Hard Lessons Blogging has Taught Me

If there is one thing in this world which can teach you really hard lessons; then if blogging don’t top the list, it will be among the tough 5.

Being a blogger is something easy to do but continuing blogging isn’t something for all. This I can tell you on authority. Not everyone can make it as a blogger but everyone with a blog can be called a blogger. Hahaha!

I know that might sound contradictory but let face it, where are all those bloggers bundling around during the beginning of the year? Obviously there are no where to be found in this blogging scenes of ours. I for instance have come across many of these personalities who ‘died’ as bloggers before their domain names and web hosting even expired.

What are some of the hard lessons blogging has taught me? That is what is on board and obviously the post wouldn’t be complete without telling you what is going on the life of Little Johnny as a teacher.

One  Monday morning, Mr. Tinko, an inspector from the Ministry of Education paid a surprise visit to Teacher Little Johnny English class and engaged the students. 

Mr. Tinko: Show me what your teacher has taught you so far this year. Let’s do some comparisons. So I say small, you say small, smaller, smallest…

The students nodded.

 Mr. Tinko: big

Little Johnny’s Class: big, bigger, biggest

Mr. Tinko: clean

Little Johnny’s Class: clean, cleaner, cleanest.

Mr. Tinko: tall…

Little Johnny’s Class: tall, taller, tallest

Mr. Tinko: Mr. Tinko smiled and said: very good

Little Johnny’s Class: very good, very gooder, very goodest

Mr. Tinko: oh gosh.

Little Johnny’s Class: oh gosh, oh gosher, oh goshest

Mr. Tinko: stop it now

Little Johnny’s Class: stop it now, stop it nower, stop it nowest…

Mr. Tinko: oh please…

Little Johnny’s Class: oh please, oh pleaser, oh pleasest…

Mr. Tinko: look at me…!!

Little Johnny’s Class: look at me, look at me-er, look at me-est

Mr. Tinko: what a disgrace!

Little Johnny’s Class: what a disgrace, what a disgracer,what a disgracest

Mr. Tinko: [so furious]: I’m dead

Little Johnny’s Class: I’m dead,. I’m deader, I’m deadest

Hahaha!  Mr. Tinko, you aren’t dead yet until you read these. Some of the hard lessons blogging has taught me and continues to teach me.

1. Hard work and working smart can’t be taken for guaranteed

If there is one thing continuous blogging has taught me, it has to do with hard work. The more you work hard; it seems the luckier you become as a blogger.

Hard work is what is needed the most when it comes to blogging but you need to be smart. How smart you are as blogger is what is likely to determine your fate as blogger. These are two factors which obviously matters the most when it comes to succeeding as a blogger. These can’t be taken for granted.

2.  It is a lonely business with virtual friends

Another thing about blog is that; it is indeed really a lonely thing one could find his or herself in. The best you can get are virtual friends. Getting to share your pains and frustrations with friends are really difficult as a blogger.

You suffer alone and there seem to be no one to look up to even when you’re in some sort of distress be it financial or emotional stress.

3. Sweet Words can Kill You

Many wonder why I refer to anyone I chat with as ‘boss’ be it an individual who just started blogging yesterday or someone who started yester-years.

What kills most bloggers is the ability of not able to handle that moment when the praises start to pour in. I for instance have received several messages telling me how good I am as a writer but I don’t allow those sweet words to enter me as I know they can kill me as a blogger.

If there is one lesson blogging has taught me really well, it had to be; being careful with words which contain sweet elements. Be wary of them as well. It might make you feel that you’ve gotten there already when in reality, you’ve just started.

Your Turn

What to you are some of the hard lessons blogging has taught you as a blogger? Your thoughts are very well welcomed by means of comment. You can do so by commenting below. I have had my say, what is yours?

44 Replies to “Hard Lessons Blogging has Taught Me”

  1. You are perfectly right Emmanuel. Blogging is one work hard, because you will always be driven by what other fellow Bloggers are doing, that will push one more to hard work..

    I agree with the fact that it is a business that is done alone, you feel lonely and face all the challenges lonely. Virtual friends is also the funny thing about blogging. It is very rare to see each other except for some cases, maybe when events are organized like i saw boss Don Carpio in Lagos, in a blogging event.

    Haaa… That word boss and the likes are flattery words commonly used by Bloggers, but like you, I have never made that word enter my head even though you call me that…. Lol

    Thanks Emmanuel for sharing some hard things blogging has taught you, it has taught me those things as well. Have a nice weekend.

    1. Hi Miracle,

      My weekend has obviously started on a good note and so is yours I guess.

