What Would have been different if you were a Rich Blogger?

As usual, another day has dawn on us once again and those of us finding ourselves in this situation have no option than to write and our topic for discussion is simple; if you were a rich blogger what would have been different?

There seem to be the opposite of everything found in this world of ours. It is either you’re good or bad, either you come or go. It is either you’re short or tall or either you’re poor or rich.

Born poor isn’t our fault but if we should die poor, that is our fault. I am not the one murmuring those words but instead the richest man in the world said so. We have no excuse to die poor and that is according to the chronicles of Bill Gates. But is that what we see? There seem to be so many people giving us one thousand and one reasons why they couldn’t make it life.

I make friends with old men a lot and one thing I find intriguing about most of them who failed had to do with this lame excuse of their fathers’ not sending them to school. I pondered, so if you father refused to send you to school, should that be a justifiable reason why you should fail?

It appears I am moving away from our main topic for discussion today as this post is limited to blogging. What would have been different if you were a rich blogger?
But as you already know, the post will not be complete without Little Johnny. For those who don’t know about this Little Johnny of mine. He is that good friend of mine who always found himself in one mischievous act or another and today was of no exception.

Okaka and Little Johnny were approached by a zoo owner to get lions for his zoo and that he would pay $50,000 for each
The two men went into the forest in search of lions.

At the end of the day they found nothing and decided to make a camp in the bush.

The next morning Little Johnny woke up and saw 300 lions surrounding them.
Excited, Little Johnny shouted: “Okaka wake up! WE ARE RICH!!!

(What do you think will happen to them?)

Hahaha! Only God knows how they are going to survive but Little Johnny is shouting that they are rich. Hello Little Johnny, please I do hope to see you alive.

Let move back to business as usual. I guess you might be wondering who a rich blogger is and what do they do differently as bloggers? How much are they worth?
Please take your time. I don’t have all your answers especially with respect to how much they earn but one thing I know for sure is what do they do?

Who makes a Rich Blogger and what makes them Different?

1. Rich bloggers have a plan for their blogs

You see, that is what makes rich bloggers rich. They have a plan for their blogs. They know what to be done according to plan and when to implement those plans of theirs.
If I should ask, what is the plan for your blog? Will you please be able to tell me? Or just like many ‘poor’ bloggers, you go with whatever you’re told or read and have no plan for your blog.

One reason which makes rich bloggers have a plan has to do with the fact that they see their blogs as business and no business can survive without having a plan.

2. They provide Solutions

One thing which makes which bloggers different is that; they provide solutions. Have a look at that blog of yours, does it have solutions which your readers will crave for. Is every minute spent there worth the time?
Providing solutions should be your ultimate aim

3. They are Rich not because of money but by providing Value

One major characteristic of rich bloggers is focusing on providing value instead of cluttering his blog with all sorts of ads all in the quest of making money. Quality is what matters to them and that is what makes them rich at the end.

Your Turn

The question therefore is what would have been different if you were a rich blogger? Your thoughts are very welcomed.

45 Replies to “What Would have been different if you were a Rich Blogger?”

  1. I’m glad to be here again. You have really touched great issues.

    If one has money, it will be very easy to carry out expected plans and it will yield him or her big results.

    Some have been nurturing some great ideas about blogging but the vehicle to carry them on as been absent which is money…

    So you have touched a big issue.. Thank you for bringing this up…

    1. Hello Mircale,

      It has obviously being a while. Please how are you doing?

      Yes, what you said is true but money isn’t all that it takes. Entrepreneurship isn’t all about money, your networks and providing value are what matters at the end.

      Thanks for your add up and I guess you’re having a great weekend.

  2. Hello Emmanuel,

    I agree with these 3 points which you have discussed here. Sometime a good blogger cannot execute his/her plan due to money problem. We see lots of famous blogs where the blog owners provide solutions to various problems. Thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful article.

