. Harsh reality sets in and we have to regroup to figure out that what we were meant to believe just isn’t true at all. Great facts.


    1. Hello Madam Mary,
      I am of course grateful for your comment. When frustrations set in, in any thing at all, it is of course doomed for failure.

  8. Hey Emmanuel,

    As soon as I read the title it reminded me of Rahul Kuntala’s post and as soon as I read the article I found an excerpt of his article in quotes.

    Regarding content it is a debatable issue, some people work out the content way some workout even without content. A celebrity for example need not have any content just if they write a blog post saying two alphabets like Hi they get thousands of comments. where is the content there its only their popularity.

    BTW you are so young you are just 22 and you write pretty good stuff, keep going. I calculated ur age from the post you said you were 5 years old in 1996.

    1. Hi Vijesh,
      Yes, I am 22. I was born on January 1,1991. Thanks for your comment and for your compliment as well.

  9. Hi Emmanuel

    Networking is the one of the most important things that drives people to my blog. Blog hopping and making valid and helpful comments gets you noticed.

    To me, blogging is about creating a community. Don’t look to be making money out of people, it’s all about creating informative and helpful content that people can relate to.

    Equally, I find that adding the personal touch; letting people into your life a little, can help too.

    1. Hi Tim Bonner,
      With this advise of having personal touch in one’s post coming from you, it ought not to be taking as a joke.
      Networking is paramount to the survival of any enterprise.
      Thanks for your comment.

  10. i think the quotation “it is not what you know (content) but who you knows” (networking with people and create good connections) applies here also

    what you know is about the content and who you knows are those people within your network you can help you promote your blog to others.. aside from promotion, it is also important to create connections with other bloggers so that they can help you promote your blog 🙂

  11. Hey Emmanuel,

    Okay so I do believe that content still is king to an extent because let’s face it. Without it you have nothing. Who is going to even visit your site if you have no content. So for that reason yeah!

    The way that things have changed today is like you said. Anyone can write a post but even if you’re a brilliant writer and crank out fabulous posts if no one sees it then you’re dead in the water.

    As per the post I wrote last week about blogging communities, that’s where things are headed. You have to get out in front of enough people, build those relationships with them and they’ll share your content happily all over the web. Then your brilliant content will get seen more often and from there people will continue to stop by and read what you have to say or listen if you’re into videos.

    This is one thing that most people have to understand going into a new year. Things don’t always remain the same.

    Have a great week.


    1. Hello Madam Adrienne,
      Please I’m not by anyway rubbishing the idea of writing contents. But the contents must go along with the right amount of promotion.

      Yes, building relationship is the key and that’s what many should be concentrating on instead of just writing without promoting.

      Do have a great week too!

  12. Emmanuel, i know of some bloggers who just focus on content and its working for them, i think the ish depends on the niche.

  13. Hi Emmanuel,

    I’m amazed you’re so young and write so well.

    Coming on to your post, I think relationship holds a great importance and then comes the content for the people who are starting fresh.

    But after one is settled, it is the content which will carry us forward.

    Thanks for this great share.I’ll be subscribing to your blog.


    1. Hello Sapna,
      I am really grateful for your comment and for your compliment as well.
      But Sapna, am I not old?
      At 22, I think I am old enough to be held responsible for my actions and inactions.
      Anyway, thanks again for subscribing to my posts. It’s a big privilege.

  14. I still maintain that only friers believe that content isn’t king. You need to make the big push to network to get the exposure and get it out there, but if it is poor content it doesn’t matter how much exposure you get.

    Poor content will kill a blog just as fast as lack of exposure.

  15. Just relying on content alone is one of the biggest mistakes most novice bloggers make..During Good ol days content was enough..Add to it some inbound links and the equation drives traffic..But in 2013 where internet is crowded with millions of blogs, good content alone cannot do magic..That is a fact.Promoting the blog at every possible avenue is the best strategy one can take.

  16. Well, The content is not king maybe the content can be a queen becuse the actually the really king is SEO, because SEO is the most imortant factor.

    1. Hi Jack,
      You’ve also raised another interesting topic. As SEO being king. This is debatable but hey, thanks for your comment.

  17. I’m amazed you’re so young and write so well.

    Coming on to your post, I think relationship holds a great importance and then comes the content for the people who are starting fresh.

  18. excellent post, for some reason I missed this one before.
    I think there is Content and content – as you said only few people out there write first type.
    Best Regards!

  19. I think it depends also on the type of content. In the end better to have a 2 minute video with a short description(that everyone will watch), rather than a 500 words article..obviously the long article is not king, people are usually in a hurry on the internet.

  20. Hey Cudjoe,
    Nice post and Yes, social media sites are best way to promote our blog and helps to attracts new readers to our blog and drives traffic to it. I am totally agree with you that our blog needs more visibility then content. If we used social media sites correctly then it helps to make our content king or not. Thanks for sharing this useful post.

  21. I think content’s quality determines the quality of the blog. So we should take care of the quality of the content.

  22. Great article bro.Content is king.But there is no king without any army.So army is the first thing needed.Army means readers.If you have great readership then there is nothing to worry about!

  23. I think we’ll have to agree to disagree here, unfortunately. Yes, your traffic numbers are important, but good content is what will bring more traffic numbers in the long run. Good content is the content that gets shared through social media. Good content is what establishes trust and leads to sales. Good content is what keeps the visitors that have found your website coming back.

  24. Hello Emmanuel
    What a post. Content is king ,this is the phrase which I heard from very first day of blogging. Yes good content and smart marketing is the best way to success in blogging. Nice to rad you.

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