A Letter to my Maker.

This is Cudjoe here again. Did I say Cudjoe? Okay this is Emmanuel here again with yet another post. I think it will be wise for everyone to know my full name since many tend to be confused when it comes to addressing me.

People wonder whether my name is Cudjoe or Emmanuel. And again I’ll like to re-iterate my name again.

My name(s)  is are Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe. Call me by any of these and I’d gladly respond.

Today’s post is dubbed, ‘A Letter to my Maker’. Yes, I’m going to write a letter to God.

I would be ungrateful human being if I don’t show sincere gratitude to those who offered to help when I was hit with a big blow at the face.

The name Marilynn Cada can’t be left out. Look at the email she sent me and what she intend doing has done for me.

hi kabenlah. i want to help you in your problem though not financially..but in other means… such as promoting your blog in blogengage for free

i am a subscriber of blogengage and pays around 9.99 pounds a month and the number of blogs that i can submit is limitless. any blog that will be submitted will be promoted to other websites such as topblogged.com and will be sent to RSS feeds

In blogengage i am also allowed to post blogs that are not mine  ..which means i can post your blog in blogengage for free… i will not ask any exchange for that,… i just really want to help at least to ease your pain….
but if you decided to join in blogengage. you cannot submit post in blogengage that i already submitted…. for instance, i submitted your post about Emmanuel in Deep Sh*t, you cannot submit it since they are already in the records of blogengage..

i am planning to submit all of your posts  and until you become financially stable and have a credit card of your own so that you could subscribe to blogengage

I received another mail from her again this was how it went,

this is the link of one of your posts in blog engage


Madam Marily Cada, I’m really grateful for kind support. Thank you a million times.


Hey not Madam Cada alone but Babajide from Sbabzy.com has offered to help me as well. This was his last email to me.

I see your point now.. No problem, will get back to you bro.

Oluwaseun Babajide,
CEO & Founder.
Hot Tips On Business,Personal Development,Blogging and Relationship


Hey bro, thanks.

There were many of people who were more than willing to help me as well. To you all, I say thank you and those who of course shared their condolences. I’m of course saying thank you.

Today’s post has being necessitated through a chat I was having with a friend on Facebook and a sad one indeed.

One of his friends has committed suicide. What caused that? And it was simply because of the closure of Libertyreserve. All his money were gone and he felt like he had no hope than to commit suicide. That’s horrific indeed!

Enough of all of these and let’s move to my letter. This letter in the form of a poem  and is addressed to my Maker. I hope Angel Gabriel delivers straight into his Royal Majesty on time.

A Letter to my Maker.

Dear  God,

I am a Hapless beholder,

I am armed

With patience, prudence and prayers

Though demanding water

Of different sort

No seed survives

Too much water

Nor yet too little

None sprouts before its time

None also delays a second longer


The panic of growing older

Without a penny

Spreads fluttering wings

From year to year


At twenty two

Stilled by the hope of gigantic success

Time and exploration

Will certainly determine the unknown

The future will surely tell


My Maker

Naked I stand

In front of the Heavensgate

Awaiting for your faithful servant- Abraham

To cloth me eternally

There is no love and kindness

Where I came from- The Planet Earth


Hear my humble cries

Oh heavens

Is my face in the book unknown?

Give me a sign


The  Street here,

Built to please the eye and subserve the foot

Our streets are no longer beauty domain

With dust untamed by asphalt, grass or tar

Potholes filled and re-filled with loose red earth

Our streets are open with trash cans

 Man traps, roads unworthy of vehicles

Shops spill their plastic contents

Like dismembered pregnant uteri

 The street is an extension of homes

It is market , battlefield, play-pen, loo

It is the living, dinning and guest room

The street is unforgiving and for some

It is the suite and the  final berth

Many lives it bores but yet with no sweet mother


Come and see  where I live

Here my driftwood body has beached

Ask not which currents dumped me there

Nor which tides shall bear me next


Nothing has changed

No, nothing at all has changed

The day the butchers came in jeeps

And drove away the sacrificial lamb

Till date, nothing at all has changed

 In my country, developing country

Arrival is  not a problem

But survival


I will excel or rather die trying

Your servant carves for your mercy

Above all Lord

I need your LOVE.

                                                                           Your Servant

                                                                              Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe.

This is the end of my letter to my Maker. Ha..ha..

