How much Money can you make as a Blogger?

Tell me, what happens? I guess you might be wondering what happens when…? When what? Have you in any way heard of this? Mind you, I’m not in any way referring to the headline, how much money you can make as blogger but rather have you heard of this popular saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. So tell me, what happens when the doctor’s wife eat apples? Hahahahaha!

Now let’s move back to business. How much money can you make as a blogger. That is of course what many bloggers tend to ask themselves.

How much money can you make blogging?…It’s the first question that comes to many people’s mind when they hear about the possibilities of making money blogging online. Making money blogging is like the hot new trend. First it was the blogging itself that become popular. Then people discovered that they can make money with blogs. That is why now there is a huge interest in blogging, making money with blogging to be specific. So, how much money can you really make blogging?

The truth is that the amount of money you can make blogging on the internet depends on many different factors. There are different ways to make money as a blogger. Some bloggers choose to make money with their blogs by using Google adsense. Adsense is simple and quite profitable, especially if you have a popular blog that gets a fare amount of daily traffic. It might be hard to believe, but there are bloggers who make $5000 or more a day from the ads displayed on their blogs by adsense. Basically the more traffic your blog gets, the more people will see and click on those ads. Even though I have my own personal feelings against them, they are still among the top!

Every time a visitor clicks on one of the ads on your blog, you make money. How much? That depends on things that would require a whole new article or two to explain, such as the topic of your blog, keywords and so on. So, depending on those factors, you could get anywhere from $0.10 to up to $100 per click! yes $100 per click. But of course not everybody who sets up a blog is going to make thousands of dollars using adsense from the first day.

It takes a long time of hard work and dedication to learn everything about  blogging and everything in between to get there. But as an average blogger, with a blog pulling in 200 or so unique visitors a day, you could make around $10 a day or so. Although depending on your niche, it could be a lot higher than that.

There are other ways to make money with your blog as well, like affiliate marketing, creating and selling your own digital product on your blog and etc. But if you’re  just getting into blogging, the best and easiest way to make money from your blog, would be CPC ads.

You might not make thousands of dollars blogging, but you will make enough to keep you motivated towards working harder, so one day you can make thousands of dollars as a blogger. It takes less than two minuets to get your blog setup with CPC ads, but it takes the life of your blog to create quality content, and drive targeted traffic to it.

As long as you can keep up with creating quality and useful content for your readers, and promote your blog to drive traffic to it, you can make money with your blog.

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  1. Hey brother I agree With you that it takes 2 minutes to set up ads and a life to make quality Content. Really a good post and thanks for writing such good and informative post.

  2. Hello Emmanuel,
    This is indeed a nice and lovely post :).
    Making money as a blogger is limitless. You can only make money base on your brain and your mind set. limiting yourself will keep you in just one spot…
    The answer to the question of your title is; making money as a blogger is limitless except you limit your self and your brain.

    Nice post Emmanuel. do have a nice weekend

  3. Nice beginning. I proceeded your post with a smile after that nice Jokes. May the doctor’s wives not see this post, otherwise, who know what will be the consumption rate of apples! God save apples!

    Regarding money through your blog, I agree with you that quality content and good traffic are the secret to make any money.

  4. Hello Emmanuel,

    Its nice to be here again, the last time I dropped by I forgot your url and I have been searching. I finally saw your avatar on a blog comment and I was glad I finally got you. 🙂 Bookmarked now.!

    You have an awesome blog and you are a very intelligent writer. You question is a very important question and everyone would dream of an answer that equates to a large chunk of money in the bank. I certainly don’t have an answer currently as I have not fully set myself into the money aspect. They are a few things I need to fix and achieve before I can begin to set targets.

    I know you have some genuine issues against Adsense, I have seen a couple of bloggers sharing similar ideologies with you and I must say that your arguments are very much valid. It’s not easy maintaining an Adsense account, but if one has better alternatives that works, why not?

    Life’s all about choice and we are responsible for what ever becomes the result from the kind of choices we make.

    Have a great day friend 🙂

    1. Hi bro,
      It’s just great seeing you here once more again. Life is indeed all about choices!
      Hey bro, thanks for your comment. Do have a great weekend!

  5. There is no limit to the amount of money one can make from blogging, infact i want to earn 6 figures through my blog someday and i will continue to work hard to achieve this feat and i won’t limit myself in any way.

  6. I believe it’s possible to make a lot of money from blogging. The only thing is it may take sometime. Depending on how dedicated you are, that time may be very long.

  7. The first reason why I started blogging is because I want to make money, but right now I think I am doing it in a wrong way because until I barely make a decent living. Nevertheless, I am not gonna give up because I feel that there is more to blogging than just the things I knew. But, is there a magic formula for you earn much in blogging? I just want to know if there is and I am curious somehow…..

  8. Hi buddy,

    Funny begining s usul, well if the wife eats a bad apple, it’s going to bring the doctor closer.

    Now about making money online, I know you’re already a hater of google adsense and I’ve been seeing proofs on blog that talks about it. I noticed that the blogging niche has the lowers CPC but wow! There’s $100 per click? Unbelivable.

    Well making money online is all about passionand and without it, becoming a successful blogger might be a nightmare. The amount a blogger can make depends on his determination and his creativity, depending on adsense might be nothing but creating products, affiliate marketing and other monetization strategies is the best.

    Whew commenting from mobile sucks, I’m sure there re tons of typo already, I was blocked by the popup on my footer an I can’t see what I’m typing.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Hahaha, I like your answer to the doctor’s dilemma.

