10+1 Blogger To Watch in 2014!

Now the day is over,
Night is drawing nigh;
Shadows of the evening
Steal across the sky.

Now the darkness gathers,
Stars begin to peep,
Birds and beasts and flowers
Soon will be ….

This was my favourite song during primary school days. This was one song which was sang every afternoon before we head towards to the house. For some unserious students like myself, being ordered by our teacher to sing that song brought joy unto our faces. Hoping that tomorrow never come unless it was Friday. HAHAHA!

Of course things have taken a new look and the name Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe is more serious than ever. I am now an avid blogger and that has of course brought in soo many successes! Hahaha! At least I am now more confident than ever. 2013 is just a few days drawing nigh and sooner than later, we will be welcoming 2014.

And that of course has shaped my post today. 10+1 Blogger you need to watch in 2014 is  what today’s post is all about.

C’mon, let’s look at some those bloggers you ought to watch in this coming year. Let me reiterate the point that they are not of course in any order of rankings.

1. Sriram

Sriram is one name which one has to pay attention in this coming year. I have known Sriram for a quite number of months. I think I can boldly state throughout the beginning of 2013.

This young guy is very enthusiastic about what he does and within a short time managed to choke some massive successes on his blog. Sriram, how old are you? I think I do know answer. 14, right?

Probably the youngest guy this blogosphere with such an enviable record. Sriram is the brain behind Revealing The Stuffs.

He is obviously revealing those stuffs. Let’s check out those interesting stuffs which has being revealed;

-Blogger or WordPress which one to Choose.

-Top 4 Ideas to get more Facebook Likes


2. Nosa E. Nosa

You know what? Nosa E. Nosa is the name behind Thatnaijablog.  He is one of the bosses in this blogging world but yet still he doesn’t want to accept that. We are the best of pals. Not a day passes without him sending me a message just to ask how am doing.

Nosa had a lot of impact in 2013 and there is of course no doubt 2014 is even going to be better. His blog is reigning high where everything with respect to gaming, technology, blogging and my favourite, personal developments are shared.

The Resource Garage man is one man to watch in 2014. Have a look at some of those lovely stuffs which had spurned out from Thatnaijablog over the course of the year.

-Multiple Questions Bloggers and Entrepreneurs don’t want to ask themselves.

-50 Best WordPress Plugins to Supercharge your Blog


3.Madam Harleena Singh

Who made such a great impact in this blogosphere? And obviously all fingers will be pointing to the name above. Madam Harleena Singh will be name on the lips of every blogger.

She took the blogging arena by storm and just within some few months was all over the place making her one of the greatest pioneers in this blogosphere. She is a mother and there is no doubt she is a mother of Blogging as well.

In 2014, one name which everyone ought to watch is her.  Aha-now is where those chronicles of hers are shared.

Let us look at some of those interesting insights she shared during the course of 2013;

-How to Boost Self Esteem

-How to take a Break from Blogging

4. Gilbert Samuel

As to which of his name is his surname, I can’t tell. Hahaha! But I think this is something which is not important but the important thing is to watch out what Gilbert Samuel has to offer in 2014.

He is one of the finest bloggers from Nigeria. The viral writer himself! He came into blogging not long ago but has cemented his name in the blogosphere.

Sammy has proved himself far beyond doubt as one those prolific writers in the blogosphere.

Some of his lovely pieces in 2013 are;

-2 Months of Blogging

-10 Quick steps to becoming a successful blogger


5. Jane Sheeba

Does this name ring a bell to you? She is Jane Sheeba and Pro Blogging Success is her blog. Madam Jane marked a lot of strides in this blogosphere with some interesting stuffs being shared on her blog.

In addition to her being one of those  lively bloggers, she is one of those friendliest bloggers anyone can approach anytime and she will be more than willing to help.

Let see some of those interesting posts she shared over the course of the year.

-What makes a Good Post.

-Why you should remove your SEO hat sometimes?

6.Mr. Suresh Khanal

Does Mr. Suresh Khanal need any introduction? I don’t believe that! But I think it will be prudent to let you know that Mr. Suresh Khanal is one of those interesting bloggers to watch.

