Why Blogging is like a Fisherman’s Job?

What would I have become if I wasn’t a blogger? I guess the sea would have welcomed me. Why I’m I saying this?  God willing tomorrow, I am likely to find myself in one village of mine known as Esiama which literally translates ‘Esi never came.’ If Esi refused to come, don’t worry, Kabenlah will be coming tomorrow. Hahaha!

The sea is very close to my family house. The house is two storey building with more than 40 rooms. At least from the look of things that is the least number I could count. Due to poor maintenance, it has literally come down to nothing. With the inscription ‘WISDOM HOUSE’ boldly inscribed on a plague on the wall, the history behind it can’t be ignored. The year the house was built and my great great grandfather who built the house has his name inscribed as well. So the inscription goes something like this;


My great great great grandfather was a great businessman according to history but died at a very young age when he was less than 40 years but he left a legacy many of us are still learning from till date.

Wow! Sorry, it appears I’m going too personal and the reason behind this post seems to be losing its essence but please let me add this. The first mansion in my village was built in 1917 and still stands strong till today.

Why all these lengthy talk? And it all boils down to this. There is a sea in my village as I reiterated earlier but the funny is that; there seems to be only one successful fisherman in the whole entire village and this man who immigrated from a village to my village had reigned till date. In fact, the name Bekoe is well known figure all over.

But how come he is a success whiles most of the other fishermen still strive to survive. In fact he now owns 13 fishing boats and I’m sure the number has increased. I will find out when I get there.

So how can blogging be likening to a fisherman’s job? That is something we intend to find out today. But before that; you know the post wouldn’t be complete without me telling you what my good friend Little Johnny had being about off late.
Actually he had some good news to deliver to his parents…

Little Johnny was coming back from school singing out loud and dancing like nobody’s business.

His parents were wondering why Little Johnny was so happy and decided to ask him.

PARENTS:  My son I have never seen you in this mood in a long while. Any good news to share..?

LITTLE JOHNNY: Mum and dad, next year you wouldn’t be buying any textbook, notebook or any study material

PARENTS: That’s my boy. Why, did you win a scholarship?

LITTLE JOHNNY: No..! I’m repeating the same class again.

Hahaha! I guess my good is going to save his parents some money. Now let move back to business as usual? Why was I? Good; I think it was why blogging is like a fisherman’s job?

Please be calm and allow me to elaborate more on that. Now let the argument begin:

  1. No one owns the sea so is the internet

When the likes of North and South Korea fights over territorial waters, it funnies me a lot. Who owns the sea? And I guess the right answer will be God. So why all these rumbles?

When it comes to fishing in my village, anyone with a boat can venture into it. And I guess that is how the internet world is all about. It knows no boundaries and no one owns it. Blogging has brought me into the limelight and this is something many will testify to that.

The internet world is as wide as the sea and willing to accommodate anyone who is willing to give its best. So what I will urge you to do is to just clinch on the opportunity the internet has to offer just as the sea has those fishes to offer.

  1. You need the storm to be a great fisherman just like criticisms in Blogging

There is this saying which goes like this; ‘A calm sea never makes a skilled sailor’ so this therefore literally translate, just as the fisherman will need the storm to sail his boat; criticism in blogging should therefore propel us to achieve something greater. My first blogging experience and means of promoting it was a total fiasco so there received a lot of criticisms from fellow bloggers but of course shouldn’t deter us. Just as the storm makes a skilled fisherman so does criticism in blogging will make  you a better blogger.

  1. The paddle is your creativity

If there is anything which to me accounted for the continuous failure for the fishermen in my village it had to do with how the shape of their paddles and the way and manner the go about things when paddling.
When it comes to surviving as a blogger, you really need t be creative. Every topic on this planet had being discussed but the honours lies on you with respect to how you can make it different and that is when creativity sets in.
There hadn’t being a blogger who had become successful without him being creative. As a blogger, you need to be creative in all aspect from crafting your headlines to the content proper.

For instance whiles everyone is talking the ‘President being Happy” why not go this way; ‘The President is going Gay’. Gay is of course another word for being happy.
So you see, just as the fisherman will need his paddle, creativity is something a blogger like me and you need.

  1. You can get lost and so is Blogging with Information overload

One of the dangerous things a fisherman faces has to do with getting lost on sea and that of course is really dangerous. But what could be more dangerous than a blogger being filled with informations? With many claiming to be bloggers all over, that means one thing is certain. There are a lot of information to be consumed and with Blogger A telling you this and Blogger B saying a different thing, what could be more confusing and dangerous than this?
Information overload is something  which is really dangerous and ought to be checked.

  1. Your Turn

With the 5th reason, it will be prudent to take over now. What do you make of this post? Your thoughts are very welcomed. These are my thoughts with respect to Why Blogging is like a Fisherman’s Job? Yours are welcomed!

