Google and their Pagerank Nonsense.

The nonsense behind Google and their Pagerank thing. This week has being one of the horrible weeks in my blogging life  and of course I have learnt my lessons. Let me give you one advise, if something is too good to be true, don’t try it all, not all that glitters is gold. My story with going in for one particular web host can just fill in this page and will be more likely to drive us away from what I intend discussing.

Google and their Pagerank Nonsense! Yes, that is the topic on board. Pagerank is one the most sought after,  many people especially bloggers ran after it. But are they indeed worth it?

I learnt there was an update yesterday and it was really amazing what was trending on my bloggers Facebook  timeline. So many of them were disappointed like  what my good friend Little Johnny went through after his exams. He scored zero but was the mark zero really what he deserved? 

Come on, check out those questions and have a look at the answers Little Johnny provided.

Q.1- In which battle did Tipu Sultan Die ?..

Ans.- In his Last Battle..

Q.2- Where was the Declaration of Independence Signed?

Ans.- At the Bottom of the Page..


Q.3- What is the Main Reason for Divorce ?..

Ans.- Marriage..


Q.4- Ganga Flows in which State ?..

Ans.- Liquid State..


Q.5- When was Mahatma Gandhi Born ?..

Ans.- On His Birthday..


Q.6- How will you Distribute 8 Mangoes among 6 People ?..

Ans.- By Changing them into Juice!!!

Hahahaha! If Little had zero after providing such intelligent answers, why then must you worry about Google and their Pagerank thing.

Many bloggers having being waiting for this pagerank thing and were more than eager to check theirs when they heard of the update.

There is something funny about Pagerank. Do you know basis upon which they are calculated? I tried reading about thing some months back and my head went way-wire! I was more than confused.

There is a general misconception that  a higher pagerank is likely to bring in a great number of advertisers knocking on your door begging to advertise on your blog.

Where from that? This is indeed something I completely doubt. I think I always do say this, my first private advertiser was on my blogspot blog was more interested in what I had to offer and not what pagerank was telling him.

This domain name- ( got a pagerank of 1 whiles it was  at parking whiles others delivering the contents were dropping. But here it is delivering in the contents and its pagerank is still 1. Is this not funny enough?

This email for instance was from an advertiser wanting to advertise on my blog.

Hey Emmanuel, 


Good job on your awesome blogging here at I see some

of your articles have been shared on ****.com and our contributors

are regular readers and commenters on your blog. 


I am the owner of ****.com and would like to hold a long term

advertising spot on your blog. 


The advertising spots I am interesting are the 468×60 top banner as 

well as the other 300×250 below posts spots. Since this is going

to be a long term deal where I pay monthly for the spot…..


NB-* The message has being edited with ***.com replacing the real site and … representing the continuation.

There is one thing which is clear about advertisers. They are more interested in what you have to deliver and not what pagereank is telling them.

I intend sharing another email though but had to put it on hold since I don’t want to be seen exposing my  clients or trying to brag.

The head and tail of all that I want to imply is simple, just ignore pagerank and concentrate on what you can do best. The reward will obviously come in plenty-folds.

Your turn now!

Is Pagerank indeed worth the hype? Let the argument flow by commenting below.

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  1. Hi Cudjoe,
    It is amazing how people who claim they are writing for their audience inorder to make money get obsessed with stuff that does not add to their bottom line. It was this same observation that drove me to write the post Kill google, stop SEO and increase traffic to your blog. We bloggers must concentrate on the things that bring us more traffic, more leads and more cash.

    1. I 100% support your point.Concentrating more on the value one provides should be the aim and not Pagerank.

      Thanks for your comment Eyram.

  2. Hi Emmanuel,

    What a nice answer from our very good friend Johnny! In fact Johnny must be one of the best students in his class? That is by the way, coming to an hype about PageRank, I think this seem like a round table discussion where many made it high and some were unable to contribute a even a speech. It’s true that PageRank may be a hype and nothing to advertisers when it comes to patronizing your blog for adverts spot but there is always a reason for any reason. PageRank still work though but I think we heard limited view about this latest Google PageRank update. Many expectation were flopped why some who doesn’t dream about what they got made it to the climax.

    1. There were indeed some sort of mix reactions from many bloggers bit one thing ought to be clear and that is what I have carried it across in this post.

      Thanks bro for your comment as well.