      I can clearly see those typo errors but here isn’t an examination centre where English papers are marked. Maybe the JAMB centre will do. HAHHAHA
      I just got a new phone courtesy a fellow blogger from U.K. so more research and hard work will now be pumped into blogging.

      Do have a great weekend as well! My has already started on a good note. Hahaha!

  9. Hi Emmanuel,

    Just convinced about this fact, blogging is more a life journey for bloggers, the amount one can make from blog depend solely on the blog traffics and the uniqueness of the blog which is invariable depend on quality content always.

  10. Good post about making money by blogging. However i don’t think that it’s an intelligent decision to depend on the whole income on Google Adsense. They can reject your application in any time. Using other money making ways such as Affiliate marketing,we can earn more income than CPM or PPC ads.

    1. Hi Charmal,

      It’s indeed true that Adsense isn’t of course all that reliable! Tanks a lot for your comment Charmal.

  11. Hi Emmanuel,

    For me, it really depends. I earn between $100 to $500 per month. Pretty hard to say and decide though. At times, I really wish I can earn more but most of my earnings comes from affiliate sales. So, it is all about luck 🙂

  12. Money was the only motive for me which made to start a blog. Yes, I wanted to earn money part time and found out blogging as one of the genuine way after getting cheated by many scams. So once I started, I found myself that it is a huge place to earn, as I do read many bloggers income report and their traffic details. These made me more motived to work harder towards blogging and establish myself one days as a pro blogger who would earn a living online.

    Thank You

  13. Hi Boss, you are truly a source of inspiration to many like me, this post really sparked off something new in me, and I begin to have deeper passion to become more creative in doing whatever I do. Your concept, your style are all born out of creativity. Coming to your blog is my daily delight and as a learner, I have been positively affected by you and your blog.

    I have recommended your blog to my friends, I am too sure they will be very happy to subscribe to your updates; on my part, I will always be here to support and promote your blog in every possible means.
    I deeply appreciate your influence on me to become more committed to my blogging career, once again, thank you from my heart. Remain blessed!

    1. Hello Boss,
      Thanks a lot for these encouragement. I’m here for you boss. You and many others are the reasons I still continue to blog till date.

      Stay blessed as well Mr. Pst Bless.

  14. Hi Emmanuel,

    Well that answer is one of the most asked questions and there is no specific answer to that, as you said there is many factors that can effect your earnings, even if the same blogger have two blogs with the same traffic and same monetizing methods the income can vary between both blogs depending on niche and blog design, etc..

    Thanks for sharing this great discussion.

  15. Interesting title that makes me want to now further my friend.The best thing I know about blogging is how it works. It can run 24/7 without even us to always stay in front of computer. That’s mean, there’s no limit on how much we can make as bloggers. It all depends on how hard or efforts to the blog success.

    Great post and many thanks

  16. It’s not easy task to earn money online because you need to work hard. When I entered in the blogging world at that time I am getting single $ from my first year. After one and half year I earned some money.

    Till date I got highest cpc of 7.16$.

    If you want to earn more money through blogging then you must clear the all doubt of your visitors or audience. When you answering those questions, then they loves your blog and visiting regularly.

    Keep your finger busy to give your best performance.

  17. Hi Cudjoe!

    My personal opinion? Those people who write solely for money and are focused on nothing else will hit a roadblock very soon in their writing career.

    Balancing out the whole blogging equation has be done from the start. If people aren’t interacting with you then there won’t be any clicks to begin with!


    1. Hello boss,
      I just like your analogy. Bloggers who bloh just for the love of money are of course doomed for failure.

  18. Hi Emmanuel, Nice post…

    There is no number which anybody can promise you in the blogging but one thing which everybody can tell that its not easy to earn money…We need to work hard to get our blog recognized and able to earn something…
    So the newbies who get their hands on blogging for fast money, should be careful…It’s really important to keep motivated at the start of the journey…

  19. Hello Emmanuel,
    You are right!! there are so many ways to make money online as a blogger, though the most common one is Google adsense, but since Google is becoming more rude every minutes, i didn’t blame them though, i think that is caused due to so many SCAM bloggers, who choose invalid Clicks as their Hobbies..

    As you said there are many factors that can effect your earnings, you just need ways to bypass those factor..

    Thank you Cudjoe, have a nice week
    Warm and not Hot Regards

  20. Most of peoples are thinking that blogging means money, they are totally wrong because blogging means “Solving queries or giving some valuable suggestion through your experience.”

    When you do blogging for audience then you will make money automatically.

    1. Hello Madam Smith,
      That is true. Blogging is all about providing and the money will of course follow at the end.

  21. Nice article Emmanuel. I thing I would like to point out that more unique visitors dont necessarily mean good adsense or ad revenue. It also depends on the location of the visitors. I have found out that even Nepal click rank higher then Indian and Chinese clicks, Why so I am not sure

  22. Emmanuel,

    Great question and one that many people just starting out blogging or thinking about blogging want an answer to.

    I think you are right when you say it takes really good content and hard work to make a blog such that you will make thousands of dollars from it.

    Making money blogging is not something that will happen over night. I know there are those products out there that promise lots of money for doing almost nothing. They will give you a canned blog and you will start making money immediately. We all know this does not work.

    I think you can make money blogging but it is hard work.

    Dee Ann

  23. About one month into blogging I thought about quitting because I realized how much work it was going to be if I was going to maintain five social channels plus write a book plus post twice a week plus send regular emails etc etc. 🙂 But then I decided to divide and conquer and prioritize. First, I make sure my posts are ready to go. Then, I do as much as I can on my social media channels. Finally, if I have any time, I will continue to write my book. I have put emails to the backburner until I get settled into a routine with the first three. 🙂 Thanks for all the info, btw.

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