Ambassadors of Blogging Poverty

Ambassadors of poverty are
The corrupt masters of the economy
With their heads abroad
And anus at home
Patriots in reverse order
Determined merchants of loot
Who boost the economy of the colonial order
To impoverish brothers and sisters at home

Ambassadors of poverty are
The ‘saviours’ of the people
Office loafers in the guise of workers
Barons of incompetence
With Kleptomaniac fingers
And suckling filaments
Position occupants and enemies of service
Locked in corrosive war of corruption
With their people’s treasure
And killing their future

The poem continues some other time. This is one poem which was written by Philip Obioma Umeh  somewhere in the mid-sixties and still stands till date. Today’s post is something about ambassadors of blogging poverty.
The question therefore is; who are these ambassadors of blogging poverty? I don’t know them by names but their characters are what I know.

But as usual, let me introduce my good friend Little Johnny in here. He found himself in church today and take a look at happened.

A pastor announced,”If you know your wife is controlling you, move to the left”.

All the men in the church moved to the left except Little Johnny.

The pastor was amused and asked, “How come your wife can’t control you?”

Little Johnny quietly replied, “Pastor, it’s my wife who told me not to move”

Hahaha! that is how powerful Little Johnny’s wife is.But let move back to business as usual and as you already know, today’s post is dedicated to the ambassador’s of blogging poverty. Who are they? I think I have made it clear that I don’t know them by names but instead do know them by their behaviours.

So what are the characteristics of the ambassadors of blogging Poverty?

1. They are mostly filled with hypocrite

Most ambassadors of blogging poverty are hypocrites. They do exactly the opposite of what they preach on their blogs. This is what Philip Umeh will tell you that they have their heads abroad and anus at home.Come to think of this; a blog telling the entire world how bad this or that product is but at the end, you will find them using it.

I for instance have come across several blogs telling their entire readership how bad it is to use pop ups but at the end they end up using that same thing they have being criticising.

2. They are filled of envy

Another interesting character of these types of ambassadors is that they are filled with envy. As to what constitute that, I am yet to find out. Blogging is fun and one interesting thing is the fact that the internet boasts of more than 1 billion users so receiving 100,000 visitors a day is just a small fraction compared to the number of users on savvying the internet on a daily bases but these ambassadors are just envious of any blog who gets more traffic than them.

3. They think everyone is their competitor

As far as you’re a blogger, they see you as their enemy. Hence no wonder they are ambassadors of blogging poverty and not not blogging richness.

4.They have never made a $1 online before but they go about preaching how you could make $10,000

Hahaha! I guess this needs no explanation. You already know what I am talking about.

5. They are ….

You thoughts are welcomed on this.

46 Replies to “Ambassadors of Blogging Poverty”

  1. Hi Emmanuel,
    Its only your quality to disclose such bitter truth in a very pleasant way with the help of your little johnny and his wife. No doubt all the characteristics which you have mentioned in your article are present in many of us but I think its good to preach others in good way whether you got any benefit or not.
    Thanks for sharing such an excellent article 🙂

    1. Hello Muhammed,

      That is exactly what I intended to share. Talk of a negative thing in a nice way.
      Thanks as well for your comment and do have a great week.

  2. Wow. 😮 Strong poem! The words are just so vivid and rigid.
    Okay, this is amusing. The sins are already poured out. Should i leave plagiarism out of this? Maybe…. How about… they ask you not to copy but they copy… :p 🙂

    1. You’re indeed Magnus! Come again, they ask you not copy but they end up doing the copying instead. Hahaha!

      Thanks for your add up as well and do have a lovely week.

  3. Hello Emmanuel,

    When I saw “…and they are…” I thought you were going to say Akaahan Terungwa (Because I run Notopoverty). Seriously, I was going to say: ” But Akaahan is against poverty…infact, he runs NTP!”

    So, Emmanuel, now that you’ve not called names, where should we look?


    1. Yes, the name Akaahan indeed runs NO to POVERTY and with the sorts of quality he channels out, there is no way he is going to be an ambassador of blogging poverty. Hahaha!
      Thanks for your comment and do have a great day.

  4. Hi Emmanuel,

    You have written a wonderful post man.;)

    There are many people who just think that they are the only people who know about blogging.

    They think all other as competitor. I mean how could they?

    I hate hypocrites. Real people don’t do such type of thinks.

    Thanks for the post.:)


    1. No single individual can ever see himself as the hub of wisdom but such arrogance is seen in most bloggers which is really bad.

