Are You Plugged-IN To The Blog-O-Sphere? has gotten the privilege to host one of the finest bloggers in this blogosphere. He goes by the name Nosa Ero Nosa with Thatnaijablog as his blog.

Let hear what he has to say;

Any smartphone or gadget that is Plugged-IN will always attract its electrical equivalent. This enables the device to be charged, thus ensuring full functionality. In blogging, this phenomenon is exactly alike. Anyone who wants to become a blogger of enviable heights, has to be Plugged-IN to the blog-o-sphere.

Blogging is tough, but blogging alone is tougher. The will to become successful in blogging is what everyone who first conceives the idea of being a blogger desperately shoots for. This is not difficult to acquire, the status of a “successful blogger” is not a gift bestowed by providence on only a few rarely endowed bloggers. It is like the ability to play football; any man or woman – every person can develop his own latent capacity if he has sufficient desire to do so and this requires that the person is Plugged-IN.

Your association to a large extent determines your future. Hence, you cannot afford to stand alone; you need to be Plugged-IN to the blog-o-sphere to realize your dreams. No one grows by being a blogger; a successful blogger grows by connecting with the right bloggers.

Most bloggers have arrived at the shores of failure, not because they did not invest in their blog or lacked the will to reproduce great contents. They simply never realized how a simple thing as lack of “association” could force one’s blog on a downward spiral.

I had blogged in isolation and I was largely not comfortable with people knowing I was a blogger, but I couldn’t understand why I had to breed this kind of mindset for so much a long time. This indeed was the recipe for not realizing my goals a few years ago. There is a direct connection between the success of your blog and kind of bloggers you connect with. Those who refuse to connect with other bloggers and form a respectful relationship can only achieve two things; one is failure and disgrace and the other is success which will happen after a very hard labor and may not be sustainable.

Whether you realize it or not, you must know that your blog is formed and developed every day. The most powerful influences to your blog are determined by what you read, what you think, what you see and the kind of bloggers you associate with.

Being Plugged-IN to the blog-o-sphere requires that you connect with the right bloggers. The associations you keep in the ecosystem of millions of blogs have the power to bring life or death to your blog. That is why you can’t afford to surround yourself with mediocre bloggers who will prevent you from crystallizing your dreams. If your desire is pale and flabby, your achievement will also take on that hue and consistency.

It takes humility to ask questions and in questions do you find answers. Asking the right kind of questions that will propel your blog to stardom only comes from building a relationship with pro-bloggers. They may ignore you at first because they have had to deal with too many persons, but being exceptional by seeking answers to intelligent questions will leave you at an incredible position to snap their attention. Go after your goal with persistence and with the energy of a bulldog after a cat, nothing underneath the bridge can defeat you.

Your Turn

Fear is the begotten of ignorance and uncertainties said Professor Robinson in whom I have great admiration. Most young bloggers are scared of sending a mail and connecting with older bloggers which is obviously one of the ways a blogger can get noticed in the blog-o-sphere. It would interest you to know that my entire blogging journey all started from a connection; a single reply from one of the most prolific gaming bloggers in the last decade Mr. Ben Duka, in whose eyes I saw blogging and crafted my niche. The association you keep will eventually characterize the future of your blogs, are you Plugged-IN by connecting with the right bloggers?

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  1. I really love ur post Master Nosa, your first fact is actually right, truly a full enabled smartphone that is plugged-in should have the ability to attract electricity, But what makes it equlivant?

    You might be wandering why i asked, but actually, u explained that urself.
    b4 you can attract the electrical equilivant in terms of blogging you have to enable urself for that. That is, Investment and the passion which you have already explained on the body of ur content..

    Educative post Nosa, Keep it up..

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    1. Thanks Chinonso for taking out time to read my article on this great blog. I want to believe you have a fantastic connection with my extraordinary friend Emmanuel, there is really more than a million things he’s got in his brain.

      Do have a nice day buddy..

