Wearing the Blogging Miniskirt

The trend of everything is now taking a different dimension. And so is fashion. Do you know God’s plan for us was to be naked?  Are you doubting me?

Okay, weren’t Adam and Eve naked in the garden? Ha…ha.., I’m not in anyway trying to be blasphemous. But gradually, gradually, our women are taking us closer to what God intended for us. They are reducing their clothes at the least chance they get.

Their panties have reduced as well with what they now call G-string. Am I lying? You can testify to that I guess. Ha…ha…

You might probably be wondering whether I’m just wasting your time. I’m not in any way going to do that. Your time is precious to me and so is mine.

Who here doesn’t know what a miniskirt is? Yes, that short skirt worn by ladies to… for what? And your guess will be good as mine.

So what’s a miniskirt and how does that apply in blogging? Okay, as usual, let move back to business.

This is now a new blog and things ought to be done in newer manners. Everything here is going to be pimped!

This is one quote which hit me hard and I simply couldn’t it just it. Check it out!

A blog is like a mini skirt: long enough to cover everything, but short enough to keep it interesting


As you rightly know what is likely to follow, I want to know which sort of criterion is your blog. Is it in the miniskirt form which is long enough to cover all the essential parts and very interesting or it’s like a skirt without form?

Does your posts cover all those essential details which will always urge readers to seek out your blog anytime they seek out information?

I know I’m asking a lot of questions but hey, let me ask this last question. Is your blog like the miniskirt. I said a question but it appears I left out the question mark.

Okay, so let me reiterate the question again for more affirmation. Pardon me with those big grammar. Ha…ha.., there comes the question again. Is your blog like the miniskirt?

This time around with the right punctuation mark.

Blogging has now become the norm in this current moment. Others have made it and are still making it big enough to survive. So what makes you different? You can also be there as well.

Everyone now blogs (as if I’m not part…ha…ha…) but how different are you? Is your blog sexy enough or may just like everyone you’re like…

To visualize what you can’t see

That’s the paradoxical pleasure of the



In the afterbirth of seeing,

Death of imagination


To dally on the brink of reality

That’s the snug illusion of life


In the capitulation the summit

Paradoxical disappointment


Now is the legend beyond

Become the cliché of the elements


Shall the synthetic gauze

Atone for the beauty of the fertility lines?


This short poetry says it all with regards to how myopic many bloggers deem blogging. In the beginning, they visualize big achievement with respect to how far their blog will go. Blogging within the first few months could just be fun but that vitality begins to shrink when those wild imaginations you fed on aren’t achieved.

There therefore comes in those paradoxical disappoints. Strive to make your blog as interesting as possible just as the miniskirt! Never lose sight of that.

Your Turn

I’m just done rattling those words which seemed to be flowing at the beginning when I started but please with all sincerity, I’m just stuck.

Your comment and views are gladly welcomed on the post is gladly welcomed. I hope I did not turn you on with the title…ha…But I guess you’re wearing the blogging miniskirt.

31 Replies to “Wearing the Blogging Miniskirt”

  1. haha….I dont really where you come up with those catchy headlines but back to business….(your style) here is my own quote “my miniskirt blog is not long enough to cover everything, but short enough to keep it interesting” but shhhhhh, I’ll try to adjust my miniskirt so it will also cover everything….with quality contents of course…hahaha

  2. Your writing technique is definitely unique and the way you blend your posts in a mini drama makes it even more exciting to read. I wouldn’t want my blog to wear a mini skirt lolz, i believe a blog post should be long enough to carry the message its intended to, not too long to be boring. Thanks for sharing such an amazing post.

  3. I knew it’s going to be a light and entertaining post when I heard the title. You’re successful in drawing the attention and presenting pleasure through this post. Good work.

  4. Attractive title, lets say you have shown miniskirt 😀 . Nice thinking concept. Is our blog enough attractive to attract readers. In this crowded blog-sphere in order to get noticed – wearing blogging miniskirt could help. There are many other way to get noticed too 🙂

      1. your writing style and those catchy titles…..bring more seduction to the already wore miniskirt!
        Really awesome.

  5. Haha…your header blew me off, I’ll plan on writing something like this in the future. Tip: if you blog is sexy, it’ll surely grab attentions.

  6. Hi Emmanuel,

    Almost 80 percent of your readers (especially male)attracts due to post title of this post.
    And I am totally agreed with you. Present blog like this everyone attracts.

  7. Cool analogy Emmanuel. I feel blogging is similar to a mini-skirt; you show enough off to make the imagination run a bit wild but you also need to cover things up in the same breath.

    Blogs should provide knowledge, value and immense insight without giving it all away, or becoming too much to soak up.

    Link up to information, create content like a pro but always leave readers wanting for a little bit more….otherwise, they would never come back!

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. hi there kabenlah. your question actually left me thinking. hmmm..i can only answer is it is long enough to cover all the essentials but i am not sure where do you pertaining in ‘short’ since as you have noticed most of my articles are long since i love sharing comprehensive information to my readers. although i sometimes offer short articles especially if the information involved does not have to be a long one

  9. Hey Emmanuel,
    Great you have brought the attention of all by this topic so you want something like short in the meantime its need to be sweet between nice post keep rocking bro 🙂

  10. Woh, you said about blog correctly “Blog is just like a skirt long enough to cover your body and short enough to make it interesting” very good thought

  11. Haha, what an exraordinary and witty comparison. I admired your post. It was captivating to read it, as after reading the headline and even the opening paragraphs I had no idea of what would follow. It was really creative and helpful at the same time

  12. Hahaha, Emmanuel, i must tell you this, my friend here is getting pissed off because you made him read this post even when he his not a blogger, your title is just like a trap. Hahaha

    The way you blend your post with your title, i must admit you Killed it already..

    My Blog is like the mini skirt type, not really covering many Things, but am trying to get it adjusted so at least some things can get covered..

    Am sure you also know that when you skirt is too long, and everything seems to be covered, readers will love it, But If its a mini skirt type that cover a little, readers will also love it and will surely come back for more..

    Hope you get the trick?

  13. Wonderful write up, very catchy headline. I guess with this I’ve got to get a tailor to re-make my mini-skirt.

    Thanks for this.

  14. Hi Hi Emmaanuel This is really interesting. I mean the mini skirt business,
    yes, no doubt brevity is a vital part in any form or writing!!
    But this mini skirt thing is really fun, yes, indeed sex sells too LOL
    i am sure this page though not much comments are visible a good number of visitors are dropped in seeing the funny pic. Ok fine, I am also using this policy of mini skirt example in this comment too LOL, Revealing almost everything by covering the very essential parts!!! LOL
    I liked the point or theme you brought in here to explain a vital part of blogging LOL
    Thanks for sharing.

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