How to Squeeze the money out of your Blog?

Sooner than we all thought, the month of August is gradually becoming history just as the previous 7  months. I woke as usual and really wonders how quickly time flies. So on January 1, 2014, I will turn 23. What have I achieved so far as a 22 year old guy. And the answer which follows is…

I got you there!  Hahaha, today’s post isn’t about what I have being able to achieved or not. Even though it was is my number 1 target to get my first girlfriend this year. Anyway, 2013 is not over yet.

How to squeeze the money out of your blog? is of course today’s discussion!  Don’t get me twisted, I’m not in any way milking my blog and earning some cool $$$ from it yet!  But this is what I’ve observed as a blogger!

There have been many articles posted about how to turn everyday blogs into a steady source of income. But this is easier said than done as even some of the most successful bloggers will tell you. Making money through blogging is not an easy nut to crack. According to BlogPulse, there are currently 152 million registered blogs – and thousands more started daily. Hence, successful blogging requires a lot of hard work, research and sleepless nights.

If there is one thing definite about having a successful blog then that would be hard work. So if you’re planning to set up a new blog or turn your writing efforts into a financially rewarding endeavor, here are a few simple tips to get you on your way.

Know yourself and what can you offer.

Before purchasing domain names or enrolling with a hosting service for your new blog, you should first concentrate your efforts at finding a niche. Look at where you stand, study your strong points, likes, interest as well as the time and money you are willing to invest.

Passion is said to be one of the most important elements of a successful blog. Making it a wise decision to start a blog on a topic you are genuinely passionate about to reduce the learning curve. It is also important to study your situation from a financial standpoint and how much time are you willing to invest on your blog.

The amount of capital does not end with registering your domain or enrolling with a webhost. You should also leave some room for investing on SEO tools or services.

Research your niche market, find the right keywords

A lot of your long-term success depends on what you do at the early stages of your blog. Researching your niche market is crucial. Through research, you can gather valuable information regarding the details of your market’s niche. You should also conduct a comprehensive research on the right keywords for SEO purposes. But mind you, don’t write for search engines but rather write for your audience.

Study the game and become an expert

If you’re charting a roadmap to success, then equipping yourself with the right tools is a must. Study how successful bloggers do their craft and learn everything you need to know on how to generate money from a blog.

There are a myriad of ways on how you can earn money from your blog. These include advertising programs like or affiliate marketing. You can also earn money from private advertisers by doing paid blogging assignments. The marketing opportunities are only limited by a person’s creativity. So do your homework well and be willing to put in much more efforts.

Learn to produce excellent, high quality web content

As a blogger, there is nothing more potent on your arsenal than content writing. The Internet axiom “content is king” is undoubtedly one of the most undisputable fact. With the recent changes in Google’s search algorithm, producing high quality content has only reinforced the importance of this. An excellent article is one that informs and entertains readers. Write for people and not search engines.

How will you market your blog?

Another important question that you should ask yourself is “how will you market your blog?” Obviously, your marketing efforts should be geared online. The Internet practically made advertising much easier and less expensive. Social media specifically the social networking site Facebook and the micro-blogging platform Twitter are just some of the most powerful tools used by today’s Internet-savvy entrepreneurs.

Your Turn

Yes, this is the last point. What do you make of this post? Your comments are greatly welcomed!

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  1. hello Emmanuel, First of all let me congratulate you on your first Girlfriend, i did noticed that right?

    Content Content Content, as they use to say is the right tools in becoming a great blogger, if you actually know a way of making your readers keep coming for more, then i bet in less than little time the recognition will start showing, and you know recognition brings out the $ Money #

    Thank you for sharing this post with us..

  2. I opened this up to see if there’s anything i missed or if there’s something new i can implement but satisfied to say “All done and Done”.

    I wouldn’t call my strategy “squeezing” but the monthly cheques show that it works. I hope new people can learn from the steps you’ve outlined.

  3. Hi Emmanuel,
    It is a great post about squeezing the money out from the blog.
    Wonderful way to represent the tips with unique points.
    Thanks for sharing that.. 🙂

  4. All the method you can squeeze money out of your blog is making your blog popular. There can be many more ways to make your blog popular. Once your blog is popular and you can demonstrate it through your stats – your PR, Alexa, DA and so on, you’ll start receiving offers 🙂

    I’m getting some offers recently and I’m been too picky on the matter. You should pay attention if accepting any offers will damage your reputation and degrade your blog quality.