      Thanks for your comment as well boss! Hahaha!

  2. Hey Kabenlah,

    Another great post to stumble upon here today. Kudos!

    So speaking of, blogging indeed is one of the hardest thing and one things that makes one age faster, especially when you’re still in that newbie version – when you’ve not yet upgraded.

    1. Someone once said, “Sam, blogging is easy and I allowed myself to fall for it” But mind, you blogging is not easy at all, at least madam Adrienne in one of her great post did highlighted that fact so well.

    Blogging can be time consuming, braining sapping/draining, frustrating and can cause death for one who is not emotionally alert or strong.

    How do I know all these things? Well, I guess I know because I’ve been there – I’m still there and I constantly kill sleep every night just to work and blagged my way through to the top like some of our friends, Enstine, Harleenasighnment, and the likes.

    Hard work and smart work indeed cannot be over-emphasized when it comes to success not only in blogging but also in life’s endeavor.

    Okay, just before I go into the second point on your list. I love that little Johnny story and now that Little Johnny is married, one will expect him to at least have been matured and be serious but no….he kept on plodding on and even had to pass the craziness on to his pupils. That’s so not fair for Mr. Tinko. 😀

    2. Blogging indeed can be very lonely and I’ve many times been lonesome and sometimes that I had to think of quiting, even though quiting was never in my dictionary. It became even worse owing to the fact I have no real family to call my own except you guys – fantastic and resourceful – graceful in helping and marvelous in giving, be it money, softwares, plugins, tools, themes, or even a badass content that just makes the difference and make one smile and get into ones blogging mojo.

    A very good point well stated out, bro. 🙂

    3. And lastly, hype kills.

    A lot of people has allowed hypes from fellow bloggers hinder their rate of success so much so that they feel they’ve arrived. I can’t recount how many times people have used the word boss for me, like I can’t even recount yours.

    I also cannot put into number those who have mailed me during those few months I started Pro Motivator, that they’d love my writing style and would love to work with me on projects even though I had to turn them down at the time in order to focus well on PM.

    I can’t even talk much on this but mind you, hype kilss!

    Of course there other humongous lessons blogging has thought me.

    4. There’s no free things even in freetown. Try them and it might just hamper your success.

    5. Nobody really care about you. It’s all man for himself.

    6. I can continue but I’d just stop here and see what others have to share and maybe contribute my experience on them. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this great piece bro, you’re always awesome and out of this world!


    1. Hello Sam,

      Why didn’t you tell me you wanted to already had a post on this?

      You just wrote Part 2 of this post ooo. Hahaha!

      I do love your 4th point the most. There are of course no free things even in Freetown and being online is of no exception.

      Going in with free hosting especially with those sites promising you heaven right on earth is even more deadliest.

      Thanks as well for that long comment of yours. Please do have a great weekend.

  3. Hi Kabenlah,
    Initaially friends told me blogging was a bed of roses as a pro blogger lived close to my apartment. I ventured into blogging with the mindset of “make big online”. Hehehe truely it hasn’t really been easy, at a time i even decided to quite blogging but never really knew where the courage came from to keep updating my blog.

    Blogging is for the strong minds and I believe that for you to make it blogging you have to pass the proccess, yes! There is a proccess, it does’nt really start sweet although sam is applicable to every endeavour of life. And I tag blogging “Survival of the fittest”.

    I learnt alot of hard lessons from blogging and a can say I’m a fit for blogging.

    Nice piece I met on you blog today

    1. Hi Larry,

      It is a great thing knowing that after all those hard lessons blogging has sent you through, at the end, you know you’re fit for blogging.

      There is no doubt it isn’t something for the weak at heart but instead those with strong and tough minds comes out victorious at the end.

      Thanks for your add up as well and please do have a great weekend.

    2. I do understand you are a brother to one of the finest tech bloggers in Nigeria. That means 75% of your problems are solved. You shouldn’t have much to complain but it could really get worse, regardless..

  4. Emmanuel,
    Ask me, what is the hardest lessons I’ve learned from blogging.

    It is to be consistent. If you could not be consistent better to leave the scenario and do some other jobs.
    What would you say?

    1. And I agree with you on this Saeed. If you can’t of course be consistent as a blogger, it is of course better writing application letters and look for jobs.

  5. Hi Emmanuel
    Very thought provoking post.
    No one can feel what problems a blogger faces both in online and offline world.
    Those who are closer to him live thousands of miles away from him and those who live near around him have nothing to do with his all online activities.
    A blogger friend of mine had to do an ordinary job just to create an impression he is not jobless. Otherwise despite earning thousands of dollars he keeps defending blogging as a full fledge profession like medicine and engineering. But no body believed in his words.
    So a blogger is stranger in his physical surrounding and a popular guy in online surrounding. That is why his personality remains divided and he can’t quit any of the world just for the sake of other one.
    Thanks a lot for sharing another wonderful post with quite unique topic.

