Deal or No Deal? You make $85+2 years Hosting whiles I make $65 just like that!

The world they say is a beautiful place and it is such beautiful I intend sharing with you. What is in this beautiful deal? wow! The deal was suppose to be a 50-50 deal in a of worth of $150 which of course had to be $75 for both parties involved but for your trust in me; I intend shedding off $10 from my share to yours. Hahaha!

This is how it goes. is being hosted on Ipage web hosting and obviously the best web host you can get. But there is more to it than just web hosting. Ipage pays $105 per referral but until recently saw a new dimension. The payout had changed from $105 t0 $150.And I am like wow!

So in short, this is how the deal works!

1.You buy an ipage web hosting through my affiliate link.

2.You get a free domain and a great quality web host

3.It is going cost you less than $50 for 2 years web hosting

4. You let me know and so you shoot me an email. My email adrress is

5.Don’t forget to add your paypal account

6.$85 will be remitted into your paypal account and that is $35 more profit just like that.

7.I keep $65 just like that!

8. Click on the affiliate link within this post only not the one on the sidebar. at the sidebar is displaying ipage ads as well.

9.Thank You

This of course will be my shortest post ever written in recent times. A deal is a deal and it is something which ought to be sweet and straightforward. No long things! Hahaha!

We should just let the game begin!


31 Replies to “Deal or No Deal? You make $85+2 years Hosting whiles I make $65 just like that!”

  1. sounds good, but the thing is that you must have almost 50$ to get in right… whereas i just dreaming of this cool deal ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi Emmanuel,

    Though I have been thinking of going for iPage hosting, I didn’t thought they paid 150$ per referral. Definitely I’m going to try and tempt others to buy it too!


  3. hmmm. emmanuel. on an agreement. if i click on the offer link and i made a purchase. how much credit will be my share?.LOL

  4. This is very interesting man,
    And I think I’m IN. I will be registering and hosting one expired domain in few days from now and I’m certainly going to use this link.

    However, must it be 2 years? As I prefer going for one year once I’m hosting an expired domain or a niche site.


    1. Going in with the 2 years is cool as a year will cost you somewhere around $45 and 2 years will cost you around $47.

      So which one will you go in for? Let set the deal rolling!

    1. Hi Faheen,

      I will be expecting you as well. is on Ipage and it is the best web hosting platform I will recommend for you.

  5. Hi Emmanuel,

    Thanks for this awesome post. I was looking forward to iPage hosting, now I have got a serious reason to join. I didn’t knew they paid so much for each referral.

    I would also say that it’s quite generous of you for letting your earning to us.


    1. Hi Sourav,

      Yeah, ipage is the best on the market and they pay well as well.

      Thanks for your comment.

  6. Just wanna know “how is their support?” and also about the host downtime. If its good then I’m gonna surely purchase it.

    And also your personal opinion needed as I have 2 to 3 sites which I’d like to host new hosting. In the past I heard some bad reviews of Ipage so want to confirm.


    1. Hi Harish,

      This isn’t a sponsored from Ipage so I have no business defending them but the truth ought to be told.

      Ipage is the best web hosting anyone can rely on. Their support is really great and with regards to their downtime, I am yet to experience any. and 2 other blogs of mine are hosted on Ipage. Just try them out.Trust me, you won’t regret it!

  7. Kind of ruminating about my final decision on moving to iPage and if however I finally did, your link worth the credit

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