Get Paid to Chat.

Procrastination they say, is a thief of time and it is assumed the devil tempts everyone but the idle man tempts the devil.

I’ve being ideal for some time now without writing any post for the past week or so. Wait; instead of ‘idle’ I’ve mistakenly spelt ‘ideal’.

To err is human and I’m of course not different from you. We all do make mistakes sometimes but getting up anytime you fall is what distinguishes you from the others.

That brings about the difference between those we call the ‘pros’ and the others we call ‘failures’.

All in all, I’m ain’t-(let me speak some slangs) here for some lectures on motivation. Ha…ha…

You’re here because you want to earn some extra cool cash as well. Am I lying? I guess not. This of course reminds me of one advert making waves on our TV sometime back about a woman who was joyfully jumping about and shouting, ‘I’VE GOTTEN IT OO’’.

What has she gotten? She has simply gotten a text message telling her of a successful mobile money transfer.

She went out jumping and jumping until one little boy asked, ‘Where is the money’?

Maybe just like that little boy, you’re in a hurry to know what those sites are. If I may ask, what makes you think a site will be willing to pay split it profits with you whiles all that you do is to chat and socialize?

How many hours do you spend on the king of social Media, Facebook? Facebook is of course the king of all social media and I and you and several others make it what it is today.

Will Facebook be willing to share a percentage of its profit with the consumers? That of course is a question I needed not to ask. Ha..ha..

Okay, let’s move back to business and ignore  all these. Our main business for today is on the lookout for sites that will pay me to write chat.

This was the biggest paid chat site out there and apparently was kind of popular. You could chat with your friends and you also had the opportunity to chat with other people through a private chat window.

You earn money based on how much you chat, specifically based on the number of characters you use. The reality is that Paysnork is now dead!

Lets look at a more those which are dead and let the dead bury their dead. Ha..ha..

This is the biggest paid chat site where you can chat, make and meet new online friends and earn a few dollars doing so. It’s where like minded people who want to learn how to make extra money online can meet and chat about their experiences and methods they use to make money. So, it actually can be beneficial since you can learn about other methods people use to earn extra cash.

Basically, you register and choose a village to join. There is this thing called a “pot” which is basically the amount of money any given village has and your earnings depends on the pot value and how many people are in that village and how much you participate.

You can also earn extra by referring other people. While you chat, you can see your earnings next to the chat box and if you really are into chatting hours a day, you could make a few dollars a day.Ha..ha..

They pay via PayPal with a minimum of $0.25 and Alertpay with a minimum of $1.00.

I’ve done my part. What do you make of the post?

39 Replies to “Get Paid to Chat.”

  1. Hey cudjoe really interesting topic which i have not crossed but we got regular attention about survey jobs i guess it can help to earn some pocket money

  2. Getting paid to chat is a good thing if you love friends and definitely love to chat and get to know new friends otherwise isn’t worth it since the payements are just pennies
    thanks for sharing this cool post Emmanuel !

    1. Ha..ha.., the more you chat, the higher your earnings. The earnings are indeed pennies.
      But those pennies turn into dollars.

  3. This are really some good resources to make money with chatting. I wasn’t aware that people can really make money via this.

    Thanks Emmanuel

  4. I’m already fan of your writing style. You are so comfortable and jolly over your posts that reading is fun whatever be the topic. You must be a real talkative 😀

    I guess, it won’t be a huge money but a few dollars just to chat is not bad!

  5. Its surprisingly new to me… I Can’t even expect that there is something like this who pay for chatting..

    Unique information.. will try in my spare time 😀 😛


  6. Lolz, where is the money? thanks for this wonderful post,am also planning to write on a similar topic,perhaps i might Link to yours

  7. The new method of earning! This is interesting too! Chatting to get paid 🙂 Thanks for sharing the new technique.

  8. People have spare time? They can earn by chatting. Wao! Its awesome. This is first time I am reading this type of work.
    Truly Great

  9. I have never heard of get paid to chat. I guess this can be a great way for someone to get paid, especially if they love chatting. Never heard of this, maybe I will share this with a friend of mine who is looking to make some quick money online. Thanks

  10. Getting paid to chat… Interesting concept. Thanks for the post Emmanuel! I always like learning about innovative ways to make money.

    -Eric Out-

  11. hi Emmanuel,
    you always come up with some innovative ideas in your blog.
    The concept of being paid for chatting is new for me.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  12. wow.. this was something new for me. I mean I have heard about most of online things that help you to make money (or not) but to make money from chatting was a new for me. Just wondering, whats the business model all about – what’s the benefit to the company by getting the people to chat. Also, you didn’t share about the approx. earning potential vis-a-vis time one spent on such sites.

    1. Hi TechManinder,
      I think all that you seek will be address if you try it out yourself.
      Thanks for your comment and I hope to see you around again.

  13. Well cudjoe, sometimes your post just scarer me, but they’re really quiet practical
    Generally people or i must say people seeking doors for earning online are usually having a common problem, they don’t know how to do that! Literally i myself wasn’t knowing that chatting can be earnful too, but now i have one key 🙂
    Really thanks for sharing such valuable info, keep sharing!!!

  14. too good to e true.One reASON i can not try them out is for obvious reasons that one may never reach minimum payout through out your life time since what they pay is penny

  15. I have never heard of getting paid for chat only. This blog post help me explore some easy way to earn money. I would love to join sites like to earn some bucks with it. Great share emmanuel.

  16. Wow, thank for sharing this awesome ways to make money chatting online. Rather than chat for fun, one actually couple the fun with some buck.
    It really nice of you posting this info…..I really appreciate!

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