He is the bloggers’ helper. He single handedly motivated me to continue blogging. He went further ahead paying for my web hosting just to keep me in the blogging world.

Thank you Mr. Khanal. We hope to be expecting something great from you this coming 2014.

His blog commenting system award which I have won it three times is something yet to be emulated. Expecting more interesting  stuffs from Bivori is what we all look forward to.

-Congratulations to Bivori Top Commenters

-Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe and His Blog mycudjoe.com: March 2013

7.Kulwant Nagi

I respect this guy a lot. He left his job just to simply engage his passion for blogging. What makes Nagi special? He did something which I am yet to see someone else achieve that feat.That blogging contest he conducted which brought almost the every blogger to his blog.

Kulwant Nagi is a great source of inspiration to many bloggers and of course much is expected from him in this coming 2014.

He is to be watched out for as the likelihood of spurning out those insightful posts again in the coming year is highly great.

Bloggingcage is his little piece where all those great posts are shared.

-Perfect Ways to make money with Affiliate Marketing

-5 secret Ways tom Maintain your blog during vacations.


8. Sam Otunda Adeyinka

The pro motivator himself with Promotivator.info! An astute blogger like myself with lots of passion for blogging.He is one of those bloggers who has made greater impacts just a few months into venturing into blogging.

2014 will be an undoubtedly a year for this guy. Watch out for him as well.

Have a look at some those cool stuffs he shared in 2013.

-5 Million Reasons you aren’t a Millionaire Yet

-5 Tips on Finding The Best Topics for your Blog


-I bet you don’t have a purpose in life! Do You?


9.Reginald Chan

Reginald Chan is the guy behind Reginald Chan dot Net. This young Malaysian has is obviously one those great bloggers one needs to have a critical look at again.

He is one of the smartest guys on the field. He shares his experiences as a blogger and one newbie bloggers ought to take very seriously.

Chan is an SEO expert, consultant and a wordpress expert. Much is of course expected of him during this coming year and there is the surety he is going to deliver more quality this coming year.

-8 Explosive Blogging Tips other clever Bloggers won’t share

-Best SEO Tools

10. Ryan Biddulph

Does Ryan need any introduction? I guess not or maybe to the newbie bloggers who might be venturing into blogging this coming year. He is a world traveller and what makes unique is his sincerity.

He believes the mind makes up everything hence cash with a true conscience is his blog where those thought provoking posts are shared.

-Why am I posting on Christmas?

-Get a Life


+1 Blogger- Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe

Watch out for this guy as well. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe of kabenlah.com. hahaha!

That’s not all!

The list is simply endless. I met several bloggers in the year 2013 but unfortunately couldn’t list you all but remember you guys are all wonderful. Thanks a lot!

Your Turn!

What is your list as well. What do you make of this? You can have your say by commenting below.

I wish you a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

130 Replies to “10+1 Blogger To Watch in 2014!”

  1. Nice to see so many Indian bloggers listed here. Specially Harleena singh and Jane are my favorite from the list. Good post.

    1. Hi Ranjan,
      You are among those guys who have already achieved it all.

      Thanks for your comment and I hope to see you around more in 2014.

      Happy New Year.

  2. Hi Emmanuel,

    Awesome list indeed! And thanks SO SO much for adding me in along with such wonderful bloggers 🙂

    Yes, I’ve heard that song too, though long back in school, and it’s good to go through it once again here after long. And I loved that image – apt with this post.

    You surely named wonderful bloggers this time and I’m glad to know ALL of them, which makes the Blogosphere such a lovely place as you get to know each other well over time. Oh yes….the 10+ ‘1’ blogger is the best of all, which means YOU.

    Thanks once again dear friend for the kind mention, and I hope you too are taking a few days off during these Holidays. Enjoy them while they last 🙂

    1. Hello Madam Harleena,
      The pleasure is all mine. Thanks as well for your comment once more.

      There is obviously doubt you are one the best bloggers in this blogosphere.

  3. Great list Emmanuel,
    I am following most of blogger from this list.Reginald, Suresh, Jane and Gilbert are my favourite bloggers whose articles i read daily. Now I will also follow Nosa and Sriram as I found good blogs there.