  3. It’s okay to mention as the advertiser in question, Cudjoe, 🙂 We don’t mind because we are on a buying spree now and will be buying ad spots in 100+ active Internet marketing blogs in the coming days, to help promote the kinglike content being shared on

    And yes, in looking for the right Internet marketing blogs to buy ad spots, we don’t focus on PR but on actual kinglike content, traffic, activity, engagement, community, relationship, etc that a blog gets or not. That’s what should be more important, not PR.

    I am saying this because I know about PR and it’s the easiest thing to manipulate. And most importantly, it has absolutely nothing to do with whether a site gets traffic or not. Just get the right PR links from pages with certain PR and you can get the PR you are looking for.

    More so, it’s true that Google might be doing its best, nowadays, to confuse webmasters with PR. For all we know, the new PR update might be wrong or even late by several months. Google can never be trusted with PR or rankings, and that is true now, more than ever before.

    So, any advertiser that focus on PR to buy ad is certainly focusing on the wrong thing!

    That said, you, Cudjoe, and other very lovely Internet marketers and bloggers out there should continue doing what you are doing that is working to get you the kinglike content, traffic, activity, engagement, community, relationship, etc. These factors are far more important than PR, 🙂

    1. Hi Kingsley,
      This your comment is more or less like minipost. Hahaha!!

      I like the insight you’ve shared from an advertiser point of view. Thanks for your comment.

      1. And thanks to you too, for allowing to reach your awesome community here!

        I look forward to more KINGLIKE content from you and of course your funny stories about little Johnny. Hilarious, to say the least. 😀

  4. Hello Emmanuel and Little Johnny… hahaha!

    Page Rank has been over-hyped, that I admit. I was offline yesterday, when I started receiving calls about the update and all that, I guess Google took everyone by surprise since there was a general notion that Page Rank was dead! In fact, some said it was replaced with the hummingbird update.

    In all, I really have nothing to say about Page Rank, but I guess it doesn’t have a slight impact on SERP.

    For advertisers and backlinks lovers, PR surely makes them go gaga..

    Hahaha! I’m glad the fixed the issue your host. I have learned not to fall for cheap offers.. It brings frustration 90% of the time.. 🙂

    1. Hahaha! I have learnt my lessons as well. Going in for cheap host is a great recipe for disaster and I have of course learnt my lessons.

  5. Hey Emmanuel,

    Sometimes PageRank updates seem to be a nonsense, in last PageRank update which took place in February one of my blog got PR3 without any struggle there were only few posts on that blog and only few backlinks but it got PR3 and it totally amazed me.

    You are right about the advertisers but not every advertiser is intelligent, many of them just give importance to PageRank and Alexa rank, the overall blog performance doesn’t matter to them. That’s why people are eager to get a good PageRank.

    Advertisers really need to change their minds regarding good blogs. If a blog have a good PageRank it doesn’t mean that it is a quality blog, they need to consider other factors too.


    1. That is the point! A blog with a high pagerank doesn’t necessarily equate quality.

      thanks for your comment Siraj.

  6. Hmm! Google Pagerank update reminds me of the recent Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) rankings on footballing countries. There were many “displeasures” from countries who had taught they could have ranked higher. Ultimately, FIFA decides and applies its strategies or criteria for ranking.

    Coming to Google, with the recent update, many websites are readily dismayed by their pagerank positions in the search engines, and what more could be annoying than seeing a competitor website with “fluff” content ranking ahead of you.
    Perhaps Pagerank is just a decision from Google just like FIFA’s ranks. For me its not worth the hype because its not a determinant of the worth of a website.

    I have left this comment in the content syndication website for Internet marketers – where I found this post.
    Sunday – contributor

    1. Mentioning the FIFA rankings here has brought in some thoughts. Countries my country Ghana will be playing are in indeed far ahead of us when it comes to football but we hope we qualify.

      Now back to Google as well, one really finds it hard to understand what goes into Pagerank.

      Thanks for your comment bro.

  7. Great post, Emmanuel 🙂

    Loved the example, by the way!

    I frankly don’t care about Page rank. Sure, I am happy when my page rank increases, but in the long term, it doesn’t matter.

    I think a lot of advertisers are starting to realize that, but there are many who still use Page rank as an measurement for blog success. Hopefully that will change in the future.

    Anyways, thank you for the post, Emmanuel 🙂 Hope you had an enjoyable weekend!

    1. My weekend was very hectic Jacob but the most important thing is that we have another week to make it count.

      Thanks for your comment as well.

  8. Why would i worry on pagerank, even when i get pagerank 1 that i personally know i don’t worth it then. In as much as it has no effect on serp, so why given much concern.

