Never Trust the so-called Pro-bloggers for many of them are FAKE.

It is really funny the rate at which many go about parading themselves as pro-bloggers. I have had an hectic  week here since there was a general demolition in my area to pave way for the construction of new railway lines. I wasn’t affected though but many were affected including my favourite food joint where I regularly go in for my lunch.

Anyway, she has gotten a new location so our usual Nafisatu Special Hausa Koko is still intact and there is no doubt that I will be visiting the base today. Hahaha!

Let move back to business as usual and talk of the discussion on the board. Never trust the probloggers for many are Fake. Yeah, many are of course fake so please beware.

Talking of probloggers, you can liken them to politicians who can tell you what is likely to happen today, tomorrow and years to come and if all of them  don’t happen, they can tell you why all of them didn’t happen.

Or better still, you can liken them to these types of politicians to this;

He’s a wheeler he’s a dealer and a stealer and a thief

His lack of guilt and conscience is just beyond belief

His invective is defective, a collective load of bull

He wants your pockets empty so his coffers will be full

He connive and he deprives and he survives using his wit

He is a patronising bugger and a two-faced hypocrite

He’s a preacher, a beseecher and a creature of the dark

He has the morals of a vulture and the menace of a shark

He is vicious and capricious and suspicious of all men

He will bleed you to the marrow, then bleed you once again

He’s impure, he’s insecure, and he will lure you to his pack

He’ll encourage you to join him and then stab you in the back

He is profligate, a reprobate, a candidate for power

He’ll give you bad advice and then charge you by the hour

He’s critical and political, and is typical of his kind

He’s a devious politician with a twisted, cunning mind.

Most of them are hypocrites and are backstabbers. Liken them to a bad politician and that is what you get. Let me give you a clear instance, most pro-bloggers give you what you want to hear just like a politician will do and at the end do the exact opposite. So instead of following pro-bloggers, please just follow and listen to your own instincts.

Following what the so-called pro-bloggers have to offer will only make you depressed at the end like a raped victim. Some so-called pro-bloggers don’t earn that much but continue parading themselves as the gurus in blogging.

Please check out my next  post where I will tell you about 3 Bloggers you need to be careful of. 3 Great Bloggers who are great Scammers! Hahahaa! I think that title will do.

Your turn

What has being your experience with the so-called pro-bloggers? Please feel free to have your say!


36 Replies to “Never Trust the so-called Pro-bloggers for many of them are FAKE.”

  1. Its true that most of the pro-called bloggers earn money by fake or fluff how to earn money advices and the money goes to their bank accounts.

    But still some people they wont even call them helping others, do sharing money making ideas without expecting anything, all they get is money flows eventually. This is called pro blogging.

    Thanks to the article.

    1. Hello Naveen,

      Its a great idea you brought this angle up. You see, when you are a blogger, you must seek to add more value than you receive in either cash or kind. If you consistently do this, you’d never lack either money or customers.

      Failure to do this? You’ve courted failure itself already!


  2. Hello Kabie,

    This is a great post and a eye opener, I remember talking to you about how I got a sudden dip in traffic from following through one pro-blogger’s advice, I do not want to mention his blog. But as a technical blogger, I was able to detect the error few months after the damage has been done and we are still in recovering 5-months after.

    The truth is that pro-bloggers are notorious and they lie alot, hence the reason I have avoided the title “pro-blogger.” I see alot of blogger’s bio claiming to be pro-bloggers, but the reality is that there are being limited by their false capacity. I’d rather be know as a fervid blogger and keep researching than writing false tutorials that destroys other bloggers blog.

    I can’t wait for the list, let know who the scamming bloggers are.. Hahaha!

    1. Referring to me as Kabie and I was like ‘yes’ but not knowing this call is from Nigeria instead. Hahaha!

      With regards to those scamming bloggers, I am still gathering more evidence. hahaha!

      Thanks bro for your comment and do have a nice day.

  3. well this article makes me remember one of your article post titled “The word ‘MADNESS’ is also found in Blogging”.

    we just have to be careful interms of trusting/dealing with any blogger in the blog-o-sphere. 95% of earnings/report declared by bloggers & information marketers are fake. You will see a 1 – 4 week old bloggers claiming to be a ProBlogger. KABENLAH is that not MADNESS?

    Thanks for this article post. #MoreVim

    1. That is of course madness my brother! hahaha! The vim is still there and will continue till thy kingdom come.

      Thanks a lot bro for your comment and do have a lovely day.

