What can Make and Unmake you as a Blogger!

As usual, I had to wake up very early in the mornings before my sister does so that I can quietly sneak my sim card into her phone to check my emails and Facebook messages. Someone might be wondering I’m involved in this mischievous act and the answer will be simple, I’m now phoneless. My phone’s screen went blank when it fell!Hahaha!

There was one interesting message I saw which broke my heart. It was from a great friend by name Ashutosh who always sends me a good morning message even before I wake up. Hey Ashutosh, thanks a lot!

This was what ensued between me and Ashutosh on Facebook!


  • Ashutosh Verma

    hey bro u nt well????

    me quite worried

    Emmanuel Cudjoe


  • Ashutosh Verma

    u nt making post consecutively

    Emmanuel Cudjoe

    I will write today!

  • Ashutosh Verma

    u fyn rytt???

    Hey bro, I’m more than fine! So this is one post dedicated  to what can make and unmake  you as a blogger as the title has already being stipulated above. I’m more than enthuse writing this post. How is everything if I may enquire to ask? Anyway, without wasting much time, let’s look at what can make and unmake you as a blogger. I intend making this post as short as possible since my time at the internet café is already low. I ought to watch my local area soccer team play as well.

    So without wasting much time, can you guess of any? Yes, I mean those things which can make and unmake you as a blogger!


    Of course, first on my list is Facebook. Facebook is like a double-edged sword. Whiles the other side is facing the enemy, the other sharp side is facing you as well. Many bloggers including myself see Facebook as a great opportunity for bog promotion and that is of course true. That wonderful social platform can bring those traffic you’re yawning for.  Not just traffic, but great networks as well.

    If so, how can Facebook unmake you? Amid all those beautiful opportunities Facebook offers, it’s also a place where not tread carefully, can doom you for failure as a blogger. It has a lot of detraction. Do you write posts while still logged on Facebook? If so, please sincerely tell me, where you able to complete that particular post? And what was the quality of it? I arrest my case here.

    Let me move on to my ext point!

    2. Stats

    Yes, I mean statistics! It’s a beautiful thing having great traffic pumping into your blog. That’s of course wonderful. There is obviously no qualms about it! Every blogger loves traffic. But have you ever thought of how stats can unmake you as a blogger?

    Many people are surprise when I tell them I can’t really tell how many visitors visit my blog on a daily bases. Not that I don’t have a Google Analytics on my blog. I have it installed on my blog but the truth of the matter is that I hardly check it.

    Mind you, I’m not in any way telling you not to check your blog’s stats but what’s the use of  checking and thinking of your blog’s stats everyday as a newbie. Doing that often will only make you depressed and doom you for failure just as Facebook!

    So how was I able to combat this menace without having to worry about my stats? As a newbie blogger, I was writing with only one person in mind. He is still the reason I continue to blog. I would forever be grateful for to him. And it’s no other person other than the name Mr. Suresh Khanal of Bivori.com.

    One thing new bloggers really find it difficult to understand is that blogging isn’t one day wonder job. It’s a process and everything ought to be learnt!


    Here, I mean worrying about getting comments. Getting a lot of comment for a blog post doesn’t necessarily means you’re bound to be successful. Great blogs like dukeo rarely do get comments but hey, what Ste channels is more than quality. Ste is the founder of dukeo!

    Worrying so much about comments on your blog is one great dis-service anyone can do to himself and his blog. Getting comment is good and not getting lot of comment is good as well. It’s simply carries one message across. It means the post is a well researched and has no room for any add up!

    This post for instance is likely to get lots of comments since these are not the only things which can make and unmake you as a blogger. You see, there are more loopholes than you think!

    I want your tick on this post now. What do you think in your own estimation can make and unmake you as a blogger? I’m heading towards the field now. I hope my favourite team wins! Hahaha! See you later!


52 Replies to “What can Make and Unmake you as a Blogger!”

  1. Hi Emmanuel!

    It’s always good to read your posts.
    I think a major factor behind the making/unmaking of a blogger is the ability to balance the various facets of blogging. Platform, Content, Promotion.
    Basically they can be translated into Technical, Literary and Marketing Skills.
    Unless you are skilled at all 3, it is better to form a team which has people each of whom are familiar with and good at a minimum of 2 of those.
    2 because even if one team member is unavailable, the blog shouldn’t suffer completely.
    Also, conviction is very important. Why are you blogging?

  2. Thank you Emmanual for the mention. This is indeed a huge honor. At the same time, I’m a great fan of your writing style. I can hear your voice and feel the life of each of your posts. Keep up the spirit and go on blogging. It will take a bit time but success not not that far 🙂

  3. Hi Emmanuel,

    I liked the way you started your blog post that kept me engrossed right till the end 🙂

    Yes indeed, there are so-so many things that can make and unmake you as a blogger, some of which you mentioned here. Facebook and the other social media are a HUGE distraction, and if you don’t limit your time you are certainly going to waste time there and not be productive enough.

    I agree about checking your stats as that can depress you, though I really don’t bother much about such things, nor the ranks and animal updates, which is another thing that can pull you down, isn’t it?

    Ah…comments…well, I think we DO like getting comments, though now I wish I would get less of them 😉

    There was a time when I didn’t get comments, though that happened for a very short time when I had just started my blogs. But with time the comments increased, which happens once you start building relationships with other fellow bloggers by visiting their blogs, commenting, and sharing their posts, something new bloggers forget doing. However, I do agree that comments aren’t a criteria to make or unmake a blog or blogger at all and it all depends on the personal choice of the blog owner – some like the interaction and lively commenting community, while others prefer just posting their posts and are happy with that.