49 Replies to “Why Blogging is like a Fisherman’s Job?”

    1. Thanks bro for comment. I am obviously going to deliver some inspirations while still in the village.

  1. I was reading this post to a friend and i was like wow this piece is so on point and amazing. I admire the way you compare blogging with fishing.

  2. Emmanuel, another lesson is that big fishes are never caught in shallow waters! If you must be a blogger worth his/her salt, be prepared to do what most bloggers would rather not: more detailed posts, better grammar, superior SEO etc.

    While many thing extraordinary is impossible, the word itself says it’s just an ‘extra’ added to ‘ordinary’.

    What do you think?


  3. Hi Emmanuel,

    Bro, You are simple a very (very and very) creative person.

    Seriously, I had never thought any link between blogging and fisherman’s job. Like ocean, no one has the right of the Internet. I have saw many people claiming that they are the king of the blogging, which is bitterly false.

    Thanks for this informative post,


  4. I believe blogging is like real business in life. It takes time to grow (success), it takes some guts, it also need some luck. All of that, passion is the most significant thing.

    As long as we keep the passion sparks, storm is not a big deal to get the big fish

  5. This kind of inspiration clearly could only come from the village. *Smiling*

    Emmanuel, I am being very sincere with this. This is your best post I have ever read.

    Your BEST!

    Keep on dishing out more.

    History would remember you for this.

    1. hahaha! Is that so? Oh ok. I will definitely keep on dishing out more.

      Thanks as well Tope for your comment.

  6. Hi Emmanuel Kabenlah
    This is your prowess that you very smartly link blogging with fisheries to put the element of interest in it. Some people call blogging art some say it science. But first time you link it with a unique profession which is enough to attract the attention of visitors.
    Actually blogging is just like any other profession that needs both production and marketing with full of quality. That is why it is called a business not an activity. Either you aim to earn money with it or do it just to pass the time you gain in both of the cases.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful post that is unique of its type.

  7. Hi Kabelah,

    Thanks for this wonderful post, hahahahaha, hope to visit your village soon. why? BECAUSE I WANT TO SEE THAT 1917 MANSION 🙂

    All the point you mentioned are great and I agree with them all but below is my fifth point.

    #5: Perseverance

    Perseverance is sometimes but another word for self-reliance.When a man is in the right path, he must persevere.

    As a fisherman paddling to catch fish in the big sea, you need to be self-reliance in other to catch a big fish and also need to know that EVERYDAY NO BI CHRISTMAS, the number of fish catches today may not tally with what you will catch tomorrow (It is either the number increase or decrease). But when a fisherman possess self-reliance, he will always be satisfy. Same also applies to a blogger.

    The blogosphere is big, to be successful you need to put enviousness aside and be self-reliance to push your blog to larger audience in your own unique way.

    As you mentioned in the article post “Every topic on this planet had being discussed but the honors lies on you”. You need to sit tight on your own to craft the best of article and headline in order to become an authority in your chosen niche.

    Thanks for sharing this article with us and await your next article post 🙂

    Have a nice weekend

    1. wow! I will of course be glad to welcome you to my village. Hahaha!

      I obviously do love your point making the fifth point of the post.Keep on pressing on is what has changed the world today.

      Nothing can changed the man who is persevering.

  8. The comparison between a blogger and a fisherman is revealing. Yes, just as the fisherman can leverage the abundance of the sea, the blogger can as well leverage the abundance of the Internet. This is one comparison that really stick with me after going through this post.

    The sea and the Internet are available for all, and for free 😀

    Bloggers and fishermen face challenges that are often unpredictable but with determination, hard work and combination of creative skills success is guaranteed!

    I left this comment in kingged.com where this post was shared for Internet marketers.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


    1. Hello Sunday,

      The pleasure is all mine hosting you once more. Thanks a lot for your comment as well.

  9. Hi Emmanuel,

    Great Post and I love the analogy of fishing to blogging.

    All your points are spot on but when it comes to information overload, I guess a blogger needs to narrow their niche and consume information related to that part of their niche and be an expert on it and blog about it and share all the stuff related to that area chosen.

    As fishermen can get lost in a wide sea, so can the blogger on the internet. Marketing to everybody is marketing to nobody. Smart bloggers need to look for the big fish in a small pond aka a specific area in their niche where their audience will be there to hear and interact with their brand.

    Thanks Emmanuel for a great post. Have yourself a great weekend ahead,

    Be Blessed,


    1. Hello Madam Neamat,

      In as much a blogger ought to narrow down to a particular niche and consume information related to it; many just go in with whatever they read.

      One obviously have to be a smart blogger and that is how I see blogging. It is something for the smart and the passionate.

