5 Blogs I Envy and Wish were mine.

If wishes were indeed horses, beggars would have by now being riding them. Golden ones for that matter! This therefore reminds me of one poor dude who became rich overnight and tend to value his material possession over his own life.

Check out what happened to him sometime back.

Little Johnny had a serious accident with his brand new car.
A police officer nearby ran to the scene to help them out.

Little Johnny ran out of his car Yelling.
“This man’s car just hit my car! That car is worth Six million !
Now, my car is a total write-off!”

The police officer shook his head in disbelief and said “You are so
You didn’t even realize that your hand had been cut off”

Little Johnny looked at his bloody arm and screamed “OH MY GOD!!!
Where is my gold wristwatch???

Hahaha! So as he keeps looking for his watch, let me walk you through my list of those 5 blogs  I WISH were mine. Mind you the word here is WISH. Let me emphasize it the more so that it enters into your medulla oblongata before you start labeling me. Hahhaha! I will be expecting your list as well after mine.

Good! The first blog which comes in mind is Smartpassive.com. Yes, how I wish I am the name Pat Flyn! Hahaha!

What at all prompted me in adding Smartpassiveincome on my wishlist?  And the answer will be simple, the money this blog makes in a month, is far more than what anyone could think of.

And getting hold of such  a blog, don’t be surprise if you see as the president of Ghana. HAHAHA! There will of course be enough money for my campaign.

Pat has done a great job and it is one blog where every blogger could just look up to. His monthly income reports blows every mind out! That is where I envision my blog in some years to come.


The other blog which readily comes in mind as well is Madam Harleena’s blog. Aha-now.com is what I know her for. I like that blog a lot simply because of that great source of inspiration it provides.

The brain behind it is very down to earth and easy to approach. Madam Harleena, your blog is on my wishlist as well. I hope you have no problem. Hahaha!

Who doesn’t know the name John Chow?  Please let him know his blog is my target as well. The guy who could afford to spend time with her daughter at the park whiles his colleagues are busy in the office. And as he likes to put it, I am living the dot com lifestyle.He has all the excuses to fail as a blogger. One, he is Chinese and not all that fluent in English but this is something which didn’t let him down. John Chow, your blog is on my wishlist as well.

My own Mr. Suresh Khanal blog is on my list as well. Bivori.com is the name. What makes me like the blog? And I will tell you it is its template and those interesting contents.

If you want that template, a $200 cool cash will do. Hahaha!

Another blog I envy a lot is Bloggingcage.com   Kulwant did the unthinkable when brought the whole world to his blog with one interesting giveaway which most bloggers participated including myself.

It is something I intend emulating though!

These are the 5 blogs I envy and wish they were mine. There are more though but please don’t forget we all still looking for Little Johnny’s watch.

It will be great for your list as well. You can do that through your comment below. To be sincere with you, there are numerous of blogs which I wish were mine. More thousands of them! Hahaha!!

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  1. Love this one Emmanuel, there are a whole bunch i would like to have too. I’ll name a few: Mayura4Ever, HotBlogTips, BasicBlogTips, SethGodin, Aha!Now too 🙂 Great blogs, with perfect layouts, etc. We have something to strive for now, right?

  2. Hi Emmanuel,
    Well your lists are unique, here is my own list, Doncaprio.com, mybloggertricks.com, kabenlah.com (of course I envy your blog!)I hope you don’t have any problem too….hahahahah

    1. Hahaha! I have a problem! I’m sending to court for envy. Article 54 of the blogging constitution says no envying of kabenlah.com.

      Hahaha! Thanks bro. for your comment!

  3. Hahaha we are still looking for little jimmy’s watch. Love it dude! I love John Chows blog as well particularly his ‘Driving with John Chow’ show each week. You goto listen carefully though as your right his grasp of English could be improved a lot!
    Great list dude!
    – Phillip

  4. Hi Cudjoe,

    Truly love your list. Harleena’s blog really deserve this list. When I last visited the blog and saw the new design I couldn’t help but say my mind about it! And like you said, Harleena is truly down to earth and I admire how she is able to write about those intimate and family subjects all of the time.

