5 Million Reasons You Should Become a Blogger.

You heard it right! I am here to to give you 5 Million reasons to be a blogger.Hahaha! You wait and see how things will spurn out! Anyone who teaches is a teacher so logically anyone who ‘docts’ is a doctor. This further goes on to make this statement true that anyone who blogs is a blogger.

Blogging has become the order of the day now with soo many individuals involved. There are over millions of blogs dotted all over the world and this of course transcends to the fact that there are millions of people called bloggers so if I am here to give you 5 million reasons you should be a blogger then please don’t doubt me.
What are those reasons?

1.No School Degree is Needed

This is just the beauty of Blogging. No school degree is needed in one’s quest to becoming a blogger. I have no degree yet but yet still one calls himself a blogger. The prerequisite needed by a blogger is just passion and the rest will follow.

Look what the society has now turned into? In the early s 1990’s, just after finishing high school could make one land a job. Then moving on to the 2000’s, any good bachelor be it first or third class could land you a job. Now things have changed and we moved on to the 2010’s, where PhD’s where a sure guarantor for a job but….

2013- Now what? People with the PhD’s can’t even get a job. But when it comes to blogging, everything is different. It is no respecter of degrees!


Who told you can’t be famous through blogging? Messi is famous when it comes to football-(He is one player I don’t like that much though since I am a Real Madrid supporter but you can’t take football from him). Anyway, does the name Darren Rowse or Suresh Khanal ring a bell? These are people who by then many wouldn’t have known if they were to find themselves at the end of the corporate world.
But here they are making waves across the world and so are many bloggers as well. Blogging can bring in that fame you want! My blog for instance is popular among many Indians and Nigerians but here I am in my own little corner but the name kabenlah is all over the place.Hahaha!

3.Create Your Own World

It is funny to see how people keep on mumble over issues in one way or the other. They want people to hear what they have to say but yet still don’t know where to head to. The government already owns the press and maybe the ideal thing to do in order to have your say is to own your own radio station.Hahaha!

That is something I bet you can’t afford to do. So the ideal advice for you is to create your own blog. The world will hear your voice through your blog!


Blogging is a business! Do you doubt me? hahaha! Blogging can pay those bills which are always heaping up that table of yours. Have you in any way come across this name, Pat Flynn? At least he is one blogger who is widely known for sharing his monthly income every month. And those figures he is earning can make your mind go round.Β  What do you think will be your reaction if $50,000 sits in your account every month just through blogging?

If the name Pat Flynn of Smartpassiveincome.com has made it, what makes me and you different? There are of course numerous of other bloggers making some cool cash as well!

5. Networking

There isn’t any other place to have proper networks than through blogging. The first time I heard of Nepal was in 2002 as an upper primary student when our my teacher told us the Highest Mountain in the World is Mt. Everest and it’s located in Nepal. They whole class burst into laughter as we didn’t believe him that a country exist named Nepal.

But 10 years down the line, here I am with Mr. Suresh Khanal of Bivori.com from Nepal who even pays for my web hosting!
That is the power of blogging. Blogging has no boundaries and as I said early on, it is an ideal place for networking! Lots of networks are built and blogging makes that possible.

Now you have it! These are 5 million reasons why you should considering being a blogger. Ouch! I said 5 million and there you have it. Each point here is worth a million and so with simple mathematics, there you are with 5 millions reasons why you should become a blogger!

Your Turn!

Your comments with respect to this post is highly welcomed!

54 Replies to “5 Million Reasons You Should Become a Blogger.”

  1. Hello Dear, @Emmanuel
    Your are right dear,In blogger No school degree need Because I am also A student of class 11th.

    And Blogging is my passion. i’m feeling very proud, After comeing in blogging world.
    Money earning also a good idea, and Google adsense is Very helpful for it.

    Your all Points are Good.! and all are correct.
    Thanks to share it… πŸ™‚

    Nice Post πŸ™‚

  2. Now days you can do blogging as a full time job or business.

    Blogging really build connection across the world. I just passed my Degree in Electronics and Telecommunication and doing full time blogging.

    No School or Degree fro blogging, it become harmful because when you get a degree in specific course then you are get some knowledge about that thing means from that you can learn that “How to learn anything in future.”

  3. Hey Cudjoe!

    Been a while, How have you been? I would like to add a point- Educating Others.

    There are some people who just want to write because they simply want to educate others. There are a number of things that are not discussed in normal conversations, and such issues can be easily taken on in a blog post!


  4. Hey mate,

    Nice write. Here’s my reason why I like to be a blogger. I share things with the rest and it is always fun to help others πŸ™‚

  5. I agree with all the points Emmanuel !
    Blogging requires no kind of skills except writing .Blogging can make a 20 – 30 years old guy a millionaire ..if he works hard . Thanks for sharing the information.


  6. agreed with all points above. but i assume that blogging is not an easy job. you have to work hard to achieve success. Righ

  7. Hi Emmanuel,
    even though you didn’t give 5 million reasons, these 5 reasons are enough to become a blogger! blogging gives us everything!
    awesome post, thanks for sharing!

