Top Ministers in this Blogging World.

After conducting a successful election as your self-imposed electoral commissioner in this whole blogging world, it’s now time to declare the results and tell you who are our president is and let you know those guys who are seriously lobbying for various ministerial positions. Ha..ha..

Hope you might considering submitting your CV for consideration as a minister? I’m going strongly as the vice president.. Ha…Ha…

To those who missed the election, I think it would be prudent for us to have a recall.

The contestants were as follows:

  1. John Chow of John Chow Dot
  2. Pat Flynn of
  3. Harsh Agrawal of
  4. Ms. Ileane Smith of

These were the contenders chosen by me and my other panelist made up of no other person than myself as well. Ha…ha…

For those who missed the post, you can check it out here. Remember, your vote won’t be counted anymore.

For the results are now in. At the end of the elections, these are the results

I total of 27 votes were recorded in the form of comments. Of the 27 votes cast, 5 votes were rejected as spoilt ballot.  So in all a total of 22 valid votes were counted.

Of this, John Chow received 3 of the votes representing 13.6% of the vote. Harsh Agrawal also followed suite with 3 votes representing 13.6% of the votes as well.

Pat Flynn had 4 votes representing 18.9 of the total valid vote cast. Madam Ileane Smith on the other hand received 12 votes of the total valid cast representing 54.5%.

I therefore nominate Madam Ileane of BasicBlogTips as the president elect of this blogging world.


This was exactly how the elections went as the electoral commissioner declared the results. It was even carried out on BBC and CNN. Ha…ha…

Those parties involved who don’t accept the results can kindly proceed to court to have their needs addressed just like what’s happening in my country where the opposition party is in court seeking redress of last year’s election. Ha…ha…

Pardon me with those laughter. I just can’t help it than to continue laughing.

Now, enough of all of these and let move on to the main issue for discussion today. I’ve peeped through the window of her Excellency Madam President and found out those who are likely to be ministers in her administration.

And surprisingly, this is how the list goes.

Minister for Long Comments Affairs.

This is a position awarded to individuals to oversee long comments in this blogosphere. Could you guess of any name?

This is what I found after my investigative journalism.

The first name on the list is no other than Harleena Singh. She is the brain behind Aha-Now.

My name is Harleena Singh, and I am a  freelance writer.

As a professional writer, it is my endeavor to make the writings interesting, and deliver the most complex or sedentary topics into simple and attractive forms that are a feast to anyone’s eyes.

Like a true artist, I canvas my writings using elegant word strokes, custom-creating articles accurately as per the instructions, which lead to masterpieces beyond expectations.

I am a family loving person. I enjoy playing my roles and fulfill my duties as a wife, a  mother, a writer, and simply being myself.

I think the reason for her consideration as a minister spammed from the fact that she voted for her excellency.

Have a long of what she said during her vote. This extract had being made possible through our archives.( comment).


Hi Emmanuel,

My first return visit to your blog, and I surely landed on a wonderful voting platform this time. 

I’ve only heard of John, read a lot of Pat and he is truly an inspiration – but I don’t know more of them other than this. Harsh of course is awesome in his work and all that he shares on his blog is always helpful to many like us.

Ileane is the one I would vote for because she shares awesome content too, but other than that shes helpful, supportive, connects more, and reaches out to people 

Thanks for sharing this with us.  Have a nice week ahead 

I arrest my case by putting a fullstop here.

Now back to our next minister. And this time around, it’s the ministers for Bloggers Affairs.

Ministers for Blogger’s Affairs

These ministers look up to the welfare of bloggers. I have had my fair share of problems and surprisingly, they were there to help.

It appears these ministers have already started work.

Obviously the names Marilyn Cada and Babajide couldn’t be left out.


My name is Oluwaseun Babajide. I hold a BA (Hons) in Business and Mathematics and an MSc in Applied Mathematical Modelling & Scientific Computing from the University of Greenwich, London, UK. I have fought to realize my career aspirations and, although they may be different to yours, we all have goals and dreams that we must try to realize in order to live fulfilled lives. is a platform offering advice and hot tips to all and providing a forum for personal development, blogging, business, relationship and work.

Marilynn Cada is another name which obviously can’t be left off the hook. She is the brain behind Onemillionwaystimake money. Her welfare ministry sees to the welfare of bloggers.

If for nothing at all I have being a benefecnator of her welfare.Ha..ha..

Madam Marilyn and Seun, thanks.

The next ministerial post on the list was the minister for Blogger’s Motivation.


