Don’t try to be a Blogger if…!

It is really interesting how quickly time flies. In no time there will be valentine and lovers will be seen all over holding hands expressing love through the wind. wow! But something happened? I mean something happened to my good friend Little Johnny during last valentine. He left her girl or let put it this way, his girlfriend let him. What happened?

The following conversation ensued between Little Johnny and his girlfriend, Esther during valentine some years back.

Esther: Honey, do you still love me like before?

Little Johnny: Yes love! My love for you will never change.

Esther: That’s my honey. I want you to buy me something.

Little Johnny: Just name it, baby.

Esther: It’s just one BB porsche.

Little Johnny: No problem. Just find out the price and let me know.

Esther: It’s #350,000.

Little Johnny: Is it manual or automatic? Is it still in a good shape, as in the engine. Have you checked the fuel consumption too?

Esther: Honey, its not a car oh, It’s a phone.

Little Johnny: Phone?!!!!!!!!! !!!!! that means it will have a fridge, generator set, plasma and a wardrobe, shey?

Esther: Are you buying it or not?

Little Johnny: Please I am not oh! I can’t!

Esther: Helloooooo!

Little Johnny: Hiiiiiiiii!

Esther: Don’t even bother again. I’will call Alhaji to get it for me this evening.

Little Johnny: Better still, call the President, he will be faster.

Esther:(sad, crying): ‘I’m going to delete you.

Little Johhny: Is your phone hanging, because I have deleted you since you mentioned Porsche.

And look at the funny thing Little Johnny said to her current girlfriend.

Little Johnny: Sweettheart, lets play hide and seek.
Gifty: Noooooo! the last time we did, I didn’t find you till Feb 15th!
Hahaha! Please no hide and seek no more! Let me move straight to the point. The issue on board is don’t be a blogger…
1.If you don’t have the passion- It is easier to set up a blog these days. The likes of and wordpress have made things easier. Becoming a blogger is one thing at the beginning  but without the passion for it, one is likely to be disappointed at the end. Please don’t consider yourself as a blogger when your passion level is low.
I sometimes do want to quit blogging since my commitment level sometimes goes down. Please considering yourself as a blogger, you must be very passionate.
2.If you are not ready to spend- From spending, I don’t mean just buying a domain or hosting but there is more to it. It cut across spending on internet services, electricity bills to all that per-tends to blogging. Blogging is expensive and one ought to be ready for that. If not, please don’t try being a serious blogger.
3.If  you’re not ready to write- With this post for instance, I am reluctant  to write but I have to. Hahaha! And that is for blogging. So don’t try becoming a blogger when you’re not ready to write!

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  1. Hello Emmanuel,

    Lovely article and excellent way of passing a very serious message. I understand how you feel, it happens to every blogger just as it happens to every worker. There are times, I believe the President of Ghana would be so mad at himself and would want to quit but for other reasons, he has to stay put. You hit low, you fall and you get up. That’s how it works. Hope to see more articles because haven read the article with my mind, I can see a different message being passed. Hope you not “hanging” up blogging anytime soon…

    Do have a nice day buddy.. 🙂

    1. Nosa,

      I thought I was the only one who perceived this entry in a second light too. However, since Emmanuel has no interest in ‘hanging up’, I can only wish him the best!


  2. Hi Emmanuel !!!
    The story has well explained the theme of the Title of the post what it want to convey.
    coming to the post, I am agree with the point you have listed. Blogging surely need investment. its a business and if you don’t invest some money in your business, you can’t be able to generate the income from the business.
    Another thing is the huge passion for it. A less enthusiastic person will perform less.

    nicely written up.
    cheers !!!

  3. Actually Emma, i would say u are a funny writer.

    First, you are good with your headlines, then a little fun of stories and facts before giving us the shot.

    You said well bro, Passion is the main thing, once you have that passion, then all other things shall be added.

    It takes a writer to have a passion, so your 1st point have explained it all.


  4. Lol, Valentine indeed… I love the 3 points (Passion, Spending & Writing), but READING too is also very important. i can’t even mention the number of articles i read online daily, moving from one blog to another to read interesting articles. The truth is, you can’t be a Good writer if you are not a good reader.

  5. You’ve shared a serious story, but a powerful message behind it. When you think about it, if you’re serious about blogging and in it for the long term then yes, you should look into buying your own branded domain name and hosting. If not, stock with word press’ or blogspot’s platform. Great post my friend!

  6. Oh WOW WOW WOW . Seriously I never seen a post like this graet you present such a nice information in a really graet way. And I will try to make this type of conversational post in future as it explains the topic easily

  7. Hi, Emmanuel,
    Once again a great post. Little Jhony is going more interesting day by day.
    BTW, well said, without passion, blogging is a though nut to crack.
    Thank You very much for sharing. 🙂
    Have a great weekend. 🙂

  8. Hi Emmanuel,

    Well again you’ve come up with an interesting post. Well for many it may be a story but in reality I can see a very important message behind it.

    This is what I like about your posts. Your way of explaining is totally awesome and I cant find this on any other blog or site.


  9. Hi Emmanuel,

    Very unusual approach to the subject but an interesting one to get your message to others.

    Have a great day, Monna

  10. I agree with you, if you are not ready to spend, then blogging is not for you… I spend money on internet connection and this takes away about 3% if not more of my total earning every month… And the lists continue.

