Beware! my Images too are Monetzied.

If there is one country which one envy’s a lot, it will be no other country than Nigeria. The Giants of Africa. In my country Ghana, the saying, ‘Everything is possible is Nigeria’ is predominantly popular here. Because the pace at which our Nigerian brothers go about doing their businesses here leaves a lot to be desire. Naija’s are really smart when it comes to business.

No wonder the first storey-building in my hometown was built by a Nigerian in the year 1919, 20 years before my great grandfather built his. The funny thing was that , my great grandfather and Teacher Sunday( the Nigerian) were all doing the same business but how come he succeeded faster than my grandfather? They were all shop keepers but there was something the Nigerian saw which I doubt most Ghanaian shop keepers couldn’t see.

Te reality was that, most of my hometown inhabitants were soo poor at that time they couldn’t afford to buy full match box just to light their fires. Teacher Sunday found and interesting way and capitalised on it by dividing those match sticks into small groups and selling it at a cheaper price where everyone could afford. Therefore all the locals found themselves at his store.

That was smartness.Even today, such smartness is still evident in Ghana where you find any Nigerian shop. Walk into Tip-Toe-Lane a popular area in Ghana where you’re likely to find most Nigerian stores and you’re likely to broker a deal with one Nigerian shop owner which will shock you.

Walk in there and you’re likely to find the world’s most expensive perfume in your shirt at a small fee if you can’t afford the full price. No wonder the richest black person in the world is a Nigerian. Aliko Dangote is the name. His Dangote cement is now the most preferred cement in Ghana toppling the reign Ghana Cement.

That is Naijas for you! Smartness for you!

So why all these lengthy talks? And I guess it all boils down to the fact how you too can monetize your images as well and that will be smartness!

Mine here are monetized so can yours be. Adding images to posts are something which are highly recommended. For they say, a picture has a thousand words to say but wouldn’t it be a good idea if those images of yours can bring in some cool $$? And that is what I want us to discuss. So what are the options available?


The word above really sounds strange and I am yet to find it meaning in the dictionary but it is one of those sites you can use to monetize your images. Imonomy is what I use. I hope many of you familiar with my blog always do find a related post when your cursor falls on those images in my posts. Yes, that is money! Hahaha!

Imonomy acts more or less like a related post widget or plugin but the  good thing is that you get paid for it. Another interesting about Imonomy is, they automatically add images to your posts when you don’t add one.

I have made some $$ with them and looking forward in making $$$ in the near future. So you see, when you think of making money online, don’t forget to monetize those images of yours with imonomy!


I think when it comes to image monetization, luminate is what is widely known. It is the most popular among many bloggers. I have tried it as well and it is of course worth the hype. So considering monetizing your images, you can go with it as well.

-Image Space Media

I think this is now be owned by Vibrant but that doesn’t mean they mean they have stopped doing what they do best. That is monetizing yiur images! As a newbie blogger somewhere in 2012 with my blogger blog, I was soo much into money to the extent that I was having more than 10 ads on my homepage alone from different ads providers and Image space media was of no exception. With ISM, you can choose the way and manner those ads should appear with the style which suites you the  most.

Your Turn.

As earning online is a matter of experiment, the power is yours.  What might work for you is likely not to work for me so obviously these are the three options I live you with.

Moreover the world would love to hear your experience with any of these of you have tried them already or still using them. Your thoughts and comments are very well welcomed.

So you see, Beware! my Images too are Monetzied.

56 Replies to “Beware! my Images too are Monetzied.”

  1. Hey Cudjoe, it’s good to be here again this year on your great blog, one I wish is mine!

    Awesome post, filled with interesting story and hype about Nigeria juggernauts.

    Like seriously, dem dey monetize image self? Aha! Guy why you no tell me this since. Will try’em out when I get paypal and finish setting up my payoneer account.

    Thanks for the share bossest!


    1. Yes boss, dem dey monetize images! You want own I can give it to you. Hahahaha!

      I can see you’ve already implemented imonomy on your blog already. I wish you all the best bro.

      Do have a wonderful week and thanks for your comment.

  2. Hello Emmanuel, I can’t stop laughing here, maybe because I am seeing what other persons won’t see in your article as I am a Nigerian.

    The phrase “Everything is possible in Nigeria” is what has left me off-balance. Nigeria is indeed a great place but our ability to exceed in things of moral values is what most people in other regions continue to ask. In my mind, I blame the negative picture of my dear country on the nefarious propaganda attitude of most western media houses.

    That said, it’s through you can monetize your images and this article clearly explains how any blogger can make the process work like a charm for them.

    Do have a nice day buddy and Happy New Year to you my dearest brother!! 🙂

    1. Let me reiterate it again, In Naija, everything is possible. Hahaha!

      The swiftness and smartness of my Naija pals leaves a lot to be desired. I for instance hardly watch or listen to the news. It appears only the negative things make up the news.

      Thanks as always for your comment and do have a prosperous and Happy New Year this year.

  3. Hello Emmanuel, You are right Nigerian is one of the greatest country in africa, i am not saying this because i am One, but because of what i have seen, when it comes to doing all kinds of business the Igbo are the right person to meet for Tutorial.. Ghana is also one of the greatest country in africa, i know that because i have many Ghanaian Friends and they are doing perfectly alright.

    You are right monetising our blog post is really a great way to have extra bulk of dollar in our back pocket, who don’t wanna make more money?? No one I guess

    1. I guess those who don’t intend making money from from their blogs have already left the class. HAHAHA!

      Going to Nigeria one day is on my plan.

      Thanks a lot bro for your comment.

  4. Hello comedian Emmanuel thanks for this interesting post. I don’t want to comments on the smartness of NG nor the image monetizing i just want to party hahaha.