 Minister for Bloggers’ Motivation

I wasn’t all that surprise to see those guys being chosen as the Ministers for Bloggers’ motivation.

Guess what, these are the ministers for Bloggers’ motivation with their CV’s.

Suresh Khanal and Vijesh!

This Suresh Khanal. Hi, it’s me behind this blog – Interested to blogging, different monetization options, WordPress Themes, Plugins and various blogging tools. I love setting up new blogs, customize and optimizing them.

And I think there is something he left our from his perceived CV. He is a great motivator as well. When one felt like quitting, he is always there to say something to propel me to the next level.

And the next on the list is,

So without wasting your time I want to introduce about myself. I am Vijesh Cormaty a blogger who is passionate enough to share experiences in blogging journey. I am a Post graduate who has completed Master of Science in Organic Chemistry which is no where related to computers but I am not a newbie in using them. I have been online since 2008 and I have been creating blogs and also have helped few of them to make a decent amount of money from their blog. I am working as a teacher, and I would like to help newbies to evolve as bloggers and to make them walk in a successful path. Do you want anything more than just contact me.

You see, he just made it emphatic for anyone to contact him!

The next minister on the radar was the Minister for Laziness.


Minister of Laziness

Curiosity certainly killed the cat but not the one in my house. If you aren’t curious, so why are you here?

Of course, to know the one behind this blog. I am among the lucky few who happens to celebrate their birthday on the first day of the the year. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe is from the shores of Ghana born 1st January, 1991. Per calculations, you will certainly realise that I just turned 22 good years.

What! How can Her Excellency do that! Ha..ha.., What makes her think I’m lazy?

Obviously could it be for the fact that I should have continued with the list or what?

Frankly speaking, I saw more list than this. The likes of Babanature of onenaijablog, Desmond of netmediablog were all on her list.

Not forgetting Ryan of Cashgifting as the travelling minister.

The reality here is that I’m just tired and of course feeling lazy! Ha..ha,…Please don’t take it personal though! I’m sorry if I had stepped on any toes!

54 Replies to “Top Ministers in this Blogging World.”

  1. I just can’t help but continue laughing, Minister of Laziness…hehehee 🙂 you’re really a genius, very interesting post i started laughing from first line to the end.

    1. Hey Kulhead,
      Mind you! It’s a crime to the highest degree to be laughing at an honourable minister like me. Ha..ha..
      Hey bro, thanks for your comment!

    2. really I do agree with you too…
      Cudjoe is just fun to have whenever with us.
      He makes everything feel light.

  2. Thank you Emmanuel for the recommendation and I truly appreciate this.

    I’ve been to those alleys of hard times and thought about quitting blogging. But again and again blogging attracted me and I came back with another blog. Now what I feel is, I could have achieved much more if I did not make those breaks. Thus I wish, somebody like you, who has great writing power, jolley mood in text and can effectively share the views, must continue to blogging. We’ll achieve huge blogging success very soon!

  3. Hi Emmanuel,

    Happy to know about those ministers. And best of luck all of them for their successful period :D.

    I am also gona apply for the post “Minister of Short Comments” in upcoming election 🙂

    1. Ha..ha.., there is obviously no one vying for that position. I guess it will be prudent to let Madam president know that you’re interested!

  4. thank you Emmanuel for considering me as one of the Minister of Bloggers’ Affairs. i highly appreciate it. i feel always good when i help other bloggers through different means.

    in addition to the support that i provided to you, another good example is when i created a list of 110 commentluv enabled bloggers, i did not realize how bloggers valued my efforts for including their blogs on their list and promote that article extensively through social media.

    i never realized that simple gesture of including their blogs in my list is highly valuable for them

    1. Hello Honourable Minister, a little gesture in this blogosphere is more than value.
      I for instance won’t ever forget what you’ve done for me.

    1. Hey bro,
      What’s up? Mind you, you ought to address Madam president as Her Excellency the next time you address her. Ha..ha…

    1. Hello Madam President, you’re welcome.
      We are waiting for your acceptance speech in a form of post on this ‘lazy’ blog. Ha..ha..

  5. My salute to you, honorable minister of Laziness Mr. Cudjoe 😀
    And both Suresh and Vijesh have motivated me. So my advanced vote for them in successive elections 😀
    Ileane Smith have been selected as queen of blogging, that’s great!
    Why not selecting Adrienne Smith for ministers of long comments.