    Is just funny how people take it as something worth given much concern

  9. Hi Emmanuel,

    I too agree that Page rank recently doesn’t make a sense, I have been trying to find the factors that determine website page rank and found more than 200 factors, the funny thing is that having a high page rank doesn’t necessary means a better SEO, SERP for your website. Two of my blogs remained at PR2 while the one that I thought wouldn’t change jumped from PR1 to PR3.

    As for advertisers, some of them know that PR is not the main thing and those advertisers are normally the ones whom directly contact you. But most advertisers whom work through agencies are still interested in websites with high PR.

  10. Hi Emmanuel,

    To be honest, I forgot about PR altogether. I thought it was dead! But then, Google, surprisingly came up with this PR update!

    One of my old blog, which I haven’t been maintaining regularly, got PR 1, rising from 0. Meanwhile my regularly updated blog (it is a very new one though) got 0!

    I guess PR shouldn’t be taken seriously. I’ve read Kingsley’s comment and its good to know that advertisers like him are not concerned about PR! Also, PR can be enhanced by clever link building, I’ve read.

    And Little Johnny’s answers were awesome! Give him my regards 🙂


  11. Hi Emmanuel,

    To tell you the truth, I really don’t stress too much about pagerank of my site. I used to spend a lot of time checking my page rank in the past.

    However, nowadays I just spend time doing what I know works for my blog. If my blog has a good pagerank (which I don’t think it does) then so be it.

    I think that some people put too much emphasis on pagerank.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great day.


  12. Nice post!

    Pagerank was almost dead and suddenly there was an update and most of the blog’s have been demoted to low PR. But no use PR is really nonsense.

    The thing is it doesn’t prove a traffic or user engagement of a blog.


  13. Lost PR of all my blog’s, all my blog’s are PR0 now. The reason is I haven’t built any backlinks during these days but the traffic constant to all the blogs. So seems like PR doesn’t really matter. Your post gave me strength as I was demotivated.


    1. It is really great you found solace in this post. A blog’s success which depends on Pagerank is indeed a great disaster.

      Thanks for your comment bro.

  14. Hi Emmanuel,

    I don’t pay attention to PR – I do keep an eye on Moz’s DA and Majestic’s Trust Flow though.

    Not because I’m trying to increase them, just because I use their tools to track where my links are coming from.

  15. Yeah most of people doesn’t care about PR and doesn’t pay attention to it. Since we must care about building more traffic to our blog.


  16. Thanks for this inspirational article. That`s a very interesting topic. I also think that the quality, service or advices you can give have bigger value than following googles pagerank guidelines.

  17. PR is something that does not matter too much,maybe if someone sells websites may be angry that he lost PR because i see that it is still an indicator that matters in the sales process.I’m personally more interested in increasing web traffic and better ranking in search engines

  18. If it was so important Google would have cared to update it on regular basis. But as you rightly said; Bloggers are rushing after it.

    I read on some blog that Matt Cutt said the pipeline was cut for Google PR; looks they repaired it somehow.

    Personally I don’t believe in PR too. I can focus more on my posts; rather.

  19. Good insights and comments from your highly engaged group. Highly engaged… that’s what drives success. Having highly engaged followers and quality content is key to getting your voice out there and making money. I enjoy your articles. I learn something new every time!

  20. Hi Emmanuel,

    Watched a video by Andy Bailey the Comment Luv guy about blogging and SEO and commenting on blogs being dead.
    He referred to Matt Cutts and his video about commenting on blogs. Many people seemed inclined to believe that page rank could no longer be attained by depending on comments for back links so no SEO benefit.

    Commenting on quality blogs will carry quality links, plus I’m adding very slowly to my site’s traffic by commenting and getting visits by not only the site’s owner, but others who have read my comments and think it might be worth a trip to check me out!

    Wonder if Google wants to discourage blog commenting because it is a competitor for traffic? If someone visits your blog, comments, then shares your post on Face book and twitter and few other of those share sites, you get visitors—–Traffic that didn’t come from Google and Traffic that you didn’t pay for.
    In other words…Google and it’s page rank count for very little in your world because you have direct traffic that takes the short cut around Google.
    Friends sharing firends the new SERP!


  21. Hi Emmanuel,

    It’s great question answer. very very funny and very intelligent is Little johny,
    Really, It is so funny about Google pagerank hahahaha.

    You are right, Most of advertiser just look on Google page rank and Alexa rank. I saw most of blog have good Alexa rank even below 50k but have not enough readers.
    But some of advertisers look blog performance, Readers etc. the those advertiser are intelligent.

    Areesha Noor!

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