The Difference Between a Problogger and we-Newbie Bloggers.

Here I come again. I’m here once more to throw light one particular question which has being racing through my mind for the pastย  week or so.

And its something like this, what is the difference between a problogger and we newbie bloggers? Yes, I want your takeย  on this or are you more or less going to behave like this presidential candidate of Ghana.

This 80-year-old man wanted to be president of Ghana and during aย  radio interview went something like this, ‘Mr. Host, this is an interesting and lovely question. I admire you for asking such an intelligent question. Can you please repeat the question again?’ Hahahaa!

May you rest in peace Mr. Dan Lartey! So just as Dan Lartey, I guess many of us here want the question repeated once more. And it goes like this, what is the difference between a problogger and we newbie bloggers?

What do these people in common before we move forward? Yes, this is now a class so please pay full attention. Hahahaha! there is one distinct character which cuts across the board with these two different bloggers. I mean the newbie and the pro, they all the name blogger associated with their names.Hahahaย And they all came into blogging with one aim. Either to make money(90%) or for fame(7%) or others(3%).

If anyone with a blog is known as a blogger, then how come some are known as pros and others known as newbies? I think this is a question I’ve asked more than necessary. Please pardon me for asking soo many questions but this is what the post is all about. It’s a class and not just here to deliver any boring lecture which will likely make you doze off in my class. Hahaha!

Let me be serious here. There is one interesting here. We are on the main issue on board. Good! Give me one problogger you know and it will be difficult because there are just numerous of them.

What distinguishes between a Problogger and a newbie blogger?

Probloggers tend to have high self-esteem compared to newbie bloggers. If there is one thing which really determines success and it will be self-esteem. And this something most bloggers sorry, newbie bloggers lack. I for instance never thought I was good enough as a blogger.

I quite remember whiles using, I will always send any poem I write to one great blogger based somewhere in the US. He never replied but the day he did, I was in dilemma. I nearly quit blogging but this was a message which at the end wasn’t that bad after all.

‘Your writing is good but your blog sucks’-was the reply. In a way, he was right because this was a blogspot blog with more than 10 ads on the homepage alone and those ads were just flashy.

But that nice advice nearly took me offline as blogger simply because I was having low esteem. So having low esteem is a recipe to remain as a newbie blogger for the rest of your blogging career. Hahaha!

You can check out Madam Harleena’s blog on 8 simple ways to boast your self-esteem.

Another interesting about newbie bloggers is that they lack what probloggers have and that is PATIENCE! Instant result is what they sought after. High pagerank, lower alexa, getting instant Adsense account and even when they get it, they want $100 per click. hahaha!

Haven’t we-newbie bloggers heard of this, the patient dog gets the fattest bone with meat? Hahaha! But it is something we don’t have. No one ever gets to the top by rushing!

Your Turn!

As I said earlier, this is a class and don’t want be seen as selfish by doing all the talking here. It is now your turn to tell the world what you make of this by commenting below.

41 Replies to “The Difference Between a Problogger and we-Newbie Bloggers.”

    1. Kelvin, very thoughtful of you to have said that. That’s the right world to differentiate this two blogging people. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Hi Cudjoe

    Newbie blogger can’t be a problogger in a single night as they need to wait because problogger have crossed many things in this life journey but onething newbie blogger without proper knowledge they quit in short time what you say bro ?

    1. Hey Shameem, you have said it right……..They (Pro Bloggers) have crossed so many bridges and it’s be good if we newbie bloggers strive to do the same. I like your thought.

  2. Yes, being a Pro Blogger, they will have the maturity level of blogging in anything wither from Contents, promotion or earning. It i just the experince in them made them so called Pro-Blogger. So the same if the newbie blogerr like us how to tackle things just same like the Pro- blogger then their success so near to taste.

    So simply, being a newbie, we need to learn lots, commit mistakes and again over come from it which finally make us a experienced Pro-Blogger.

  3. Hey Emmy,

    Seriously! You a newbie blogger or what did I hear you call yourself? If I hear.

    So speaking about the two phenomenons, you are right about your thoughts and I totally second you. pro bloggers handle things with care and gusto while newbie bloggers are just arrogant and want fast results.

    Truth is nothing, I mean to say no success comes over night. it takes time and like the popular saying… “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

    Your topic is fantastic and content full of quality. Hat off bro!


  4. Nice One Kevin! Emmanuel you certainly hit the nail on the head, I guess it’s time for us to go back to our drawing boards and see where we belong. It’s not that easy to have patience anyway.

    I never regret reading your posts Emmanuel, and like that US blogger said your writing is Good, but now your blog doesn’t suck anymore… ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Hi Emmanuel,

    Interesting read…and thanks SO much for the link here to my post on self-esteem ๐Ÿ™‚

    Coming to the post – you surely have your own unique way of attracting our attention! I loved that image right on top and I wonder how he must be managing all his computers!

    I agree about the low-self esteem, but let me remind that you that even probloggers sometimes get that kind of a feeling, so it’s not just the newbie. Yes, we keep looking for ways to boost our self-esteem, confidence, or morale, and try to find it in inspiring things or people around us, isn’t it?

    Similarly, you mentioned patience, which is a very important aspect too. I think new bloggers want to achieve a great deal in a short time span, not realizing that things take time and everything happens, but with time. Probloggers on the other hand have been through that phase so know all that. One thing I see missing in problogger, which I don’t like is that they get too involved and busy in their work and life, and tend to forget the new bloggers, where visiting their blogs, or commenting, or sharing their posts is concerned….I wish it was not the case – but each to his/her own ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend, and thanks once again ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Great! It’s a tough journey without self-esteem and patience. But as long as you agree to crawl, you will reach where you belong!