    Only hope you will not be like that guy who never cared about his hand and life. I’m sure that the lesson behind that story is that even when you admire these blogs, your blog should always be the top of the list of the best in your mind!

  5. Hi Eammanuel!

    5 winners there although I think no need to envy anybody 😉 You have a great blog here.

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. Hey Emmanuel

    Haha! This old Johnny works. The blogs you mentioned are great blogs. You should remember that great people make great blogs. So it’s more about the personalty behind the blog than the blog itself.

  7. Emmanuel, You are an awesome blogger in true sense because you keep appreciating other bloggers and their work. This is one of the nicest characteristics of a true blogger and I am happy to see this in you.

    I think my blog don’t deserve to sit with such big names and awesome bloggers, but still many many thanks for your love.

    All other blogs you mentioned are really great blogs and I am big fan of Pat Flynn. His work is so awesome that you cannot stop loving SmartPassiveIncome. Happy to see my friend Harleena touching people with her creative writing skills.

    All the best and keep rocking.

    1. You obviously deserve to be here. You are great blogger and most of us do look up to you as well.

      Thanks for the compliment. I am obviously going to keep rocking.

  8. Hmmmm.

    Wow! nice to see here my Fav@ Blogs.
    1st- Aha-now and 2nd- Bivori

    Both are my Fav@ Harleena Mam , Suresh Khanal Are Gr8 Blogger.!
    Thanks Bro. to share these Blogs in your post. 🙂

  9. Hi Emmanuel,

    I just don’t know what to say because you amaze me each time with your generosity dear friend 🙂

    It’s indeed an honor to me merely mentioned with wonderful blogs that you envy because I know mine is nowhere near their’s as their reach is much beyond. It’s good to see dear Kulwant’s blog mentioned here because he is an awesome blogger and a helpful person too – but there are so many others too – ah..that list can become rather endless if I start.

    If you ever need my blog…and if I can ever fulfill your wish, I’d be happy to give you my blog if it would make you happy dear friend 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Do have a nice week as well Madam Harleena. But please I can’t handle those responsibilities if you handle your blog to me. hahaha!

  10. Hey bro,
    I would have been surprised if I didn’t find Aha!now on this list 😉
    The others you have listed are definitely worth the place. Kulwant and Suresh are surely bloggers to watch!

    Thanks for the list and do have a wonderful week ahead

  11. Hello buddy,

    Your list contains many of the most authoritative blogs and each of them look fantastic. I was introduced to Ah-now.com by a friend and that’s the best thing he has done for me in a while. hahaha! I always go there to get a dose, its lovely, I have checked out Bivori.com as promised; it’s an another impressive blog I have to confess.

    I am going to add one more to your list and that’s Kabenlah.com, hahaha! I envy your blog and you should envy it too. Charity beings at home.. 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of the day great friend.

  12. Hello Emmanuel,

    Nice list there of impressive blogs. I am a reader of 3 blogs out there. Rest 2 are needed to be checked now, as you have supported them.

    Thanks for this list and your views about these. Have a nice day 🙂

    ~Ganesh Narayan Gupta

  13. Hi Cudjoe!

    Love your title, especially when you flip it in a graceful manner! Your list along with many popular bloggers here who are commenting are absolutely amazing.

    So many people with their own beautiful essence, changing the world in their own special way.

    Something new to enjoy everyday, eh?


    1. Yes Piyush, something new to enjoy any time I place those hands on the keyboard. Hahahaha!

      Thanks a lot for your comment!

  14. First you can’t be president of Ghana because there is no John in your name as most of their previous and present presidents of Ghana has John as first names. The sites you listed here are great though some are way ahead of others on your list, you definitely have your reasons but sincerely i don’t expect anyone’s site is mine, you know why? because i will always work hard to see netmediablog ranked like any site i admire.

    1. Hahaha! I’m going to change my name to John when I mount that campaign platform. Hahaha!

      Thanks bro for your comment. Netmediablog is a great blog as well and the name Desmond Nwosu is simply doing great.

  15. Hi Emmanuel,

    That is really a great list of blogs to have, Many people seems to have a target to reach to. And hopefully our blogs will reach there too. Thanks for sharing with us.