  4. Hey mate!

    Oh wow…thank you for the mention. I am no big shot. Just an average Joe who loves doing crazy stuffs.

    You know what? I am happy to know you mate. You have been great and love your site. In fact, one of those sites that loads really fast on mobile. Haha!

    You blog good stuffs and keep that up. Thanks for the mention again and have a blessed weekend!

    1. That average Joe is obviously doing a great job in this blogosphere.

      Reginald, you’re simply great!

      Thanks for your comment and do have a great weekend as well.

  5. Hey, that was an amazing post. It’s going to be really helpful for me for I have been looking forward to connect with more serious blogger and you just gave me a complete list of people i need to network with.
    Thanks a lot!
    Happy new year!

    1. Happy new to you as well Manpreet!

      Networking with these guys will do more good than harm. They know what blogging is all about.

      Thanks for your comment.

  6. These bloggers Emmanuel, I dare say, are the brightest stars rising out there!

    I would suggest though that you give room for editing so that you can always add suggestions within a time frame – I’m pretty sure your readers would have a name or two.

    I for one have a suggestion!

    Great work all the same. The bloggers mentioned here are easily amongst the brightest rising stars!


    1. Why not? Your suggestions are very well welcomed.

      Which name should be added up there? The names are simply numerous though.

      Thanks for your comment and do have a nice weekend.

  7. Thanks for the love Emmanuel.

    You always surprise us with your love for Indian blogging community. 🙂

    All great bloggers which you listed here are truly awesome and they are giving their best to help people.

    I love your efforts always and this time you did spectacular job again. Bravo for this.. (Y)

    Best wishes for 2014. Make it big. 🙂

  8. Hi Emmanuel,

    2013 is no longer gradually bidding us farewell but it’ll soon be a past in the history of blogging world. What a great list, ranging from the very first name on the list to the very last person, they are indeed a target bloggers most especially madam Harleena and Sheeba being the only female blogger that made the list.

    1. Hahaha! It didn’t even crossed my mind that there were only two females there.

      I don’t like playing around on issues of gender.

      Do have a great weekend bro. and of course a Happy new year.

  9. Hi, Emmanuel,
    Wonderful list of bloggers. 🙂
    They are definitely going to have great impact in Blogging arena. You are too a great blogger. Please, don’t underestimate yourself, Emmanuel. 🙂
    Thank You very much for sharing it. 🙂

  10. Hello Emmanuel,

    Wonderful list of bloggers mate, Indeed all the bloggers mentioned in the list deserve featuring here. I’m following all of them and I’d say they are doing great at their blogs respectively.


  11. Hi Emmanuel,

    You’ve compiled a wonderful list! I see some bloggers whom I adore in this list- Suresh Khanal, Jane Sheeba, Harleena Singh, Kulwant Nagi..And I’m very happy to see my good friend Sam Adeyinka in this list! Yup, Sam will rock in 2014!

    And Emmanuel bro, you too will definitely achieve big feats in 2014! I’m damn sure about that 🙂

    Hope you have a wonderful new year!


    1. Hey Arun, it’s good to see you here and wait….don’t you get tired? I see you everywhere in the blogosphere. You now are a better traveler than my humble self. :)Keep it up okay.

      Awwwh…….thanks so much for saying that about me..it’s surely appreciated!

      By the way, I’m sure you will indeed rock yourself as I can envisage that success already, not to forget that is also flying in the air.

      keep up the spirit man!


  12. Hey Emmanuel

    Good to see Indians listed and Sriram , Jane are from my neighborhood.I have learned more stuff from Jane which she always shares valuable stuff to her readers and Sriram the young active guy can be seen much on social networks who shares what he tried and learned, I wish him for his future.

  13. Hey Emmanuel,

    Superb list, you’ve listed the best bloggers, i’m really inspired from few of them. Especially Kulwant Sir and Reginald. I love reading reginaldchan.net, i have missed some of his articles due to exams. Looking forward to read all of them on this weekend.

    Thanks for Sharing!

