Is Adsense worth the Hype?

Is Adsense worth the hype? This what I want us to find out today. It appears it’s every blogger’s dream to have Adsense on his blog but is it really worth it?

But before I do proceed further, I’ll like to wish all Africans except Moroccans who wisely left the union somewhere in
1984, a Happy African Union Day.  Saturday, May 25 marked the golden jubilee of the formation of African Union.

I therefore will like to take this opportunity to wish those heads of states who attended the summit a happy return home and hope the tea drinking party they attended had a lot of milk in it. Ha..ha..

After all, that’s what they do every May 25. They care less of Africa but rather, are more interested in their own personal welfare and that of their immediate family. They’re all corrupt!

I don’t even remember the last time I had a chocolate but my country is the world’s number 2 producer of cocoa. All the cocoa beans find themselves on the markets of Europe and China…ha…ha… that’s Africa for you.

Let me stop boring you with all of these and move on to the main agenda on board. Okay, the question I’m asking here again is simple, does Adsense deserve the hype?

It’s now becoming a menace now with everyone talking about Adsense. But I do see Adsense as the Mugabe of Africa and as Adolf Hitler of Germany. There is one thing they are do have in common, they all care less of human feelings. Ha…ha…

There is obviously no doubt as to the fact Adsense are the leaders in terms of PPC campaign. I’m saying this in terms of their popularity among bloggers. I received my first check online through Adsense but I’m not here to play the devil’s advocate or try to be an unfaithful servant just because I was banned without prior notice.

Instead of being down as a blogger simply because Adsense has banned you or refused to approve your account.

Let’s look at what Ammar of allbloggingtips has to say about Adsense.

1. AdSense Make Readers Leave the Site

The first thing I hate about Google AdSense is it make the readers leave the site.


When someone click on ad, they leave your site. Because AdSense links doesn’t open in new tab. Majority of Adsense ads are CPC based. In order to make money readers have to leave your blog.

So, would you like to lose readers just for few cent?

The visitor that leave your website can be;

  • A lost subscriber
  • A lost sale
  • And so on…

And that’s obviously a fact. All adsense click leads the reader away from your blog. How much is the worth of your reader? to drive him away just for a few cents. Prior to my ban, I received more than 1000 clicks at an earnings of 200 dollars. Sending 1000 visitors away for just 200 dollars is simply absurd.

All ads on my blog now open new tabs when clicked. So my visitor gets a chance to stay on my blog still but that wasn’t the case with Adsense.

Another worrisome thing of Adsense is the banning of Adsense accounts without any notice or any proper explanation.

This is the warning I received today when I mistakenly clicked on one of my Adhitz ads.

Hello Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe,

We have just detected an invalid click on your website ‘’ that appears to have been generated by you. If this was the case please note that clicking the AdHitz adverts on your own website is a direct violation of our User Agreement, and is reason for immediate suspension.

If this continues, your account will be put in review and may be suspended.
AdHitz will not reinstate a publisher’s account that knowingly commits fraud.

If this message was mistakenly sent to you please contact us on:

AdHitz takes a strong stance on click fraud that hurts our advertisers who pay good money to show their adverts across our network.

I have received a warning but if it were to be Adsense, I would have woken up to find this.

Hello Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe,

While going through our records recently, we found that your AdSense
account has posed a significant risk to our Ad Words advertisers. Since
keeping your account in our publisher network may financially damage
our advertisers in the future, we have decided to disable your account.

Please understand that we consider this a necessary step to protect the
interests of both our advertisers and our other AdSense publishers. We
realize the inconvenience that this may cause you and us thank you in
advance for your understanding and cooperation.

If you have any questions about your account or the actions that we
have taken, please do not reply to this email. You can find more
information by visiting

Yours sincerely,

      The Google AdSense Team

Ha…ha.., that’s obviously the difference between the two. Another argument many tend to make is of the fact that Adsense pays more. That’s a fallacy. They might offer some high CPC but hey, other avenues are also worth trying.

I’ll prefer earning $100 dollar with Adhitz and Chitika combined than to earn $150 with Adsense  alone. For with Chitika and Adhitz, I’m for sure know that my earnings are secured.

Bare in mind that I’m not in anyway downgrading the relevancy of Adsense but don’t forget Darren Rowse of will tell you and I quote, ”I’ve long advised that bloggers seeking to make money from blogging spread their interests across multiple revenue streams so as not to put all their eggs in one basket.”