  16. Hi Emmanuel,

    Interesting to see this wish list :). Honestly, I’ve never think about it before. But Pat’s blog is attract me the most. Yes, his income reports is the best I know so far. He’s one of my inspiration in online business.

    Thanks for this post and wish you a great week my friend.

  17. hi kabenlah. thanks for sharing the best blogs as i intend to seek famous/successful bloggers to interview as my article. i also have other blogs that i envy such as draggonblogger, traffic generation cafe and buzzblogger

  18. Hi Emmanuel !
    The blogs that you’ve mentioned are no doubt the tops blogs right now .If you owned smartpassiveincome and john chows blog , you’ll be one of the richest blogger in the world .

  19. Hello there,

    Your list is quite impressive. I’m a regular at Aha-Now! But I have also come to know of the other four you listed here.

    Thanks mate, for sharing.


  20. Hey Buddy,
    I must say these are great blogs you have mentioned and i wish i owned them too, including adriennesmith and some other great blogs. nice post

  21. Hi Emmanuel,

    I envy your blog more! It’s for the posts and the jolly talks and good humor that flows everywhere! You are successful to stand out of the crowd and build your own brand. I bet, Kabenlah.com is becoming more of a favorite spot to learn and live!

    1. Hahaha! But kabenlah isn’t in anyway comparable to the Great Bivori.

      I just like your blog and the quality it delivers!

  22. Hi Emmanuel,
    great names of amazing blogs, here.

    No need to be envious, but be sure to learn from them.

    Everyone can reach success with determination and passion.
    Keep up the great work! 🙂

  23. Thanks to Piyush Mathur, for sharing this on the rapidly growing Internet marketing social bookmarking and networking site, Kingged.com. I found it there and “kingged” it.

    Good wishing, Emmanuel, if wishes were horses indeed, 🙂

    Who wouldn’t want to own Pat’s SmartPassiveIncome blog? Over $50,000 earnings per month, most of the time, is not a joke. But apart from the money he makes, the following he has built and the way people look forward to his every post is amazing.

    I wonder though – why didn’t you include NeilPatel.com? That would surely be one of top blogs I envy and wish were mine, 🙂

    1. Piyush is one of my loyal readers I will forever be grateful for.

      Neil Patel of Quicksprout is a great blogger as well. Thanks a lot for your comment and I hope you will keep on kingging my posts.

      1. You are welcome, Emmanuel. Yes, Piyush is a very active “kingger” over at Kingged.com

        To ensure we keep “kingging” your posts, it’s a good idea to be sharing them yourself on Kingged when you publish them. I see you are already a member on Kingged, so time to get active, 🙂

  24. Piyush, this is such a nice share! 🙂
    Bivori and John Chow dot Com, these are the blogs that I envy and wish were mine. I’ve read multiple topics there and I totally love the things that they are sharing.
    Anyway, the visual you used made me smile. The feeling is the same, envy. And I guess in blogs, for you to be flourishing, you must read their posts and look to them as a mentor. They can offer you lessons that you can use in your niche.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing content aggregator site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

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  26. Emmanuel, you picked some good websites. I wish I had a piece of Smartpassiveincom, I would even settle for his security website.

    The other blog owners are great as well.

  27. Hi Emmanuel,

    In the above list I would wish if I had Aha-now it is a good blog.
    apart from this list I think if I were a part of The Verge blog I would feel happy cos I love the articles that the blog holds.

    Nice list…

  28. Great list emmanuel, Not only you but almost all of us wish that those blogs are mine. I’ve been a reader of all of them because of the quality of content they write for their readers. As much as you will read from these blogs more you will know about blogging and the world. Nice share mate, Keep sharing

  29. I love aha-now.com and visit it often. As a matter of fact, your list is mine cause I visit all the blogs you’ve made mentioned of. And I love your blog too. Though I just found it, I actually love the way you designed it and also your writing style. Great job bro.

  30. Hi Emmanuel,

    It feels great to be back on your blog! Talking about this list, I must say that all the mentioned bloggers are influential. I’m a big fan of Harleena Singh and Aha-Now! I believe that emulating and learning from these bloggers will take us to success! Cheers 🙂

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