    1. Hello Madam Moumita,

      There is of course no doubt money is what is needed the most when it comes to a start up but one thing which ought no to be forgotten is about providing value as well.

      Thanks for your comment and do have a great weekend.

  3. Hi Emmanuel,
    Anyways, I the primary aim of any blogger shouldn’t lays on making money alone, but also to find solutions to problems. Though having the money can brings in a lot of ease to your blogging journey. Anyways, thanks for sharing and do have a nice day.. 😀

    1. Hello Victor,

      That is exactly what I intend to carry across. Provide quality and then the money will follow.

      Thanks for your add up bro and do have a lovely weekend.

  4. Hello KB !

    I have heard a lot of people say, a good name is better than riches, but do we understand how to make a good name. One of the best way for anybody to earn is to add value to the people reading his or her property…

    Thanks KB, you have said it all and I love the points you raised !!.

    My regards KB.

    1. Yes bro. Providing value should be the aim of everyone and obviously the cash will follow.

      Thanks as well for your comment and do have a great weekend.

  5. Great points! I believe it is very important that bloggers provide value. As a blogger we have to look through the eyes of our readers. What can we do to provide a solution to their problem or situation.

    I also agree we must have direction for our blog. We must have an intent and stay focused on that and not deviate from it unless it is to help our readers in some way. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Nathaniel,

      The pleasure is all mine seeing you with your comment and concurring with me at the end.

      Thanks for your comment and do have a lovely weekend.

  6. Hi,

    Poor Little Johnny, little did he know about lions.

    Your question is little tricky. I will answer it both ways though.

    If I were a rich blogger, I would have spent money on advertising and doing some more giveaways for the people.

    For becoming a rich blogger, I am continuously pushing myself to deliver value. As you said, value is that which makes a blogger rich.

    Great post.

    P.S. I found this post on Kingged.

    1. Great post you said? And I will say great answers you’ve given there.

      Thanks for your comment Rohan and do have a great day.

  7. Hi Emmanuel

    Perfect pitched up point..
    In fact this must be mandate than any blogger must have a

    VISION and MISSION statement for their blog. These can be understood by reading any marketing book .

    These gives you direction and correct you when you deviate from the chosen path.

    Awesome Summary by you.

  8. Great for pointing out that rich does not mean money as the top priority of a blogger, rather content. If a blogger neglected his/her quality of writing, even “rich money” could soon disappear.

    1. Hello Ying Ying Shi,

      Please the pleasure is all mine seeing you here with your add up.
      Providing value should be the aim for every blogger.

      Thanks for your comment and do have a great week.

  9. Hi Emmanuel,
    Nice Points you droipped there and I must say I’m a rich Blogger although I don’t get alot of money from my blog but I provide series of solutions to people. I’m glad I came accross this handy article.

    1. Hello Larry,

      Being a rich blogger isn’t about money but it is all about what you’re doing; providing solutions is what matters at the end and obviously the money will follow.

  10. Hi Emmanuel,

    There are many things dependent at only money.

    If you are rich then you don’t need to skip some things which can be included in your blog for increasing the success rate.

    Off course rich bloggers have plans for their blog at which they can implement to get their blog higher.

    Great post.;)

    Have a nice week ahead.:)


  11. That is such a funny story. Poor Johnny, I wish he’s still alive now, LOL!

    Anyway, you are very correct. Rich bloggers have plans, they treat their blogs as business and yes, you’re correct again that having a plan is the only way to flourish. You will continue to succeed if you’re a blogger that also have solved if problems occurs. Last but not the least, value is much important to think rather than money.

    1. Hello Madam Metz,

      In order to find out whether Little Johnny is alive or not, I think my next post will tell. Hahaha!

      Thanks a lot for our comment and please do have a great week.