36 Replies to “A Letter to my Maker.”

  1. Hi Emmanuel,
    Just take things easy bro.. All will be well.
    Am glad some people are helping out already!

  2. Hi Emmanuel, I’m happy to see that some people are ready to help you out, as a matter of fact your letter has been delivered to God! You’re just a lucky Lad. Nice letter, I pray God perfect what he has started….

    Take care and God Bless!

  3. there are many people that are willing to help fortunately
    just take it easy and churn out helpful to people as well
    thanks for sharing budddy
    have a lovely day ahead 😀

  4. Hello Emmanuel,
    On your post you stated that somebody committed suicide, right? well i’ll say that, that person is a coward and truly does not supposed to be in this world. On that day, i also lost some great deal of money to liberty reserve but i play cool because the only option is to regroup your strategy and start building your boat back.

    Emmanuel, you have friends in the blogosphere that can help you with your struggle; that shows you that you are not alone in this struggle. all you need to do is gather up your strategy and put them to play. only a coward runs away from what life gatto offer!

    1. Hey bro,
      Life is indeed all about struggles and survival and the most interesting thing is that not all humans react the same when calamity strike.
      You have a strong heart but that poor innocent chap had no choice than to end it all.
      That obviously wasn’t the right thing to do.

      Moving forward to the next level is of course really paramount.

  5. thank you for mention Kabenlah 🙂 i believe that huge blessings will arrive towards you. just wait patiently

    and I am also a believer of angels

  6. This is the power of having a network of really good friends buddy. You help so many people and people tend to help you in return. Stay positive and good things will happen Emmanuel 🙂

    All the best!

  7. Wow Emmanuel,
    you have earned the trust of many people man, it great to see people helping each other when one gets affected. Possibly I am not a rich person or I don’t earn much but still I can only give word of encouragement for now.

    But now you have sent a mail to God and I can even imagine to compete with Him as he alone can handle this full world including you and me. God will definitely help you bro…

    Good to see you are normal again…

  8. Hey Emmanuel,

    New here but from what I read, I can figure out that you are/were in a crisis and have had some really good friends help you get back on your feet.

    Who would’ve thought online friendships can be so amazing! You’re very lucky to have them and it’s great to see your appreciation towards them.

    Best of luck!


    1. Hi Aditya,
      Yeah, I was in some kind of trouble but its soo great to see people more than willing to help me out.

  9. After all every disappointment may not really remain one, you have found favor in the eyes of God and man and you shall increase in your dealings. Always believe in God and all will be better soon. Thanks

  10. No doubt that money is one of the important things to survive in this world. My condolence to your friend’s friend who committed suicide.

    Luckily you got great friends to help you out.

  11. Hi Emmanuel – the first lines of this post made me smile, because there’s another blogger who sometimes visits my site and I’m never sure what to call him because I don’t know which of his names to use – I once asked him in a message, but he never replied – so I just avoid calling him anything at all, which is a shame!

    That’s such a moving and powerful poem – thank you so much for sharing it with us. It made me realise how very fortunate I am to live in the UK – we always complain here about the weather, but we have so much to be thankful for.

    It’s terrible that the person you heard about felt so full of despair – I’m so pleased that you are soldiering on, with hope in your heart, despite all that’s happened to you. And I’m very happy to hear about the support you’re receiving from blogengage – that’s really great news 🙂

    I wish you every happiness and success, Emmanuel, and hope you’ll keep letting us know how you’re getting on.


  12. No need to take tenson and worry about anything , God is always with u , just stay focused and take right decision.

  13. Wow Emmanuel…

    This is a beautiful poem. I’m so happy for you that some people have reached out to help you financially. Although I cannot help you financially since I just started myself, I am here to support you 100%.

    Like they said, God uses the bad for good. “All things work together for good.” He sees you. And whoever are these people in LibertyReserve…may they get the punishment they really deserve. I read a little more about LR, I think they are crooks. No? Coz he would endorse people who are hookers & drug dealers. With that type of company you can NEVER trust again.

    I dunno what country you are on, but I wish you have Paypal there instead coz they are very good and they are very trustworthy. Anyhoo, thank you for sharing your beautiful poetry and story.

    God bless,

    1. Honourable Minister, you’re commenting on the wrong post. You were nominated on the post after this.

      I’m glad you like it!

  14. hey emmanuel!!
    after reading this i must you are very lucky that you got the great friends and do noy loose hope.. we are here to help others…!!

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