So you see, if the likes of Darren is advising us not to put all your eggs in one basket, what are you doing to diversify your income?

So in your own understanding, are Adsense really worth those hype? I want to know your stand and why you think so!

Opinions are just like noses, everybody has one. I therefore want to hear you through your comment below.

47 Replies to “Is Adsense worth the Hype?”

  1. Hello Emmanuel,
    Adsense is one of the best ways to make money with your blog then followed by infolinks 🙂 If adsense disabled your account because of fault coming from you, you can simply write an appeal and they will review your blog and re-instate you back if you have done the amendment pointed out to you.

    All ads network except direct ads, makes readers leave your site. so i’ll say that your number one point is not a solid reason. Google have disabled my account several times and i still get it back after doing what they ask me to do. I’ll have to stop here bro. do have a nice week 🙂

    1. Hi Baba,
      I’m not in anyway undermining the high payout of Adsense.I had my appeal rejected. You might be lucky to have your head out anytime your account is banned.
      But hey,not all ads make readers leave your site. The likes of chitika and Adhitz ads always do open new tabs.
      Thanks for your contribution as well.

  2. Hello Emmanuel,Google Adsense is the Great tool for bloggers. Although there are also other online advertising agencies but I love Google a lot.

    1. You might consider them as great now and of course they are! But please dance to their tune always.

  3. Two prominent points you’ve raised here – (1) Adsense has some harsh words to warn anybody caught in fraud click and (2) Putting all eggs in one basket.

    Regarding the first one, I do agree they are more dictative towards its publishers in order to secure advertisers. As a publisher we often feel like that. At the same time, it must be the truth that there are a huge bulk of spammer and ‘earn money in any way’ kind of publishers giving a top notch trouble to Adsense team. It must be because it has already faced many troubles and also it has a vast number of publishers in its network, Adsense got a little more freedom.

    Regarding second point, I agree, as much as you can diversify the revenue sources, it is always better. Let me inform the readers that Adsense allows you to use Chitikka, Infolinks and other Ads if they do not confuse readers with Adsense ads.

    Thanks Cudjoe for the great discussion. I liked the way you opened the post and the situation in our country too is not much difference. It must be similar to all the developing countries.

  4. Hi Emmanuel,

    I agree a lot with what Babanature mentioned above, it is a good way of making money. However, just with other ways of earning money like infolinks etc – it might make people leave your blog.

    I guess those who are new to blogging would mainly be the ones clicking on these links, or those who aren’t bloggers and just surfing the Internet for information. Where would people like you and me ever click such links if you come to think of it.

    If your account is disabled as it was for many people lately, either it’s because of some wrong activities they did, or then a mistake that was soon rectified once they wrote to Google about it. So, such things happen, but would all of this stop people from creating an Adsense account? There are two Kinds of people, those who like clicking and checking out such links, and those who really don’t bother about such links and visit your blog just for the content. Depends a lot on the kind of traffic you get on your blog too.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    BTW – I love cocoa too, and wishing you a belated Happy African Union Day 🙂

    1. Hi Madam Harleena,
      I like the dimension you took the discussion. Yeah, it obviously do depend on the kind of traffic one possess.

      Do have a great week as well!

  5. Hello Emmanuel, Thank you so much for showing the drawbacks of adsense ! i was going to apply for adsense soon, but you’ve changed my mind 🙂 I’m in dilemma now 🙂

    1. Hi Bishnu,
      Sorry for puuting you in dilemma.But you obviously ought to sort your feelings first before you take the next action.

  6. The truth remains that adsense attracts the best advertisers and pays the best money and for me they are totally worth the hype. I have seen folks that earn $2k monthly and that is huge money, some times people dont appeal when their accounts are banned just like Babanature said above, i have recieved warnings from adsense and i eventually carried out what they asked of and my account is still running. So if you ask me i will say adsense is totally worth the hypes though i wont deny that its better to spread one’s income streams.

    1. No one is underestimating the earning potential of Adsense but you and Baba’s case might have being exceptional.

      How many Adsense account owners have received warning from Adsense before a ban is carried out?

  7. That great tips! When any did decided to use adsense as way to make money you have know all about Adsense. Actually, Adsense is flow you visitor to other blog but also it way to make money as well. If we are a quality blog no need to worry about losing because they will came back.

