Some 2 Bloggers who are Always Going to Fail

Blogging is simply inevitable to these 2 bloggers. What and why are these bloggers going to fail or what makes them fail all the time? If asked what blogging failure is and what constitute it, what are you going to say?

The blogging scene has seen lots of blogs and there is no doubt millions of blogs had being created but only a few stands out as being successful blogs. As to what happens to many of these blogs, your guess is as good as mine. Many blogs don’t see the day of the light as the probability of them being short lived is really high.

There has being some blogs as well which were doing great in this blogosphere but all of a sudden these blogs are hardly heard about again. Either the blogs dwindles in terms of quality delivery or the bloggers behind these blogs are hardly heard off.

And the most interesting thing today is that this is something we intend to discuss. Blogging failure is the issue on board today and why these 2 bloggers are always going to fail.

And as you and I already know, this post wouldn’t be complete without telling you about this little friend of mine known as Little Johnny.

Little Johnny failed in Law and decided to make a deal with professor.

Little Johnny: Sir, do you know everything about law?

Professor: Yes.

Little Johnny: If you can answer this question, I will accept my final marks, if you can’t; you have to give me “A”.

The Professor agreed.

Little Johnny asked, “What is legal but not logical, logical but not legal and neither legal nor logical?”

The Professor thought about it for hours and pondered but found no answer.

He finally had to give up as he really did not know and he gave Little Johnny an “A”.

The following day, professor asked same question to his students.

He was shocked when all of them raised their hands. He asked one student.

The student answered “Sir, you are 65, married to 28 years old woman; this is legal but not logical. Your wife, is having an affair with a 23 year old boy, this is logical but not legal. Your wife’s boyfriend has failed in his exam and yet you have given him an “A”, this is neither logical nor legal.”

Hahaha! I guess my good old friend was smart in there. He failed but had managed an A at the end but that isn’t the case of these 2 bloggers and that is what today’s post is all about.

Some 2 bloggers who are always going to fail is the topic on board today and I think you are already eager to know who these bloggers are.

I am eager myself as well so please let set the ball rolling. Who are these bloggers once more?
And here comes the list;

  1. The Blogger filled with Fear

A blogger filled with is of course deemed for failure and unfortunately there are numerous of such bloggers in this blogosphere. Let me reiterate this once more, one blogger who is always going to fail is that blogger filled with fear.

Fear is what has killed many blogs. The fear of not feeling good enough as a blogger is something which ought not to be tolerated at all. Most bloggers are afraid to write what’s on their minds as they deem themselves as not good enough.

But please let me tell you this, the difference between you and that guy you refer to as a better a blogger is simple, that guy has fear eliminated and sees fear as False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR).

So simply embrace yourself and just eliminate those doubting Thomases from your mind. You’re a great blogger and obviously do have something to offer.

  1. The Blogger Walking alone in this Blogosphere

How rich is your network? I mean how many bloggers can you call upon for assistance when you need it most. I quite remember I wanted to use a Genesis theme  but that theme doesn’t come cheap on the market but the most interesting thing was that there were bloggers willing to give such theme all for free. I even have two of Genesis’ theme in my inbox right now.

The beauty of blogging is all about having a rich network but that blogger walking alone in this blogosphere is more or less like an unlettered explorer with maps he can’t read and finds himself in the middle of the Sahara desert.

Bear in mind you’re as rich as your network as the walk alone blogger is doomed for failure.

Your Turn

In as much you are likely to find only two people at the market, I mean the buyer and the seller. I thought it wise to bring to you 2 bloggers who are always going to fail.

Can you add more as well? Your thoughts on the post are very well welcomed. What do you make of it and what do you have to add?

57 Replies to “Some 2 Bloggers who are Always Going to Fail”

  1. Hi Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe,

    Thank you so much for sharing such a great article about the reasons why some blogs are in fail position. This is very useful information for online review readers. Keep it up such a wonderful posting like this.

    Wyatt Hunter,
    Billing Gurus.

  2. Hello Kabie,

    Here is another fantastic post and I completely agree with you on the 2 potent points raised.

    I really like the 2nd point because that was the focal point of my guest post here. No single blogger can be bigger than his association, there is a direct connection between a blogger’s success and kind of association he maintains. A mediocre association will naturally attract an equivalent impact on a blog.

    There are a lot of reasons why bloggers fail, I believe if we sit down and really address this issue, you won’t be surprise when we get to 100th count. One thing however is a fact, people who do not read history books are those who repeat history.

    Basically, we should keep reading, keep learning and keep experimenting.

    Hahaha! Little Johny doesn’t fail to amaze me.. My regards to him Kabie 😀

    Best Regards

    1. What did say? Please come again. You mean ‘people who do not read history books are those who repeat history;.

      I love that bro!

