Why my Blog and your Blog are likely to Fail Together

Yesterday is gone. Another day has come. Yes, another day for yet another post. And today’s post is all about why my blog and your blog are likely to fail together. Yes, the word there is fail!

We deal with humans and in as much as far as blogging is concern, human beings make up bloggers and there is no doubt I am human as well and this human being behind Kabenlah.com is a blogger. Hahaha!

Dealing with human nature is really funny and really difficult to understand. We as humans do behave in an interesting way which sometimes likens to something else. Hahahaha!

Guess what my friend Little Johnny did after successfully securing a job at a printing.

Be careful who prints your wedding programme.

Little Johnny, who was printing a wedding programme was asked to put 1 John 4:18 in the programme but he made a mistake and instead printed John 4:18.

1 John 4:18 says, “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear; because fear has torment. He that fears is not made perfect in love”

John 4:18 reads, “For you have had five husbands, and he whom you now have is not your husband…”

Hahaha! There is a guarantee my friend will be loosing his job in no time. Hahahaha! Let move back to business as usual. The main reason for writing this post and as the title rightly state, why my blog and your blog are likely to fail together? Why?

And the first point that comes in mind is,

1. If I see you  as an enemy and you see me as your enemy.

Bloggers behave like the hyenas, it is really difficult to tell when they are angry and when they happy. Just the like the hyenas, they always laugh whether they are happy or sad.The blogging world has all sorts of people and there is of course no doubts there are people who are likely to hate and popping champagnes if your blog becomes obsolete. I personally do know one blogger who saw me more or less like a threat and was more interested in my downfall and always boosting about how great his traffic are compared to mine.

But he failed to understand was that, there are more than 1 billion people using the internet so receiving a few thousands a day is like a drop in a mighty ocean or hitting the thighs of an elephant with a pebble. It is quite unfortunate he i s no more. His blog is no more and that is of course a pity.

Seeing a fellow blogger as an enemy is one of visas one can acquire of leaving the blogging world. So my blog and your blog are likely to fail to fail together if you see me as an enemy and I do same to you as well!

2. Comparing your Alexa to Mine

Another way of sensing failure in this blogoshere is that thing called Alexa. Many of us are soo  much into it that, most people love comparing their Alexa to the rest of the world. What do I stand to achieve if my Alexa is higher than yours? I guess you might be thinking of advertisers but please let me be point blank here, advertisers aren’t just interested in your Alexa but the quality you deliver is what matters to them. So please, the fact that my Alexa is higher or the fact you have an impressive Alexa doen’t mean we should envy each other for that will surely lead both of us to failure.

3. Calling myself pro and seeing you as a Newbie

It is indeed astonishing the way and manner bloggers go about calling themselves probloggers looking down on bloggers who just started. Seeing yourself as a problogger and looking down on the rest is just like digging your own grave in this blogosphere.

Accord respect equally to every blogger and please don’t just see me as a newbie!

4.Your Turn

Please I think it will be prudent to take over the mantle by commenting below. What do you think are likely to cause blogging failure between me and you? The world would love to hear your voice on this.

38 Replies to “Why my Blog and your Blog are likely to Fail Together”

  1. I like your 3rd point—

    3. Calling myself pro and seeing you as a Newbie

    4 month ago I found a Blog Bloggertipstric maybe can’t remember exact name. The author of this blog open a “Visitors Requested Tutorial” page. That means whenever a visitors request to the author about a tutorial then author will write article according to the request.

    So I have requested to write article about How to use multiple author’s AdSense account in one blog.

    Ultimately he didn’t reply. Even I caught him in Google Hangout he just told me I am writing. Still he didn’t publish the article.

    He was newbie but Added title “Senior Pro Blogger” without blogging knowledge. Thats really funny.

    1. His title was a ‘Senior ProBlogger’? Hahaha! Not just a problogger but a senior indeed.

      This is really funny indeed!

    2. You see, Mohammad, many folks actively pass off in the blogosphere…I don’t believe there are any ‘newbies’ anymore…we only have ‘probloggers’.

      But that title – ‘Senior Problogger’ sure cracked my ribs…he must be a senior indeed!


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    3. Hi Fazle Rabbi,

      You are right, Some of newbie share some post but they did not know about that topic. I also faced this type of problem many times. but they did not answer of my question even they don’t publish my comment. then what we do.

  2. So from My Point of view nobody should write by themselves as pro Blogger. Because due to wrong guidelines of newbie your Blog can ruin anytime.

    And a suggestion for newbie that if you want to follow any blog then check their Page Rank, Author Rank, performance first and then take suggestion or help from them.

    1. Thanks a lot Fazle for your comment and for your contribution. This is something newbie bloggers should bear in mind!

    2. I agree with you Rabbi bro. So many such bloggers are there in blogosphere. Some of them has started “Blog coaching” for newbie. One such guy transferred his client to me when he failed to answer the questions of his client……..ha ha ha….

    3. I totally agree with you Fazle Rabbi,

      We should check every thing that you described here.
      Most of time we follow some newbie guideline and we just waste our time.

