Whoever said Blogging was Easy Might Have Been Drunk!

How easy is blogging? This was one question a friend wanted to find out from me. He had heard that an easy to make money online was through blogging. I just looked at him and smiled, ‘whoever told you blogging was easy might have being drunk’ was my reply.

There seem to be a general perception making waves online across the blogosphere  as to how easy blogging is  and it’s more or less like manna from heaven when you blog. But is that really the case? I don’t think so!

But before I cite my reasons, let me introduce to you what my good friend Little Johnny has decided to do after his $1 million fortune.

Little Johnny walks straight to the Suhum Local Bank and started to create all sort of commotions and making all sorts of unnecessary noise.

Little Johnny: Where is the manager?I want to speak with the manager!

Bank Teller: Please take your time Mister, here is a bank.

Little Johnny:(shouting) I want the manger!

Manager: Please what is it?

Little Johnny : I came here trying to see  you but this fool (referring to the teller) won’t allow me.

Manager: Ok, here I am. What can I do for you?

Little Johnny: Due to insecurity, armed robbery and kidnapping in the community, I am here t deposit my self in the bank so that I will be safe.

Hahaha! I’m yet to find out though whether the Little Johnny had being deposited at the bank.

Now let move back to business a usual, the issue on board today has to do with some of those  difficult stuffs one faces as a blogger.

1.Spending 10 hours a day behind the computer is no Joke

How easy will you brand blogging when a minimum of 10 hours is required from you. A minimum of 10 hours can’t be under rated. Ask any full time blogger. Dodging your usual 8 to 5 job to take blogging as career, please remember to keep in mind that blogging will require much more from your end.

This involves writing, promoting, commenting and replying to comments,  implementing ways and means to monetize your blog. Reading and learning from others and a whole lot of things.

2.You aren’t guaranteed a fixed income!

If there is one uninteresting thing about blogging, it had to be the fact that you aren’t guaranteed fixed income. It can be a dollar a month or nothing all. The same instance can be more than $$$$ a month. But what ought to be understood is that, the fact that you earned $1000 a month last month doesn’t guarantee you’re going to make that same amount the following month. The probability of it dropping is really high especially when the complacency sets in!

3.There will always be bills to pay as well

To be honest with you, paying bills on online is simply inevitable. There will always be renewal for domains and hosting to cleared. If it wasn’t Mr. Khanal, who was there to pay for my hosting,  I wouldn’t be where I am today.

With all these, one can’t just perceive blogging as an easy job! More is involved and a lot more work can’t be under estimated.

Your Turn

What do you make on this? Your thoughts are very well welcomed. You can share your views on this by commenting below.

69 Replies to “Whoever said Blogging was Easy Might Have Been Drunk!”

  1. Hi Emmanuel,

    You have just answered the question without leaving a single part to contribute… Blogging isn’t easy at all and getting a definite amount at the end of each month is what bloggers can’t really presume however blogging worth dabbling into if you really want to know what it takes to become a blogger, a successful one for that matter!

    1. We were having some good chat yesterday. I am still considering what you proposed.

      Thanks for your comment as well.

    1. Bro, what’s up? It has being a while since I heard from you. I obviously do hope you’re doing great. Thanks as well for your comment.

  2. Hi Emmanuel,

    I agree with you wholeheartedly, blogging is no simple task!Whoever said that blogging was easy was actually lying, or perhaps drunk, just like you said 🙂

    There are different aspects of blogging, which makes it a tough task. As you very well said, spending 10 hours (more in case of many of us) is not definitely a pleasant task! Then there are bills to pay, like- hosting, domain renewals, themes, plugins etc etc…

    Then comes the income part. It all depends on the skills one possesses. In the beginning, one should expect less cash to flow in and make do with it.

    At the end of the day, I’d say that to succeed in blogging, one must be willing to tackle many hardships! And if one is genuinely passionate about it, one will enjoy the ‘whole process’!