    Happy New Year!


  14. I can’t believe I am not the first to comment. Hahaha! It’s a long way down here but I still have to leave my thoughts. You have listed the most outstanding bloggers and I am shocked to be in your list. So this is definitely another emotional day for me. Thanks alot for the mention buddy, but I will still need to correct the “boss” notion. You the boss here and I am glad you are finally taking responsibility.

    Wow, Sam is here, That’s a great pal of mine and Maddam Harleena has to be here as well, otherwise the list would be incomplete. Mr. Suresh Khanal is a great pal as too 🙂 . . Lots of India bloggers here, no doubt, that’s the HQ of blogging and it’s great to see them rocking your list.

    Enjoy the rest of the day and year great friend/blogger

    1. Hey Nosa,

      You should see how surprise I was to come about my name in such a great list with amazing and awesome bloggers such as your humble self.

      Cudjoe, caused a continuous goose bumps all over my body and I felt so high even though I can never be higher than the most high himself who happens to be the most highest entity!

      Nosa, I happy to be in your league o! 😀


  15. Certainly a lot of brilliant bloggers. They are the top notch and I am already a fan of many of them. I am not aware of some of them but will make sure that I check their blogs out.

  16. Hi Emmanuel…

    You’ve shared a great list of bloggers to watch for in 2014. Am a big fan and follower of Kulwant, Harleena and Jane. Also I take my hat off to the young blogger, Sriram.

  17. They are the future of blogging. Its nice to see young lads in the list. Blogging should be recognized as a successful career all around the world.
    We bloggers have to spread the awareness.
    Though I’m new too but I am very much into blogging now and hope to choose it as my profession.

    Happy new year to everyone

  18. This is wonderful, what is even more surprising here is that i know of all these bloggers! and truly, they are to be watched come 2014!.

  19. Hi Emmanuel, You have shared a phenomenal list of bloggers! Great to see so many Indians in this list.However, I think that one is really missing in your post,its Arun Kallarackal from Smart Blogging Tips.

    Thanks for Sharing & Happy New Year 🙂


    1. That is true. Arun Kallarackal is one great personality with lots great qualities as a blogger.

      Thanks as well for your comment and a Happy new Year.

    2. Hey Deepak,compliments of the season!

      I just wanted you to know that I seconded you all the way! Arun is my brother, though from another mother and I’m sure he will shake the blogosphere this year!

      And I have a feeling that you will too if and if only you don’t relent.


  20. Wao, That’s a nice list of bloggers in this post. I know most of them and the very first one Sriram is my friend. Hope one day i will also make to this list 🙂

  21. Wow! I’m speechless, that’s for the shout out bro…btw, you didn’t mention your blog, definitely folks should watch out for yours in the coming year.

    Thanks once again for including me, I also know some other mentioned bloggers and of course they deserve it.

  22. great list you have here, powerful blogger listed in the post. I actually thought you won’t want to add yourself to the list and that where you will see me get angry at you because. Because the way you write is just to powerful and impressive.

    Thanks for the post…

  23. Hi Boss,
    I must say this is a very nice list, I know almost all the bloggers you mentioned and they are all doing well in the blogosphere. My queen Harlenna is one lady I respect with all I have, she is an inspiration. My bosses, Nosa Ero Nosa, Reginald Chan, Samuel Adeyinka, Ryan and Nagi have also been of great help in helping me grow in the blogosphere not forgetting you that has also been there for always. I truely appreciate you.


  24. What a honor bro! Thanks a lot for mentioning me in the list. I know every other bloggers mentioned in the list and I do read their blog regularly except Nosa E.Nosa’s. His blog looks cool and he is a great writer like you!

    1. Hi Sriram,
      You obviously deserve to be in the list. You have done and continue to do marvelous works since the beginning of the year.

      Nosa is indeed a great writer!

  25. Great list, Emmanuel 🙂

    I do know many of these bloggers, but some of them are new to me (I am always eager to check out new blogs and meet other bloggers :D).

    Anyways, thank you for sharing the list, Emmanuel 🙂 Hope you had a good Christmas!

    Happy New Year!

