Why the likes of Madam Harleena Singh will Forever be Remembered in Blogging?

When it comes to blogging, many names will obviously will come up. The likes of John Chow, Pat Flynn, Darren Rowse and several others come in mind but when it comes to who the father of blogging is, there can be several arguments. Who is the father blogging? That is a question I am posing to you as well.

Let forget it now! Hahaha! But one thing we all are likely to agree upon without much difference as to who the mother of blogging is, and obviously the name of Madam Harleena Singh will be in the books of many.

The name Harleena Singh is one name which the world will forever remember. Why am I saying that? Yesterday being mother’s day. I thought it wise to bring to you the mother of blogging and as to why she will forever be remembered when it comes to blogging. And there is no doubt Madam Harleena Singh is the name.

Least I forget, can you guess what happened to Little Johnny over this weekend?

Little Johnny works hard at the office but spends two nights each week bowling, and plays golf every Saturday.

His wife thinks he is pushing himself too hard, so for his birthday she takes him to a local strip club. The doorman at the club greets them and says, ‘Hey, Little Johnny! How you doing?’

His wife is puzzled and asks if he is been to this club before. ‘Oh no,’ says Little Johnny. ‘He is in my bowling league. When they were seated, a waitress asks Little Johnny if he would like his usual and she brought over a meal over Budweiser.

His wife is becoming increasingly uncomfortable and says, ‘How did she know that you drink Budweiser?’ ‘I recognize her, she is the waitress from the golf club. I always have a Bud at the end of the 1st nine, honey.’

A stripper then comes over to their table, throws her arms around Little Johnny, starts to rub herself all over him and says,‘Hi Little Johnny, Want your usual table dance, big boy?’

Little Johnny’s wife, now furious, grabs her purse and storms out of the club. Little Johnny follows and spots her getting into a cab. Before she can slam the door, he jumps in beside her.

Little Johnny tries desperately to explain how the stripper must have mistaken him for someone else, but his wife is having none of it.

She is screaming at him at the top of her lungs, calling him every 4 letter word in the book. The cabby turns around and says, ‘Geez Little Johnny, you picked up a real bitch this time.’

Little Johnny’s funeral will be on Friday.

Hahaha! Please let move back to business. Our post for today is Madam Harleena Singh and the reasons why she will forever be remembered in this blogoshere. Does this special woman need any introduction at all? I don’t think so as her personality already speaks for herself.

I know she is a mother and of course the mother of blogging as well. This is an undisputed fact and I will be willing to even challenge anyone who doubts this to the highest court in the world, The Hague! Hahaha!

One special thing about Madam Harleena and why I intend celebrating her today with the likes has to do with the fact that she is;

1. The Motivator

If there is one blogger who motivates you to have an enormous belief in yourself, then the name Madam Harleena can’t be left out. Her posts are filled with lots of motivations and one post which never left my mind from the day I discovered her blog is, How to Boost Self esteem in 8 simple ways.

Having a high self belief is already the battle of life halfway won and that is something she instills in her entire readership so how come the likes of Harleena Singh will be forgotten in this blogosphere? It won’t ever happen for the motivations she offers are simply enormous and far beyond measure.

2.They Understand what they are Doing

The likes of Madam Harleena obviously do understand what they are doing. When it comes to blogging, there is certainly no doubt they know what they want. Many bloggers quit blogging at early days but could you believe Madam Harleena had being blogging continuously for the past 3 years? And she continues to do same. That is something we need to take a cue from. How will such a figure who understands what she is doing be ever be forgotten? There is no way at the entire blogging world won’t remember such a figure. And that is something we all need to learn from.

3.They don’t compromise on quality

If there is one thing which the likes of Madam Harleena don’t compromise on, that will be quality. You can take anything away from but not when quality is in the question. They keep channeling out quality and that is something which is evident in all their posts.

Therefore filling in their shoes is really a great responsibility anyone can take. So please bear with me as taking up the challenge to write for this magnificent b blog wasn’t an easy thing to do. It is more or less equal to taking up the challenge to battle with Mayweather in the boxing ring. Hahaha!

4.They are really Approachable

With people with such a high pedestal, many will of course think one need some special antidote to but that is far from the truth. They are more than willing to just reply and help and that is something which really astonishing about them.

The rate at which the likes of Harleena are willing to help is simply great and that of course is something blows the minds of many including myself.

5.They are always thankful

If there is one thing as well which you can’t take away from the likes of Madam Harleena, it has to do with the fact that they are always grateful and that is one attribute that amuses me the most.

