Why India and Nigeria would have always gone to the Finals in Blogging Word Cup?

The world cup season here and the long wait are over. Everyone if not everyone, majority of the world is now concentrating on this country known as Brazil including myself. 32 countries now compete for this silverware with the former champions being trashed 5-1 in their opening game against the first runners up of the last world cup edition. Netherlands had no mercy on these guys at all.

The days were football was made in Germany are over and there is doubt football is something most countries are perfecting in maybe except India which has much interest in cricket.

I was a great cricket player. But before I knew it was cricket we were playing those days as kid finding our ourselves at the primary school level, it was too late. We call it ‘chaskele’ and it has the exact rules of cricket. I enjoyed that game a lot but had to switch allegiance to football as a striker but with time, I found myself in the posts as a goalkeeper when I missed a crucial goal scoring opportunity.

With that miss, I was almost sent home. Thank God I was the ‘ball owner’. I owned that football and you can’t send me home early without me going along with my ball. Hahaha!

But I did incredibly well as a goal keeper and popularly referred to as ‘Oliver Kahn’ or ‘Bartez’. As I walk you through the memory lane, I still wonder how far I have come as a child. It looks like it just happened yesterday.

But do you know what has happened to Little Johnny? For those who don’t know Little Johnny, he is that friend of mine who always happens to find himself in one mischievous act or the other and today was of no exception.

Actually he has found himself at the hospital treating some burns but as to what caused the burns, check out what happened. Little Johnny found himself at one inspirational meetings and the inspirational speaker went something like this;

 “The Best years of my life were spent in the arms of a woman, who wasn’t my wife.”

The audience was in shock and silent.

He added: “She was my mother”

A big round of applause and laughter followed!

Little Johnny decided to try this at home.

After dinner, he said loudly to his wife in the kitchen:

“The Best years of my life were spent in the arms of a woman, who wasn’t my wife”

Standing for a moment, Little Johnny tried to recall the second line of that inspirational speaker.

By the time he gained his senses, he was on a hospital bed, recovering from burns of boiling water!

Hahaha! Please Little Johnny, always try your to be quick with your memories and forget to copy blindly.

Let move back to business as usual as we wish Little Johnny a speedy recovery as well. So what’s all this post all about?

And it has to do with the reason why India and Nigeria would have always gone to finals in Blogging world cup?

  1. They dominate the Blogging Scene

When it comes to blogging, there is no way one can do away with these countries. They really do understand what blogging is all about and do have the numbers when it comes to blogging in this blogosphere.
Can you tell me which parts of blogging arena where you’re likely not find any of these nationals not dominating? From technology to the blogging subject itself, they are there. These of course shows how matured and how well they understand the term blogging. There are likely to be be some some sorts of bad nuts among them but that doesn’t take away the fact that blogging is business for them.

  1. They walk the Talk

When it comes to making money online, they just don’t talk but they walk the talk. These guys are making real cash online and that is something really interesting. When it comes let make money online, a name from Nigeria and India wouldn’t be missed among the tops. That for sure is an indisputable fact. But as to what accounts for this; it obviously had to do with the fact that they are dedicated and understands the word blogging itself.

  1. Who wins at the end?

In as much as these giants are well known for what they do best; the question I am therefore asking is simple; who will win at the end?
Your thoughts with respect to this grand finale are very well welcomed.

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  1. I was sleeping even though i was wide awake then your tag on Facebook woke me up, hastily i login until to see something exceptional. Thanks for making my morning. I like every word you said, the most fun one is that of little johnny which i know his you. If blogging was to be a football competition we know that my Indian brother will hit Nigeria. Even in blogging the bars isn’t much large. Indians are talented, gifted bloggers and Nigerians too. For now i can’t say nothing i leave it to time.

    1. Hello Yippee,

      The time aspect is the best part of your comment…for I do not expressly concur to such a statement without proof.

      Or do you have any convincing one (beyond reasonable doubt?)


      1. If am to show proof I’ll say Indians are ahead of us. Mayb it because I read thier blogs often.They say Naija no the carry last. We are getting over them soon. But only time gon tell .

    2. Hello Daniel,

      That is of course going to be a tough match but I doubt the blogging squad wouldn’t be playing like how the super eagles played against Iran. Hahaha!

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Haha Great thoughts Kabenlah…

    Indians and Nigerians along with other africans are way ahead as comppared to other countries, and I believe this is due to the increase in competition, I mean I can see every tenth person coming into this profession.

    Well I am into football right from my childhood and I’ve been a supporter of Real Madrid and Spain, but this time I don’t think Spain will defend their title after watching them humiliated by Holland.

    Just expecting great matches,… 🙂

    Who are you supporting 🙂 😉 ???

