What is Recession in Blogging?

Today is September 11 or let me put it in this way 9/11. Does it ring any bell? Obviously if you’re an American, it does. Anyway, what I really ought to ask is, does the word recession ring any bell? Yes, global recession! this is one word which has being very popular in the world after the 2008 global meltdown.

Global recession and blogging recession, do they in anyway relate? Hmm, okay let me see! Who caused the this economic crunch which we now refer to as the global crisis or recession? There is no doubt that this is something created by our politicians and the ordinary man pays for the MESS.

Let me chip in this, one engineer, a politician and a doctor met at the crossroads and just as expected, an argument broke among them. Whose work did God practiced first? was the argument.

The doctor made some interesting point. The  day that God took the rib of Adam and formed Eve, right there, that was surgical operation. So you see guys, the doctor’s work began right from there!

The engineer made a counter-reactive point and made his point clear. When the world was created, the whole word was in a mess. God therefore commanded the the waters to there and the earth to be where it is now. Therefore the assembling God did, was the engineer’s work.

Now was the turn of the politician to make his point. Both guys(doctor and engineer) found their friend laughing heartily! And this was how he went, ‘When the engineer was speaking, he said the whole world was in a MESS’. Let me ask you this guys, who created the MESS? hahaha!

Obviously, there is no doubt that he did that! So who is a politician? Let me define who a politician is, in this short poem.

He’s a wheeler he’s a dealer and a stealer and a thief

His lack of guilt and conscience is just beyond belief

His invective is defective, a collective load of bull

He wants your pockets empty so his coffers will be full

He connives and he deprives and he survives using his wit

He is a patronising bugger and a two faced hypocrite

He’s a preacher, a beseecher and a creature of the dark

He has the morals of a vulture and the menace of a shark

He is vicious and capricious and suspicious of all men

He will bleed you to the marrow, then bleed you once again

He’s impure, he’s insecure, and he will lure you to his pack

He’ll encourage you to join him and then stab you in the back

He is profligate, a reprobate, a candidate for power

He’ll give you bad advice and then charge you by the hour

He’s critical and political, and is typical of his kind

He’s a devious politician with a twisted, cunning mind

So if it took politicians with their bad economic policies to plunge the entire globe in what we now ave as global recession, then what is recession in blogging or better still blogging recession?

Almost every blogger has suffered or is suffering from this blogging recession. Blogging recession is that moment when you feel you have nothing to write. It’s something most people term as writer’s block. So if politicians are responsible for global recession, you and your lower self are responsible for your recession!

So you see, you’ve there before just like me. But what’s the ideal way of dealing with this menace? And I will simply tell you, JUST KEEP WRITING!



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  1. “you and your lower self are responsible for your recession”, hey, I have nothing to add dude and THAT is a rarity lol! Perfectly put 😉

  2. Hey bro Emmy,

    This is a very interesting topic, that would pull every normal person to wanna click and read. Your topics are always catchy while your content renders one in a state of mesmerization.

    Very detailed and laughable post. The illustrations were really great bro. I hate to hear the word “writer’s block”. Why should there be writers Block, when there are many different generating blig idea tools, like and a host.

    This post is s mini-guide, thanks for sharing it with us, Emmy.


  3. Hi Emmanuel, as always entertaining and wonderfully written post. . I agree, we need to just keep writing. . Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. blogging recession? Well i have that covered? I have enough topics to write for the next few months as i always take time to brainstorm topics and i read a lot, when i see a topic that is not well covered it becomes a topic to write. So how can i enter blogging recession?

  5. After reading a title of this post I am thinking on it.. But you write very Good.
    Your blog goes down because of two things one is you are not updating your blog regularly. Second one you are not providing genuine content or valuable information.

  6. Great share my friend.
    Recession in blogging is necessary I think (but once in a while yes. Not good if too often). Its the most powerful tester to see where our passion is (based on my experience).

    If we love very much on what we do (blog) then it’s almost obvious we will pass the recession slowly but sure.

  7. Nice poetry Emmanuel and excellent post as well .
    Bloggers can go out of thought and fail get an idea for their next blog post ..all they can do on that day is build links rather than wasting their time on thinking .

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