Why Blogging is a Serious Business?

What do you and how do you perceive blogging? Blogging is fun for some but is that really the thing? How can one buy a domain name with hosting and still perceive blogging as fun?
Maybe not my little friend Little Johnny and these three girls.

One day, three girls went swimming in a nearby dam. They undressed and went on with their business.

Twenty minutes later, Little Johnny came and stood next to where they left their clothes.

The girls were like, “what have you come to see? You are unlucky because we won’t get out of this water till you leave!” and they started drifting towards the deepest parts.

Little Johnny replied, “I’ve got nothing to do with you, I just came to feed the crocodiles in here!”

The girls jumped out of the water!

One day, three girls went swimming in a nearby dam. They undressed and went on with their business.

Twenty minutes later, Akpos came and stood next to where they left their clothes.

The girls said, “what have you come to see? You are unlucky because we won’t get out of this water till you leave!” and they started drifting towards the deepest parts.

Akpos replied, “I’ve got nothing to do with you, I just came to feed the crocodiles in here!”

The girls jumped out of the water!

– See more at: http://funnyakposjokes.com/akpos-joke-swimming-in-the-dam/#sthash.OVB0yS5c.dpuf

Hahahah! Okay, now tell me, did you start your blog just to make money? Well, there is nothing wrong with that vision but if that’s your motivation, you’re bound to fail. Blogging is more than writing articles and adding affiliate banners on your sidebar. Blogging is serious business.

A lot of people have given up, some angrily left blogging last month, and right now, someone is unhappy about this same blogging. What’s happening to all these give-ups?  They fail to see the real picture.

Why Blogging Is a Serious Business

In the offline world, entrepreneurs understand how to treat customers (majority, actually)! Customer service is paramount and packaging is well planned. All these activities are to increase sales and build a huge customer-base for future promotions. So, what’s different with online business?

Nothing! Everything that’s done offline is replicated online. You still have to deliver your products, attend to customers’ technical issues and sell products/services. The only slight different is the channel of distribution.

If you don’t treat blogging as a serious business, like the one offline, you are bound to fail – only time would tell.

1. Stay In Your Field

No business is better than the other. A lot of bloggers have been made to believe that some business models are more profitable than others. That’s a big lie. You can still make money blogging about gift items even though the cost of acquiring those products is less than the price of a digital camera (in most cases).

If you don’t stay in your field, struggling and complaining would set in. What’s your niche, where does your strength lie, aren’t you motivated to teach the same course to some other people? I know successful poetry bloggers, pottery bloggers and career counseling bloggers. “Make Money Online” isn’t the only niche – in fact, it’s the most competitive and 87% failures emanate from there. Stay in your field and scale it through. Period!

2. Learn Persuasive Writing

It’s not enough to write articles and blog posts. You need to persuade people to take action. I read a lot of blog posts daily and unfortunately, only few bloggers belong here.

If your readers do not take action on your content, it’s a waste of time and frustration is bound to set in within a short while. To learn persuasive writing, you start by reading posts like this particular one. Ask yourself why you’ve continued up to this level – did I bore you with irrelevant words?

Persuasive writing would help you attract more readers, earn more money and increase your readership-base.

3. Get On Social Media Train

Social media has come to stay.

It’s come to transform your business and give you an edge in this ever-changing world. You have every right to use it to grow your blog. How do you use social media to attract paying clients and readers?

The only recipe to succeed is to “socialize” creatively. So many bloggers who are active users of Twitter and Facebook and not even making a single dime, nor are  driving targeted traffic.

It’s the wrong mentality. Social media networks weren’t created to make sales actually, it came on board to help people connect, share and communicate. But that’s what business is all about. Follow these guidelines today and your social media efforts would yield results.

4. Sell A Service Instead

Yes, you need to sell something before you can make money online. Instead of promoting all those CPC ads you can’t even vouch for, sell your skills for profit. Truth is, thousands of people are looking for you. If you can look within, you would be shocked at what you can do. All credit to the Supreme Being who made it possible.

Why waste time trying to convince prospects to buy that $47 e-book when you haven’t  read it yourself. How real are you?

Stop right now and focus on what you have within. Can you write simple articles, optimize web pages for search engines, design logos and custom graphic works? Service rendering is the best blog monetization strategy.

5.Marketing Takeaway

There you have it. It’s rare to find such informative posts in today’s blogosphere because everyone is looking for shortcuts. But I’ve laid it out on a platter. But you won’t see a change in your business unless you take the single right step. That’s why I’m living you with these 3 words – go take action!

56 Replies to “Why Blogging is a Serious Business?”

  1. More over you can add one more tip..
    A serious always concentrate on Niche ……
    Never Loose mind at the middle..

    1. That is true Rahul and I seriously do agree with you.Concentrating on thing at a thing a time is far better than being a Jack of all trades but master of none.

  2. I think no. 1 element before even starting a blog is to pick something that you would do or write about even if you were rich.
    Then keep pumping content until the face turns purple and the next day you do the same thing.

    great tips though Emmanuel!

