3,000 Reasons You Should Consider Being a Blogger. Maybe You can make it 10,000.

Kabenlah, are you sure you’re going to provide us with 3,000 reasons. Hahaha! Can you make it 10,00o from your end as well? Because I am going to deliver my part. Hope you do same as well. HAHAHA!

What on this earth should you consider being a blogger in this world? And that is the question I intend answering as well. Talking of questions has brought in memories of what happened to my little friend, Little Johnny whiles in school.

It was an English class to be exact!

Teacher: What is a Verb?

Little Johnny: A Verb is a valve found in bicycle tyre.

Teacher: What are you saying?

Little Johnny: It is a complete sentence sir.

Teacher: Are you mad?

Little Johnny: It is a question sir.

Teacher: Don’t be stupid!

Little Johnny: It is an advice sir.

Teacher: Stop that nonsense.

Little Johnny: It is a command sir.

Teacher: You’re an idiot.

Little Johnny: It is an insult sir.

Teacher: Get out of my class.

Little Johnny: It is an order sir.

Teacher: Oh! Goodness, What a boy!

Little Johhny: It is an exclamation sir.

Teacher: May God have mercy on you.

Little Johnny: It is a prayer sir.

Teacher: You need to see a doctor.

Little Johnny: It is a suggestion sir.

Teacher: I rest my case.

Little Johnny: It is your choice sir

Hahaha! it is of course a matter of choice and obviously me wanting to write 3,000 reasons why you should consider being a blogger is my choice as well.

So let set the ball rolling:

Reason number 1: It’s really easy

Blogging takes no experience and very minimal set up time. You can start a WordPress blog on your own host extremely cheap and get on the way within 20 minutes. That is one of the major reasons so many people are trying it – minimal barriers to entry and still you have a chance to succeed.

This is a massive advantage if you are thinking about using blogging as a means to make money. Most other businesses require substantial capital to get underway – buying stock, renting a property, etc. but with blogging you’ll need maybe $60 and you’re set.

Reason number 2: You’ll make new friends 

I know this might seem a little strange to some people but making new friends when you are an adult is really quite hard. Generally most of us stay friends with high school or college mates but outside of work it can be tricky to meet new people.

Well, since I’ve been blogging I’ve met a bunch of other blog owners who I would now call my friends. If anything ever went wrong I reckon I could probably call them up and ask for help. But, best of all, it’s just nice knowing that there are people out there that help you and whom you can help as well.
Imagine receiving a direct call from a fellow blogger from different countries all together asking how you are doing. Nosa Ero Nosa and Ali of Health Save Blog have all called me directly. It was such an amazing moment for me.
My friends on Facebook are simply amazing as well. And it all boils to blogging!

Reason number 3:  You can make money

Yep, there we go. The money thing. It’s hard work but it can be done. I make a nice little income from this blog. But there have been massive success stories of guys selling blogs for millions or even making hundreds of thousands every year on an ongoing basis.

In a world where financial matters are increasingly uncertain it can be a nice idea to find something extra to supplement your income in case something goes wrong. With a long term and professional approach this is definitely possible.
If blogger A has being able to earn that much from his blog, what makes you different when you try as well.

Your Turn

I got you there. I just elaborated on 3,000 reasons why you should consider being a blogger. On a more serious note, if each point of mine is worth a thousand, how many point do I have there?

Obviously it’s a three thousand worth of point. Can you please make it 10,000?

63 Replies to “3,000 Reasons You Should Consider Being a Blogger. Maybe You can make it 10,000.”

  1. Hello Kabie

    You got me there, I was wondering how you were going to come up with 3,000 reasons in a single post.

    You are absolutely correct with your 3,000 points. I also heard lot of bloggers have sacked their bosses and that because blogging generates passive and active income.

    Blogging will make you visit places, travel across countries and continents.. All the good things associated With blogging are completely realizable.. It only a matter of time..

    See you in Takoradi soon buddy.. 😀

      1. Hello boss,

        Are you in Takoradi as well? Hahaha!

        The time will obviously come and with us traveling all over the world will obviously come to pass.

        Thanks for your comment bro!

  2. What I got from your post is BLOGGING IS EASY TO FIND FRIENDS AND MAKE MONEY. Great message. Very smartly developed post. Thanks a lot for sharing such wonderful info.

    1. Thanks as well Mi for your comment.

      The friendship aspect from blogging is what excites me the most.

  3. Hi Emmanuel,

    Every blogger wants to make more and more from his/her blog. There are many specific reasons for which bloggers are putting there efforts.
    It’s really great to meet new people in the field of blogging.
    We can learn a lot from many successful people.

    If bloggers have hard determination then making 10000$ is not a big target. Hard work is the key to success.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a reat weekend.


    1. Hi Ravi,

      I sincerely do love how you summed it all up with hard work.

      Hard work is what one needs at the end in order to succeed.

  4. Each and every blogger love to make more and more dollars no one will ever say i dont want any money. If you want to make 10k$ , the thing most required is a mindset to do hardwork, Hard work is the only key to success, if you are not doing it, then you wont be able to make money online. Thanks for sharing the information with us..