  3. Hmm.. Just Observing this post.. I know that there are more to add to this bro..

    Well, team work or coperate work in the blogosphere is a very interesting motive, of coz u are aware that iron sharpeneth iron, so being in the blogosphere alone makes u to lack behinde..

    Thanks for sharing anyway 🙂

    1. I sincerely do concur with you and what ought to be understood is the fact that no man is an island and we all need each other to survive.

      Co-operation is of course really of maximum importance. Thanks for your comment Anyikwa.

  4. Hello Emmanuel, I completely agree with you.

    Any blogger that is just walking alone in the blogosphere is likely to fail it is just a matter of time. The spirit of fear can probably cause walking alone as blogger and this can result to inferiority complex, like i submitted on babanature’s blog.

    Having a very rich network really helps and it is really fantastic and it really helps. I remembered i wrote on my blog on relationship. All you need is Great Content and a Wide Relationship Circle.

    Thanks for sharing. Do have a pleasant time.

    1. I obviously do remember that post great post of yours on Babanature’s blog.

      All these factors of course transcends into inferiority complex and this of course isn’t something which ought to be entertained.

      Thanks as well for your lovely comment.

  5. Everyone complete agree with you but i don’t….hahaaha lil JoRNEY.. well you mention 2 and they are all on point. Fear can kill that’s for sure.

  6. Utterly agreed with your 2 points of bloggers.

    Fear is the most dangerous thing which make us demotivated and loose interest or passion towards blogging or we can also say it make us coward lol.

    And the other one, we always need to get connected with blogging communities so that we can learn from them.


    1. That is true Samir and I do agree with with you. We ought to be active on blogging communities as well.

  7. Hi boss,
    I would say when I first saw the title of this post it got me thinking’ but after reading the post I can not help but say u are very correct. fear has always been a factor that has made many bloggers fail because fear makes bloggers to not want to take risks and remember when u do not take risks u do not get a reward.

    1. Hi Bob,

      It has being a while. How are you doing?

      Fear is of course the main killer for many bloggers these days.

  8. Hi kebenlah,

    That was a way powerful article there.. Really got touched! As a new blogger of not less than 3 months i guess i still have some fears in me and have tried relating with other bloggers to atleast become friends with them to no avail, only a few responded.. Sorry am using your comment box to pour out my feelings but that’s just exactly how i feel right now… Just like am all alone!!! Thanks for the read though. It was awesome.

    1. Hi Babshaybell,

      Don’t let those bloggers turning you down derail you as a blogger. It is all part of life.

      Boast your self high and you will realise that at the end, these bloggers turning you down will be the same bloggers asking you to be their friends on Facebook or begging you to guest post in your blog.

      Please do bear in mind it’s a matter of time.

  9. Hi Emmanuel,

    First of all, let me tell thank you for the epic and informative post.

    As a blogger, or rather, as a human being, we often tend to fail. Failing is an important part of human’s life. It helps us to know about our short-comings and how to overcome that.

    I must agree to your point that blogging is not an one-man show, it needs networking. As with networking, one’s knowledge about blogging gets enhanced, which might help a lot. Especially, getting into contact with authority figures (like you :p) might help a lot!


    1. Hi Sayantan,

      Failure is of course inevitable in every endeavour but it all boils down to how we take it when we fail.

      Networking is very important and thanks for reiterating it once more.

      Thanks as well for your comment.

  10. Hi Emmanuel,

    Thanks for sharing. I think when it comes to blogging, you should not be worried. I mean, after all, life is always a challenge. So challenge yourself and let’s work it out.

    Patience is a virtue and it is important.

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Hey Emmanuel,

    You have mentioned only two points but both are applicable and tend to the main reasons for failure of many bloggers. Mainly in the beginning days bloggers are afraid of their failure. They think about there future days which ruin their present work.
    Networking is really important in the blogging field. Making human bonds with influential bloggers help us a lot.

    Thanks for the share.


  12. Fearful bloggers and “solo” bloggers are always going to fail. The former are bloggers who underrate their ability and miss out on profitable opportunities.

    The latter are bloggers that never get to leverage on the help of others for success!

    Its important to avoid becoming any of these bloggers.

    By the way, you amuse us with little Johnny’s legal and logical joke 😀

    I have left this comment in – the content syndication and social marketing platform for Internet marketers, where this post was shared.

    Sunday – contributor

  13. Hi Emmanuel,
    Nice post and I am totally agree with you that any blogger cannot achieve success if he have no relation with other blogger. For getting success in blogging, we have to make good relations with other bloggers. Thanks for sharing this post with us. this post really gonna help many newbies.

  14. Hi Kabenlah,

    Thanks for this wonderful writeup.

    hmmm FAILURE & FEAR, this 2 words are what makes alot of youths nowadays maintain the STATUS QUO. This words makes them not to be productive or even think out of box.

    Many people calims to have business idea but they refuse to action on them because of the FEAR of FAILURE. Even the few who choose to take action on their idea get stuck at the middle of the road because the FEAR OF FAILURE IS STILL THERE.