    1. Wow, “I think no. 1 element before even starting a blog is to pick something that you would do or write about even if you were rich”

      This quote of yours just kept banging on my head. Will you still enjoy writing those lovely articles when you start generating 5 figures in dollars every month? As simple as the question might sound, in reality, it is a very potent one that really determines the life of a blog.

      Having a blog live above 10 years is a dream and I do hope one day, I can write my 10-year anniversary article..

      God bless you Akos Fintor 🙂

      1. Writing your 10th year anniversary in blogging? That of course will come to pass.

        If the likes of shoemoney started in 1992 and still does it till date, what makes us different?

    2. You mean one should keeping pumping even when it becomes clearly evident he or she has become successful? I love that!

      This is what id known as passion. Pressing on even when you don’t feel like.

      Thanks a lot for your comment Akos.

  3. Hi emma..

    On more serious note, blogging is a serious biz.. =D
    Well this is an encouraging tip, but I dnt advice any newbie to take blogging as a biz without having a passion for it..

    Well, nice tips 🙂

    1. I don’t think anyone would excel in a job that he has no passion. So everything falls in nicely. The early newbie(s) know blogging is a serious business, they would become very prepared for the challenged ahead. Not the easy way to own a bank approach as many have been deceived only to become frustrated half-way through.

      Thanks for your contribution Mr. Chinonso

    2. There is no doubt blogging is a serious business but that is something many are not getting.

      Having the passion is really paramount.

  4. Hi Kabenlah,

    Its been good seeing you post more frequently.

    Well yes This job is serious, but the problem is most of us don’t take it serious.

    You can be serious if you have passion that’s what holds many of us into this sphere of blogging.


  5. A golden platter, Emmanuel.

    Sadly, it is my experience that many bloggers are in the habit just as an escape route to avoid the often hard and rigorous offline work (that is their reality).

    Sadly too, if you have failed offline due to laziness, you’ll fail online harder than you ever imagined possible!!

    Do have a great day.


    1. Hello Terungwa,

      It’s really been a while and it’s nice to read your excellent contribution on the blog. It’s true that anyone who fails offline, thinking he can succeed online with the same “laziness” attitude, his end would obviously be seen from the beginning.

      One other thing I do tell people who come to me for advice, even when I am not a pro-blogger is that; A person is a person and a blog is a person. In the business world, experts will tell you a business is a person, the way you treat and handle it will always attract it’s material equivalent.

      If you treat your blog, the way you treat yourself, the skies will definitely not be a boundary.

      Best Regards

      1. I cannot agree more with you, Nosa…that’s some classical advice rare to find these days!

        Do by all means have a very great day!


    2. In a nutshell, what you’re trying to imply is that what couldn’t achieve offline through laziness can’t be achieved online with the same attitude and that I sincerely do agree with you bro.

      Thanks a lot for your comment Akaahan!

      1. You got the gist fast Emmanuel. I view online business like any other – except that it’s got no walls… simple and short!


  6. Hello Kabie,

    I agree with you entirely, blogging is a career but most people do not seem to take that approach. They want sudden success, all they want to hear is earn and earn, forgetting the steps involved.

    I always tell friends, you can play with anything, my gadgets and money but one thing you can’t play with is my blog and my books. I hold my blog in very high esteem and I believe every blogger has to stay focused.

    No niche is better than the other, we only need to make a decision to be committed and have perseverance. Perseverance of course is very important as it what can break a blog that should naturally see success in 5-months time but because it wasn’t cultured well enough, success might not be a reality.

    I really did enjoyed this article. The article is very serious as I saw only one trademark – “hahaha” on the article. You are a genius sir.. 🙂

    Best Regards

    1. Hahaha! and you’re a super-genius. I like the point you raised with respect to many ‘all they want to hear is earn and earn’ but they forget there is learn and learn!

      Thanks a lot for your comment big bro. I really do appreciate it.

  7. I would straightaway recommend #1 on that list as my #1 too. I see people going from here to there because they are seeing people ‘hitting it well around there..’

    Like you said, it is a serious business. This is why I pity those who rush online expecting to make money overnight.

    The other day, I was helping this dude. I even helped him correct many things on his template and layout in a cafe, with him standing behind me, and gave him serious advices.

    But does that matter to him? no. All he wanted is where he could get ‘quality affiliating service.’ I felt so sick.

    That day, I got fed up, looked into his eyes and told him to stop copying and pasting, and then adding affiliate links. No one is going to click. Simple.

    That makes your #4 very important to me too.

    Thanks for the post, Emmanuel!

    1. Hahaha! There are of course many of these guys online. You tell someone you’re a blogger and the next question that follows is how do you make money?

      How can I make money when I don’t see blogging as a business? That to me is madness.

  8. Blogging is a serious business because you earn money from it. Money that helps you pay your monthly bills, but what you need and what you want. I am actually thinking these words after reading your headline Emmanuel.

    There are no shortcuts to success. All of us ought to take the first right step. I couldn’t agree more with your list since all are true and it must be taken, comprehend and execute.

