99 Days in this Blogging Wilderness

Today marks my 99th day in this blogging world. In fact 99 days of blogging isn’t an easy thing. This blog came into being on the 13th of January, 2013 even though this domain was somewhere purchased on June, 2012.-(The main intention for this domain was to use it for my poems but after a hard thought, that was discarded since it wasn’t appealing enough for poetry).
After a lot of zeal and enthusiasm, MYCUDJOE.COM was born and was simply operational on June, 25, 2012.

Things was moving on smoothly until calamity struck, my blog was hacked several times within its first two months. But yet still got a pagerank of 2 within 2 months. The worst of it all came when the  premium web hosting I was using went offline without any reason or excuse at all. This therefore shattered my dream of blogging finally on October, 2012. So from October, nothing like blogging was once mind.

I therefore did make it a resolution to come back to blogging on my 22nd birthday. Remember I was born on the 1st of January. That of course is a great day. (I’m not bragging though but it’s something I truly feel proud about).

My returning to the blogging world left me in the wilderness. Almost all the blogs I knew before quitting were also offline. The likes of GeekyWriter.com and several others were no-where to be found. Romy Singh who was in charge of GeekyWriter.com is now back with FallenWriters.com and is equally doing a great as before. But hey, there was no doubt that his blog was among the elites in the blogosphere. The only surviving blogger who still runs with lots of vigour and enthusiasm is Ehsan Ullah. I know all of us know that name. So you see, blogging is more or less like finding yourself in the wilderness where everything is on you. It’s again more or less like a soldier on the battlefield, it is either he kills or gets killed. You can’t walk when everyone else is running. The only miracle which happens in the wilderness is for manna to fall and God did that more than 2000 years ago. It’s rare these days for such thing to happen again.
The only way out now is hardwork and perseverance and of course believing in a supreme and that’s  no other than God.

So what have I achieved in this 99 days of blogging?

And the answer will be simple. Confidence. This whole blogging has built my confidence a lot. I write and at the end, I know that this my blog post wouldn’t be read by one or two people but by many people who find themselves scattered across the world. The likes of Mr. Suresh Khanal who is somewhere far away in Nepal will obviously be reading my post as well. Not forgetting Madam Marilyn as well and so as well as many other great bloggers. So this blogging thing has actually propelled my level of confidence to a monumental level which is beyond measure.

Even though I’ve somehow achieved some monetary success with regards to reaching my Adsense threshold, people hiring me and so on and so forth, the level of confidence I’ve achieved surpasses all of these.

Lessons learnt in this whole 99 days blogging saga.

Lessons learnt? That is a great question. Blogging is simply a state of the mind. Just as every thriving business, one must have the right state of mind in order to succeed. I see blogging as building one’s own experience-(I can’t count the number of times I’ve being saying this). Rather than over-relying on what those who claim to be  probloggers have being telling us, why not build your own experience? Everyone has a part to play in this whole blogging saga and do always bare in mind that someone is out there to read what you have to say. The very moment you begin doubting yourself, that’s the real end.

This is the lesson learnt in those past 99 days.


Biggest Failure in the Past 99 Days

My biggest failure in those past 99 days is…

I’m trying hard to think of one but I think you as the reader can tell me more! Hey wait, I’ve remembered. Ha…ha, it was an agenda to write 50 posts within my first 100 days of blogging but hey, I’m lingering between 39 and 42 posts. But I think I have a day more to achieve that. Or what do you think?

Now the baton has being handed to you, what do you make of this blog within those past 99 days?

Your thoughts are verily welcomed through your comments below!

36 Replies to “99 Days in this Blogging Wilderness”

  1. Congratulations on achieving 99 days in the blog wilderness! I’m relatively new to blogging as well, but I will celebrate 365 days in the “blogging world” on Wednesday, April 24, 2013! Cheers!
    Jae Mac, I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)

      1. Hey! bro. Congratulations for completing 99 days. I know that you will go a long journey in blogging. Thumb up to you. You’re doing great. 🙂

  2. Coming this far is enough to say you are dedicated to your work, the first year of blogging is always the hardest i faced same challenges when i started as well but i am happy as the days goes by i am pocketing experiences and i can say i have grown in this business and so will you too. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Nwosu,
      Blogging is indeed a difficult thing inn the first few months and it’s great to make it this far.

  3. One thing man, you have a lot of heart and patience. I have been through a similar phase. My older blog, was a failure. But here I am with a better and more powerful blog ever! All the best with your blogging journey!

  4. Thank you Cudjoe for the mention and yes, I’m here far in Nepal always excited to read and share more of our lives!

    I really appreciate how you take blogging and also the ‘Confidence’ the greatest of all achievements. Once you have it, monetary success will definitely follow you.

    It was a nice written post. I could feel you while reading trough your words. My best wishes and lets march forward!

    1. Hey Mr. Khanal,
      We’re obviously marching through the wilderness together and we are certainly going to get to the promise land.

  5. Hi Emmanuel

    Congratulations on your 99 days.

    My favorite quote from my favorite poet and playwright (whose birthday it is today)

    “Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, fearing to attempt”

    Happy Birthday William Shakespeare!

    Ps Thanks for visiting my blog. It’s only been up since April 6 and you are my first subscriber.



  6. Congratulations on your achievements! My blog is 72 days old since reactivation and I consider it moderately successful too 😉
    best Regards!

  7. Hello Emmanuel,
    Congratulation on your 99 days in the blogging world. Hope you still stick in the game and enjoy the all in one favors it has 😉 d Do have a great day

  8. Hey Bro,

    First of all my best wishes for overcoming 99 days in blogging more confidence and patience are always needed in this business hope you are enjoying keep moving further

  9. Thumbs up mate I know that feel bro I’m also a little it like you like you this is my 10th month of blogging 😀
    Thanks for sharing this cool post mate 😀

  10. Hey Emmanuel,
    congratulation for completing 99 days in this blogging wilderness. Hope you will stick in this blogging and luck will always in your favor.

  11. Hi Emmanuel,

    Congratulations on your great achievement 🙂

    I purposely came on the 101st day, so that you cross over to the 100th day – you marked a century and isn’t that something to be so proud of!

    Yes, we all make mistakes, but what’s important is that we learn from those mistakes and get better. Remember, failures are always stepping stones to success. And I think looking positively ahead is what we should be doing.

    Thanks once again for sharing your journey with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  12. congratulation kabenlah. achieving a page rank of 2 within 99 days is a great achievement. in my case, i haven’t even reach PR1 and my blog is more than a year. mainly because i am busy with my freelance writing work and of course being a mother to my one-year old son

    1. Hello Madam Marilynn,
      It has really being quite awhile.I certainly do hoe you’re doing great.
      Thanks for your congratulatory message. I know your blog will certainly be climbing the pagerank ladder in no time.

      My sincere regards to Little Cada.

  13. hey Cudjoe,
    you definitely have a great writing style, I am really impressed and wish other readers shall also be! You have mentioned what had been good for you in those 99 days and also have not refrained from telling the failures. Wish you success!

  14. OH! You’ve great blog here.
    Thanks for sharing me this on Facebook. Will continue to read yours in coming days and congrats for your achievement Emmanuel.

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