    1. I of course had a good Christmas but I’m waiting patiently the New Year which happens to be my birthday.

      Happy new year to you as well and thanks for your comment.

  26. Good to see the popular ones mentioned like Harleena Singh or kulwant nagi, they all have done awesome work on their blogs in the past year or so and rightfully deserve the mention.

    I found a few new faces as well, will catch up with them soon,

    Uttoran Sen,

  27. Emmanuel, you listed some great bloggers here. I know them all except the 14 year old and how amazing is that? Wow, I was so impressed! Thanks for sharing the list with us and I will have to check out that kids blog some more. I hope you have a wonderful 2014 as the new year is almost upon us!

    1. Hello Madam Lisa,
      Ariram is a great blogger and his blog is worth every minute spent there.

      Thanks for your comment Madam Lisa. I am eagerly waiting for the New Year as it also happens to be my birthday as well.

      Happy New Year Madam Lisa!

  28. Hi Emmanuel,

    Nice to see Sriram, Jane, Regi, Kulwant,Glibert, Harleena and Ryan in the list of bloggers to watch in 2014.

    All are my favourite and inspiring bloggers. Thanks for writing post.

  29. Powerful list of bloggers. With that list, you cannot go wrong. Each blogger is unique on their own ways and give away massive value. Thanks for sharing the list!

  30. Pingback: Hello 2014 | My Last post of the Year
  31. Hi Emmanuel,

    What a wonderful list of bloggers you’ve introduced us too! I know Harleena very well but hadn’t heard of the others until today. I will be sure to check out their blogs.

    Sriram at 14 years old sounds truly inspirational!

    Thank you and a very Happy New Year to you! 🙂

  32. Nice list, All these bloggers are doing great work. They are going to rock in 2014. Nirmala, Kulwant and Harleena are my favorite bloggers.
    Thanks for sharing this list.

  33. Thank you Emmanuel for the mention. It’s an honor!

    It feels really cozy to sit among Harleen, Jane and Kulwant, Reginald! What an energetic bloggers they are!

    Oh well, can’t forget mentioning the post producing machine – Ryan! 🙂

  34. Hello Emmanuel,

    Well all of the featured bloggers seems familiar and I’ve been visiting their blog’s quite often and I must say they are doing great work.

    Happy New Year!

  35. Wow, everyone on your list is so young! lol Glad to see another generation of bloggers are ready to take up the challenge. I wish all of you the best.

  36. Hi Emmanuel,

    Happy new year and wish you greater year this time!

    Many thanks to share your list of blogger to watch in 2014, I know most of them and going to see the rest.


  37. Thanks for this list Emmanuel. There are some new names and blogs for me to check out, and I’m always looking for great content to read.

    Good luck to you in 2014!

  38. Hello Respected,
    Visited your blog through a comment made on a blog (Don’t know which one) and I will say that you did a great job simple. I really feel something more to do in this year. So that I can also see my name in upcoming list.
    Thank you dear. Let me count in your powerful commentator .
    Thank you

  39. wow, I familiar with some bloggers in the blogger’s list of 10 +1 and makes me motivated to better manage the blog

  40. Kabenlah I found your blog a while back and I’m really happy to see a fellow Ghanaian so successful in the blogging world. I think the international community you’ve built here is one of the best testaments to your success. Great blog, great article. Maybe God willing next year I’ll be successful enough to be featured on the 2015 version of this article. Kudos 🙂

    1. Aberantie Frimpong, medase!

      There is obviously no doubt you’re going to be on the list by close of the year.

      I like that blog of yours, Life in Siano! Please keep up with the good work you’re doing as well.

  41. Emmanuel.. love the post.. My first visit here and I really enjoyed it.. the list.. awesome.. gave me even more bloggers to connect with.. stay tuned I’m taking your advice and putting my list together as well.. Thanks so much for sharing..love it.. keep smiling

  42. I just found your blog through Google search and it’s already been a wealth of information! Helps me grow my own brand. Thanks for the ideas. And this list is great. Look forward to familiarizing myself with each of their strong points.