  2. Hey Cudjoe, what an awesome blogger you here today and I’m glad I know him. 🙂

    Hi Nosa, it’s so pleasing to see you here trust me.

    I love the headline, and loved everything about the post.

    I would say that the little success and achievements have attain thus far can only be traceable to the significant amount of connections have in so far made.

    Indeed connecting with fellow bloggers not necessarily a problogger is the key towards attain suspicious success in the blogosphere.

    Thanks so much guys, I really do appreciate this one and I hope to be the next dude to write hopefully my new system(though my brother’s) continues to work fine.


    1. Hello Sam, thanks for warm contribution as always. It’s a nice feeling knowing you as well as Kabie. You both rock. 🙂

  3. Hey Nosa,
    Welcome to Kabenlah with a very solid topic. You know I often say you can’t succeed as an Island. You added more to it be stressing on the quality of connection. Now that’s very important. I encourage both vertical and horizontal connections.

    “A successful blogger grows by connecting with the right bloggers” That’s very correct. Connect with people that can help you grow and be open in your relationship

    Excellent piece bro. Hope to see around so soon
    BTW, going to your blog for more engagement

    and Emma thanks for bringing Nosa on board to share with us

    1. Hi Muki, I am glad I’m welcomed here. I initially had a strange feeling deciding to stop by at because his style of writing and passing on a message is quite different from the rest and very unique. I am already feeling at home.. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of the day friend.

  4. Hi Nosa

    Yes I do agree that connection is more important in the blog o sphere but people not trying out they are looking to make money in short time not even sharing an valuable stuff between great share bro

    1. Spot on buddy, a money-mindset blogger can only achieve so little. Blogging is like a seed, it takes time to germinate and when it does, it grows so big. One has to have a clear goal of what he intends to achieve and then, the monetary equivalent would come naturally. Have a nice day Shameem 🙂

  5. Hello Nosa,

    I completely agree with you: a healthy association with bloggers in ‘the hood’ ensures that you rise to the top fast. Yet, it is quite strange that very few bloggers ever understand this fact. And what is their fate: failure!

    The keyword here is not hard work: it is smart work (and maybe some hardwork).


    1. Hello Terungwa, thanks for your great contribution. Indeed smart work is needed, but you need hard work as well. I’m not sure there is any substitute for hard work anymore and if there was, it would only be hard life.

      In my e-book, I brushed off hard work but now I know better, hard work + smart work equal success. Will make the necessary changes in the next edition.

      Do have a nice day buddy and hope to see you soon.

      1. If you must choose between the two, Nosa, go for smartwork! But if given the option again, opt for a nice combination of the two and you’re sure to see wonders happen!


  6. Interesting point, Nosa.

    At first I was kind of confused as to what it means. You explained. I understood. And I must say, you have a point. An interesting one.

    While I firmly believe that to attract the “right” kind of bloggers, firstly you have to have quality content, I also know that it is a two-way street. That being “Plugged-IN” or engaging will also help to not lose the connection you have with other bloggers you initially have because of your content.

    Thanks for sharing! I left this comment on, IM social bookmarking site, where I found this post shared. 🙂

    1. Hello Riza, I’m sorry if I confused you but its a nice feeling to know you finally got to understand everything. Thanks for coming around and do have a nice day

  7. Hi Nosa,

    Great article by the way. I like what you said about connecting with the right bloggers. We as bloggers share the same space together. We are also on the same journey together was well. It’s a win-win all around! Thanks for the great post and looking forward to more of your writing!

  8. Hi Nosa, and welcome to Emmanuel’s blog 🙂

    You are absolutely right about connecting with the right bloggers 🙂

    However, I would also like to add that it’s the wrong bloggers and the bad connections that make you strong and more determined to pave your own path, they sharpen your skills and make you a pro-blogger. Yes, we all need to connect with the right bloggers because they help us to learn the way things are to be done.