      Hypocrites are really dangerous. Thanks for your comment and do have a great week.

  5. Hello Emmaanuel,

    You have written a great Post for bloggers. Actually i visit your blog always to relax with my work because your mostly all contents are great and written in very good English.

    So, today i read this content.

    Nice post 🙂

    1. Hello Sharma.

      It is great knowing you see my blog as more or less as an anti-depressant for your relaxation.

      I do hope you were able to catch what I intended to cut across at the end. Thanks for your comment and do have a great day.

  6. Hello Emmanuel,

    It’s nice to be here again, and I really love the approach to this article. What I find most amusing is that most bloggers are hypocrites, just like the pop-up story.. Many do not have a philosophy, they just scramble on any article and develop it..

    I have also seen one blogger advising readers to three column blog when he himself, uses 2 column. It’s just crazy!

    1. Hello boss,

      The madness is indeed evident all over. They talk this and do exactly the opposite.

      Thanks for your comment and do have a great week boss!

  7. Hi Kabenlah,
    Lols little Johnny was being remoted by his wife hehehe.
    I like the way you structured the title of this post it’s awesome, the above factors listed are common in many bloggers, expecially that of seeing anybody as a competitor, this can lead to envy.

    I’m not saying competition is not good or you shouldn’t compete, competition is a factor of growth so without competing, I don’t think you’ll have a rapid growth in your business, but there are people you don’t compete with.
    Example: If you start a new entertainment blog in Nigeria, even before you start you must have hear of lindaikeji (Nigeria Blogging Queen). You shouldn’t place her the list of your competitors, there are bosses that own the city, LindaIkeji owns the entertainment niche in Nigeria. You don’t make such people your competitors rather your mentors.

    Let me talk of the aspect of being hypocritic, this is found common in many pro bloggers.
    Sometime ago I read lot of articles concerning seo, and any blog I come accross would say “let your backling com naturally”. This was what I read in almost all the blogs I came across only to find out that all of them buy seo services for their blogs. They preach what they don’t practice only a few blogs were able to be truthful.

    They don’t want to tell you the truth so that you won’t rank better than they do. What do we call such a thing? Jealousy ofcourse, it’s the elder brother to envy.

    I’m glad I could come across such an article today.
    Thanks for the big share.

    1. Hello Larry,

      With this long comment of yours, this shows something have really ‘gingered’ you up from this post.

      Abeg take am easy ooo! Hahaha! Thanks for your comment and do have a great week boss.

    2. Hello Larry,

      I think I have to disagree with you on competition.. It’s possible to compete with Linda and overtake.. The only problem we have in Nigeria is that most bloggers settle too soon..

      If Nokia could overtake Motorola as the leading mobile vendor, and Samsung overtaking Nokia from it’s crown.. It’s therefore means one one has the monopoly of success..

  8. Hey Emmanuel,

    After a long time, today I have visited your blog and got this interesting post from your blog. The short story of Little Johnny and Wife is really interesting. You have written this blog post in an fantastic way. Keep blogging Bro…

    1. Hello Moumita,

      It is nice seeing you here once more with your comment. I will obviously keep on blogging.

      Thanks for your comment and do have a great week.

  9. Hey Emmanuel

    Really excellent work, the poem you wrote was awesome,
    We all think that we all are competitor but actually we are friends who have same thinking and have a lot of things to talk together.
    But rarely anyone know this.


    1. Hello Mondal,

      We are indeed friends but of course many bloggers don’t see it as that but instead see each other as competitors.

      Thanks as well for your comment and do have a great day!

  10. Hi Emmanuel,

    When I saw the title of this post, I wasn’t too sure what the content is going to be like. After reading I came to an understanding of what it means.

    Emmanuel this is an exceptional article. Very direct and above all points to the direction where most people fail to touch. Enough is enough for all the fake preaching about blogging. Bloggers should at least learn to say things the way they are.

    I have to laugh out so loud reading your #4 point: “They have never made a $1 online before but they go about preaching how you could make $10,000”

    Nothing pays more than being real. It won’t take time before such people are noticed.

    Thanks for writing this article Emmanuel. It’s a different concept of blogging all together.


    P.S: I am glad we have reconnected after a long time. Thanks for your commendation on my blog.

    1. Hello Jackson,

      It is funny seeing all these types of bloggers in this blogosphere. I really find it difficult to understand that.

      Thanks a lot for your add up and it is nice reconnecting once more.

      Do have a great week boss!