    1. I am supporting all the African teams and it was quite an unfortunate that Algeria had to loose to Belgium.

      Another African lost once more and it is quite unfortunate. I am a Real Madrid supported as well.

  3. Emmanuel, I read your post and I can’t stop laughing, do you know why? There is a myth in Nigeria, that when you see something very nice and interesting and people are doing it, if you can’t find a Nigerian there, there are two things involved, it’s either the prospect of the thing is not great or it’s organized by a Nigerian, and other Nigerian knows the secret. lol

    Nigerians a numerous in the blogosphere, however only a handful are successful, once most people came in with the mindset of making money after some months, once the money is not coming in, then they’re out again, however, I would give everybody a credit for trying, because the power supply is bad, and the internet? that’s another issue entirely, but despite all difficulties, you still find us everywhere, I think that’s a can do spirit right there.

    Indians? Man! this people are hardworking! Yes! an Average Indian blogger has about two “GOOD” blogs, I mean it, they’re very hardworking, considering that English is more or less a second language, most Indians are doing pretty well in the blogosphere (no doubt).

    Errrm, about who wins the match? If there were to be a poll, trust me Indians would win! because they always have each others back, you see comments like “bro”, “pal” e.t.c. I love the Indians community online.

    Enough said, great post Emmanuel.

    1. Hahaha! Hi Augustus,

      I just do love your comment. I do believe in that ‘myth’. Anything which has lots of potential, there is no doubt you’re likely to see a Nigerian.

      The Indian community is really a great thing and they are supportive of each other and that is a lovely thing.

      You mean India will win at the end? And can you predict the score line at the end?

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

  4. Hi Emmanuel,
    Yet another interesting story connected with football
    In the beginning of this post reading I thought that something danger is going to happen!
    It so happened that poor little boy is again in trouble!
    I am so sad to note the poor condition of that lovable boy now
    Hope, by this time he will be out of the hospital
    Very interestingly you put everything in the right mix
    Little Johnny , football, Indians and Nigerians !!!
    Oh! My! What a great combination is this!
    Though we have a far fetching relationship with the history
    With Our Father of the Nation Gandhiji and your Nelson Madela etc etc

    Coming to the point, Football :
    One of our favorite games and from the childhood we in Kerala knows only about this sport, a little space available in the paddy field after the harvest is used as the football playground, but Alas, though Keralaites and Bengaless are top in football but still we cannot reach the mark at the international level, Anyways the season is very interesting and you connected it with blogging
    Yet another place we all join together in harmony and at times in war!
    I mean the heated competition at blogging arena!!!
    This is going to continue and I am sure no one else can beat us in this LOL
    Thanks Emmanuel for the interesting piece
    Have a Happy Week ahead 🙂
    Ann P V
    I saw this article at kingged.com and I kingged it and posted a comment there
    Thank you

    1. Hello Ann,

      Yeah, Little Johnny has once again found himself in a little mess as well and I do hope he recovers as quickly as possible. Hahaha!

      Thanks a lot for your comment and do have a great day.

  5. Hi Emanuel,

    I can’t stop myself from laughing hard, but it’s indeed true.

    It’s quite strange that Nigeria and India two of the developing countries are in the ‘Finals’ whereas developer countries like US and UK and far behind in blogging.

    Anyways, I’m just hoping Germany to lift the cup this time. 🙂 :p

    1. Hahaha! Sid, Nigeria and India are the giants when it comes to blogging.

      Germany lifting the cup means they have to score we Ghanaians and that is something we won’t allow to happen.

  6. That’s why I’ve published almost 3400 posts Emmy; to keep up with ALL of my African and Nigerian brothers 😉 Cool post!

  7. Hello Emmanuel !!
    Just like Sid said “It’s quite strange that Nigeria and India two of the developing countries are in the ‘Finals’ whereas developer countries like US and UK and far behind in blogging.”

    I totally agree with him but in as much as these two guy US an UK are not that close to Nigeria, their blogging impact is most felt and they make a lot within some short if they are serious.

    Imagine Nigeria is US and India is UK and advertiser pay per click for $1, how much do you think that would make us.. It was nice reading your post !!

  8. Hello Emmanuel,

    That’s one hell of a question for me in particular…I’m a Nigerian national and if I say Nigeria, you’d accuse me of being biased. If I dare say India, the Nigerian authorities will imprison me for being unpatriotic.

    Do you understand my predicament? I accordingly refuse to comment!


  9. Hi Emmanuel,
    In my view both India and Nigeria are winner. Because blogging is viral. We bloggers don’t discriminate among the nations. We have built our own nation and that is blogosphere.