  7. Most of bloggers are thinking that Alexa rank in top means they are totally wrong because I have experience with this. My one of blog got top rank in Alexa but not earning well but one of my blog not getting Alexa rank but still earning 2-3 times than that blog.
    Alexa rank is totally depend on regular post and regular blog promotion.

    Newbie blogger are expecting more in little time span and want to become a pro blogger but pro bloggers are spending there valuable time on researching and sharing with other blogger.

    Pro blogger never see to earn only money; they are thinking to giving, sharing valuable knowledge which the got or research.

  8. Hey Emma,
    The very first thing they have in common is that they are both bloggers ok and they use almost the same CMS (WordPress, blogger,etc) There is non for newbies and another for pros online ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The very first difference is that newbies are new and inexperienced while probloggers are pro and full of experience. Now everything else they do stems from their different levels of experience ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Being a pro-blogger is about excellence There are no quick ways to developing excellence. It doesn’t happen overnight. Developing excellence takes time; it is hard work; a mindset.

    While one strive for being a pro-blogger, he has to give his all, his soul make the most out his blog.

    I have always opined that while content is king, we must never under-estimate the value of a flexible blog (house) to house the king. A king in a %25 million mansion, will obviously get more respect than a king in a $100,000 mansion.

    That’s the logic, pro-blogger equates to great contents, the right mindset, and the “best” blog design.

  10. Interesting topic to discuss mate. Newbie bloggers are needed to work hard in the beginning, but probloggers are working smart. They have worked hard in the early stage of blogging, I guess. And now their experience and smartness make them unique in this blogging era. Every newbie faces problems in the beginning, but the patience and hard work is the key, which will make him/her one day a problogger. Again a good article mate ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Hey Emmanuel,

    Right on ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I am trying to control my self-esteem indirectly – by controlling by response towards others’ response/reply (basically, trying to ‘tame’ my emotions). I believe that there are times in which we should listen to others, but there are more occasions in which we shouldn’t (and frankly, it is just hard to distinguish between these two, right?).

    As a blogger, I don’t think he had the right approach. Sure, it told you the truth, but he didn’t offer any solutions (or point out the real problem). It easy to point and blame, but it is hard to suggest solutions, right? Anyways, I am not judging him. That’s the past, let’s leave it behind us (although, we could always learn from the past).

    I like to consider myself as a newbie blogger. I want to stay as a newbie blogger, I don’t mean in a literal sense, sure I do want to achieve my goals and all. I want people to notice my blog. But, in the end, I also want to keep the excitement going. I want to maintain the excitement I had when I started blogging. Plus, newbie bloggers don’t have any preoccupations (Well, they may think it is easy to make money), but they don’t know the shoulds and shouldnts of blogging – you know the so called rules (I like to challenge the rules, of course, some rules are helpful, but others not so much).

    Anyways, thank you for sharing your insights, Emmanuel ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you have a great weekend!

  12. This is great article. Blogging need patience. Pro bloggers start with being newbies too and they had gone through the process. High-self esteem , patience and passionate are part of the keys to becoming pro bloggers.

  13. Hey mate,

    In this world and with so many competitions, it is REALLY hard to see who is the real blogger and who’s a newbie. Every newbie is trying hard to immitate the success stories of other pro bloggers.

    The biggest mistake is that they should create their own route. That’s the best way out and to be really successful. Learning from mistakes is a must.

    Have a great weekend all!

  14. Hi Emmanuel,
    agree with you! Newbie bloggers always lack self-esteem, they also fear of criticism. . .
    Awesome post, thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Hi Emmanuel,

    I got the same advice once buddy. Some guy told me my blog sucked. I almost took it to heart.

    SO happy you boosted your self esteem and are now becoming a pro blogger.

    Keep it up man!

  16. How to become a pro blogger? It’s a great question. From my opinion Bloggers who wants to share some knowledge with other peoples and they become a pro blogger.
    Some blogger and entering into the field of blogging for only money; they never become a pro-bloggers.
    You are going great with introducing such a tremendous blog post. Salute for you.

  17. Hello Emmanuel,
    Is there any difference between the pros and the newbie? Ohhh… there is just one difference, if i may classify.
    As Enstine said, Pros do know what they are doing while newbie don’t. The thing is, if you don’t start as a newbie, you wont get to the pro level ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nice article man. and do have a perfect weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Hi Emmanuel

    Ii must say that you are a comic writer. Yes,the major difference between A pro and a newbie is self esteem. Self perception is very important. How do one portray ones brand? Sometimes, you will feel like nobody will like your writing.

    If you want to be a successful blogger, act like a pro. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Hi Emmanual,

    Excellent writing bro. I see, so many bloggers are writing about the same topic on their blog. But, this post seems looking different than others.

    Have a nice blogging career ๐Ÿ™‚


    Abid Omar

  20. Hi Emmanuel,

    Again a masterpiece mate…..Actually there is always a fine line between the Newbie bloggers and the pro bloggers….some newbies fail to cross that line due to many things such as lack of knowledge, authority over the blog’s topic, passion for blogging, lack of self esteem and many more…..thanks for sharing this awesome piece with all of us….

  21. Hey dear i’m agree your article..
    Newbie bloggers are night riders..but pro bloggers are smarty and busy person in other works……newbie bloggers have a dream everything on his blog…and google 1st result in some day

  22. The main difference between New Blogger and Pro Blogger is that New Bloggers belong to Hard work group and Pro Bloggers belong to Smart work group……

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