    1. Hi Arun,

      You have just summarized everything in short. Enjoying the whole process, obviously one has to endure!

      Thanks for your comment and do have a great day!

  3. Hahaha. Funny but meaningful message comes from the post. Newbies should understand that blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea. It has its own pros and cons. One should have to be patient and smart worker to get good results from blogging.
    Thanks for this share buddy 🙂

  4. hello Kabie,

    You are so so on point with this article and it’s really easy to know money mindset blogger. They always end up in a downward spool and then lamentations and frustration becomes the order of the day. Blogging consumes time, quality time and before you realize, it’s dawn. You gradually loose real friends and when the money eventually comes you send in online. There is really little time for social life. That’s what promoted my article on Comluv.

    There are times I want to smash my PC when I am not getting results, they are scaring moment’s but with persistance and commitment, things can change provided we keep spending before dreaming of earning.

    A masterpiece bro. Do have a nice day.

    Best Regards,

    1. Hello bro,

      It’s not easy oo! But as you’ve being always, we are making it and will continue to make it!

  5. You are right, blogging is not easy. This article makes me remember my journey as a blogger, All the so call internet marketers are not saying the truth, all they are after is sales, they give you a QUICK MONEY MAKING MINDSET, believing you can start making $1000 monthly blogging.

    I have failed several time trying to create a successful blog and the problem was lack of information and guide. Eventhough i end up doing more of affiliate & blog flipping after personal research and hard working.

    In other to get more people blogging in Ghana, i add the keyword MONEY to the title of my yet-to-release video tutorial, just a marketing strategy to bring in people to watch the video. In the video tutorial i show the steps involve in creating a good blogs and the money making aspect…. But truth was also been told.. BLOGGING IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK VENTURE, you can start making a minimum $500 monthly but not instant, it requires hardwork

    Thanks for this piece Kabenlah, hope to always be around and have a nice day

    1. Which Ghanaian don’t like money? I obviously do love your marketing strategy. Hahaha!

      The hard working aspect can’t in any way be underestimated but I think it goes along with working smart as well.

      1. Yes, nowadays it is about blogging smart. A blogger was telling me that ghanaweb.com is one of the news publishing website filled with copy& paste bloggers and i replied him that, nowadays it is about blogging smart.

        Ghanaweb comes to Ghana when news publishing company like daily graphic don’t have websites, so they meet these companies and strike a monthly deal with them in putting their news online. isn’t that smart, it’s saves ghanaweb money of getting reporters and as at that time those newspaper company see the offer as another means of incomes.

        I will say the companies then, lack exposure & knowledge of how the internet works. Today when ghanaweb picked news from them, ghanaweb still rank high.

        No bi hardwork, but na smartwork bro…..

        Have a nice day bro

  6. Hi Emmanuel ,

    Hehe Johny in the bank 🙂 haha

    Well yes coming to post, The Title Said it all, those are the words of bloggers. It really Isn’t an easy task blogging around specially when you are into some other works too ( student in my case ).

    Blogging is more than just writing and there’s a lot to be done even after posting. I know many will come up with the point of TIME MANAGEMENT, but for me it does’nt helps always, to be a consistent blogger you have to spend many hours late nights blogging.

    So YES that person was DRUNK.

    Thanks for this awesome post.

  7. Blogging will soon get more complicated than it’s, like Christians say, love is a long suffering, applied that into bloggin, its a long suffering, its murders time,cash and you. When you succeed it begin suffering from some stress.

  8. You are points on Emmanuel! Blogging is not a walk in the park. It is time consuming, energy tasking, and financial draining.

    Anyone who is looking for the easy part to make money online is not not seeing the reality.

    Blogging has simple practices butthese are not EASY to follow!

    In kingged.com – the content syndication website for Internet marketers, this article was found where I have also share the above comment.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


    1. Hi Sunday,

      Your point is very well made. Blogging is of course no joke at all and can’t be taken lightly!

  9. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing great article about blogging ways. This is very useful information for online review readers. Keep it up such a nice posting like this.