  10. Intriguing, Emmanuel!

    I have seen a lot of Indians and Nigerians blog. They both seem to have a passion for expressing and writing a blog. Maybe this is why they tend to be in the finale and leave others behind.

    I do find it hard to figure out who would win between the two, maybe time will tell, or maybe there would be another new country trying to catch up on both…

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this very interesting post.

    More power!


    Oh, I also found this post shared at Kingged.com try checking it out. 😉

    1. Hello Mada Ann,

      With respect to who is going to win will be a difficult thing to call.

      I do think the ‘match’ will be entering the extra time and finally penalty kicks will decide the winner. Hahaha!

      Thanks as well for your comment and more power to you!

  11. Hi Emmanuel,

    Yet another interesting episode with little Johnny and his associates and new friends LOL
    Poor boy, hope he will be alright soon. Your presentation of any serious subject deal with
    a lighter vein. That is indeed a good sign to go forward with the reading till the end. Yes, Indians and Nigerians (No let me put it Africans) LOL ! What a great combination, I am sure it will go well in many areas of our life. I think it all started with our father of nations and their Freedom struggle. And I think that foundation become strong and strong in the long run and it continues in different areas. Especially in the world of blogging we two are a great combination!!! Let us go forward with the same spirit and fervor. I can very well see that spirit even at this space called kingged.  Let us continue the spirit of a healthy competition even in blogging. May our tribe increase!!! 
    Keep Writing!
    Keep Going!

    Best Regards
    ~ Philip
    Hey Sam I found this post at kingged.com and posted this comment and I kingged it too. May you have a wonderful time ahead.
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Hello Mr. Ariel,

      We are obviously going to make at the end and that is something I do believe in as well.

      Thanks as always for your comments.

  12. Hi Emmanuel,

    Superb Post, indeed! Indians and Nigerians have dominated blog-o-sphere for quite a few years and counting. I remember blogging as a business started by folks in US, but it soon got spread (thanks to globalization). Now you can many bloggers from different developed, developing and under-developed countries.

    It would encourage folks from other countries to keep up with India and Nigeria.


    1. Yeah, that is true Sayantan. Many countries will obviously keep up with India and Nigeria as times goes by.

      Thanks as well for your comment.

  13. Hello Emmanuel,

    Great post and that story of Little Johny too!!

    Indians and Nigerians are both leading this Blogosphere at time. No matter who will win the Blogging World Cup, the real winner is Hardwork and Passion always.

    And before 5 years in india, blogging is not meant as a great career. But, time has changed the scenario.

    Thank you for this wonderful post!

    Well, i found this post on Kingged.com and commented on it.

    1. Hi Swaraj,

      I like that. Hardwork and Passion are what matters at the end.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

  14. Well that was really a complex question and I think both the countries has awesome bloggers which make the country proud.

    We still need to do hard work and have to achieve lot of things.

  15. Have really missed this johny friend of yours.

    who will win at the end?

    *Clear throat* i give much respect to the great indian bloggers, but as a slogan goes ; This is football, anything can happen.

    1. Hi Dawatech,

      Anything can of course happen in football. That is true but to be sincere with you that is certainly going to be a tough match. Hahaha!

      Thanks for your comment bro.

  16. Hi Emmanuel,

    Thanks for mentioning India in this list as the top ranker in blogging.
    I don’t have any idea regarding Nigeria as I am not in contact with any blogger from there. But from India there are many bloggers like Harleena Singh, Kulwant and many else who have done a wonderful job.
    They are the successful bloggers from India making lot of money from their blog. You are right for most of bloggers blogging is business. Bloggers are making money from their blog at a great extent.

    Thanks for sharing this post.
    Have a nice day.


    1. Hi Ravi,

      There is no doubt India is a great blogging nation but I will urge you to explore other nations as well and you will find out that Nigeria is a great nation as well when it comes to blogging.

      Thanks for your comment.

  17. Hi Boss,I wonder what really Inspires you and how u always manage to get these topics right. Anyway I would say I will sue you first for not tagging me when you shared this on facebook. Hmm, Nigerian bloggers are talented and have really improved over the years but Our indian brothers still have this little edge over us but that is not to say they are smarter because I know Nigerians are born smart.

    Nice post boss


    1. Yes boss,

      Hahaha! There is no doubt my brothers from Nigeria are really smart. There is this popular saying in Ghana that goes somthing like this; ‘In Nigeria everything is possible’.

      Thanks for your comment bro

  18. It feels really great when you listed Indians in your posts. However I’m not so experts to include in those awesome Indian bloggers out there.


  19. Very impressive points you used in relating these two different niche in completing this blog post, and I enjoyed it reading from the core of my heart all along the post word to word.

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