Why are Female Bloggers better than Male Bloggers? That is a Question!

Please just hold your piece there! Why are female bloggers far better than male bloggers? That is of course a question! Hahaha! I got you there.

Today, we intend discussing this question and talking of questions has brought in some questions which many do ask and it of course requires some stupid answers.

Someone calls you at 2 am and asks, “Are you sleeping?” Response: “No! I’m selecting beans.”

When its raining and someone notices you going out yet they ask, “Are you going out in this rain?” Response: “No! In the next one.”

They see you coming out of the bathroom wet, yet they ask, “Did you just have a bath?” Response: “No, I fell into the gutter.”

You’re standing in front of the elevator on the ground floor going to your office, yet they ask, “Are you going up?” Response: “No, I’m waiting for my Office to come down and get me.”

Your boyfriend comes home with a bunch of flowers, and you still ask, “Are those flowers?” Response: “No baby, they’re …!”

You are in a queue at the cinema to buy ticket, a friend see’s you and asks, “What are you doing here?” Response: “I’m here to pay my school fees.”

You stumble and fall into a gutter and your leg is bent at an awkward angle. People gather and ask, “Are you okay?” Response: “No. I’m just hanging out my leg, waiting for it to dry.”

Hahaha! but obviously why are female bloggers better male bloggers wouldn’t in anyway be classified as a stupid question at all. Let me outline those reasons before you change your mind and leave. Hahaha!

Reason number 1.

Female bloggers are more united. It is really difficult to see a fellow female blogger sabotaging the other. The rate at which female bloggers support each is simply amazing. Many are of the views females in general are jealous of each other but I can bet you, not in the blogging world.

Madam Harleena for instance wrote about Top Women Bloggers  and it was a massive success. A post which got the whole wide world talking. And that is a woman talking of her fellow women.

Bring that to the male bloggers and what one is likely to get the most is sabotage. Most male bloggers are simply envious of each other instead and the downfall of another fellow blogger is what they love the most.

I can bet you on that. There have being several instances where I have received messages from other bloggers telling me how popular their blogs are than mine. Hahaha! but I ask myself, and so?

Reason number 2.

They are the most grateful bloggers you can get. Write about a female blogger and do same for a male blogger and the rate of gratitude including a private message thanking you is simply amazing. Gratitude matters a lot and that is something our female bloggers know how to do best.

Reason number 3.

Money isn’t the main focus for most female bloggers but instead delivering quality contents. Most female bloggers do have this strong urge of delivering quality first and obviously the money will follow. But is that case with male bloggers?

I don’t think so! You’re likely to come across a blog with all ads all over and there is of course  no doubt it belongs to either one Kumar or  Emmanuel. Hahaha!

Reason number 4- Your Turn

What do you think in your opinion makes female bloggers better than male bloggers? Or maybe you have a different opinion?

We all want to hear to you here your thought and you van do so by commenting below. Thank you!

76 Replies to “Why are Female Bloggers better than Male Bloggers? That is a Question!”

  1. hi emmanuel. indeed i must comprehend what you share. i think these are factors that we male bloggers lack between ourselves and the worst parts. we love competition. good post. and have a nice day

    1. I quite agree with you, Emma. The male psyche is actually geared towards competition supreme and fierce one at that. So, how can we cooperate – if not for the little exceptions amongst us?


  2. 😉 people sometimes ask questions just to make sure they say something. Funny isn’t it?

    You know what? I want you to write on why male bloggers are worst. Or say why they are good (if females are better). Then we can do a comparative analysis 😉

  3. Hey Emmanuel,

    This is an excellent post and I agree that female blogger are much better in blogging than most male bloggers.

    Be it top bloggers like Kristy Hines, Gail Gardner or Google’s very own Vernessa Fox – they are all so brilliant and much better than any male blogger around.

    Uttoran Sen,

    1. It was really great concurring with me and even citing some really interesting examples.

      Thanks bro. for your comment and do have a lovely weekend.

  4. HI Emmanuel,

    Interesting topic of discussion, and thanks so much for the link love too 🙂

    Well, being a woman I should vouch for women bloggers, but that wouldn’t be right because I equate both men and women bloggers – each one is different in their own spheres. Yes, in addition to your points perhaps women have more patience and endurance as compared to men, and I agree, money isn’t on their mind as much as on the mind of men, which again is perhaps they are the earning members of the family, while women in most cases support their spouses. Just my two cents. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  5. Hello Emmanuel,

    Very Interesting Topic. I Also think Female Bloggers are better than Male bloggers because they are less jealous of each others success.Most times female bloggers help each other to get on Top which we don’t see to often in Male.
    But i could be Wrong. i just written my thoughts on this Topic.
    What you say? M I Right or Wrong?

  6. Hello Emmanuel, you are perfectly right. The female can always do things with a free heart but the male, they will insist on the money before any service can be rendered.

    The female love to promote themselves. I agree with all points.

    But bro, why is this so?

    1. Hahaha! With respect to why that is the case? I simply don’t know.

      Thanks for your comment and do have a lovely day.