  11. Hello Emmanuel,

    I quite agree with you. It’s sad to see that many persons call themselves bloggers when in essence. they are at best baby learners who have no idea what a blog even is!

    I also agree with you on the aspect of expenses: running a blog can prove to be the most expensive investment in modern business if you want to be a success: I make periodic subscriptions for electricity, gas and bandwidth. There is also the issue of tablets (to blog on the go), laptops and good cameras! In fact, the list is endless…

    From what I know, whoever said blogging was easy or cheap, was definitely not talking to Terungwa!


      1. Seems so this time around, Emmanuel! I like to read entries that are realistic and offer no false (and quick) fixes to challenges that obviously defy these measures.


  12. Emmy,

    Being passionate is the main driver. Armed with this emotion you spend the money, do the writing and push yourself daily to succeed. The emotion – if chosen properly – puts the blogging wheels into motion. Power story dude.

    1. I quite agree with you Ryan…tis a real power story and emotions have to be engaged in real high proportions.

      I have observed you and it seems you’ve got the passion level most bloggers lack…just curious, what is your type of car?


  13. many blog because they thought that they can earn thousands in simply blogging. but they did not realize that achieving such feat requires commitment for the long term to earn thousands of dollars

    thanks for sharing

  14. I agree with your post, passion is the main key. The person who is not driven by passion but by the money people are making will not last long.

    Thanks for sharing Emmanuel

  15. No matter the article title or whatsoever, i will read it in as much is posted by cudjoe, guess what i love in his article ? His little johnny friends, a great way to pass good info across to people, i love it !

  16. Hey Emmanuel,

    I do disagree in that we should try, no matter what, because how can we know anything without trying it? (Sure, we may not be passionate about blogging…I wasn’t, I didn’t even know what blogging was about, but once I learned about, once I read more and more blogs, I became interested and I started writing on it. Soon, I became passionate about it :D).

    #3 – I do agree with this point, but then again, we should give it a can we know that we dislike writing without trying to write first?

    Anyways, thank you for sharing this, Emmanuel 🙂 Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

    1. I enjoyed your arguments, Jeevan.

      But look at it this way: you at least had an interest in blogging before you picked it up, right? If that initial interest was absent, great chances are that you woudn’t even be passionate about learning!


      Have a great week, my dear friend.


  17. You are right emmanuel. Being serious blogger is expensive and those who are not ready for it should not try to be a blogger for sure.

    Loved the conversation mentioned in the post.

  18. Very well said, and believe me we do get the point here! Blogging involves more than what people realize, it takes a plan, focus, dedication & consistency, therefore if you’re not willing or ready to get seriously focused then DON’T DO IT!!!

    Love the scenario to, definitely a great way to get your point across!!!

  19. You cannot be a blogger if you do not have the right passion and drive for it. You will easily get frustrated and abandon blogging because there are a lot of challenges in blogging.

    You need to love what you do and the only way to do this is to blog only on the niche you have interest in, topics you enjoy writing and teaching. That way you can never run out of ideas and you will enjoy what you do.

    I found this post on and also left a comment on it.

  20. Very well stated! It seems that every second person thinks it’s just like walking in the park. On a side note, I always enjoy your introductions.

  21. This is a very great piece. I like the fact that you made mention of spending. These days blogging is about passion and spending rendering your passion is sometimes hard. Paying for so many bills you incure.I will add and second that, If indeed you are a blogger you shouldnt think about the money that will come. You mostly should have a passion for it.

  22. Hi Emmanuel,

    Thanks for sharing very bizarre post ever.

    The twist you applied in your post is commendable. I am loving the presentation about investing and ofcourse the title of the post is intriguing, simple and lovely.

  23. Becoming a great blogger require much time and effort.
    One cannot be a blogger when he/she does not have the passion for it.

    Great post my friend!

  24. Hello Emmanuel,
    Being a better blogger is just a better blogging version. I do believe that many people enter the blogging world because of just one thing; “making money”.

    Before i would advice any body to join blogging, i would first ask if they have that passion in writing or doing research, because if you don’t have any of those, then you’re not cut out to be a blogger and eventually, you might quit the race. 🙂
    Thanks and do have a good week ahead…

  25. Hello Emmanuel,

    This little Johnyy is becoming a celebrity day by day 🙂 😉

    Coming to the point, well yes blogging is an expensive task. But the expenses are such that they are hindered so its really difficult to point them out.

    However if one have passion then he should not very much think about such expenses or so.

    Thanks for coming up with such a great article 🙂


  26. Hi Emmanuel, sorry for the late comment, but am sure i didn’t miss the topic, to be a serious blogger ain’t a day job, sometimes i wonder when people ask me to create a blog for them, and at the end of the day they don’t even know how to operate them *Sigh*, but i can see some people here who really have passion for blogging and my advice for you guys is “Don’t Ever give Up Even if you want to”
    Happy Sunday guys.

  27. Hi Emmanuel,
    I must say I quiet agree with you, if you do not have passion for blogging you will lose interest easily and you must spend money on your blog to earn from it, its a fact.

    Nice piece, Thanks for sharing


  28. Great post Emmanuel! I’m with you that the passion level of a blogger has to be high. Also the spending point is true, you have to pay for a lot of things.

    When would you say someone is ready for writing? And why do you want to quit blogging?

    Thanks again! Great post!

  29. Hello , i just your article about don’t try to be a is really helpful, i just realize that i have made a lot of mistake for the past few month in the blogspere. Please i need your help.

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