    1. Hi Nithin,

      It is really you’re talking of hard work as well. Ravi did raised that point as well.

      Hard work is of course what everyone need in order tom succeed.

  5. Hahaha, really caught me, I was wondering just as Nosa said, how can you post 3,000 points.lol

    The points are really worth 3,000, blogging is easy to those that are focused. The Friends I really found in the journey are really awesome, people like you, Nosa and Sam. I love it.

    The monetary aspect is also fantastic only if one can create a product, waiting on adsense and other stuffs may not really make you rich, but selling books and services can really make you rich.

    1. Hi Miracle,

      Hahaha! I got you there as well. Making money from your blog is all about leveraging and that is something many aren’t doing!

      Thanks for your comment bro!

  6. That’s very inspiring and very motivational. Nail it! A lot will start blogging or be more focus on their blogging career after reading the article you have shared. For me, personally, aside from new friends and money, I love how I can handle my time and spend a lot of time with my family if I want to. I have a choice.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  7. I tell you the making friends is the most fun part, you get to make amazing friends…

    Blogging is not easy per say but when you have passion for it, it becomes easy and dude I have to point your posts are just funny in a way, it keeps one reading to the end..

    I love every one of them I have read, making money from blogging is real but only when value has been provided….Thanks for sharing on kingged.com

    1. Hi Princewill,

      I love your submission. Passion is what matters the most but that is something many lack.

  8. Well written. That’s true blogging can make your life and also can fill your heart with pride. I was like a dull road without a destination. But blogging was the platform I was looking for. It changed my life and my family and friends are proud of me. Start blogging today friends. You can’t even imagine what can blogging bring to your life. Money, fame, follower and so much love of people – that’s what I am getting by blogging.

    1. wow! There is of course no doubt that you’re living the blogging lifestyle already.

      Hi Gaurav, keep up doing the good work you’re doing.

  9. Hi,

    lolz great story again 😉

    Well once again youv’e won with your post title. 🙂

    The best part I like is that we make new friends, I’ve already made hundreds of new friends through blogging and its really a good experience.

    I would have added some more points but I have exams going on, so I couldn’t do so.

    Thanks for the post.


  10. Well, you are smart buddy. I guess from my point of view, your each point is worth more about 3334 points so I did made 10000 reasons from your 3000 reasons to be a blogger.

    Blogging is an online diary for me, where I wrote about my feelings.

    Later I did transformed into a knowledge giant to share it with others and get some love back.

    And of course, a penny doesn’t hurts when it comes from blogging.

    Just to let you know, I kingged this on kingged (dot) com.

    1. Hahaha! You made it 10,000 from my end? Thanks a lot.

      It is really interesting you see blogging as your online diary

      and later this has transformed into something else.

      There is no doubt that blogging is going to reward you one day.

  11. Hello Emmanuel,

    Seems like yet another little jhonny story. I loved it and the way he answers his teacher.

    Yeah you are right about the reasons for blogging and we can have lot of benefits by blogging.

  12. Hahaha! 😀 Smart kid in that class, I must say.

    Well, I actually believed that you’ve written 3,000 reasons to be a blogger, that I even rubbed my hands to prepare for a long read. You’ve got a nice trick for me, huh?

    Anyway, these three reasons that you have just provided are true.

    Blogging has many benefits. Aside from cash, popularity, experience and knowledge, you can also gain more friends that you don’t even expect.

    Nice read! 🙂


    By the way, I found this post shared on Kingged.com

  13. Hey Emmanuel,

    You got me! I was like “Is this guy mad or what? 3,000 reasons?”

    Greta write and very interesting. Already approved the post in Blogging University and keep that up mate!

  14. lolz, 3,000 reason indeed.. i was expecting to see Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and so on. But it seems your style of counting reasons is different from what I think or let me what majority think.. nice shot there.

    Each reason of yours worth 1,000 point, so therefore 3reasons = 3,000point .hmmm, so you swap points for reason.. NO WAHALA 🙂 “UNIQUENESS IN DEMAND”.

    No doubt about the greatness in being a blogger… it gives you the opportunity to network and make new friends, it gives the opportunity to share your thought with world wide audience.

    Starting a blog is easy but maintain it to achieve success and greatness is where the challenges are. The mindset of making quick money with blogging kills alot of newbie and block their way to success.

    There is no limit to the amount of money you can make as blogger, but we still don’t have to hide the fact that “BLOGGING IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK VENTURE”

    My Reason Number 4: It makes you a good writer

    If you are not a good reader, you can’t be a good writer. As a blogger, your knowledge regarding blogging and content creation increases the more you stay in the blogosphere. Most bloggers do make research before writing and the more you make research reading others blog content, the more your writing skills improve.

    Nice write-up Kabenlah & have a nice weekend

    I wasn’t aware of your new article post but found the link to this post on Kingged and i have also kingged it on kingged.com

    1. Hi bro,

      I have gotten you there as well. Starting a blog is of course easy to do but maintaining it is of course a great headache.

      I love the point you’ve raised with respect to reading and how it makes one a better writer.

      That is of course true and once again, it is really amazing that is something many don’t get it!