  7. Ofcourse this is a good article enumerating the qualities of female bloggers.. But there should not be gender bias in showcasing anyone’s skills…

  8. Hey Emmanuel,

    Great Topic,
    This topic is debatable, and goes viral if discuss in live. This topic seems more interesting when female bloggers at one side and male bloggers on the other side for debate.

    This will rock….. 🙂

    1. Hi Nikhil,

      What will be your stand in this debate. Will you go in for the ladies or stand in for the men because you’re a male as well?

  9. Hi Kabenlah, nice topic. But i see this things happening cos of the way the world is. Affluence is for women, when they do things, it stands different from men in eye of the whole world.(This is one the reason why i wrote the article ” Should ‘Women in Tech’ be grant overt recognition and applaud?”), you can check it out

    You can imagine how this female bloggers are becoming more popular than male, especially in the entertainment niche. when a female share article on social networks, every guys following her will want to read her thought.

    Responsibilities makes male bloggers aggressive towards cash. Every guy will always want to show that they are MAN and that they are responsible( ability to Take care of the family, build house, buy car and so on).

    Have a nice weekend Kabenlah

  10. Hello Emmanuel,

    You’ve got tangible reasons I believe everyone can reasonably relate to. The reason female bloggers support each other is Devishly simple: they are few and far between (that explains why they seek to encourage each other and do not run into competition with themselves).

    Then again, the female psychic could also be responsible…we all know women are more far responsive than men.

    Wouldn’t you agree?


  11. female blogger is good because they will get many help from boys. as they are female..

    Thurky boys are helping female.

  12. Hey Emmanuel,

    This is an excellent post and I agree that female blogger are much better in blogging than most male bloggers.
    Ofcourse this article enumerating the qualities of female bloggers..
    Interesting topic of discussion, and thanks so much for the link love too 🙂

  13. Hi Emmanuel,

    The title is so interesting that everyone will be attracted to read whole post.

    This is absolutely true female are less competitive but they are also. They love to bitching but few are entirely jealous free.

    Again nice post you shared. Thsnks for such innovative subject.

  14. Hi Emmanuel,

    Interesting post about female bloggers. First thing for better female bloggers is, they don’t focus on money. They always used to share informative and unique content. Then, other reason is, most male bloggers prefer to see the blog of female blogger than male blogger. lol…

    Thanks for sharing this man. Have a nice day.

  15. Hey Emmanuel,

    When it comes to female I have always heard that female are jealous of each other but you are saying that they are not jealous in the world of blogging. How it can be? Is there any miracle or what? I agree that all the females are not same but in most of cases jealousy is the major issue.
    I have noticed female bloggers have really helping nature. I have met Harleena, Adrienne and few more which are always happy to help. They have their amazing blog.
    Money isn’t the only concern for female bloggers. They focus on the quality building of a blog.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Quality is of course the hallmark of these female bloggers and they are of course really helpful!

      Hi Ravi, thanks for your comment!

  16. Hi Emmanuel,

    Man, you have this knack of coming up with thought provoking and unique blog posts. This one certainly belong to that genre! 🙂

    Sure, you’ve put forward some valid points regarding female bloggers. I must admit that each and every trait you wrote- be it their unity, their urge to deliver quality stuff instead of focusing on money making, you were spot on! Good observations you’ve made and jotted them down in this article.

    I’d also like to put in that the female bloggers have also amazed me with their consistency. Be it related to social networking, commenting, updating and publishing new blog posts, they are amazingly consistent.

    Interesting article by you. I found the link to this article on Kingged.


    1. Hi Arun,

      People like myself are learning from you guys as well and it was really great seeing you with your add up as well!

  17. LOL, awesome title of the article. I guess you are totally right about female blogger as they work hard and I don’t see lot of female bloggers as they are few but they are also doing great.


    1. In as much as you don’t see lots of female bloggers around, I think you will agree with me that those few are really doing great!

  18. Hey Emmanuel,

    I’m so glad you came up with this article. This is definitely a kind of topic we don’t even think about. Yet there’s so much to talk about.

    The point third really hit me very hard. It is definitely true. Just like a woman would like her house to be clean and welcoming. Its same with her blog. They like it clean, simple and easy to navigate.

    And for male bloggers, its very much important to be able to bring food to the table. That’s why we see so much monetizing platforms on a male blogger site.

    To be true I really haven’t experienced the remaining three reasons, so can’t comment on them.

    This article would really be good as a bait. Thanks for lighting up my dead Brain bulbs. Should research about this more.

    And just as Arun said. This article is really thought provoking an unique.

    Anyways have a great day.

    1. Hi Abhishek,

      The pleasure is all mine for liking this article. I certainly do hope to see you around more often!

  19. Hi Kabenlah,

    Well I too agree to the fact that FEmale bloggers are way ahead of Male bloggers. According to me this is due to many reasons including some of those that you have mentioned.

    I consider the following reasons too for female superiority in blogging.