    A major thing that can make or unmake us bloggers is the content we write, because that is the base on which we stand. If it’s not good enough, or isn’t what our readers like and it doesn’t help them somehow we are nowhere. Ah…I could carry on and on, but that might make this comment a mini-post in itself 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hahaha, your comment is already a minipost as always. Thanks a lot Madam Harleen and do also have a great week ahead as well!

  4. Hello Emmanuel,
    Your post make good sense, abi no be so? 🙂

    Well till today i still check my stat to know how to strengthen my traffic. Hell, without is, i wouldn’t know where my traffic is coming from, right? Well still we all have our weak points 🙂

    social network can be a great tool but as Harleena said, it will because bad if you spend most of your time there.

    Ahhh… we all just love comments, comment do show how your sites is lively and it is good to have some, right?

    Nice post you got. Do keep the good work rolling 🙂

  5. Hello Emmanuel,
    I think this post is awesome with unique idea and very good writing skill. I enjoyed your post from the beginning to the end, found interesting too. Finally got a chance to learn alot from this post.

  6. I see there are tons of things I must know so that it will not cut off my career as a blogger. Thanks a lot for this post because now I know what to keep in mind and remember. I will bookmark and treasure this post! =D Hope no one will get angry if I do so…..

  7. #3 Emmanuel holds back many talented bloggers. Instead of creating new posts these individuals are caught up on getting comments, trying to do all they can to get more juice.

    Guys you are professional bloggers, not professional commentors, lol!

    Thanks for sharing!


  8. Hi Emmanuel,
    I stopped checking my stats after I’d deactivated my Jetpack plugin. I consider the number of comments before creating a new post (for satisfaction 😉 ) I use Facebook while creating a post, it gives me ideas.

    Nice post and well written!

  9. The content of your blog is key, not only for bloggers to comment but with SEO with Google. You can also check your ranking on Alexa.com which will give you a general idea of traffic.

  10. Its very important to keep a balance between publishing your post and promoting it. Getting comments for your post is important but I don’t think so we should give much priority to it. If your content is good and You are promoting it well you can easily convey your message to your readers.:)

  11. Great post Emmanuel..! I might say you are an excellent writer, and ofcourse yes facebook can make you a blogger or just opposite of it.
    And the point you mentioned about Comments is very informative,i was always worried about whether i would get comments on my blog,but as you told that Comments does not matter, the content and how much visitors like it matters.

  12. Thanks for writing a nice post Emmanuel 🙂

    I check my analytics once in a day, it is not to see how many visitors visited the blog but wanna know the entry keyword from searches.

    Yeah, I too agree your commenting point.

    Nice write-up, keep it up!

  13. Thanks for writing a good post Emmanuel. As said by Harleena I also liked the way you started your blog post that kept me engrossed right till the end. you say about commenting that is also Right. It is important but not so much.

  14. hi kabenlah. facebook indeed has a lot of distractions and one of them are games. if games are played for a 30 minutes is okay since it can serve as a relaxation but playing for hours is a distraction. i have known many people who are playing candy crush saga almost anywhere in areas with wifi.

  15. hi Emmanuel,
    an interesting post once again.
    In my opinion, paying too much heed to the social media marketing sites may also tend to be fatal.

  16. Hi Emmanuel,
    You mention the right things. Make or break is a part of life but person with commitment and dedication can achieve anything. Mostly newbie pay more attention towards stats which break them to carry on their blogging journey.

  17. Hi Emmanuel, great tips mate. You wrote the article nicely and explained it also very well. Thanks for sharing all of your tips with us buddy.

  18. Hey Emmanuel

    Great share and hope you have a good reason to blog and blogging it’s not an one day job i would like to tell you that suresh is an great blogger which i have learned many things from him if you ask any question sure he will respond you 🙂

    1. Hi Shameem,
      It’s great seeing you here again and thanks for your comment. Mr.Khanal is my mentor when it comes to blogging!

  19. The content on your blog is always awesome .But now this post you also try to make us laugh..which I liked 🙂
    The intro para impression made by you is what the face of passionate blogger.
    Keep writing 🙂

  20. Hi, Emmanuel,
    Indeed, a great post.
    The three points you have mentioned is very correct. Facebook and other social network distracts me in my writing and my writing standard reduce. 🙁
    So, I don’t use to write a post while login into Facebook.
    Thank you for nice post. 🙂

  21. Nice write up!

    Personally I think what makes you a ‘bad’ blogger is when you focus too much on making money. Making money is always a good thing but start it only when you have enough contents.

    Most importantly, focus on your traffic first before anything else. More traffic = more followers = more earnings.

    Good luck mate

  22. Hi Emmanuel,

    It’s nice when friends make enquiries after you, you’ve got a good friend there 🙂

    What do I think will unmake you as a blogger? Trying to figure everything out alone and never focusing on building relationships with like minded people.

    So many people start a blog and start chasing the money, that’s a huge mistake as people don’t buy from strangers. We need to form relationships with people then after time they may purchase from us.

    I hope the football went ok and your team won 🙂

    All the best,

    1. Hello Berry Wells,
      Thanks a lot for the add up. With the football, I rushed to the field only to behit with the news that the match had being postponed! Hahahaha!

  23. Hi Emmanuel,

    Nice way to start a post. You forgot to mention spending too much time on blog design. I really benefited from reading this.

    Keep it Up Bro!

  24. Hi Cudjoe!

    I know exactly what you mean! A writer has to focus his mind absolutely when he is writing, and he cannot allow anything to break down his focus.

    Cut down the noise to keep your mind sharp! If you are worried about “comment” then you will never reach your true potential. This is because we grow with every post written, i.e we learn as we write!


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