Being appreciative of the least thing one does for them and the magnitude at which they appreciate it really brings much joy doer.

Your Turn

I think it will be prudent to hand over the mantle to you. Please what do you make of this post? I do hope you obviously enjoyed the post.

For those of us who don’t know Madam Harleena, she is the brain behind Aha-now!  Your thoughts are very well welcomed.


59 Replies to “Why the likes of Madam Harleena Singh will Forever be Remembered in Blogging?”

  1. Yes she needs no introduction. She’s been so friendly so much that I sometimes feel I have met her physically. I used to think she was born with QWERTY in her hands. when it comes to writing blog posts, comments and every replying to private mails, she goes beyond expectations and provide real meat.

    Yes! these are her qualities and she’s worth the blogging mother of the year to be celebrated this day

    1. I cannot but agree with you, Enstine. I love the idea of one being born with a keyboard in his/her hands! That woman is truly amazing – well beyond any dispute!!


    2. Hahaha! That is true and I obviously do concur with you. She was born with the QWERTY keys in her hands.

      Thanks bro for your comment!

  2. When I read this post title, I thought something happened to Harleena. Thank god nothing has happened. You are right, she will remain the mother of blogging for times to come.

    1. Hello Madam Shalu,

      Please nothing bad has happened to her.The post today is simply celebrating her today.

      The likes of Madam Shalu will be featuring here as well in no time.

  3. Hi Emmanuel,

    The post is awesome dedicated to Harleena mam who not only my favourite but dear to all around.

    She is prompt never miss the munute stuff even of blogging.

    Her major equal attention even for tge minute things are incredible and unmatched.

    I adore her wholeheartedly. Loved your post.

    1. Thanks a lot Shiwangi for those lovely words of yours.

      Kabenlah.com will be celebrating great ladies like yourself as

      well one day.

  4. Hi Emmanuel,

    My goodness! What can I say…I am truly speechless!

    I feel loss of words for the first time I should say, and would just say a big thank you for all that you do – not just for me, but for everyone you come across, as I see you link up to them and that just shows your giving nature, which very few bloggers have.

    Thanks once again – God Bless 🙂

    1. Hello Madam Harleena,

      Please always bear in mind kabenlah.com will always be there to celebrate you.

      Thanks as well!

  5. She is really awesome Emmanuel,Bless you for strengthening her dedication in blogging around the world.. through kabenlah..

  6. Hi Emmanuel,

    Surely Harleena Madam is doing very great in blogging. We love to name her mother of blogging too. Aha Now is very well known site and it explains how smart madam is.

    Harleena madam post are very long, it indicates quality content, and in depth reviews. Like her comment are also long. It’s very much worth to have her comments in our blog.

    Surely an incredible post about her. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Madam Harleena of course deserve every hype. She is one blogger who the world will remember in this blogosphere.

  7. Hi Kabenlah,

    Well I don’t have words for Madam Harleena. She is really the mother of blogging, her posts and her style is quite unique and I bet you will not find someone like her in this world 🙂

    Its always good to see that you share your feelings towards bloggers through your posts.

    Harleena mam is just one of a kind 🙂

    Thanks for the post

  8. well deserved article Kabenlad, all the point your mentioned above are true. I have been following her activities on social media recently and all i can say is that SHE IS GREAT.

    Her long articles and comments are always informative and educative. I still imagine myself taking more of my time write and read between 2,000 – 3,000 words of article everyday, it is not easy,her consistency in this area is key and superb.

    All the articles on her blog are of high quality. All i will say is “KEEP IT UP Madam Harleena Singh” You are a great role model and hope to feature you on my blog in the nearby future.You will always stand as source of inspiration to upcoming bloggers and youths.

    I read alot of inspiring articles on your blog and hope to keep visiting to read more.

    Thanks for this write up once again kabenlah and have a nice week.

  9. Hi Emmanuel,

    I totally agree with you, I have been many times to Harleena blog, and she has always a unique approach for any topic, she is always positive and motivated.

  10. Hi Emmanuel,
    Harleena Singh is an enigma in the blogosphere. I am always inspired by her works and these have made her stand out for good reasons.

    I am not surprised by the accolades to this woman of quality. She is worth every bit of praise shared in this post.

    Yes, she is a motivator, an inspiration, and a thorough blogger who doesn’t comprise on quality. I join you to wish to Madam Harleena Singh Happy Mother’s Day!