    1. They seem to have a lot of time for blogging or maybe we the male bloggers are not managing our time properly. 😉

    2. Difference in Primary objective: We male bloggers always try to find our profit whenever we write might be in case of traffic or affiliate etc.

    3. Thinking capacity: I have read somewhere that Women are quite open minded and have a higher thinking capacity as compared to Males.

    4. Low Competition: There are still less number of females into this blogosphere which inturn helps them to blog freely. 😉

    There are many many reasons to support is post. 🙂

    And yes Madam Harleena and Nirmala are some live examples of Top Women bloggers who are way ahead of many top Male bloggers.

    Thanks and have a great week ahead. 🙂

    Iftekhar Ahmed

    1. Hahaha! Hi Ahmed, I really do love those points you’ve added especially women having high thinking capacities compared to men.

      That is of course very true as it is already evident in this blogosphere.

      Thanks a lot for your add up and do have a lovely day as always!

  20. I agree with your point that female bloggers are far better than the male bloggers. And the reason you have mentioned here are really nice. Instead of it the upper part of this article containing useless question are also too good.

  21. ” Many are of the views females in general are jealous of each other but I can bet you, not in the blogging world.”

    HAHAHA! I can’t help but laugh. That’s very true! I am a female so I know that feeling, maybe it’s our nature? Female when it comes to business and blogging is serious and comprehensively understand that engagement and being connected with fellow female bloggers is the answer to have a good reputation.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social bookmarking and networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  22. I think male and female bloggers are kind, and loving, and caring. Sometimes, you may find a female blogger administering a softer, gentler touch. This could be a maternal instinct, or less testosterone….LOL! But in either case, I see awesome bloggers all over the world, both men, and women, and heck, kids too these days.

    Cool read, and I found it on kingged(dot)com but you probably knew that 😉

  23. Hello Emmanuel, this is Another tight post, some people do ask question that the answer is already known to them..

    when it comes to blogging, there is no doubt the Female are more better than male, all your reason are well derived from a good source (Your brain)…

  24. Great article! I love how you analyzed a women intuitiveness and their existence online. I believe that yes, women are great at blogging and creating a community. But some women I have met, such as some of the women you have mentioned in your articles past and present, have not responded to my kind request of being a contact. That’s quite insulting for someone who has only a fair intention. Yet, I have also met male bloggers that have an awesome talent for blogging. That’s one reason why your blog is great too! Superficially, I find that male bloggers are more inclined towards adsense money and creating profit. As a female, I recognized this a lot.

  25. Hey Emmanuel,
    Nice post and I really enjoyed this post while reading. Yes, Female bloggers are really better than male bloggers as female bloggers are very good in making relations with other bloggers which is very important factor in blogging. Those useful questions which you mentioned above are really very good. Thanks for sharing this post.

  26. Hi Emmanuel,

    I am not sure that I agree with you, as it seems like General stereotypes that we hold on society. I’d imagine that even though it may seem like women are less money-hungry, that is not necessarily what they are thinking.

    In any case, definitely an interesting blog post.

  27. Hello Kabenlah,

    I enjoyed the humor in this blog post. I think women by nature or more nurturing and they tend to want to help and that is a very important asset in the blogging world. However, I think it depends on the individual too. I have had some very helpful men bloggers as well. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    I found this post on Kiinged.com and Kiinged it!

  28. Personally, I think that female blogger has a stronger passion in blogging, they just blog what they love instead of thinking the opportunity of making money from it, whereas male blogger always thinks about the profit and on how to getting more from the blogging activity.

  29. I’m still thinking, those point above isn’t the the reason, female are just attractive naturally so, they attract sucess.

  30. I think that female bloggers are give more profit because many male bloggers share there post…..and like there languageof post…

  31. hi Emmanuel,
    I could not able to compare about male and female bloggers. The reason is i am not a passion of blogger, heard about Harleena Singh in several blogging communities and her comments are too great.

    The thing what I can say is they always use only one blog to concentrate and they don’t have more pressure with family.
    By being a male we have to provide funds for family even though the blog won’t makes money.

    I hope you understood it.

  32. Thanks for the nice Article. It was very useful for me. Keep Such sharing ideas in the Future. Thank you for your good information…

  33. Yes, the female blogger is more passionate about getting the message across and is not really all about the money, but a lot of us still need to learn the technicalities of blogging which the men use as an advantage (SEO, promotion and all sorts). I think the main challenge of a female blogger is believing herself and that blogging is not just for men.

  34. Hey Emmanuel,
    It is really interesting topic,

    You are 100% right,

    Female blogger are much better than male blogger. One main reason behind this, As you described here. Women share post about women qualities on the other hand Men don’t share men’s qualities they, most of time share about women as you shared in this topic. Hahahaha. Am I right or wrong?

    Dear tell me?
    I am very happy today to read out this topic. very interesting

    Areesha Noor!

  35. Hey Emmanuel
    Female bloggers dominate the blogging world because they are more patient than male bloggers. For me, i don’t have enough patience to write long post and so on.
    I really liked this topic. because it shows your respect towards female. Keep doing man.

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