  12. Hello Emmanuel,
    there is no two ways about this, if you can’t provide value to the people around you, you can never become rich. word of mouth is more powerful than we’ll ever imagine.

    thanks and do have a nice time with little Johny… 🙂

    1. Hello Babanature,

      Value is of course the main stake in one’s quest of becoming a rich blogger but unfortunate that is something many overlook.

      Thanks for your comment and please do have a great week!

  13. Hi Emmanuel,

    I was wrong to articulate the title, I thought it was about the money.

    I always try my best to provide solution in make money online to my readers. The way that I have tried myself of course. That’s is the initial plan. I guess I keep it that way because I like what I do.

    I feel rich when I succeed with the method I develop, share it with my readers and they reach the same success or even better than me.

    I feel valuable when I fail and share my failure to my readers so that they won’t be the same as I did.

    Great post my friend

    Wish you have a great week

  14. Hi Emmanuel,

    Great point. To become a rich blogger it takes planning and knowing what to do. It also takes research and trying new things on the blog to see what works and what doesn’t

    I would like to add that we don’t have to be a rich blogger as we start, but nothing prevents us to become one. School certainly is NOT what will make us rich.

  15. Hi Emmanuel

    The last point is unforgettable. The aim to provide value and not to earn money. This is the basic philosophy of every money earning venture.

    People don’t pay you to get blessings of God; nor they want to help you they just exchange their hard earned money for value.

    So venturing means creating value and selling it. You may call it a factory, a movie making company or a blog either of the case you create something great and sell it to become rich.

    It means the concept of earning money is simple but to get it done is the heck of the task. That is why everybody says earning money is so difficult. Actually understanding to earn money is difficult if one do it he can easily earn money.

    Thanks a lot for sharing another unique and interesting post.

    1. Hello Mi,

      What you’ve said is indeed very true. Call it more or less like a factory and you’re not not far from right. Providing value should be the ultimate aim.

      Thanks for the add up and please do have a great weekend.

  16. Emmanuel – an interesting post to make us think. Planning is key to make any money in life whether blogging or in any field. It is also key to success in life. If you can’t envision it you can’t quite live it, right? This does make think about advertising etc for our blogs. We should consider ourselves rich enough to do something about it, like promoting our blog via adwords, etc. We sometimes are in the mindest that we are not rich (in money).

    1. Hello Madam Lisa,

      I do think that stems from the fact many bloggers are having limiting blogging believes referring to your mindset bit.
      Thanks for your add up and please do have a great weekend.

  17. I always wanted to make some good money from my Blog, but I couldn’t make that.. Thank for your this post, I will follow your points to make my dream come true..

  18. Hi Emmanuel,
    Once again wonderful post which contains very useful information. Proper planing is the key of success whenever you take any decision first you need to homework of it and release it final results. Over all your post is informative, inspirational and instructive. Thanks for sharing such an excellent post.

  19. Hello Emmanuel,

    In as much as I would have loved to add at least a point to your list, their is none. That’s exactly what rich bloggers spend their time doing while the poor ones do the exact opposite. Funnily enough, I was a poor blogger until the last 6 months.

    Can you imagine?


    1. Hello Akaahan,

      I thank God you said 6 months ago. Many are still poor bloggers till date even though they acquired their domain names more than 5 years ago.

  20. What you’ve said is indeed very true. Call it more or less like a factory and you’re not not far from right. Providing value should be the ultimate aim.

    Thanks for the add up and please do have a great weekend.

  21. The first point rules. That is why more than 80% blogs fail. The blogger don’t set forth proper business planning because they don’t see blogging as a business. They hope blogging is just a magical money generator.

    Unless blogging is taken as business, it can’t make dime for its owner not to talk of making fortune.

    Show me a successful business owner and I’ll show you a problem solver, an ultimate thinker and value giver. Without a sense of creating value, no richness should be expected.

  22. Hi Emmanual

    If I were a rich blogger I would have faster hosting and someone to unravel all the technical tangles I get myself into 🙂

    One day….


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