    1. I certainly agree with you Mr. Muba. It would be a taboo to walk up to my guardian and say I want to be a blogger when his friends kids are saying they want to be an Engineer, a doctor, a lawyer etc…

      Over here in my country, I have been tagged an online con artist because I am seen with my Notebook always.. They just stereotype and it’s really killing. You have troubles growing your blog online and you have another problem dealing with people’s perception about you offline.

      That’s so much troubles than one can imagine

      1. What is blogging? Will be the first question likely to come out from your guardian and later, you will be given one thousand and one reasons why you’re likely to fail at the end.

      2. Hi Nosa
        In many parts of the world working online is still taken as fund.
        You would be surprised to know in so many offices in my country working on social media during office hourse is not allowed.
        It shows people have yet to mature about online world.
        Thanks for taking part in conversation.

    2. Hello Mi,

      It is indeed a real headache finding yourself as a blogger when people around don’t understand all that blogging is all about.

      So I do love your definition for who a blogger is;’ A blogger is a stranger in his physical surrounding and a popular guy in online surrounding’

      And that is true.

  6. Hello Kabie,

    I actually thought Little Johnny was the only crazy guy, I never knew he has got some “craziest” classmates as well.

    Now, you have said everything and they are all on point. I actually wanted to write my last blogging article with a title, successful blogging principles I learned from failures. But it never saw the light of the day and I am glad you could craft this out.

    Blogging is indeed for the strong in heart, even pro-blogger do cry at one point in their career.. It’s not always easy. Looking at where one is as a blogger, his achievements and authority could just be the last lining preventing him from calling it day.

    Blogging is not done with mediocrity, to stand out, you must be willing to pay the price and the result is what we see constantly on Kabelah.com

    Excellent and well written article.

    Best Regards

    1. Hello bro,

      Blogging is indeed something for the strong at heart and mediocrity is something which ought to be taken out of the equation.

      Thanks a lot bro for your comment.

  7. So true Emmanuel!

    I especially relate to your words about being lonely. It CAN be lonely writing a blog, especially at the start. Someone once said a blog is only a blog until you start to see engagement. Until then, it is just a diary.

    Thanks for a great post.

    1. Hello Richard,

      Yes, engagement of course matters a lot as along as blogging is concern.

      Thanks as well for your comment.

  8. One hard lesson that blogging has thought me is that there is “no short cut to success”. There are lots of “get rich quick” opportunities but a lot of them are false and deceptive. Unfortunately, I have seen many fall victim.

    Its pretty a hard lesson when you realize that that these schemes have robbed you of hard earned money!

    I upvoted this post in kingged where it was shared for online marketers and bloggers.

    1. Hi Sunday,

      Blogging is something which many of course do see it as a get rich scheme but when finally ventured into it, one finds out it isn’t something for the weak at heart.

  9. A very interesting and meaty post as always BOSS :),
    Indeed, blogging is a great teacher which teaches everyone that cares to learn a very lasting lesson.

    As you stated, if you’re not brave and determined, you will certainly give up blogging as soon as you started it but with brave heart, hard work and smart work, you will definitely surmount all the hurdle and trials.

    As you, I’ve also learnt a lot via blogging, the most being that Anything Good does not come easily and also…. A patient Dog always eats the fattest Meat.

    Thanks for sharing and HERE IS TO OUR BLOGGING SUCCESS.

    1. Yes boss,

      The patient boss of course gets the fattest meat.

      Thanks as well for adding your voice to this as well.

      Please how is the weekend going?

  10. Wow, seriously I whenever I see your blog post, I prepare myself for your Little Johnny joke. Need you applaud you for that, it keeps me engaged always.

    My tough lessons from blogging is that, I always find myself struggling with no results many-a-times. Though after experimenting, it benefits me in future.

    There are many things that as a blogger, I keep on trying only to see a downfall, but as a blogger, I need to keep my spirit high and keep going. I guess, that’s what every blogger should do. Nice post here buddy, I found it on Kingged.

    1. Hi Rohan,

      And the interesting thing is that; at the end you’re likely to get those results due you.

      Thanks as well for your comment.

  11. Hi Emmanuel,

    You always bring something unexpected.;)

    We are bloggers and know the value of being a hard worker. If we devote ourselves to our work then it would be hard for us to survive in this world because we can achieve our goal only with the consistency.

