Cudjoe,Your Goal Should Be Profits, Not Traffic!

Cudjoe, Your Goal Should Be Profits, Not Traffic– This was what I found when I decided to check my email today.  I was surprised! Won’t you had being in awe just as I was?  I took a very keen interest and decided to read that particular mail in a hurry. But after several attempts to reading the email proved futile, I realized I’ve run out of credit. In a haste, I bashed out to look for credit only to be hit with another calamity of low current. So in real sense, this post should had being written yesterday.

Now let me move on to what that particular email entailed. It was from Daniel Socco of Daily Blog Tips and it reads like this;

One mistake that many new webmasters and online entrepreneurs make

is to focus on generating website traffic.

This is the logic they follow: build a website, work until it is

getting a huge amount of traffic, figure out how to monetize that


While this might actually work if you get lucky, it is definitely

not the best route to follow. There are plenty of cases of websites

and Web 2.0 companies that went bankrupt despite having millions of

monthly unique visitors. How so? Simple: they couldn’t monetize the

service efficiently, and sustaining the servers and the staff was

consuming far too much money.

Traffic is certainly vital on the Internet, but it should be seen

as a means to an end, and not the end itself. Just think about it:

would you rather have a website that receives 10 million unique

visitors monthly and that makes $5,000 in profits, or a website

that receives only 20,000 unique visitors monthly but makes $50,000

in profits?

As soon as you start working on the idea for a new website or

company, you need to figure out where the profits are going to come

from. Here are some of the questions that you might wanna ask

yourself: Who is going to gain value from my service or product?

Who is going to pay for it? How is he going to pay? Will my costs

be lower than my revenues?

This principle should also affect the type of website and business

model you end up choosing. For instance, do you know why experienced

online entrepreneurs prefer to sell their own products or to work

with affiliate marketing instead of building advertising-based

websites? Because the first two models need a lot less traffic to

make decent money.

The takeaway message is: you are ultimately aiming for profits, not


So what did you deduce after reading the message? Maybe just like myself-Cudjoe, you’re building an empire in this blogosphere with your main focus now on traffic. But more traffic doesn’t necessarily equals money.

My perception with regards to traffic has now totally changed. Certainly not every traffic brings the profits. What’s the use of building a site which brings those millions as in traffic but yields no significant profits?  As Sergio once said, not every blogger is interested in money. Maybe you belong to this group but I don’t. My blog is my on online business and I decide to treat it as such.

Daniel Socco has really brought out some great points which can’t just be taken lightly. You might not may be agree with him but I do. Simply provide value and aim for the profits and not traffic. Many bloggers are more obsessed with their Alex Ranking and how fast its reducing, that’s  how quickly their traffic is  increasing . But what’s the use, when those traffic don’t bring the profit?

I was surprised when my former  blogspot site received an offer from an advertiser even though it was languishing in the 20th millions according to Alexa and the advertiser was willing to purchase an adspace for more than three months. The deal was sorted out amicably and all parties involved were happy at the end. I asked my advertiser why he was interested in that blogspot site and not a site with a custom domain. And his answer was simple, those traffic were directed!

Hence focus on traffic which buys and not necessarily come and go just like that. You can’t simply be managing an affiliate site selling cosmetics and be promoting it on blogger forums. That’s certainly going to be insane. The traffic might be coming in alright  but the net profit is certainly going to be zero!

So what more do I have to say? Nothing!  Oh no, I have one more this to say. Blogger…(put your name there), Your goal Should be PROFIT not TRAFFIC!

Your Turn now!

Do share your thoughts on this. Hey, feel free to say whatever is on your mind.

44 Replies to “Cudjoe,Your Goal Should Be Profits, Not Traffic!”

  1. Its pretty thought provoking post. After all every blog needs money to sustain and every blogger needs money to remain interested to blogging for long (don’t know if there any blogging for decades just for sheer hobby). Well, if this is the reality behind, why are we after traffic – good question. Wait let me be calm and give it a second thought.

    1. Hi Suresh,
      Thanks for your comment again and I’ll be waiting for your second thought. Hey! Don’t forget I’m still waiting.

  2. I always love Daniel’s newsletter and he always adds value in his subscribers love. Yes, bloggers and webmasters goal should be profit, not traffic.

    1. Hi Ehsan Ullah,
      I’m quite grateful with you comment. There is certainly no doubt that Dan provides a lot of value and so do you.

  3. I’m with you here. Traffic is just the medium, profit is the target. So yeah, always think on how to profit with more efficiency.

  4. This is really a thoughtful post, I have been going through this site and cant seem to walk by with out showing how much i have gained.

    Traffic is what most webmaster or blogger think about, but what they really want is profits..

  5. Hi Cudjoe,

    This is so true, a lot of traffic doesn’t always mean a lot of profits. Just yesterday someone shared one of my posts to his 100k+ Twitter followers and it was the day with the most hits on my blog, and yet I did not make any affiliate sales.

    Quality always beats quantity and this goes for website traffic too. I rather have a few people who find exactly what they were looking for and end up buying a product from my website, than a lot of traffic that doesn’t do anything.

    Awesome post, totally agree with this.

    Enjoy your week my friend.Cheers.