    Same applies to blogging, A blogger with a fear of failure will surely fail. No niche is less competitive, it is upto you as a blogger to step up your game and try to do something unique, something that will different you abit from other bloggers in the blogosphere.

    “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

    To survive you need to pull of fear of failure and go for SUCCESS. As a blogger you must ready to adapt to changes that occurs in the blogosphere.. some bloggers have quit blogging because of GOOGLE PENGIUN & HUMMINGBIRD.

    Networking really matters, this makes me remember a guest post about PLUG-IN TO THE BLOGOSPHERE by Nosa on this blog, i expect you to interlink the article or reference to it BUT YOU DID NOT :). it is very important to mingle with the best of people in your line of profession, if you really wants to remain updated and relevant.

    Have a nice day Kabenlah

    1. I’m sorry for failing to interlink Nosa’s guest post but please can you come again?

      I do like that lovely piece of yours where you stated “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

      That is the point. Thanks a lot for your comment and do have a great day as well.

  15. Hi Emmanuel,
    Let’s start with the joke. I did not see that ending coming.

    I think you are right about the fear. I think many people have it at some level. Some more than others. I know I am a perfectionist . . . Although I am getting a little better at not being one. But I think with perfectionists we want to do such a good job that we can be “fearful” that we made a mistake. Hmm. But, I know I work on this and at some point just force myself to “let it go” :).

    I also think you are right in the solo problem. I started blogging as a hobby. I really like technology and started writing about blogging and other technology topics. But I have realized that I need to build relationships. has certainly helped me and I hope I have also helped others here.

    So, yes, I do agree with your points.

    P.S. I read this on

    1. Yes you have and continues to help others with your continuous channeling out of great articles on your blog.

      Thanks for concurring with me and do have a lovely day!

  16. Hi Emmanuel,
    You brought a great point as usual with your little wonder boy called little Johnny
    Yes, among those two bloggers the first one is the person filled with fear, and he goes on with fear and achieve nothing and end up in fear. but the second one is yet another failure he always wants to be alone.and ends up in loneliness and loss.
    Very well presented two things prevailing in blog failure, I am sure this is gripped in many people/bloggers life, and they become failures. Thanks Emmanuel for this great alert!
    The writers should be fearless, and do not worry what others think or say about it, and pl. don;t go alone is the great alert I liked most, if he mingled with like minded people he will surely be benefited one way or other, thanks for bringing out these facts to your readers
    Keep informed my friend,
    Sad, I am not getting your intimation via post.
    No worries now I am here and now you are here LOL
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip
    PS: I read this post at and i aired the above comment there. Keep writing. Best. Phil

    1. Hello PV,

      The pleasure is all mine seeing those lovely comments of yours here.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

  17. Hi Emmanuel,

    I think it depends on what our blog purpose. What you have said are true for blogging business purpose. Once you have business motive on your blog then you should not fear (you have to brave and smart on investing budget to build your blog) and you should not lazy to build network (this network will help you grow).

    There are still many people do blog just for telling what inside their mind, in this case they don’t care much on number of traffic, comment, engagement, rank, etc.

  18. Hi Emmanuel,

    What a smart Little Johnny. It is an interesting story 😀
    I agree with these two points. Fear could blunt everything. Indeed, fear is important, because it can inform our weaknesses, but if it gets out of control, fear can harm us.

    Humans are social creatures, and they need others, as well as bloggers. It was great to know you can get 2 Genesis theme from other bloggers for free. It looks like you have a good bloggers network 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this, Emmanuel.
    Have a great day.


  19. Seems like yet another little jhonny story and It’s really interesting. I think for every new thing we do we may fear but after that part we can expect some good results.

  20. Hi Emmanuel,

    Fear and lack of networking…That word, ‘Fear’, believe me, is the cause of all the problems in the world.

    You fear that you are not good enough and that same fear keeps you from networking!

    For me, the only thing I really fear is fear itself! What do you think?


  21. WEll, there is still a posibility that these two categories will succeed. For sure bloggers without a plan, goal or clear idea about the audience will fail on 100%.

  22. I think sometimes the fear of not taking risk is the biggest risk itself…………. Why not step out of your comfort zone and take a step that is worth a while………………………………………………………….

  23. This guy never cease to amaze me,i was curious to see you mention two particular bloggers by name only to find out something else and you know what? its not only apply to blogging alone but to Sucess in Life in general,
    You too much,thanks for the wonderful article

  24. Hi Emmanuel, You’re right with the fact that walking the walk alone in this blogoshpere is tantamount to failure, no matter how good you write, you need the help of people that have gone ahead, and those coming behind to bring you to limelight. And I love your little Johnny analogy (hahhaaa) Obviously, the guy managed to cheat with his professor’s wife and still got a thank you from him…lol. Thanks for sharing, you made my day already.

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