    This comment was left in kingged.com – the content syndication and social networking website for Internet marketers where this post was shared.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


    1. There is of course no doubt about it at all.Madam Harleena is a great source of inspiration!

  11. Hello Emmanuel,

    You are truly unique I must say! There isn’t a blogger I have come across that is as interested in the success of others as you are.

    Your submissions about Madam Singh are equally true – and apt. That woman (followed closely by Adrienne) truely deserve the title and singular honor.

    Do have a very great day, Emmanuel.


    1. Do have a great day as well bro! Kabenlah and the entire kabenlah.com team is grateful for your comment.

  12. Whenever I see a comment of “Harleena Singh” then I can easily conclude that its a descriptive comment. To be honest I have visited here blog few times but always read here comments on various blogs I visit.

    Thanks for featuring Harleena Signh

  13. Hi Emmanuel,
    I am sorry to say that your title of this post is really a confusing one at one read I really got shocked!!!
    But thank God later I came to know that nothing as such! Thank God Again 🙂

    What a great tribute to Harleena, the Mother of All Bloggers !!! 🙂
    When we talk about this wonderful lady and her activities on the web pages words are not sufficient to explain:-)
    I have a good rapport with this amazing writer blogger quiet sometime, and the specialty of this blogger is that she is a comment King~ Oh No Comment Queen, She wrote a wonderful and informative Guest post recently at yet another wonderful blogger called Adrienne Smith’s pages. I prefer to call Adrienne The Mother of Akk Bloggers!! I am sure Harleena too will agree to this, since I have noticed at several places thru her comments and post talking high of Adrienne and her blogging strategies, Harleena’s guest post at Adrienna;s page is an amazing post on comments, a must read for all bloggers! I have noticed the specialty in both of these bloggers are they very promptly attend to their readers’ feedback in a systematic and timely way to the satisfaction of the commenters.
    Thanks Emmanuel for introducing this wonderful personality on the eve of the wonderful day called Mother’s Day,
    Keep writing
    I am really surprised to read the little Johnny;s amazing acts!!
    really wonderful
    Hey, man, its really sad to note the concluding lines at the little Johnny story: Little Johnny’s funeral will be on Friday. hey you really killed him by the help of his better half so sad and you decided to keep him body for another five days Hey I wonder why five days? Waiting for his relatives to turn in for the funeral LOL Nice one 🙂

    This comment I posted at kingged.com – the content syndication and social networking website for Internet marketers.


    Keep up the good work my dear friend
    Keep informed
    Best Regards

    1. Hi Philip,

      Hahaha! Little Johnny’s funeral will be on Friday and I do hope you will be attending as well since you were his friend but there seem to be some good news. The doctors are trying their best to bring him back to live.

      So you’re likely to see him in my next post. Please the word there is ‘likely’

      Madam Harleena of course deserve every hype in there.

      Thanks a lot for your comment and for kingging this post on kingged.com.

      1. Hi Emmanuel,
        Nice to hear from you again
        I know you can’t miss little Johny!!
        I know that you will do some trick to
        getting back to pavilion!!
        I am glad to note that will surely be
        live on Friday post LOL
        Keep cracking my dear friend
        ~ Phil

    2. Just got here once again from kingged and surprised to see such a wonderful comment.

      I like it’s a tricky title which suits “Harleena Singh” Mam and Emmanueal has crafted it perfectly.

  14. Hell0nEmmanuel, What A Wonderful Article and tribute to Harleena, The Mother of All Bloggers! Love her Aha-now site, she is such an inspiration, Oh Yeh Very Motivational Blogger as well.

    Have you seen her comments? OH MY She gets right into them, HEHE

    She is Awesome Indeed!!. Chery 🙂

    P.S. I landed on your Blog here today Via Kingged..

  15. Hi there..
    well, this is certainly an ode to a well loved personality. I think it speaks highly of both of you. The writer for spending the time and energy to say all these heartfelt things, and Harleena for being the recipient of so much respect and affection.


  16. My take is that… Every blogger is a motivator, some just aren’t aware they are. The short and long experiences of multiple bloggers can share a lesson that all of us can learn. Yes, Harleena is a motivator. I’m following her on Twitter and read some of her posts. I have learned great things from her (all bloggers I must say).

    Yes, they are always thankful; I can see and feel that. 🙂

    Your post has been shared on Kingged.com, IM social bookmarking site, enabling me to find this good piece.

    1. It is really great Madam Metz concurring with me on the post.

      I’m much grateful for your comment.