  6. Traffic does not lead always to profit. How many visits do you think a blog should have before it’s monetized? I’ve got some traffic now but it’s still a new blog.

    1. Hi Madam Jennifer
      I think you can begin to monetize your site the very day you start. Then you can begin to experiment with various positions and see which part works best for you.

  7. Hey Emmanuel,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post. Yes, our goal should be profit not traffic because traffic is a varying thing and it can be produce from social sites or through other ways but our main focus should be on profit because it the only factor which help us in deciding whether we are getting success or not.

  8. Hi,

    Yes you are right, that we should go behind money and not traffic. But how we will get profit without traffic ?

    All bloggers an internet marketers earn only because of traffic an everyone work hard for it. Only if we get good and targeted traffic, we can earn more and see money flowing. I always believe in,

    More Traffic – More Profit.

  9. I agree that the amount of work you put into your site should be commensurate to your earnings, there is nothing bad in earning for your hardwork. So until you balance your hardwork and earnings you still have a long way to go.

  10. hmm.. perhaps another main reason behind is that it is easier to make money out of affiliate marketing or creating their own product than sustaining/increasing web traffic that does not produce results. in this sense, it would be advisable to create articles that promotes their own products or products of their affiliates. but those articles should not sound that you are selling those products but instead it should sound like you are just sharing useful content to your audience.

  11. Hi my friend,

    Really tough topic I guess. I just wonder how on earth a website that has millions of unique visitors can do nothing to monetize the traffic. It must be something wrong with the traffic strategies.

    In today google era, if our content is good enough answering people problems then it must be attractive to organic visitors. This way we have a good chance to monetize the traffic. If we get traffic by buying them the chance is visitors not actually need what we provide thus our monetization efforts fail in short time.

    As bloggers we will need profits to sustain our blog. It’s quiet logic I think.

    Great post

  12. Good Morning Cudjoe,

    Interesting that you should mention the goal for a
    website should be Monetization not Traffic!

    That is exactly what I am working on right now! I have
    all this Internet Marketing Traffic, people looking at
    reviews of how to set up WordPress and create a money making blog…but no one is buying!

    Mainly because I don’t have a Hit You In The Face offer that addresses what my traffic is looking for.

    Thanks for coming by, I’ll see if I can’t do better!


    1. It’s good evening here Madam Cararta, so good evening Madam Cararta,I strongly do believe you can do better!

      Thanks for seeing here on my blog, I’m much grateful.

      1. Hello again!

        I’m still working on the Make Money part…
        not sure at this point if a simple reassignment of content on my site will work….so I can group very targeted offers to each category

        Or might be simpler to just start a new blog, being mindful that my goal is
        to provide value to the searcher and end up with an income to support the effort required

        Forgetting that old way of Traffic first.
        Going to take a look at your Biggest list of Adsense Alternatives post…intriguing!


  13. Hi Cudjoe

    I just thought to share an incident happen about profit making A fellow other blogger who asked me that i have more traffic why I’m not generating any income and also he is loosing hope on this blogging but later had an discussion and given him an suggestion from my end moreover if you want to make the profit you need to find the way between i to have the same goal of having profit in my business else there is no use

  14. You have discussed a nice blogging topic which stimulates the bloggers to think about profit.

    Yeah, I agree with your points and I too feel same like Shathya, if the bloggers found the targeted visitors then it is likely for them to get earn more profits.

    Good post Cudjoe, I always enjoy your writing and feeling good to read the comments from various influential bloggers 🙂

  15. Hi, Emmanuel,
    Indeed very nice post to share.
    Every one want to make money and bloggers too. We do blogging for profit. Okay!! One thing, We won’t get profit if we don’t have good traffic at our blog. So, I feel both are equally important.
    Thank you very much for sharing this.
    Have a great day!!

  16. hmmmmmn. Really?! i really prefer the balanced two together, it is equally useless when you have a massive traffic but not making money from it>> Why blog when your profit is what you use for your expense or you even add to it.

    Nice post

  17. Oh my! I think this is my very problem. I don’t know what should be my goal, an income or traffic… But, now a realization hit me that I am doing it the wrong way. Thanks for sharing this post! 😉

    1. Hi Aris,
      It’s obviously great you’ve realized something you aren’t doing right. I obviously do hope everything will be sorted out after reading this post.
      Do have a great weekend!

  18. Thanks Emmanuel for this post, well, traffic is what births profits in this business, so you need the traffic, swarms of them i must say.

  19. Hey Emmanuel,

    Traffic should be a priority for the webmaster. I had a conversation with a good friend of mines and we’re talking about launch his site. You can have a great looking site but if you can’t get any type of traffic to it, it’s not doing you any good. Thank you for the reminder!

  20. Hi Emmy,

    This is a provoking letter to all bloggers, traffic is basis though but the profit that the traffic brought is as well very important as the traffic itself. Going after profit is the best, I however believed that there is time for everything blogger does and going after profit for a start may mar our blogging career.

    1. Hello bro,
      I quite agree with your point. Of course, going after profit in the beginning is likely to mar blogging career but going after targeted traffic can bring in some cash!
      Do have a great weekend!

  21. Hi Emmanuel,

    You are right, unless you are able to generate a revenue from the traffic that you have then there is no point of increasing it. You understand your traffic and how it can be utilized to generate money.

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