  4. Hello Emmanuel,

    I have since been very weary of the ‘deals’ these probloggers dish out. Like most modern ‘men of God’, the little money they manage to accumulate is not as a result of their genius or loyalty to the process…rather, it is as a result of the folly of those who believe them!

    When anyone begins to talk of making $10,000 a day or within hours, I begin to eye him suspiciously. The good thing is that you cannot fool the hard nuts like us…maybe some desperate newbie!

    I await two things from you:

    1. The results of the presidential election of bloggers
    2. The list if scammers who claim to be great bloggers

    Do have a great day!


  5. Walk your talk Emmy. I do it, you do it and all authentic bloggers do it. I post travel pics each day on my blog and social sites to show that yep, I have received pro results through my pro tactics 😉

    Good share dude!

  6. Hi Cudjoe!

    You have used the right words to describe such people, a profligate. Some people are hell bent to make money off you, and find the most manipulative ways to get something out of you.

    They are the most superficial kind of people, who not only want to be worshiped to feed their ego but also want your money as well as time. They are like human parasites that basically make you bleed in different ways.

    But, then there are those professional scammers who can not only cheat you out of your money but also make you think that you have gotten something out if the deal.

    Such people have to be pointed out so that some poor newbie does not become entrapped in their web and end up spending more than they bargained for. A real blogger has to be a teacher, and he has to make sure that he gives back more than he takes.

    Most people do not even realize this truth when they enter this domain, now is the right time to make them think twice about what “responsibilities” they have as a blogger.

    I am sure yo can make that happen brother!


    1. With people like you behind me, I am of course going to do all that I can to help others so that they can be aware.

      Thanks a lot brother!

  7. Hi Emmanuel, great topic. I once contacted one that I was going to use to redo my theme and that blogger not returned an email or a tweet. WOW, was I so surprised. Obviously I did not use the blogger or continue to share their content. I have faith in those that will converse with me, maybe help me out once and then I would pay for their services if need be. I don’t appreciate getting emails from bloggers that includes a sales pitch everytime! Every now and then is fine, we all need to make some money. Honesty is the best policy!

  8. Hmmm. This is a great article. Though I have not experienced such thing, but I have learnt from comments and will try to avoid those mistakes and pits of those called pro-bloggers. Thanks man.

  9. I see some bloggers and other types of sites for that matter that call themselves the CEO, President, and things like that. I find these kind of funny sometimes. I guess maybe it makes them feel more important. I don’t know for sure. I can’t imagine a one or two person operation site giving themselves a title like that.

    I usually say I am the owner or administrator, but I don’t call myself a CEO or President.

    I don’t know how all that works, but I think you are supposed to be incorporated/corporation, and have board members and all that.

    1. That is of course funny. Many of course do label themselves as the CEO and you have indeed raised an important question, where ae the boards?

  10. HI Emmanuel,

    You’ve stolen my words. I totally agree with you. I’ve seen many bloggers with a label “Pro” along with thier name but in reality they aren’t even close to a professional.

    I hope this post will let others know about this issue 🙂


  11. Just awesome and really informative article i read this article till the end really well written thanks for publishing such an informative article

  12. But it’s not so easy to find out which blogger is pro and which blogger is so-called pro. How can any blog reader who is not an expert know if a blogger is a pro?

  13. Hi Emmanuel,

    I am so excited to read your next post as it’s really matter to find out who can you trust online. I do agree with you that the best way to deceive others online by claiming that you are in expert in something while you are not, similar method has been using since internet existed which is making money online quick in 1 hour or 1 second programs and become rich in one day programs those are totally scam. Thanks for talking the time to warn us and I am waiting for your next article.

  14. Hey Emmanuel,
    There are some pro-bloggers who are real – they do make money and what they suggest – works. However, don’t take any pro blogger on face value – check their sites and achievements, see if they are successful or they are just pretending.

    It’s easy to pretend – manipulate alexa, make fake screenshots etc. and start pretending – surely, one must be careful in following a pro blogger without proper research,

    Uttoran Sen,

  15. Hello Emmanuel,

    Never trust a pro-blogger? Infact, what is a pro blogger, i wonder! . . . But i know that the best way to live a fulfill life, is to follow your heart do only what your heart tells you so when you make that mistake, you will know how to correct it… So if a so called pro blogger knack you, na you sabi 🙂

  16. They claim to be pro blogger when they aren’t, claiming what they are not, following ones heart is whats necessary.

    thanks for the writeup..

  17. Some one said that there is no room for truth on the internet. Yes they can hide behind the key boards and computer screens

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