How NOT to Build a Successful Online Business

Blogging or building an online reputation is something which has recently received a lot of prominence. Many have gone through it with flying colours at the end but millions have failed miserably. The likes of Darren Rowse of, John Chow and many other successful online gurus has survived it through the hard way, so why not you?

So what makes many to fail miserably in their quest to building a successful online business?

1.Thinking short-term

Building a business is a lot like raising a child. It takes time and patience. If you’re going to start a business and you’re only willing to give it six months to prove itself, don’t start a business. That probably isn’t even enough time for a franchise. Would you throw out your child because it can’t fend for itself six months out of the womb?

I make most of my business decisions within a working time frame of 2-5 years and for the big decisions with far-ranging consequences, I’m thinking 10-20 years out. This is just like the parent who starts saving for their child’s college education before the child can even read and write. If you want to start a real business and not just a hobby, think long-term.

2. Failure to optimize

Many tend to starting online business due to what they’ve read mostly about those amazing income the likes of Darren, John Chow etc are making each month.

But the reality is that, it took them a long time before they got there. for instance started way back in 2002 and it’s now reaping the benefit with those six figure income.

Every online business ought to target the long time benefit and not just whining when things are not going as expected in the short term.

Facebook is nine years old but how many of us know that. We today talk about Facebook and the millions it’s making but care less how long it has endured.

You’re going to make it  with your online business when you think of long term and not necessarily thinking of short term.

An online business will have processes that get executed over and over. Some of these are human processes, but many are executed by technology, and in my opinion, it’s the technological processes that are the most important for an online business.

Whenever someone loads up your home page in their web browser, that’s a process being executed. Reading a blog entry is a process. Clicking an ad is a process. Finding the site is a process.

Due to the sheer volume of processes an online business executes every day as well as their incredible interconnectedness, it isn’t hard to achieve tremendous performance gains through process optimization.

If you generate income from Google Adsense, for example, there are plenty of web sites that provide practical optimization tips.

Just do a Google search on adsense optimization and similar search terms, and you’ll find plenty.
Optimization is generally one of the easiest ways to increase revenue for an online business. Even just one hour spent on intelligent optimization can generate enormous payoffs down the road.

3. Failure to market effectively

How many blogs receive great traffic because all the owner does is, write posts?

I think that if you dare to be an entrepreneur, you need to learn marketing or have someone in your business who is skilled at marketing. While you can outsource a lot of different business tasks, I don’t think the core marketing of your business should be one of them.

Marketing doesn’t mean buying advertising, which is arguably the most expensive and least effective form of marketing.

Don’t keep your site a secret, let as many people know about it as possible. Post comments liberally on other blogs, write articles and allow other sites to use them, swap links with bloggers in the same field, make search-engine friendly pages, and so on. If the content you produce is valuable, then you’re providing even more value by sharing it.

I think the most important realization I had about marketing was this,’if you have a product or service you truly believe in, then you’re actually doing people a disservice by not telling them about it. ‘ Think about that. By NOT marketing, you’re depriving people of value.

If you aren’t eager to tell people about your site, perhaps it means you’re not offering something you believe in strongly enough.

I have no qualms about promoting this site because I believe in its value. I don’t feel embarrassed or apologetic when I tell people about it. If you’re providing real value, then your marketing is doing people a favour as opposed to asking for a favour.

I think a failure to do marketing for an online business is a form of self-sabotage. If you learn about a fantastic new web site, do you tell other people about it?

Of course. Is your web site worth telling people about? If you don’t believe it is, you’re likely to avoid marketing it. Somehow you’ll just never seem to get around to doing any significant marketing work.

If you want to build a sustainable online business, focus most of your energies on providing value and on communicating that value.

You see, these are some tips on how NOT to build a successful online business. What are your ticks on this?

Your comment is really appreciated.

24 Replies to “How NOT to Build a Successful Online Business”

  1. Hello Cudjoe.
    So true, especially for number 1. Many people think blogging is a get rich quick scheme and fail to persist after a few months.

    Once you persist, it´s highly probable you enhance your marketing and optimise everything month ny month, but most people won’t pass that number 1.

    it’s sad, but actually helps filter competitors at the same time.

    1. Hi Silva,
      I’m really grateful for your feedback. Certainly, at the end the true competitors will be filtered.

    2. great post. i generally wright for motivation and keep your life happy. could you please visit to my blog because my adsens account approval is on second stage and i need traffic. thank you..

  2. nice one 🙂 i am planning to create a very long article discussing how to become successful in blogging i will place a link about your blog as a part of my article 🙂 good job 🙂

  3. Hi CudJoe,

    What a great point…Thinking about things and not doing them.

    In the past (let’s hope) this has been a strong reason for my
    lack of progress with my blog, if I am honest with myself.

    It is in the same category as being a “Shiny Object” chaser, buy
    the latest Guru offering, store it on the hard drive and buy another!

    Might as well get on the exercise wheel with the mouse because that is how much progress towards being successful that you are going to accrue by thinking about doing something and
    then not doing anything.

    1. Hi Cararta, being sincered with yourself is indeed a step in the right direction. Many actually do go in for ”shiny opportunities” which exist not.
      I’m really grateful for your comment.

  4. Hi Cudjoe,
    Very interesting post, I have written similar post but never publish yet. I agree with your point about starting a business because it requires time and long time to run.

    I love your number #1 tips which I think it’s very important to everyone who want to start their business.

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work 🙂


  5. planning should always be long term, indeed Also, now-a-days, the need of marketing is increasing day by day. Thus, we have to essentially be more online and active over the internet to build the online business.

  6. Hi Emmanuel,

    I couldn’t agree more to what you just said here. Yes, online marketing or before seeing the money from blogging takes a lot of patience, persistence, and determination. A lot of people get the wrong idea about this because there are so many upsell out there that says, “Just twitter and sharing on facebook and you’ll be making 6-figures in no time.” Well…it takes more than just twitting.

    Of course you need a quality content that will keep your audience from coming back. And as you become more comfortable in writing and become more familiar with your niche, you can EVOLVE from this. Anyway, it’s really late here. It’s 3:21 AM and I haven’t got a wink of sleep yet. Have a great weekend.


    1. Hi Madam Angela,
      Thanks as well for agreeing with me. Obviously, it takes hardwork and a lot of perseverance to succeed in this whole blogging thing.

      Do have a great weekend as well.
      And hey, enjoy your sleep.

  7. Hi Cudjoe,

    Adopt a long term, big picture type approach to blogging and you will never lose sight of what you are after. Stop trying to reach daily goals, determining your success or failure amidst the fluctuations you will see short term. Start thinking big, big, long term goals down the road, and you will move into disciplined acts now to make your big dreams, realities.

    Thanks for the dead on tips!


  8. To succeed in blogging one must have a long term goal as there are no guarantees to short time success in blogging and one can not succeed except such fellow follows the laws of blogging to the last letter. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Blogging is one of the best platform of being a successful business. Except earning money we can build our community. We can build our intellectual property. So i loved blogging.

  10. Thanks for sharing! That awesome, I thinks that I am failure at marketing because I friend help me a lot about affiliate program but I am not ability to sell it.

  11. I must say your title is amazing , i dont know much about marketting but your post help me to give some idea on how to take business to sucess

  12. Hi Cudjoe

    Your 2nd point is so true. I stopped visiting those sites on my tablet because they’re dire on mobile. I’m learning about marketing. There’s more to it than meets the eye.


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