Some Funny Things on and about Facebook

I have being on Facebook for quite a long time now  and obviously wasn’t there when it began but I could clearly state  I have being there for than six years and have had more than 4 different accounts.

One account came about when I was clueless about the internet. The other came about when I wanted to create a new one as I couldn’t remember my password for the former and the third came about because I couldn’t change my profile picture after I had used one of those flowers every computer had. Hahaha!

My fourth account and current one was created with the main idea of promoting my poetry blog to the outside world by linking more to foreigners than anything else and obviously it had achieved it aim.

Talking about Facebook and funny things about it and on it makes me remember Little Johnny once more. With Johnson Big wanting to know why his friend, Little Johnny was always on Facebook. This was what ensued.

Johnny Big: Little Johnny, why are you always on Facebook?

Little Johnny: I like Facebook and I’m always there for one thing. It’s the only place where you can like another man’s wife without getting slapped.

Big Johnny: So, what about Twitter,why are you always there too?

Little Johnny: Twitter is the only place you can follow another man’s wife for free! 

Little Johnny after some few minutes later updated his Facebook status, “Thank you lord, just got my salary”. He became sad when 10 seconds later, his landlord liked his status. 

Hahaha! Unlike me, Little Johnny was on Facebook for something really big and with him being on Twitter as well, I will urge you to be wary of your wives. Thank God, my ‘wife’ isn’t on Twitter or Facebook.

Let move back to business as usual. And with business as usual, I mean we need to talk on the issues on board and interestingly, it is all about some funny things on and about Facebook.

Some funny things ABOUT Facebook will be first!

People have lost their jobs through Facebook. If there is one funny thing about Facebook, it had to deal with the fact that you can lose your job through it. Many professionals have lost their jobs due to one silly update from their ends .Hahaha! Be very careful if you work for someone else otherwise you will be on your way through the exit door anytime your boss feels intimidated with any of your updates.

Another thing about is the fact that it can’t never make you rich. So one thing about Facebook is that it can leave you poor for life  and leave you in a fool’s paradise unless otherwise.

Many people think that by adding numerous people from different parts of the world can make them socially active. But they mostly don’t know that social life means to be practically and physically involved with other individuals and not with the help of cyber space.

There are many individuals who think that they don’t need to go out and make friends because they have 100’s of friends at Facebook, which is funny – as most of the friends at Facebook have fake ids. That is one thing about Facebook as well.

Some Funny Things on Facebook

Can you imagine some of those funny stuffs on Facebook? I still find it difficult to understand how on earth one will go ahead and like something like this. ‘There is an obituary notice and the most funny thing is that there is a like’. I see that as absurdity.

Updating your status with your fingernails is something I see as stupidity as well. What at all was going through your head? Hahaha!

Another funny thing on Facebook is having friends who will only say ‘hello’ only when they need you to like their page.  Why on earth will you have ‘friends’ on Facebook who are only interested in themselves?

Your Turn!

Please it is now your to take over the mantra now. What do you make of this? Moreover, what do you think are some of the funny things on and about Facebook?

37 Replies to “Some Funny Things on and about Facebook”

  1. Lolz… Funny u… Loosing Job through fb is quite funny but the funniest thing on facebook is someone updating something that doesn’t deserve a ”like” yet you see likes… I.e Pls who can borrow be card.. Then you see 50+ Likes… Quite funny, that baffles me…

    1. Not only you Chinonso. It baffles everyone including me as well hence the post.

      Thanks for your comment bro!

    2. Hello Chinonso,

      You are not alone…I have seen obituaries and misfortunes being liked on FB several times. Sometimes, it becomes a daily ritual. This makes me wonder whether most folks understand what is actually meant by a ‘like’.

      Quite pathetic, I must say.


  2. Hi, Emmanuel.
    Social network generally has a way of affecting our life, either positively or negatively, if you’re not on these websites, you’re considered old or laid back, on the other hand, over using them might land one in trouble, take for instance Justine Sacco’s twitter incident that happened last year (I don’t know if you’re aware of it though), things like that makes me think twice before updating my status or sharing stuffs on facebook.

    I trust you’re doing good, take care.

    1. Hi Augustus,

      What happened to Justine Sacco? I am not aware of it. The impact these social media carries really ought to be taken seriously and like you, everyone needs to becareful when updating his or her status.

    2. I just Googled about Justine and obviously that was something she ought not to have tweeted.
      That was bad and thank God it caused her at the end.

  3. Hi Emmanuel,

    Thanks for this humorous post!

    Facebook has been more of a drug. People can’t live without it. Facebook has achieved what CIA hasn’t achieved in over a century–what people think, drink and eat etc 🙂

    Just giggling with that facts.


    1. Hahaha! Sayantan, I like that. Facebook has achieved what CIA couldn’t achieve for more than a century.

      Thanks as well for your comment.