  5. 🙂 thanks for this great and interesting post its really great. when I see the image i could not stop my hands and finally i clicked and then read it. great job keep it up!!!!

    1. And clicking those images obviously do bring some $. I hope you’re going to implement that on your blog as well.

  6. Thank you very much for this article, it is interesting to know that one can monetize even their title!

    If you get a lot of traffic i think the $$ from your image monetization will add up.

    1. Hahaha! I think we haven’t yet gotten to the monetization of titles yet.

      That of course would have being a great thing.
      Do have a great week.

  7. Hi Emmanuel,
    I will say your articles explains it all about monetizing images and as for my country, it is full of talents but because most western media focus on only the negative talents people now also focus on the negative things. Ghana is our wife and we also know ghanians have mad talent too.

    Great post boss.


    1. Ghana is of course married to Naija ever since.What those western media portrays about Africa is simply outrageous but of course shouldn’t demoralize us.

      Thanks bro for your comment and do have a wonderful week. But anyway, I hope you’ve monetized those images of yours?

  8. Hi Emmanuel,

    Really great post as always! Your closing paragraph are so true. We need to develop “business skills” to grab the opportunity that is best for our monetizing purpose.

    There are many ways we can monetize something but not all of it works for us. It is our task to find the best one.

    1. That is true Okto. Going in with different strategies is what matters a lot.

      Thanks for your comment and do have a wonderful week.

  9. wow, awesome, that will be a extra way to get income, readers click on images lately especially images you have to zoom to see it closely… great post

    1. Are you yelling ‘wow’? Hahaha! That is the truth and I hope you’re going to give it a try as well.

      Do have a wonderful week.

  10. Emmanuel,

    You always find creative ways to make me laugh my friend. I always enjoy reading your content and at the same time learn a lot of stuff. Thanks for the great post!

    1. You always find ways and means to motivate me through those insightful posts of yours and that of course brings out the best in me.

      Thanks as well for your comment and and do have a wonderful week.

  11. This is another way to improve blogging earnings but my concern is in the load time of my blog, does it add any load to the site to slow it down because i know it will have to sort contents to find how it is related to the images it will display.

    1. Yes Nwosu, that is a genuine concern you’ve raised. It hardly affects site’s loading time though.

      I guess you can try it as well from your end.

  12. Happy new year to you emmanuel

    Nigeria is a great nation which every nations always talked about and i believe this believes of people is through about Nigerians but it affect us alot cos we don’t care about how our leaders spent our money cos we can leave without their support.

    Concerning the image monetization is a good stuff, and i will like to implement it.

  13. Imonony, pronounce it again. Notice it sounds like “money” this definitely means it’s goin to make money. Now let’s check it out.

  14. Hi Kabenlah,
    Your story about Nigerians in Ghana really fascinates me! Sure, Nigerians are smart when it comes to using the slightest opportunity to make money 😀

    Coming to the main topic of discussion, I am yet to try any image monetization online resources.

    So, I cannot relate any user experience with you.

    However, I guess its time to checkout these three links you have suggested. Hopefully, I would be glad I did in the long run!

    I found this post in the social bookmarking and content syndication website for Internet marketers – where I have left the above comment.

    Sunday – contributor for

  15. Hello Emmanuel,

    Being a Nigerian, I must say that you hit the nail very hard on the head…but its good that you’ve learnt a thing or two us and have utilized it to make money.

    The options you have presented are very great and in due course, I will give them proper attention.

    Thanks for the introduction.


  16. Hi bro,

    You are such a creative writer, you have never failed to find a way to get our attention genuinely.

    First it was the title and now; this again! Honestly, being creative is cool specially if the smartness isn’t going to give you a bad name among right thinking persons.

    Monetizing images is awesome, but one needs take users’ experience into consideration as well.

    I will take a good at the sites once again and drop my feedback afterwards.

    Thanks for sharing and do have a splendid week bro

  17. Talking about monetized images, Stipple is the advertising startup that helps Web publishers monetize their images. They allow label and share people, places, and things in their images. And I think this is a great help. Anyway, thanks for the post!

    This comment was left in where this post was already “kingged” and shared for Internet marketers.

    1. Hello Madam Metz,

      Thanks for the add up. I haven’t heard of Stipple and will obviously check them out.

      Thank you.

  18. Great to know that images can be optimized even. The sites you have mentioned here are worth trying out. Thanks for the resource

  19. Hey Bro

    Something interesting which I have not crossed any such matters before hope to try out this resource which you have listed on this post

  20. Do you know what is so awesome about your post?
    I have been photo-blogging for about 4 years and never heard of this!
    I’m going to check into these services, thanks for the tip!

  21. Hi Emmanuel,
    Nice to know that your images are monetized too. I too used to monetize my images very long back when I used to run adbribe ads. This was very long back in 2009-10 season there used to be a category called britepic which used to monetize images. Now I am happy to see more such services you mentioned here in this post…

    1. I haven’t heard of Britepic before though but there is of course no doubt that there are now more options in image monetization.

  22. I loved the story you told in the beginning of the article. I want to learn more about Nigeria now!

    I have been online for years, and I was not aware you could monetize your pictures. I’m not sure if I would do it or not, and how it would affect pinterest, but now I know where to find out.

  23. Hi Emmanuel,

    This has been on my mind for a while…monetizing my images! I take my own images because of all the confusion with all those ever changing laws.

    You have given me much food for thought and now you have taught me how it all works. I thank you for that.

    I found the beginning of your article most interesting. I’m in the U.S. and don’t have much knowledge about what’s going on. I would like to know more.

    I do have some good friends from Ghana and they are all kind and hard working people.


  24. Hello Emmanuel ,
    Once again an interesting topic you’ve come with. Cant stop laughing. Just keep posting such interesting topics cause i really love it.

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