  6. Ministers in this Blogging World! title for Harleena Singh is quite right. Thanks Emmanuel for sharing 🙂

  7. Hello Emmanuel,
    Hmmm… I am still scratching my head about the titles you gave the above bloggers. It sure did sound funny 😀

  8. You have shared with us great bloggers 🙂
    I know them all and I’m proud of this
    Harleena Makes comments longer than my posts LOL
    and Many congos for our Lazy lad Lol
    can’t stop laughing man LOL !!
    You funny man
    thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Its glad to see all the Post occupied in the blogging Parliament and this post helped me in motivating me.

    Siddhatha Sinha

  10. Hi Emmanuel ,

    You’ve done a great job in electing the top ministers of the blogging world. I already knew that the long comments affairs would go to Harleena Singh. Nobody can beat her at that. Even the election of Ileane mam as the president did not come as a surprise to me. This is a small idea but an innovative one.

    It is people like you who think out of the box and put up ideas like this.


    1. Hey Navneet, I’m just like you. You also do think outside the box as well and your posts are thought provoking.

  11. I just couldn’t stop laughing while reading this post, i am always marveled at your writing technique and somehow you still drive your points home always. You always present your posts like a screenplay and just when one thinks it’s gonna get boring you stir it to your main reason of writing and its always funny when i think about how you do this often.

    Its indeed an amazing post and thanks for the mention, i hope i improve as a blogger generally someday to contest for the presidency.

    Do have an awesome weekend.

  12. Hey Emmanuel
    Once you commented on my one of the below recent blog post on which you left the link of this post through commentluv that why i am vising your on your blog and reading this post. You are right. I am appreciate with you. Harleena singh is most knowm commenter in the blogging world. I also loved to commenting and like to introduce my self with other bloggers.

  13. Happy to know about those ministers. And best of luck all of them for their successful period. Thanks For share this important information.

    1. Hi Gregory,
      Are you contesting for the Minister of Short comments? Your comment was short and straight to the point.
      Thanks for your comment!

  14. Hi Emmanuel, i cant just stop laughing while reading this post. I love the compilation of these top ministers in the field of blogging.
    I can see you have done justice to this issue by giving the right ministerial appointments to the right bloggers especially that of Suresh,Harleena Singh,Ryan and Others.

    Your are too funny by giving yourself the minister of laziness: do you think you will be able to perform in office with this new appointment?

  15. Emmanuel, you are really, really clever lol….I love this!

    I just told my girlfriend that I am traveling minister, she loved it too 😉

    Such a creative way to break down the top bloggers. Miss Ileane – or Madam lol – is one top blogger I know well, so she would probably grab my vote.

    Well done buddy, keep up the original work/play here!!!


  16. Hi Emmanuel,
    Nice to get through this article, I think I just love this blogging ministers list. =D . BTW, why the index.php in your URL.

    1. Hi Oscar,
      Thanks for your comment but I was wondering whether having index.php affects anything at all?

  17. Wow,
    Emmanuel I was reading the post and suddenly surprised to see my name and I was shocked how you mentioned me with those big names over there. I loved the last part man minister of laziness.
    You are an perfect example of entertainment may be next time mention yourself as a minister of blogging entertainment…
    Thanks for your mention buddy…

  18. Harleena Singh is really a great Blogger. I’m a daily reader of Aha-Now. Thanks for sharing an amazing list. Good Work

  19. Hi Emmanuel,

    So sorry for not having come by earlier – wonder how I missed this one 🙂

    Thanks so much for the kind mention – ah…I get to be the minister for long comments..that’s a good recognition I’ve got in the Blogoshpere I guess, but I’d rather have it that ways.

    Oh yes…Seun, Vijesh, Suresh – all of them are wonderful fellow bloggers and always ready to help. But hey…how did you nominate yourself for the lazy category! I don’t think so at all as I do see many posts from you off and on. I’ve just been away for a few weeks on my yearly holiday with my family and have recently arrived and back online after sometime now, so must have missed a few posts, though glad I made it here.

    Thanks once again for the kind mention. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  20. Hello Emmanuel,
    This is my First Time of coming to your blog,You have a wonderful list there, But here, who is the minister of security? LOl

    you just listed all my favorite blogger up there, the like of King Babajide, Harlena singh,suresh and others..

  21. This is not really funny though but it motivates me, despite the fact the start long ago they are worth of being an ambassador in blog-o-sphere.

  22. Hey Cudjoe,

    yet another fantastic masterpiece from you. Title on point and contents were out-rightly lovely.

    Trust me I couldn’t help but kept laughing at your intelligentsia suis generis. You are such a pro man! Keep it up. It will sure pay dividends as I’m sure is now paying anyways.

    Stay blessed,

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