  3. Glad to be reading this again. Comparing one with the other is not a good thing at all.

    I will like to illustrate, Imagine a girl is dating a new guy and whenever there is problems the girl compares the new guy with her old guys, that those guys are doing better than him and the likes, do you think the relationship will grow? No, it will end up broken.

    So is this case, one should not be intimidated by someone’s traffic, alexa rank or the name pro Blogger, but you did not know the what has made the Blogger unique. You just have to create your uniqueness and brand.

    Also be persistent and stick to the brand, do not change on the long run.

    Thanks for sharing Bro. Have a nice day.

    1. That is it bro! Building one’s own blog should be the focus of every blogger instead of being intimidated by other people’s success.

  4. Emmanuel, I think we would fail if we quit. I’ve seen many bloggers come and go. Many do not last a year. They give up before they reach any success.
    I do not think it’s healthy for us to compare our blogs to others – it’s like comparing people as Miracle mentioned in his comment. The grass always appear greener on the other side but in reality it is not.
    We are unique and we should blog in our voices and way.
    Hoping you have a succesful day Emmanuel!

    1. My day has being mud by light out for the 12 hours. I do hope you had a successful day instead.

      Thanks a lot for your!

    2. Sure Lisa,

      The fact that the grass does appear greener on the other side is one of the most cruel jokes of life…nothing can indeed be more false or elusive.


  5. Hello Emmanuel,

    I do agree with you entirely on this one and I would love to post an excerpt from one of my articles since you asked for additions. 🙂 “Envy-If you see a fellow blogger talking about his monthly earnings in multiple thousands of dollars while you are still ruthlessly trying to break a $100 threshold, you might become envious of his mode of operation. I wouldn’t lie to you, that you don’t have to check on your competitors, it is necessary to keep an open eye on your competitors and try to grow your blog, but you don’t have to get obsessed with their success story to the point that you begin to mimic everything they do.

    You are your own blog, you are what you think. You can’t be bigger than your mind; it is what your mind gravitates to that produces the reality.

    You are yourself, everyone else is already taken. Don’t sacrifice it to be like someone else, because there is someone out there who just loves what you are doing. You only need one more step to hit your milestone.”

    The truth about blogging is that the moment you start focusing on someone else blog and wishing it dead. You redirect the synergy from your blog then your blog gradually hits a downward spool. So why would anyone want this kind of realism? It’s obvious, only those who are satisfied with their comfort zone and when the zone becomes uncomfortable, they start seeing their inadequacies. Like your friend, I guess next time, he’d realize that life is more much than growing to the top but maintaining a top position. It’s a shame his blog is no more and I am deeply saddened to hear that.

    Do have a nice day buddy.

    1. Thanks a lot for the add up bro. Feeling intimidated by other people’s success is of course a great recipe for disaster.

  6. Dead on point Emmy!

    Being humble, and kind, makes you, and the people who vibe with you, successful. I am human, so I have my moments lol….but overall I really try to embody the Golden Rule.

    Thanks brother!

  7. Hi friend,
    Really that was amazing information about blog and your blog are likely to fail together.
    A lot of new bloggers tend to just focus on their blogs, not knowing that they won’t have a good amount of audience without proper marketing. Marketing is quite a heavy word, and it entails longer period of work than the blog post itself.

  8. There are many reasons why one web project will fail and in most cases is related to setting unachievable goals or not having any plan at all.

  9. Hey Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe,

    Wow, awesome article especially first point and third point is very true. Many Bloggers doing that two mistakes, That’s why some blog getting fail..

    Thank you very much for sharing this…

  10. Hey Emmanuel,
    You are right. Blogging not about generating enemies, it’s all about making friends and grow together. It’s a power of networking, which push your blog towards the success.
    Thank you for this post… 🙂

  11. Interesting post, as always 😀

    Competition is good, but sometimes, we can take a little too far. I think the best way to move forward is by competing against ourselves (our past).

    I like to compare myself to the person I was 5 years ago (of course, I don’t remember much about that version of me), 1 year, a month ago and even yesterday..Have I improved? If I have, what have I have improved? If not, how can I improve?

    It helps me to reflect on these things 🙂 Anyways, thank you for sharing Emmanuel! Appreciate it.

  12. Hello Emmanuel,

    Sadly, that was me sometimes back – comparing stats that I have discovered don’t matter and never will! Now, I’m quite a better blogger and have learnt that it is actually for each, his own…there are different reasons why each of us blogs…I think that ought to be respected.

    BTW, that story about little Johnny rocks. Moral: a seemingly slight mistake can make a difference that is too great to ignore!


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  14. Hey Emmanuel,
    Great content and I really enjoyed this post while reading. I don’t understand why blogger just compared their blogs to other. I really like the third point. Thanks for sharing this post. For getting success, we have to just work hard, consistently and keep patience. Thanks for sharing this post.

  15. Hey,

    I guess you and I likely to perform the same mistakes again and again so we are failing lol.

    Nice article though,

  16. Hey Emmanuel,
    you are truly right,

    we just see other Alexa rank, Page rank etc. We don’t see their hard work. If we work day and night, we can also get good result like them.
    these really noted great points.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

    Areesha Noor!

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