High Paying Adsense Keywords

 I know you might be wondering, what is wrong with this guy? I am an astute Adsense-hater but the issue is how come I intend talking about Adsense and their high paying keywords.

The truth of the matter is that many bloggers are simply in love with Adsense and just can’t simply ignore it. Therefore making just some few pennies after each click is of course demoralizing. I don’t want you to quit blogging now that is why I want to share with you some of the high paying keywords in Adsense.

I am much more happier today though as I have rediscovered an old friend. This is an  old friend who was really doing great with his online until he left without saying good bye. Many bloggers might actually have forgotten him but I’m sure the name Romy Singh rings a bell. Yes, Romy Singh is back and now blogs at Fallen Writers. He is simply a great crafter and as he says always, he is a slave to his pen and ink.

Oh okay, now, let move on to the main topic on board, high paying AdSense keywords. You might be wondering what’s AdSense High Paying keywords- (this is something I know might be asked by novice bloggers).

Anyways, high paying AdSense keywords are simply ads that pays you much more when someone clicks on your ads. Hey wait again, I’m not asking you to go out there clicking on other bloggers ads anyhow.

Now let us look at the list,                                                                      









Structured annuity settlement


Car donate


Asbestos lung cancer


Business voip solutions






Automobile accident attorney


Online criminal justice degree


Virtual data rooms


Data recovery raid


Injury lawyers






Conference Call


Online Degree


Online Classes


These are the keywords. It’s now up to you to use your brains.I arrest my case here! It is now your turn to have your say!


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  1. Hello Cudjoe,

    Thanks for the mention bro, IT’s really an honor to hear words like that from people who are dear to me. It really means lot me and inspires me to write more and more. 🙂

    Now coming to the point, targeting high paying keywords and placing adsense in well mixture content surly gives lots of clicks so thanks for sharing these wonderful keywords. 🙂

  2. Really informative one. The keywords are good. I’ll try to write on them and experiment wth Adsense. Thanks Cudjoe. 🙂

  3. hi there cudjoe. adsense really pays a lot but unfortunately i am one of the bloggers that got rejected when i applied. even the blogger in my4hourworkweek got suspended from adsense. perhaps the equivalent of high pay mean stricter application and monitoring process

    1. Hi Cada,
      It’s good to see you here once more. Adsense indeed have stricter rules since their mostly interested in protecting their advertisers and their reputation.

      Cada, why don’t you try re-applying? I think you should try re-applying through Hubpages.com, Triond.com or Infobarrel. They are some quick sites for one to easily get an Adsense account.

        1. Yeah, try them out. There are more amazing sites where one can get AdSense account within few days.
          I promise to write more of those sites here.

  4. Those keywords are good, and if you search, you’ll find a lot more with high paying CPC.
    However, trying to rank for them is almost imposible because they’re all generic (no long tail) keywords.

    Trying to rank for “insurance” or “software” is super crazy I guess.

    1. I was thinking the same Silva, ranking for these high paying adsense keywords are next to impossible for bloggers.

      Although I must say good blog post and well researched.

  5. Hi Cudjoe,

    I had no idea clicks can cost that much. If I could manage to build a website on one of these topics and rank it in the first pages I would look at my Adsense stats all day:)

    Thanks for this list Cudjoe, I’m definitely gonna do some research now, your post really got me pumped.

    Have a wonderful week.Cheers.


  6. HEy Emmanuel,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this list with us. This list you mentioned above really seems interesting and I will surely gonna used it.

  7. Is it really works or it’s only the historical data. I never understand this. BTW thanks for introducing with this.

  8. Hi Emmanuel,
    Creating a niche site and ranking it based of those keyword you mentioned works like magic, i’m just a lazy (and busy) guy haha. thanks for the list.

  9. hey Bro, I haven’t started placing ads on my site, but I’m going to consider looking these key words when the time comes. Thanks so much for sharing Bro.

  10. This list means two things. They are highly sought after and profitable niches. If you have to use PPC, you have to bid high. If you want to use SEO, you have to outrank your competition. Its a great share.

  11. Emmanuel those are some Seriously high paying keywords.

    If you start a blog around 1 keyword or even work 1 in to your current blog – if possible – the clicks and cash will flow in.

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hey Emmanuel,

    Thanks for sharing. Yes, insurance, health and dieting will be pretty high if I am not wrong. The lowest? probably blogging niche. Haha!

    Great write and thanks for sharing this mate.

    *How have you been and how the PR affected you?

  13. Hi! This is a great effort my friend and it saved my lots of time in research. I have write some articles on some of these keywords and believe me it is working. keep on sharing such nice posts. good luck

  14. Hello,

    Great article! Well I’m still working on my tech blog and after reading your post I’m thinking to build a brand new blog by picking a niche related to the keywords as listed in the post.


    1. These are of course high paying keywords and paying attention to them will obviously bring in the cash.

      Thanks for your comment.

  15. Was recently working on finance niche and believe me I’ve got awesome revenue from few clicks. These list of adsense paying keywords are really popular and of course high paying.

  16. wow, this is very good list. thank you for sharing this list 🙂 i will share this page at my blogs..

    and this is not like a twitter message !

  17. I have a couple of websites with the names you list and still have not quite figured out the adsense game. I appreciate your insights.

  18. Wow, those are some great keywords with huge potential. Look at those CPCs, just freaking awesome. But, it’s nearly impossible to rank for these keywords, the competition is just too high. Anyways, thanks a lot for sharing about these keywords.

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