  4. Hey Emmanuel
    Facebook trouble is indeed making history!
    You brought out the naughty little Johnny again with facebook and twitter
    Very interesting indeed.
    When I first read you are at Facebook 6 years and more than 4 different accounts, I thought that each account had followers or members of five thousand each that is the limit for one account there right!
    But after reading the full sentence I notice the difficulty you faced while operating the FB LOL
    The trouble with fb comes from many sides, though I am having two accounts one almost crossed the 5 thousand limit so another one I started. Making friends and updating the status all a tedious job in between the other routine job, so I very seldom visit this page and am a bit trouble free with fb and its activities, I have heard many such trouble you mentioned here from the users of fb, and the ugly part is that some of their pages are filled with unwanted videos and pics!! This is really a disgusting thing when think of fb.
    Anyways I wish you and your naughty boy a wonderful browsing days at fb and other such places LOL
    Good one
    Keep it up
    ~ Philip


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    Keep up the good work

    1. Hello Mr. Ariel,

      Thanks a lot for your comment and please Little Johnny is here to stay so far as is alive so be expecting to see him more often in my posts.

  5. Emmanuel, I quite agree with you that there are some silly things going on in and around social media. For instance, one of my FB friends recently uploaded that despite the contraceptive his wife took, she still conceived…can you imagine such trash…?

    But then, he is not alone! And the worst part is that when the inevitable happens, these same folks blame everybody except themselves. Can you imagine?

    Make the day a great one.


    1. This is of course madness. The sort of status’ which bundles around people’s account are really bad.

      Thanks for your comment and I will obviously make the day a great one.

  6. Hi Emmanuel,

    Yes I agree, social media today can affect us negatively in many ways. Losing our daily jobs is one sample. This is why we need to be wise in using any social media platforms

  7. It simply means being aware of what you post on your social media accounts. Your reputation lies there, you might become one of those three people in your picture. Nowadays, social Media’s accounts are helpful to companies to know what kind of person their job applicant is. It is one of the most effective ways to hire a good employee.

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  8. Hi Emmanuel

    Love your post and humor in it but sadly too much of it is true.

    I cannot believe what some people put on Facebook. Apart from stupidly talking about their boss I do not get the negative whining and posts some people do.

    For me I love that I can keep up with my family around Australia and friends. I am a bit of an addict so that can be a problem 🙂

    Love your sense of humor.


  9. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe
    Every time I read the title of your post I just expect it will be simply a comic type of post. But once I read it I get to know what a wonderful message you have communicated with a very lighter post and in between the lines.
    You have earned a reputation of writing very very interesting post that is why me and many others first bookmark your sharing and then visit the post in their free time to fully enjoy it.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of comic and blog post both.

    1. Hi Mi Muba,

      As you addressed me with my full name, I felt to do same as well. Thanks a lot. is alive today due to people like you.

  10. Hi Emmanuel,
    Regardless of work or home, people need to be careful what they put on social media, whether it is Facebook, Google +, Twitter, etc. Everything is a permanently stored record. Not so funny if you lose out because of an indiscretion or a momentary lapse of judgment.

    Kind Regards,

    1. That is of course true William. People of course needs to be careful with anything they place on social media.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

  11. You’ve elaborated this well, Emmanuel! Hahaha! This is why I don’t really post much on Facebook. I can’t let this get in my way! Thanks for this, more people should read your article, man!

  12. Hi Emmanuel

    Very funny article Emmnuel and thank you for posting it!

    Facebook for me has and is a place where I can speak to family who are all over the world and join in with their fun times, even though Im not with them. Watch their kids grow and add to different cultures. Even though we are related we all have families in different part s of the world. It is sooooo cool to laugh about how we all think differently nowadays yet we all think the same and Facebook has helped us to see that!

    Thanks for the post

  13. This is indeed an interesting article to read, Emmanuel.

    Facebook is helpful and can truly give a career-changing effect in your life. However, Facebook will never be too good enough for those careless people like who you’ve mentioned in your examples above.

    Facebook is fun, yes, but ensure you know what your limits are. Facebook is wide, for it is a social networking site. Everything you posted or shared can be seen by anyone. As if the whole world knows who you are and what your life is.

    So for these instances, Facebook will surely be your source of trouble. There are always two things that everything in this world go, it’s either for good or for bad.

    “Think before you click.” – Always remember these four words when using your Facebook and or other social media accounts.

    Thanks for the post! I’ve indeed had a good read.


    By the way, I found this post shared on

    1. Hello Madam Anno,

      I like that,’Think before you click’. Please thanks a lot for your comment as well.

  14. Hi Emmanuel,

    You post an interesting topic. That’s right, I also have seen the same funny thing happen in everyday life. There are many people who are fired because talking about their bad boss on Facebook without realizing that the last day they had become friends on Facebook, hahaha ..

    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Fresh topic, Emmanuel.
    Nice share, indeed! 🙂


  15. Well I guess this is the most annoying thing in facebook which make us unconformable. I mean we don’t wanna know about others personal issues.

    Anyway you’ve crafted the post really well.

    1. This tells us we really ought to be careful of the kind of stuffs we post on Facebook.

      Thanks for your comment as well Debasis.

  16. It’s really funny how someone can use any social media but more preferably Facebook to lose their job. I mean is social media wrong here or ourselves? Imagine if we did not have Facebook or twitter, then would jobs be secured? Also, I am not sure if you found this in particular, but when using a facebook page, isn’t it hard to get more likes? This process is easier on Google+. Just as a comparison, nothing else.

  17. Hello Emmanuel,
    Very funny, I love it man.
    How these Ideas come in your mind. I can not think about that types of funny things.
    You are right. you can liked any others wife without slapped but in real you can not do that. hahahahahaha

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