    Marvick John

  10. You are right, blogging takes time and its not easy to make money from blogging. You need to be patient and there is no guarantee, that your patience can earn money from blogging. However, you will need to work continuously work on your blog, take it as a business and focus on it, I am sure you will be success one day (Hard work definitely Pays).

    Finally Wonderful post Emmanuel, I enjoyed it 🙂

    1. The patient dog gets the fattest bone. So being patience counts a lot but hard work can’t in anyway be under estimated.

      Thanks Sahith for your comment and do have a nice day!

  11. Hi Emmanuel,

    Like the post.

    I laugh every time I hear someone say that they’re quitting their jobs to start blogging and they’re looking forward to working less hours and doing what they want.

    Blogging is freaking hard … I don’t know why I got into it and didn’t fully commit myself to selling information products … but I secretly like it.

    The whole concept of blogging is interesting and for people that tell me or that have the audacity to say that it’s not as difficult as it seems, they’re the ones not experiencing any success.

    1. Of course blogging is no joke at all! And it is really funny when others decide to quit their job to take ‘easy’ blogging.

  12. Nice title for this article. Whoever said blogging was easy might have been drunk. It is not as easy as people usually thinks about it. It takes too much effort and time. A blogger can understand how all it works

  13. LOL Agree with your title 😛

    Blogging is all about dedication and hard work and time management also plays major role in it. After working on all of these we could get some outcome.

    SO blogging is not easy.

  14. We have our own journey. Nevertheless, for me, blogging for a total innocent human is definitely not easy. As I remember way back 2012, I was just human writing nonsense stuff and left the blogging world without knowing that I am actually blogging.

    This comment was left in kingged.com where this post was already “kingged” and shared for Internet marketers.

    1. Why did you leave the blogging scene? The world simply can’t wait to see you back with your blog again.

  15. Yes blogging doesn’t guarantee a fixed income it’s like business and there will be ups and downs. So blogging is not easy.

  16. Blogging is easy in some matters, what makes it difficult is how you will make money out of it. That opens the door in number two, that in blogging, there’s no guaranteed fixed income.
    I’ve been reading articles that give people advices on how to make blogging easier or how to make money online easier.
    Yeah, it’s hard to spend more than 8 hours in front of your computer and work hard to receive your salary.
    But for me, as long as you enjoy blogging, there’s no space for the word difficult.


    By the way, I found this post shared on kingged.com

    1. There is of course no doubt that one having the passion is really going to succeed but that is something many do lack.

      Thanks for your comment Ann07 for your comment.

  17. Hi Emmanuel,
    Catchy title my friend! Oh no nothing easy about blogging is oh so true and you do need to have patience of a saint if you are going to make it work.

    Guaranteed a fixed income? Nope not with blogging, chances are you won’t have any income for a while, but if you keep at it and never give up on your goals it can be done.

    Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))

    I landed on your Blog Via Kingged where I also commented and kingged this post

  18. Sounds funny 🙂 Creating blog is damn is but blogging is not that easy. It’s not one night change that gives you a power push in blogging. It’s damn hard to create your own space in the world of internet 🙂 Thanks buddy

      1. Yeah I must agree on this.. But I have to say you that all your post is some thing carrying new and interesting stuff insights to read. I noticed your post title is also catch your focus and force you to read it once. 🙂

        This is damn good quality and this quality makes blogging easy for you. I guess 🙂

        Have a great weekend bro. 🙂

  19. Finally got someone same as of my view… Yes I agree with it if someone say that blogging is an easy they are “DRUNK” that’s for sure…. When started off blogging in 2009 i thought it would be easy but even in 2014 i’m trying to figure why did i even thought that….

    thanks for the post

  20. Hello Emmanuel,

    I tell folks the same thing…just that my words are stronger: ‘Whosoever said blogging was easy was either mad, stupid, both or being intentionally deceptive!’