  43. Hey Cudjoe,

    It’s so unfortunate that I’m constantly coming so late to the party this days, I would have blamed my not having a laptop for it but I hate excuses as they are the tools of the incompetent and the monument of nothing, and obviously the users are generally unwise and barely make it in life. So I won’t as I seriously want to make it in life’s endeavour.

    Speaking about this post, it’s arguably one of the best list I’ve read so far this year….Let’s wait and see my own. 😀

    I have come a long way and I am particularly thrilled that I’ve networked with all of this great bloggers, even the likes of the commenting superstar, who taught me all that I know about blog commenting.

    Sriram, who at some point gave me a distinctive opportunity to guest post on his great blog.

    Nosa, who constantly speaks on the power of mindset and how to attain suspicious success.

    Reginald, a helping machine.

    Ryan, that machinery, who never stopped traveling and writing stunning post.

    Suresh, who speaks the truth as he sees them and Cudjoe, who never stopped telling me, “Sam, follow your mind”. You guys indeed are fantastic and you are all well deserving of this honorable mentions.

    Oh I just forgot Sam Adeyinka, that pest of a blogger, who wouldn’t allow fellow bloggers to rest and one who hankers so much for the result of success.

    Thanks so much Cudjoe, for mentioning me….I’m so honored boss. I can barely muster any words right now as reading this kept sending me into cloud9.

    You are the best and do have a magical season yonder! 😀


  44. Very informative post
    I’m a big fan of Raginald Chan, he has a stupendous blog and the way he research things is very seriously and carefully. I will try the rest of the list.
    thanks for your sharing.


  45. Most of the people I know here, some I don’t and I will have to check them out. But the one thing they all have in common (including you) is that they are very kind, respectful, and willing to communicate and help. Those traits make a great blogger!

  46. Hello,

    Very inspiring post, seems like I know all of them as I’m a regular reader for all the blogs mentioned above.

    Thanks for featuring.

  47. Nice to see this list of top blogger of 2014. Majority of them are Indians, it will inspire me to do better and learn from my previous mistakes. Thanks a lot @Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe for providing this interesting article.

  48. I sometimes feel that I can be in that list for 2015.

    Well these bloggers mentioned in the post are one of the bests in thier business.


  49. nice list. i am new i am big fan of sri ram, kulwant nagi, harleena madam and jane madam. they all are successful bloggers. thanks for sharing list.

  50. Hey Emmy,

    I know this is long but I’m sorry not to have left a comment since then but now. Hope you didn’t mind? 🙂

    You mentioned great bloggers indeed and I am so fortunate to be among those bloggers….a really surprising honor.

    Thanks man!


  51. Hi Emmanuel,

    The above list does indicate the various bloggers from diffrent race and country over the world. But most are from India, Nigeria and US.

    I’m glad to see so many Indian bloggers–due to which I’m forced to say India is the heardquarters of blogging.

    One can learn about many things about blogging and internet world through this list of awesome bloggers.

    Thanks for the list,


  52. Hey Kabenlah,

    A great and helpful post! Not only these bloggers are top and authority figures but also they help you in times of disaster and problems. You can look to them for any solutions to any problem.

    Also learnt the importance of globalization too! What I didn’t learnt in textbooks, I got to learn in blogging! The list contains bloggers from different continents to different countries.

    Blogging is indeed an uniting force.


  53. Hi Emmanuel,

    This is really great list of blogger. I think all these bloggers are from India.

    No doubt, Harleena Singh is my most most and most favorite. I love her. In my previous comment on this blog, I told many time that Harleena is top blogger. I never saw like this blogger.

    Thanks Emmanuel for sharing such great list
    All other bloggers are totally new for me. I never heard about them.

    Areesha Noor!

  54. Woow Awesome post. This is really helpfull for me and I’m really glad to see Indian bloggers, they are really awesome I just wanna be like them one day. You made my day. I just loved this article or list. You helped me alot so I just wanna say thanks to you. I’ll definitely gonna bookmark your blog.
    Thank you.:-)

  55. Great and a helpful post. I always visit your blog because of your innovative ideas in post. Thanks for sharing. Nice to see many Indian Blogger.

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