      Thanks for your comment and do have a nice weekend as well.

      1. Hmmm, i have said earlier, NO WAHALA (Hope you know what it means) = NO PROBLEM…. You got everybody there 🙂

  15. This post is great, the starting phase of this article when you told about little jhony was incredible. writing article in such a way is great. This is awesome how you managed to write articles.

  16. Hi Emmanuel bro,

    That was a good read my man, as always. Whenever I happen to visit your blog, I expect something different. You know, something different from the usual formal blog posts. Of course, you start off with the trademark Little Johnny story! I love the start itself! It is something that I look forward to each time.

    Talking about the content, it is juicy and meaty as always. The three reasons that you have listed are awesome and lucrative.

    For some, it is money that matters, while for some others, it is making new friends and networks that matters. Some take to blogging since creating and maintaining one has become much easy due to CMSs like WordPress and Blogger.

    In my case, it has been all the three factors at play. Also, there have been other factors like a motive to help others, create something unique of my own, to build an online presence etc.

    Loved the article bro. I found the link to it on Kingged.


    1. Hi Arun,

      The honour is all mine always seeing those lovely comments of yours here.

      Thanks a lot for the add up!

  17. I think you have stated all the reason my friend. When I started my blog it was meant for a hobby (kill the boring time), but then I knew some new friends and realized all the potential in a blog. If we can manage everything right, it is a good form of investment.

    1. That is true Okto. Blogging if done right can of course be a source of investments.

      Thanks for your comment.

  18. Well when I started blogging, i didn’t start it for monetary benefit but it
    was my passion and now i am working hard to become famous in it…
    Mohammad Naved recently posted—Best Sites to watch free movies online without downloading

  19. Wow 3000 reasons indeed dude! BTW I left a comment on this post on kinnged as well!

    Been a while hey buddy but happy to be here again dude! You hit the nail on the head again there matey!

    I think lots of new bloggers give up after a few months because there not making any money from it! Like you say it’s Hard work dude, We just need to have the right attitude towards money and retrain our brains to not focus on chasing the money but giving without expecting anything in return!

    I have been blogging for over 8 months now and i still have not made any money from my blog! But I still work on it (been designing and coding a new theme for it, did you see?) and I still reach out to others because i know that eventually I will see a return in my investment!

    Top post as usual dude! Loved reading it?
    – PD

    1. Hi Philip,

      It’s being a while. Please how are you doing?

      Seeing the return on your investments will obviously happen as Brum is already making waves across the blogosphere.

      I like the point you raised with respect to ‘We needing to having the right attitude towards money and retrain our brains to not focus on chasing the money but giving without expecting anything in return!’

      Thanks a lot for your add up!

  20. More and more dollars is what bloggers are looking for. However, if we do not let that first, we can make more money, through dealing with other aspects of blogging first like quality content

  21. Hello Emmanuel,

    Just an addition: to ensure I keep on writing! Writing is in my blood and blogging ensures the passion never dies! Don’t you agree?


    1. You can’t of course take anything away from the man who enjoys writing and reading.

      I do agree with you of course!

  22. My reason… Well I have way too much time on my hands.

    Writing is always great until someone reminds you that you also have to market your blog

  23. Hello Kabenlah. Making money online requires persistence and you should find what niche that you love. In my case, my primary source of income is freelance writing and blogging which means being paid for writing papers and articles for blogs. Others earn their income through affiliate marketing like many top bloggers that I know such as John Chow

  24. blogging turn as a part of my blood as it goes on making much worthier me and can’t drop it down..
    nice inspiring article.

  25. hi emmanuel. what a wounderful post. you just sumarised the 3,000 post into 2 paragraph. good idea. keep up the good work.

  26. Hi Emmanuel,

    I think you should make johnny, the official symbol of your blog (just kidding); though it might be good.

    It’s all up to attitude. About, how one thinks about blogging. Some might look it has a hefty giant, and some others (professionals) take it relatively much easy as consider it as their bff.

    You explained so much in so little!


  27. Hi Emmanuel,
    Nice post and Yes, blogging is the best way to make new friends and it also help in enhancing our knowledge in many topics. Using blogging, we can also make lots of money but for this, lots of hardwork, consistency and patience is required. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  28. Nice post Emmanuel !
    I was wondering how you could figure out the list into writing, Its all nice, I love the post……

  29. Hi Emmanuel

    Wow! Saw this article title in the Kingged community, and just had to come over to comment. You reeled me in with 3,000 reasons… 🙂

    LOL – LOVED the dialogue you used to illustrate the point that it’s a choice. Heehee

    While I do agree that it’s easy to install a WordPress blog on your own hosting account given the right tutorials, I also think that it’s not as easy to do it well and cover all the bases with regards to search engine optimization.

    Ah, new friends! Yes, I treasure and greatly value the new friends I’ve made while being an online entrepreneur. What an extra blessing it is to know that they are there for me if and when I need anything. Building relationships is the most valuable way we can spend time, in my opinion.

    Money? Icing on the cake. 🙂 yay!

    Thanks for the thought-inspiring content, I certainly enjoyed it.

    Have a wonderful evening.
    – Carol Amato

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