    My whole waking hours are committed to a keyboard or my iPad…do you call such dedication easy? When you factor in the reality that I am typing this comment around 3am here in Nigeria, you’ll understand what I mean!

    It’s a very hard game, brother…the lazy folks should better stop making it appear soft!!


  21. Hello Emmanuel
    Here I am with you Emmanuel . In one year of blogging career, I never found blogging easy. It seems easy from outside but in actual,it is very tough and takes a lot from you. Nice post at all.

    1. Blogging isn’t easy at all and doing it foe a year now is really a great achievement now.

      Please keep on doing and definitely the results will flow in!

  22. Great blog! I agree blogging is not easy, it requires one step ahead of your game. Plus, there also needs to be some extra mechanisms behind a successful blog.

  23. Emmanuel you put the fact in an entertaining way really. I am totally agreed and must appreciate you to enlighten the truth behind the blogging charm. Its very true that blogging is not as easy as everyone takes it before indulging himself in it. But I really liked your way to describe the reality.
    I really enjoyed this post.

  24. Hi Emmanuel,
    I totally agree with you. It is always considered as blogging is an easy job. People use to say that it’s really easy to make online through blogging but they don’t know the efforts which are required to build up a website. I always think about myself that is it enough to work 8 hours a day? But then think it’s never enough to count hours for working. Specially in the field of blogging.

    People should know blogging is not a free stuff to engage with. Bloggers need to pay many bills too. I wonder why people say as if a blogger is just a geek? I would like to tell them shut your mouth and don’t dare to comment at bloggers.

    Thanks for the post.


    1. Hahaha! wow! Hi Ravi, I like that stun warning you gave to those parading themselves and yelling that blogging is an easy job.

      With them shutting up! That will be an interesting thing. Thanks a lot for your comment and have a lovely day.

  25. Hi Emmanuel,

    I totally agree with the title of this article. I love its title 🙂

    I had the same experience with you. There are a lot of people underestimate blogging because you just sit in front of a computer. In fact, when I do, it is not easy at all.

    A lot of time is spent, a lot of energy is used, all of it just in front of the computer. For me, blogging is not a part-time job, blogging is a choice 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this nice post with us, Emmanuel.
    I share this post on my social media account as well.
    Nice share, indeed!


  26. yes blogging is really a time-consuming work, very tired. i also have a blog website NOCTI Group. every day i spend nearly 5 hours to update the content, and i have to care about how many visitors have come to my website, whether i need to improve my topic or not. in a word, it is not easy….

  27. Hey Emmanuel,
    Nice post and Yes, it very hard to get success in blogging. For getting success in blogging require lots of hardwork, consistency and patience. Making money through blogging is not an easy task. Thanks for sharing this post. I really enjoyed this post while reading.

  28. Hi Emmanuel,

    What you opened in this post isn’t bur a fact. Blogging isn’t easy. At least not as easy as most thought.

    Blogging might be seen easier just by looking how it can be set up by mere clicking of mouse. That is true of creating another dead blogs in the virtual world.

    Anyone who want to set up a successful blog that is noticeable in the internet crowd must be ready to devote time, money and energy to it, sometimes burn the midnight oil.

    It might require more time than routine daily work especially when you are just starting out. I’m a blogger, I know it isn’t easy.

    Blogging, however is a good way to establish a marketing base for your online business.

    Thanks for being frank on this issue.

  29. Hello Emmanuel I guess they are drunk because they never worked it seriously or they are trying other methods. Blogging not at all easy these days.

  30. Hello Emmanuel,

    You are truly right. Make money from Blogging is not so easy as other people think.
    As you say Work 10 hour a day is not a joke. Really I work 16 hour a day from Morning to till late night. I were getting about 6k visitor/ day but before two days ago my site traffic Decreased. Now what could i say?
    Where is my hard work?
    SO you are truly right, Blogging is not so easy.
    Earn money from blogging is very difficult and risky.

    Any way thanks for sharing this great tutorial with us.

    Areesha Noor!

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