  17. Hi Emmanuel,

    In the blogging world, who is not familiar with Harleena Singh?
    I know her and I learned so much from her 🙂

    Harleena is the champion in the comments, I saw her could make comment with same length with an article. Of course, bloggers are very pleased with the comments. It was so great!

    I respect her as well 🙂


  18. I guess you have shared some great points about harleena mam and I’ve been learning lot of new things from her comments.

  19. Madam Harleena is an exemplary of a great personality….She has come a long way in blogging, I mean three years isn’t a joke. And she has not only help herself to grow but has also taken others by the hand with to the ladder of a success. Something every great person does.

    I tell people that “people don’t follow you because of your status, they follow you because of your gift, your value and of course….what you can bring to the table.”

    Harleena has done all that and I say kudos to her on a job well done. Love you mother of all!!! 😀


    1. That is true Sam. “People of course don’t follow you because of your status, they follow you because of your gift, your value and of course….what you can bring to the table.”

      I love that!

  20. Hi Emmanuel,

    What a wonderful post you have written about Harleena? It’s worthy to be appreciated.
    It’s always good to meet persons like Harleena. She is an amazing writer, motivator, blogger and much more. I can’t figure out how can I describe her but you did it. Congrats, I feel really good when I go through this post about the person whom I follow.
    You have included many specific points which can transfer anyone’s career if followed.

    Thanks for writing such a great post.


    1. Thanks as well for your your comment Ravi. Madam Harleena is of course a great personality in this blogosphere.

  21. Hi Emmanuel,
    I am totally agree with you that Madam harleena is really an amazing blogger and her post always motivated a lots. I really like the way she wrote post and love to read them. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  22. hi. this my first visit at you blog after i saw your link on a comment box on other blog. i,d really love what you shared and how you write your contents. keep up the good work. have a nice day ahead.

    1. Hi Emmanuel,

      I’m obviously going to keep up with what I love doing. Do have a nice day as well.

  23. Hey Emmanuel,

    I think anything you credit Harleena Ma’m, it seems less. She’s like the mother, sister, daughter of blogging! While the blog-o-sphere is undoubtedly dominated by male bloggers, there’s very few (almost handful names) for female bloggers.

    But, amazingly, the rate of female bloggers getting into blog-o-sphere is increasing day-by-day. It might be due to making money online, but directly or indirectly, there’s a hand of Harleena for influencing their decision to take up blogging. If she can do it, others can do well.

    Especially, she has been such a authoritative figure due to her trademark–long comments. She has taught me much about blogging through her comments on different blogs than her posts on Aha-now! Especially, being a multi-niche author, she has helped me in bloggig, getting motivation and much more.

    PS- Emmanuel, are you a Real Madrid Fan? The side tab makes me think so.



  24. Hi Emmanuel,

    Love Harleena, her blog and her comments. An example to follow if you want to become a true blogger.

    Not only does she post on her blog, answers all her comments, but when you meet her on Twitter or Facebook always a quick acknowledgement of your presence.

    She is very generous, sharing other peoples work and adept at finding worthwhile works to share.

    The giving is truly awesome and inspiring. Between Harleena and Adrienne Smith a person could become a skilled blogger using just the information shared by these two Super Bloggers.

    If there is just one thing to take away from both of them…it is consistency. That article gets posted on the day it is due every week. And if you don’t think frequency of updating by adding new content on a blog doesn’t count, you are in the wrong business.

  25. Recently i came to know her website and stared reading her bloggs, really her posts has useful information for blogger like me.

  26. Hi,

    You write a quite good things about Harleena mam. I have to agree with you in all the way. I am regular reader and follower of Harleena mam. She contains so many abilities insights. Thanks bro!!!

    1. Hi Bhavesh Patel,

      You are right,
      No doubt, Harleena mam is really wonderful blogger. Most of blogger learn from her blog. She shared a lots of article about blogging. her writing style is very good. every blogger is very happy to read her blog,

      Thanks for stopping by.
      Areesha Noor!

  27. Yes i like her very much how she care his blogging and she share some effective tips for newbie and i would like to thank her because using her tips i building my blog and now it’s moving to success

  28. Hi Emmanuel,

    No doubt, Harleena mam is a great personality in the world of blogging. we can not to refuse of her qualities.

    Really I have no words to explain her qualities. but I want to say something from my bottom of heart. I love her. Really I love.

    Thanks for sharing great article with us

    Areesha Noor!

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