    I remember my time when I stepped into the Blogosphere 3 years back. I actually had no one to call as a friend, nor did I know a single blogger. But you start meeting other bloggers by visiting their blogs, and at that time you cannot make out who is the right or wrong blogger, you learn that with time, along the way. So, keep your senses sharp, and be aware and then proceed. Every person teaches you something – but some teach you more and better than the rest – connect with them more.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead, both of you 🙂

    1. Hello Madam Harleena, thanks for your point. It’s also true that we have to connect with the wrong bloggers but I guess we still have to be careful while doing that. Only few persons can recover from negative advice, that leads to sudden fall of one’s blog. But like you said, if anything happens and there is recovering, it surely would make anyone in such situation stronger and better.

      Thanks for taking out time to read my article Madam and do have a nice day. 🙂

    2. this is really cool comment that’s why I like your writing Harlena. Anyway I have started blogging since 2012 and my blog page view was 21000 per day. After hummingbird update its losing visibility on search engine and eventually now my daily page view below 5000. Drastically fall my AdSense income. But I got PR 2. Creating regular unique posts, redesigned my blog, sharing posts on social networks. But anything is not working. I become so frustrated.

      1. Thanks Mohammad, and I can understand what you mean 🙂

        Don’t worry! Google is forever changing it ways. I sometimes don’t even get those many views, so that is just one aspect of it all. Just write good content that helps your readers, and you will do well with time. Be patient – blogging takes time 🙂

      2. It surely would get better. I lost 75% traffic in the last 3-months but I still fixing some erros and I am optimistic things would get better.

        You too can keep working hard sir and things would see an increase..

        1. Thanks both of you (Harlena & Nosa)for quick reply..some of my blogger friends suggesting me to change platform. (WordPress) But I don’t think so platform change is not the solution. Still zillions of blogger doing well in Google Blogger platform. What do u say?

          1. It’s not really about platform. In my opinion and from series of test, Blogger seems to be much better for SEO, since Google won’t have time crawling and indexing dynamic links in Blogger.

            My traffic slump was as a result of changing platform from Blogger to WordPress and I have learned new things in the process, although causing frustration at some point and overall drop in revenue. Like I said earlier, both platform have their strengths and weaknesses..

            You should consider finding and fixing broken links aswell as fixing 404 erros. Also check if you have given out too many “do-follow” link attribute for external URL’s.

            Then again, your contents could be old and maybe reposting a few with updated information can also do the trick.

      3. Mohammad,
        I know it will get better with you. What I will suggest you do is that you promote your content. Sometimes, we get so obsessed with google SEO such that, we loose our creativity on sending visitors to our blogs.

        I think you should consider some of the the promotional methods I shared in my Kill google post.

        For example, you can convert your posts into PDF by the help of and then share this on sites like

        An extra 350 new visitors to an old post will definitely not hurt. would it?.

        I am off to check your blog to see what’s up.

    3. And yes Harleena, you have done it again. Commenting in a style that connects with the writer. Like I told you on Adrienne’s blog, I will be coming up with the post about you shortly. I will keep you posted.

      And to Nosa, a great blogger on a great blog. I really agree with you that we need to build relationships with other bloggers.

      In my view, I think that the kind of relationship you build can also help establish your brand.

      Since I was responding to Harleena, about your post on Kabenla, I will be glad if any of you 3 can respond to my question.

      To what extent can building a relationship with other bloggers establish your brand?

      1. Hi Eyram,

        Thanks so much for your kind words and feedback, and I shall surely look forward to checking out what you come up with, whenever that happens 🙂

        I don’t know about a brand, but I do know that building relationships with fellow bloggers is the one thing that’s always worked for me – that’s the main reason my blog is where it is today. So, I have all my friend’s to thank for that, whom became friend’s online, through blogging in most of the cases.

        Thanks once again 🙂

  9. His Boss,
    i would say you are at it again. If one must succeed very well in the blogosphere, a good connection can enhance that but also connecting the wrong way as the queen has said also makes you stronger and drives you towards becoming better. I do not have much to say but I will say the few years i have spent blogging and the right people that i have met have made me better.