    1. Yeah Kimsea, I somehow do agree with you. Visitors are likely to return back to a quality blog again.

  8. Hi Emmanuel,

    I have a friend who got terminated by Adsense and the same thing they did to her, give her no apparent reason at all. And then she said, she replaced the Adsense with a banner advertising that even pays her BETTER and more money than Adsense. Then one of my friend who is successful blogger said to me, “Don’t waste your time on Adsense. What is a few cents here and there? It’s very hard to get traffic and yet you are sending your traffic somewhere else!” And that’s why I have NEVER bother on continuing on putting an Adsense on my blog.

    Another friend said, who is also a Graphic Designer, “Don’t bother on the Adsense! They have UGLY banners and advertisements that’s plastered all over your blogs!!!” LOL…he is so RIGHT.

    Anyhoo, I will tweet and reshare this on my FB and Google+

    Have a nice Sunday!

    1. Hey Madam Angela,
      Nice to see you here once more. I like your first friend you talked about.
      Why should we drive away our visitors for few pennies?

      Thanks for tweet and facebook share!
      Do have a great week.

    1. Talk about advertising…I forgot to tell you that “Empower Network” actually asked me if they could advertise their banner on my website/blog. *surprised* When I asked her what product she was trying to promote, she said Empower Network. Right away, it was REJECTED. How do you feel about Empower Network?

      I heard they have a bad reputation on Facebook and a lot of other people who posted to “BEWARE” about this company because they are not that honest.


      1. I obviously do not see anything wrong with EN advertising on your blog. But hey protecting the integrity of your blog is paramount.

        For rejecting them, that’s your own decision and only you can make that.

  9. Great Post Cudjoe,
    Adsense is indeed the most widely used PPC and best PPC in the world and it is the easiest way of monetizing a blog, but the truth be told, AdSense is becoming too arrogant and care less about their publishers..
    Google cares more about their profit than they care for their customers/publishers, but Things are quite better now with lots of other good alternatives compared to back in the days when the only alternative was chitika or Bidvertisers which were not that lucrative.
    Personally, My best monetization method will be direct ad sales, that way you can control your revenue and have a guaranteed income.

    1. Hi Joe,
      Going direct is the best option! But as you rightly said, other networks work great as well.

    2. based on my experience. you’re right.they are too arrogant and only care less to publishers., as of the best alternatives of google and pays even better, at least care to explain why they cannot specify the main reason my application with them was disapproved.. google adsense however do not do that

  10. Hi Emmaneul,

    I did not apply for Adsense yet. Just because I am not sure whether they approve my application or not. No doubt Adsense is a prime source of online income. But besides its like there is no job security.

  11. Great post, Emmanuel!!
    Interesting write-up! 🙂
    What makes it even more interesting is that YOU have adsense yourself !!
    I need to talk to you at length about Chitika ads and Adhit ads.

  12. I’ve had some succuess with AdSense, but it’s just not for me. Even though it seems like you follow all their rules, I’ve heard stories about them randomly shutting down accounts.

    It can be good for some website though.

    ~ Frederik Jorgensen ~

  13. Because I see you want to make money online I recommend you to get an Adsense account in the near future if you’re unsatisfied by Adhitz and Chitika.

    Start a niche website or something you have experience into, if this website you got suspended from. A new website under your brother or sister name. The Adsense account again to their name not yours. You can get an Adsense account after 2 years from what I heard under your name.

    Don’t stop making money online Emmanuel. If adnetworks aren’t what you looking go for direct marketing(join niche affiliate programs and promote their products to earn some nice commissions), here I can recommend you ClickBank I’m sure you heard it.

    I’m new to your blog, even if I’m not blogging for serious(now I’m playing with some niche websites) I use WP platform, I’ll subscribe your blog for more news and for my SEO efforts.

    Best regards from I. C . Daniel

  14. I guess people at Adsense are really egoistic. They don’t want to listen to and understand any bloggers. I have applied to Adsense 4 times and rejected all. This time I have applied again from my another blog but from past 1 week didn’t got any reply yet…

  15. Hello Emmanuel
    Adsense is the bread and butter of many people and the most thing is that they are paying you money for the correct implementation and no one could escape from Google,so using correctly is the only key


  16. Hi Emmanuel,

    You mentioned one of the best regarding that Adsense doesnot give any chance to anyone like “While going through our records recently, we found that your AdSense
    account has posed a significant risk to our Ad Words advertisers….” but in the field of online advertising no one pays better than Adsense also in other fact.

    Siddhartha Sinha

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