    Additionally, Rahul’s comment is nice, “A serious always concentrate on Niche…
    Never lose mind in the middle…”

    I left this comment on kingged.com, the content curation website and blogging community.

  9. Blogging for business is much more different from blogging for fun. There is often a misconception that once you set up a blog and add articles then money start pouring in. This is far from the truth.

    Blogging for business is a more practical concept. It requires vision, planning, and doing the right things. At the base of all is the provision of value to the customers in the form of service of product.

    More so, the marketing aspect of blogging must never be ignored if one wants to make money online!

    I have left this comment in kingged.com – the content syndication and social marketing platform for Internet marketers, where this post was shared.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


  10. Thanks for writing this post Emmanuel. Yes, blogging is a serious business and every blogger should understand this. Offering service is one thing I have been thing since long but couldn’t make it happen due to time crisis.

    Good post mate.

    1. Hi Atish,

      You are a great blogger Atish and for concurring with me, makes me feel happy.

      Thanks for your comment boss.

  11. Hi Emmanuel,

    Again an amazing post.
    You have explained it in a great way. It’s always asked by many beginners that why are we so serious about blogging? It’s fun to work. You know sometimes we need to take our work seriously so that we can learn something better.

    Blogging is not a joke. It’s a job done with hard work.
    I agree with the points you have mentioned above.

    Thanks for sharing such an informative post.
    Have a great day. 🙂


    1. I like what you said. Blogging is of course no joke at all.

      Thanks as well for your comment and do have a great day as well.

  12. I don’t think that blogging is really a business. As for my own opinion, it’s just a tool for you to use in order to earn money online.

    If you will be serious in blogging, you’ll probably become successful in this field.

    I wish that the readers understand that being ‘serious’ in blogging doesn’t mean you need to focus your eyes and don’t even blink once. I guess being serious in blogging means that you think differently and much more matured.

    Blogging can both be an easy and tough job. However, it would be lighter and simpler depending on the person who is doing it.

    Thanks for this post! 🙂


    By the way, I found this post shared on Kingged.com

  13. Yes, you are right if one is not serious about his online business similar to any offline business then doing online business like blogging is of no use.

    One has to stay focus on all their activities whether it’s online or offline.

    Thank for sharing!

  14. Hi Emmanuel,
    Nice to read yet another informative piece on blogging 
    Hey, hey, your little Johnny is becoming naughtier these days!! 🙂
    Have some control over him so that you will not be in soup later 🙂
    Ok as you said coming to the point, you brought out certain
    important points here to make aware about blogging and its
    importance or seriousness in business.
    Though in the beginning of my blogging i started it as just as
    as fun and at a later stage i means very recently only I thought
    about making something out of it, though my blogging started
    with the Associated Content.com (now its Yahoo’s AC) There
    i could make many friends and some benefits. There at AC
    most of them have their own personal blogs, and they quiet
    often talks about it and the story of making money out of it
    but somehow i could not give much thought on it since the friendship
    and other activities there made me more active to continue with AC
    more than making money. And i started thinking about it only at a later
    stage and of course I missed lot of opportunity by then, then i joined at
    Google’s Knol business! unfortunately its untimely death forced all of
    us to make some alternative arrangements to save our stuff and Google
    did one good thing that they migrated all our stuff to WordPress and
    thus came to know about the serious business of blogging and recently
    i bought a domain of my-own and working on it.
    The points you mentioned here some of them I am following diligently
    but still the desired result looks like a far reaching phenomenon.
    Anyways thanks for all these points to think and practice, I am sure I need to work on these lines to make something out of it LOL 🙂
    Best regards
    Keep informed
    ~ Philip
    Emmanuel, I read about this post at Kingged.com and i posted this comment there the affiliated page.

    1. Hello Mr. Varghese,

      From the look of things, you have really come a long way. I quite remember I had being on AC as well but later found out it was something for Americans.

      As I said earlier, you have indeed come a long way and such great comments of yours can’t be taken lightly.

      Thanks for your comment and do have a lovely week.

  15. If we take blogging as serious then we achieve some profit from it, although I believe if do any thing we need to serious attention and passion towards it.

    Your points are really obvious.

  16. Hello Emmanuel,

    Blogging is always a fun for me and also sometimes serious when i can’t generate the routine income through it. I guess you are right that it’s serious business and should focus on it.

  17. Really awesome post
    This is my first time on your blog and i just loved your writings.
    Blogging is ofcource a serious busines. Many peoples live thr life through blogging.
    But, seriousness makes blogging more successful 🙂
    Thanks for post


  19. Hell Emmanuel !
    I still remember when I started blogging two years ago, I faced the challenge of being serious with blogging, I battled for the best niche I could blog about but I forgot that one needs to be focused in life.. I recently learnt the seriouness of blogging….

    Am so impressed with your article ..Thank You

  20. Experience makes a man perfect…So if you work on blog it’s like a see when you go deeper you know how hard it is

  21. Hi sir,
    It is really great to read such a nice informative post.
    In short you have covered every aspect of developers’ mind.
    Good Job and keep it up.
    From Akshay Naik

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