    A very good article boss and thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Olili, its nice to see you around sir, your contribution is absolutely spot on. I am particularly happy you are connecting and being plugin-IN. Do have a nice day buddy.. 🙂

  10. wow boss Nosa, you rock i agree with you ,i couldn’t just scroll down after reading this without droping comments. Nice post.

    1. Hello Daniel, thanks for your warm comment and finding out the extra energy to drop a comment. Enjoy the rest of the day. 🙂

  11. Hello Nosa,

    Glad to see you here with wonderful article, and yeah I’m also with the people who agree with your points listed above.


  12. Great tips, Nosa 🙂

    I do agree with your point on connecting with other bloggers. Relationship marketing is one of the most important things associated with blogging, without any strong relations, one will find it extremely hard to succeed in blogging.

    I personally don’t think that we can achieve our goals without having good blogging friends, especially if the goals are big – from gaining more subscribers to getting more clients.

    Anyways, thank you for sharing this with us 🙂 And thank you Emmanuel for allowing to Nosa to write here 😀

    1. Hello Jeevan, thanks so much for your warm contribution. Indeed networking is vital for success and you make it so easy for everyone to understand. Do have a nice day friend. 🙂

  13. Hi NOSA, welcome to Kabenlah 🙂

    Well I love your articles and its been a pleasure seeing your post on kabenlah. Well I agree completely with the fact you’ve come up with. I am experiencing the change myself day by the day as I’m starting to get noticed among some some big bloggers as well among mass audiences


    1. Hello Ahmed, I am trilled you love my articles and I am happy you are doing great from being plugged-IN.. Do have a nice day friend 🙂

  14. Nosa,
    Networking is one of the biggest things I missed on my early days of blogosphere. As you said, I was alone at early days without getting many comments or shares but now things has been changed.

    1. Hi Saeed, its nice to know you things are better for you by networking with other bloggers. Best wishes and see you at the top. Enjoy the rest of the day friend.. 🙂

  15. Hi Nosa,
    That was a great piece. When I came over here today, I thought little Johny had something to say. Surprising, it was big Nosa’s voice that overshadowed little Johny.

    Your content really settled in on this blog. I finished reading it, before I noticed little Johny was listening to come up with something interesting next time. Kudos on this piece.

    I must definitely say that, building relationships is the bedrock of blogging success.

    1. I completely agree with you, Eyram. Nosa has actually hit the nail straight on the head and for that feat, he deserves to be patted on the back.

      When ‘probloggers’ deliberately refuse to share what actually made them great and instead focus on such trivial things as updating a blog everyday etc, my heart bleeds!

      Apart from hard and smart work on one’s own part, nothing beats networking. You will be amazed at the success that could come your way just with a single mention, retweet, share or guest post.


      1. Na wa oooo… :-D.

        I agree with you. That is why at the end of how to build a famous blog in 30days, I stated clearly that the power of relationships cannot be overemphasized.

        Akaahan, thanks for adding your voice. This was so insightful

  16. Nice Post NOSA,

    Sometimes you read a top blog and you wonder what makes this blog different from mine, the difference is the number of people you can influence.

    Build relationships, it’s what makes the difference.

  17. Hi Nosa,

    I totally agree with that. No blogger can become truly successful on their own. We need to connect with as many bloggers as we can, and the more associations we have the better it is for our blog.

    To start with no association with other bloggers would mean hardly any comments, and to me a blog without comment is dead.

    Thanks for you great tips.

  18. Hi Nosa,

    I really enjoyed the post, and agree with your point of view. I can tell you from my own experience that trying to blog alone and not being “plugged-in” to the blogosphere made blogging very hard. Relationships, relationships, and more relationships!

  19. Wow! sorry for the late comment, and thanks to Master Nosa for re-sharing the post on fb, the post is very Educative and inspiring thanks once more Master Nosa, really appreciate the post.

    1. Hello Saminu, thanks for taking out time to drop your feedback.. I am particularly glad an article written in January could still make sense in October.

      Do have a nice day….

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