  11. Hi Emmanuel,

    You have hit a great point here! I don’t know who those ambassadors of poverty are by name, but I do see them around. They are self absorbed, greedy, and narcissistic!

    When I come across them, I used to get all unnerved and it raised anger within me. But I’ve come to a place of peace within myself. I can now see that their life span on line will only be a short one. They may “strike it rich” for a moment in time but they will not be everlasting in their business. Nor even happy with their lives.

    They see others as competition, when truth be known, the only competition we have is ourselves. Making ourselves better human beings, learning things and sharing it with others.

    Being a blogger is giving out good content to people…helping them. It is as simple as that. As a blogger, we are so fortunate and blessed to meet people all over the world and connect with them. We have one thing in common and that is giving…no matter what niche we are in, we give information freely and then…it gets better….we connect with others on social sites. We even can become good friends.

    But the “Ambassadors of Blogging Poverty” can never obtain that gift. No matter what they do greed with eat them up alive and they could NEVER obtain the gifts of working with other bloggers and making good friends. That to me is the wonder of blogging.


  12. Hello Madam Donna,

    Anytime I see you around, one thing becomes evident, quality is what you add always at the end.

    Thanks a lot for your add up and do have a great week Madam.

  13. Hey Bro

    Ambassadors something an dosage word for bloggers a hell competition available on this internet world.If you want to dominate them it can be done only on your testing no one will reveals there secret a well interesting post I enjoyed reading it

  14. Hi Emmanuel,

    Nice thought! I guess many people plunge into those characteristics because they don’t have the patience. It takes time to succeed. Success in blogging is just one of many form of success that also need patience and persistence.

    There are millions of blogs and may be thousands of bloggers struggle to make money and to generate decent traffic into their own blog. If we see all the fact as competition, everything will get harder but if we see it as an opportunity everything will become easier.

    Thanks for the post it’s a great reminder for us to keep up the hard work and always positive minded. Wish you have a great week

    1. Hello Okto,

      Thanks as well for your wonderful thought. Success of course doesn’t come easy and it cuts across the board without any exception.

  15. Hi Emmanuel,

    Great though,
    We should not think about that. we should only work and work for better future. in blogging patient is very important. with patient we can success in blogging.

    Emmanuel, really believe me I visit your blog because of Little Johny jokes. it’s great source of joys for every your reader.

    Any way thanks for sharing such great post with us.

    Areesha Noor!

    1. Hello Areesha,

      Patience is of the needed ingredient for success.

      Please bear in mind the Little Johnny jokes aren’t stopping any time soon so please enjoy your long stay on Hahaha!

      Thanks for your comment and please do have a great day.

  16. Hi Emmanuel

    Don’t know if it’s what you had in mind but I think that bloggers who preach that you can earn thousands without investing any money whatsoever are those who will keep their readers in poverty.

    I believe there HAS to be some investment.


    1. Hello Joy,

      Obviously there obviously need to be some sort of investments before one could make some cool cash but I hardly do understand why many are yet to understand that,

      Thanks for your add up and please do have a great day as well.

  17. Hello Emmanuel,
    That’s why I always like reading your articles. Some blogs are just too annoying. There’s one of these my Facebook friend that kicks against every post I make on my Facebook profile. I believe he’s one of the guys trying to bring down my blog. 🙁 . Anyways, thanks boss.

    1. Hello Victor,

      Please don’t be too quick to judge. He might hate you on Facebook but that doesn’t mean he might be the one attacking your blog.
      Anyway, be careful.

      Thanks as well boss for your comment. Do have a great weekend.

  18. Hi Emmanuel,

    Very interesting post you have here. I found the story about little Johnny amusing, but on to the post. The people you speak of in the post are people I encounter all the time. It’s like they are bitter about life and try to cause problems for people’s lives by trying to disapprove another’s credibility, when they have none in the first place. We call these people haters. We must always keep one eye open for those haters! hahaha Good post!


  19. Poverty bloggers,I do find thia interesting.It amounts to personal confusion to an extend.What really matters to themis the content withoun attached meaning.

  20. Hello Emmanuel,

    There are a lot of funny bloggers that deceive others that they are making money online. But when you watch them closely, you’ll discover that they have not make a dime as a blogger.

    I sorry for such people and people who fall victims to such bloggers 🙂

  21. Funny and quite true points in the post.

    And the most common thing now a days is #4 point :D.. most of the bloggers share how to make $10000 and they don’t even earn $1 lol

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