    Hope to find more opportunities in future.

    Finally, convey my best regards to your first(?) girlfriend 🙂

  5. creating great content and catchy headlines and promoting to the the entire web are the two most challenging tasks for me.

    because our blog cannot produce an immediate income especially for newbies, it is still important to have our jobs or other sources of income

    and good Luck. hoping that you achieve your goals this year

  6. great amount of info. i am currently working on my eCommerce website. your article outlined some the most important things one must do to “Squeeze” some bucks.

  7. Hey Emmanuel Bro

    Something interesting topic which got my attention because the term “money” – LOL facebook is the best marketing source of my product and for paid post but not familiar with twitter between we should accept the best else it might affect our reputation glad enjoyed reading it

  8. Hey Emmanuel

    Well making money or monetizing your blog is not an easy task. Other words we can say that making money could be easy and difficult. You have to push hard and take some decision.

    Your post is really amazing. Thanks for the amazing post.
    regards 🙂

  9. Absolutely true Cudjoe. Most people begins their blogging journey coz they basically want to earn a hell of money from the internet. But it’s really a million dollar question, that are they really going in the right direction! Isn’t it.
    Keyword selection plays a pivot role, around which our blogging journey revolves. Secondary they must be aware the niche they are best in. Whatever the niche a blogger must select he must be having expertise in it.
    Really liked your post, and me really eager to know about your GF task progress too (Hahaha…)
    Keep sharing!!!

    1. I also really like your comments as well. Your point is very well made. Thanks a lot for the add up!
      You’ll obviously see my first gf in no time. Hahhaha!

  10. Hi Buddy,

    Before I started out as a blogger, I’ve heard webmasters telling you how to make millions of dollars in a short span. To bad I found out that blogging is not as easy as it is.
    Like you said, it’s easy said than done.

    Oh! 🙂 Goodluck single buddy, your girlfriend is knocking at the door

  11. great post you have here, what the use of having a blog and you can get money out of it? very informative most you have here.


  12. Hi Emmanuel,
    Becoming an expert in our niche then start promoting our blog is very handy in this regard although it’s not so easy as people thought it is not impossible. Thanks for sharing your knowledge buddy.

  13. Hi Emmanuel !
    Search Engine Traffic or Social Media Traffic are responsible to get sales for a blogger..Hence focus should be on SEO and Post promotion on Social Media Sites .

  14. here is another eye catching title from you.
    It is never easy to earn money from online work.
    But when you start making, you have got the tricks which are going to work for you.
    Thanks for the informative article once again.

  15. “Study the post and seek to become an expert”. Thats the point that really motivated and inspired me. Thanks for this post.

  16. Very nice post. Really motivating and enthralling. Blogging requires a lot of hard work and passion. true.very true. And niche is something that matters most in blogging. You have mentioned every important point very perfect in your post. Nice going.

  17. Hi Emmanuel,

    Should I congratulate you in view of your yet unknown girlfriend? Anyway it is not bad @ 22, making money blogging is not an easy task and it’s the simplest thing to do online in the other way round if the game is fully studied and understood before venturing into it. I started blogging as far back as 2012 and I have not earn a dine but I discovered I don’t understand the game fully when I started but thank God for adetechblog, it was fully established after my formal blog got sucked (adetechblog NOT monetize though) but I can see future in it. Thanks mate!

  18. Hi Emmanuel, You have listed some nice tips here.
    Making money from blog is not an easy task,It requires smart work and patience.
    These tips will help newbies to squeeze money out of blog.
    Thanks for sharing.

  19. We are a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community.
    Your website offered us with valuable info to work on.
    You’ve done a formidable job and our entire community will be grateful to you.

  20. Earning good money from your blog is really a challenge.I solely depend on adsense for earning money for my blog which is not a great experience.Lot of people are using affliate networks for earning money these days but my blog deals with a niche segment – jobs in medical field in India – i have not been able to find a suitable affliate network for my blog…

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