  8. I would love to expand your list Emmanuel.
    Blogging gives you a voice as well! I you
    want the world to know your opinion on something
    then blog about it!
    Blogging expands your mind and makes quality of
    life better!
    And most important of all Blogging is Fun!
    Inspiring post dude!
    – Phillip!

  9. 3 buddy all the way! Create your own world. Go within, live in it, live your dreams.

    Blogging rocks. Be free. Traveling the world for 30 months and running, and loving it.



  10. hello kabenlah, nice share… it is only i realized that bloggers indeed have their own world different from offline world. we have a different world in the sense that blogging allows us to create new connections whom we do not know previously. our families and friends might not related on our endeavors but we can related in our online connections..fellow bloggers for example

  11. If a you are a kind of person that like sharing your views and teaching people what works for you on a field, then you’re welcome to the world of blogging because no other place people will heard your voice from except blogging.

    All the above mention reasons are worthy and i believe blogging is a world (where no politcian will buy his/her way to top) itself.

  12. Hi Emmanuel,

    There are infinity number of reasons to continue blogging and here you have beautifully jotted down a few of those….If you ask me why I blog then I would say blogging is my passion….I love to blog…..basically I love to write about the things that I like to follow….I have given a lot to blogging and the best part blogging has returned me back a lot more than that……

  13. Hey Emmanuel,

    For me, the most convincing reason is learning. I suppose it goes with creating our own world). Blogging has taught me a lot of things, and not just about blogging, but also about life, and my idea of what life is. Plus, it improved many of my skills – from writing to communication πŸ˜€

    I am an entirely different person from who I was 4-5 years ago, all thanks to blogging πŸ˜€

    Great list though πŸ˜‰ All of these are solid reasons to start blogging!

  14. Hi Emmanuel,
    I am happy you wrote this post, i love all the points you made, some people who are intending to be bloggers who see some good reasons to go into blogging, to me, blogging is not just a business, its an online job. Thanks for sharing this.


  15. Hey Bro

    Great share i do agree that Pat money figures always boom my eyes always loves to engage myself with his blog to learn the stuff and blogging which makes us to stand own on my legs rather working under 9 – 5 job really enjoying the world

  16. I’ll agree with all your points. There is no need of any degree to become a blogger. It just requires dedication, hard work and passion.
    You write an awesome article. Thanks for sharing such nice words with us.

  17. Hello Emmanuel,

    Nice Post. I think i m blogger by birth as i love to share the things in which i am mastered with my pals and good followers. So i think blogging is a great platform to share the knowledge.


    1. You are indeed a blogger from birth! Your blog actually offers interesting stuffs as well bro.

      Thanks for your comment!

  18. Hi Emmanuel

    Sure. Each point is worth a million. With blogging you can create you own world and be the king. Endless opportunities in blogging. No one is too small to start a blog. I waiting for when bloggers will need to be certified. :p

  19. Hello Emmanuel, Loved your writing style man. Its fun to read such blogs posts. (I loved the way you lie) πŸ˜‰
    Anyways, Here is my reason for blogging:
    I want to share my knowledge that’s why i started blogging.

  20. Hi Emmanuel ,
    First of all thanks for the post. This Post is worth millions.
    Blogging is a way in which you can express your views in a written way.
    This is really Awesome. I just Love blogging and the Best place to learn more about blogging is Kabenlah.

    Thanks for the awesome million worth post.! πŸ™‚

  21. When i saw your title for this post, i thought you gonna share all 5 million reason and how long your post will be. Hahah!
    Well, every single word you mention in this article is 100% true. I really enjoy reading your article. I wish this article reach to million people and they know about the Power of IT, Blogging and Internet.
    Thanks for share,
    Best of Luck!

  22. Hi Emmanuel,
    You are right no school no degree required to blogging and most important is you can create your own world.My bro is doctor but now days he is full time blogger.Recently i also started blogging hope in future i will also full time blogger.Thank you for sharing these million reasons of become blogger.

  23. Hi Emmanuel

    For me, blogging is a way of getting my company noticed.

    My blog isn’t monetised and never will be – it’s there to add leads to my sales funnel.

    I receive so many calls and emails thet start with “I’ve been following your blog for a while now…”

  24. I like this little sneaky tactic you did there. I wanted to see how you were going to give 5 million reasons and read until the end to find out.

    I may have to borrow this one.

    Al Green

  25. Well you are right about the title, there are several reasons to become a blogger. Firstly i’d say making money :D. Secondly we can learn lot of things from it.


  26. Hi Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe

    Yeah. You are right that there is no need school degree for becoming a successful blogger but Education is light, intelligent is power. Knowledge is power. So, I want to tell who guys are student as well as part time blogger about them that In Blogging world if you want to success you must need huge knowledge and creativity. Without huge knowledge and creativity it’s not possible to get the success. Keep in mind, you will have to need to handle huge people in the world, and Education probably will help to get huge knowledge of handing. Education also improves your knowledge.


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