  10. Hi Emmanuel,
    Yet another story with a great twist.
    Oh your boy is rocking man
    This time he is more mischevious
    poor parents how they are tolerating hims
    They are greatly appreciated for their patience
    for carry own with such a naughty boy
    As you say, coming to the the business point
    Your comparison with the big ocean to the Internet
    and the bloggers the fishermen is really interesting.
    You are really a wonderful master of story teller!!!
    Indeed a fisherman need lot of patience otherwise
    he cannot succeed in his business with a quick fix
    likewise blogging sphere too a blogger needs lot
    of patience. He need to wait years and years sometime
    to get the desired result. One need to wait patiently for the result
    If you are in a hurry you can;t achieve nothing! but at the same time
    if you have the needed patience you are a sure winner too.’
    That is what exactly is blogging too!!!
    Thanks again for sharing this informative piece
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip

    Hey Emmanuel,
    I found this informative post at Kingged.com the Internet Marketing Social Website and I kinnged it and posted this comment there.
    Keep informed
    ~ Philip

  11. This post was great I laughed I cried. Okay I didn’t cry but I did get the point and i think if we have more blogs like this you may put the rest of us out of business. Blogging for me is still a struggle with so much content going up everyday and having a full time job It is hard for me to keep up. This analogy definitely makes sense to me.

    1. Hi Josh,

      Building a successful blog isn’t beyond your reach. I just decided to check your blog and realized you’re on hubpages. Why should that be the case? Why have you decided to promote some else’s website instead of yours?

      Let me know if you need any help with respect to creating a blog. Kabenlah.com is always for you.

  12. great comparison of blogging with fishing

    internet – sea
    blog – boat
    blogger – fishermen
    fish – money
    storms – search engine penalties

    thanks Emmanuel for sharing your creative thoughts

  13. I was really engaged with your topic, huh! And I like how you connect your life, the sea, little Johny to the internet. Well done with that. I must say, I like the how this post started and ended.

    You need the storm to be a great fisherman just like criticisms in Blogging”
    The paddle is your creativity
    You can get lost and so is Blogging with Information overload
    No one owns the sea so is the internet

    These are direct to the point revelations about the said topic and they all make sense.

    Let me give my opinion about the paddle. I agree it is your creativity. It’s up to you if you’ll go right, left, fast or slow with on the sea. You can randomly use these tricks to go where you wanted to be and to catch bigger fish with the help of your creativity.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social bookmarking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

    1. Hello Madam Metz,

      I obviously do love your twist with respect to the paddle as well. The bigger fish is the aim of everyone but that of course doesn’t come in easy.

      Thanks a lot for your comment and do have a lovely weekend.

  14. 5. Your biggest catch is never on your first day at the sea.: As a fisher man, probably learning, the skills grows into a level of expertise with constant practice, hence, blogger should know that the first few months of their blogging experience is a moment of training, no matter how well informed you were before starting out. Your break out won’t come until you’ve successfully mastered the system. So don’t be discouraged if the adsense earning is not coming as expected, or if the bounce rate is in the 70 percentile, but as a fisherman, knowing how important it is to take a fish home at the end of the day, you’ve got to keep honing your skills.

    Great post Emmanuel, I must say your blog is top notch and I am subscribing already.

    1. Hi Augustus,

      The pleasure is all mine seeing you here. I certainly do agree with you on your own point making the fifth point. Yes of course, the fisherman doesn’t come home with the biggest of fish on his first day on sea.
      It of course takes time but unfortunately that is something many bloggers are loosing on.
      Thanks a lot for your comment.

    1. Yeah that is true. The big fishes are what guarantees greater returns but it takes discipline and hard work to catch them.

  15. Hi Emmanuel,

    I loved how you compared the parallel lives of a fisherman and blogger. I didn’t knew that there was so much common in their lives.

    I really got to salute you. You did explained much of the blogging basics through fishing :). It would help all the newbies (me too!)


  16. Hi Emmanuel,

    I think, Little Johnny is one of your writing style. I loved it and it was served with a fresh story. 🙂

    I agree with you. Difficulties will create a great person. So also with blogging. I like your words. It was very motivating.

    The difficulty often comes to me and if I don’t get through it, I would not be able to be someone great in blogging, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing this article with us, Emmanuel.
    Very helpful!


  17. Hi Boss,
    When I started reading, I was thinking about How you were going to connect the topic but you did more than just fine. I really still want to know what inspires you because you have always managed to bring out your points nicely and well laid out. I really see that blogging is like a fisherman’s ob and believe me Information overload is something that will always put you in a confused state and you might end up not knowing what to write about or even end up mixing ideas which do not link.

    Great article boss

  18. You guessed it right, blogging is similar like Fisherman’s job. You have nicely written this post, i enjoyed reading your post.

    I would have clicked on Google plus one, but i didn’t found that button on your site.

    Anyways keep posting such posts.

  19. Hi Emmanuel,

    Thanks for wonderful post.
    You are right. Blogging is like an other business.
    Because the main purpose of any blogger is gain money from it.
    I really enjoyed it.


    Areesha Noor

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