    Most of beginners do some silly mistakes which are to laugh about when we read their post. But we know that everyone do mistakes and with passing of time we learn more.

    Great post.;)

    Enjoy your day.:)


    1. Hi Ravi,

      I obviously did enjoy my day today. Eid Fitr is today!

      Thanks for your comment and please enjoy your day.

  12. Hi, Emmanuel! I guess you’re right with the thought that blogging might be one of the things that will teach you really hard lessons.

    I’ve read that thing about Little Johnny and his teacher again, and I can’t deny how funny the concept was.

    Anyway, I must believe with these lessons that you’ve learned from blogging, and shared above as well. As what I’ve read, blogging taught you the real essence of hardwork, the loneliness of business with virtual friends and that sweet words can kill you.

    Thanks for the shared knowledge! 🙂

    I’ve found this post shared on Kingged.com and leave the same comment there.

    1. Hello Madam Pauleen,

      Thanks as well for your comment and just stay tune for more of Little Johnny.
      He is always involve in one act or the other.

      Do have a great day.

  13. Hello Emmanuel! WOWSY What an Article! I do know that it takes a certain commitment to be a blogger and these lessons that you have shared here are not just your own they are for all of us. Oh Yeh we all have been there done that so to say.. It can be a lonely road if you let it be.. There are so many of us that there really is not reason to ever go it alone..

    I have found that if you find yourself an accountability partner to run things past when you get yourself in a jam or just need cheerleader can help wonders..

    I must say this was a great read,,thanks for sharing.. Chery :))

    P>S> I did land here today VIA Kingged

    1. Hello Madam Chery,

      There isn’t any blogger who wouldn’t relate to any of these lessons. It is something every blogger will pass through and at the end, the hard lessons is what makes us who we are.

      Thanks for your add up and please do have a great week.

  14. Hey Bro,

    I have learned many things moreover got some good friends through Blogging! According to me consistence is more needed if not you can find some other jobs.I have been reading your post recently you started to share more things you’re experiencing in your blogging thats an good way to reach the people too..Enjoyed reading it between suresh is really great person he has helped me in some situation too

    1. Hello Shameem,

      It is a great thing seeing you here once more with your comment. I have known you from the day I started and if there is one thing which can’t be taken from you, it has of course be consistency.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

  15. I wouldn’t call it a hard lesson, more of a pleasant surprise…

    How many nice people there are out there in blogging land. You blog hop, tell people how nice their blogs are, leave some value comments adding to their discussion and generally do the things your mentor should be telling you to do.

    You then get those self same people coming back and doing the same for you.

    Now mutual commenting probably won’t get you many (if any) sales in themselves but racking up the comment count will impress other visitors who find your site.

    If there is a hard thing about blogging – well commenting at least, it is trying to find enough to say to add value without adding basically another post to somebody’s site .

    I’m enjoying it all though.


    Steven Lucas

    1. Hi Steven,

      That is true. Building blog comments aren’t likely to result in sales but in one way or the other having a blog with high user engagements matters a lot.

      Thanks a lot for your comment and do have a great weekend.

  16. Mr. Tinkoo example was awesome, i read that completely, i was kind of smiling, listening to the question and answers.

    Coming to hard lessons – I have been hearing this from childhood – There is no substitute for hardworks, holds true in any field.

    I would like to add my take on this, which i have learnt the hard way – Relationship with other people in your niche. A little story which will take a minute of reading but worth it…

    A went to a video camera service shop to get a power chord replaced for my JVC. This gentleman said i don’t have it and referred me to a shop which was about one km away.

    To save my travel time, i tried it in adjacent shop and he also didn’t have it and referred me to the same shop – 1 km away and he was generous to mention that very few people have JVC chord and high chance that you will get it there.

    Moral of story – Linking the customer to the right place and that right place shop has relationship with people in his niche. Works in real life as well.

    Thanks for being patient.

    1. Hello Harish Bali,

      Your point is very well made. Building relationships with others is what matters a lot as well.

      In this world of ours, no man is an island and we all need each other to survive.

      Thanks a lot for sharing with us your own experience and the moral lesson you drew from it.
      Do have a great weekend.

  17. You certainly nailed a lot golden nuggets there.

    In reality blogging really help a lot to understand life.For example, as you said, those sweet words sometimes we receive sometimes from the reader might make us to think sometimes that we already done enough what we suppose to achieve.

    It’s not bad to receive compliment, but we also not to think we are finished to be better.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful thought! 🙂

    Keep rockin’,


    I found this post shared on kingged.com

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