7 interesting Ways To Kill Your Blog

If I I should tell you that I know of 101 interesting ways you can kill your blog, will you believe? I am not an Arsene Winger though who according to Mourinho is a specialist in failure. That to me is indeed a huge word.All that I now hope is that my teams Real Madrid and Man. City will win the champions league and premier league respectively.

Now let’s delve into the main issues on board and forget all those football nonsense. Ha..ha.. So what are we to talk about today?
I want us to look at interesting ways to kill our blogs. Yes, I mean interesting ways to kill your blog.
Registering a domain name and turning it into a profitable blog takes time. It takes patience, hard work and quite a few clever decisions. Some people would even argue that at times it takes a little bit of luck. The one thing that’s for certain is that it’s not easy.

Though most people know how difficult it is to create a profitable blog, many are surprised to learn how easy it is to kill one. Getting noticed as a blogger might take a long time but losing the lion’s share of your readers can be achieved surprisingly quickly.
If you’ve been enjoying a certain amount of blogging success of late, here are seven mistakes that you should avoid making at all costs.

Lose Your Modesty

Different bloggers handle popularity differently. The clever ones remain modest. They continue to write in the same fashion. They continue to work hard. Some bloggers however, they become arrogant.

They begin to write in a somewhat preaching fashion. A certain level of infallibility tends to creep into their posts too. If you want to lose your readers fast, losing your modesty is probably one of the easiest ways of doing so.

Take a Holiday

Bloggers, like anyone else, deserve to take a holiday every now and then. But just like any other profession, you can’t just up and leave whenever you feel like it. If you’re going to take a week or two off, you need to let your readers know. Otherwise you might find that when you return, you’ve lost a significant portion of them. I know of blogs whereby one find the same post all the time therefore making it difficult to tell whether the blogger is on holiday or not since it was never stated in the last post.

Sell Out (too Fast)

If you want to make money with your blog, you’re obviously going to have to monetize it. You cannot, however, go from zero ads to flashing banners everywhere over night.
Multiple pop ups and any form of content locking are also very easy ways to drive your readers away. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting with different monetization techniques but you need to do so with tactics.
I hate pop ups. Yeah, they are really irritating and very annoying.

Get Lazy

A single shoddy post is unlikely to lead to your blogs downfall. Fans of your blog aren’t going to start complaining about a few spelling mistakes here and there either. But when the quality of your writing starts to drop consistently across all of your posts, people are going to notice. Providing top notch quality should be the target. Or?

 Diversify (Poorly)

Most bloggers don’t start to make serious money until they’ve been blogging for quite some time. Unfortunately, this means that it’s pretty common for profitable bloggers to be blogging about something that they’ve grown a little tired of. Diversification can therefore feel mightily attractive.
Diversification is a fickle beast however. Go too far in other directions and you might find that you lose what made your blog popular in the first place. If you want to cover additional topics, choose those topics with care. And don’t use them as an excuse to spend less time writing about your blogs core niche.

Lose Your Spark

Another consequence of getting a little bored with your niche is that it’s very easy to lose your spark. When a lack of enthusiasm begins to creep into your posts, a corresponding lack of entertainment value tends to find its way in also. In particular, watch out for the following signs that you’re losing what made you popular in the first place.

    Becoming less and less opinionated.
    No longer incorporating humor into your posts.
    Spending less time coming up with interesting post ideas.
    Generally doing the bare minimum.

Forget About Your Readers

Finally, there is the small matter of forgetting about your readers. Most bloggers care about their readers quite a bit when they first start out. After all, it’s pretty difficult to make a profit without them. But when those profits have been rolling in month after month, some bloggers start to take their readers for granted.

They stop writing posts with a specific audience in mind. And though they might still respond to comments, they put a lot less thought into the process. Broken promises start to become a lot more common too.
When a blogger stops caring about his readers, it tends to become pretty apparent, pretty fast. And when it does, those readers tend to start disappearing.

Your Turn

What do you make of this. What do you think are the interesting ways of killing a blog? Your thought by way of comment is very well welcomed.

58 Replies to “7 interesting Ways To Kill Your Blog”

  1. Interesting post and I am strongly agree with all the points given there. One can kill his blog by these ways. I think no one should make these type of mistakes. I think blogging require hard work so every one have to work hard to keep his blog alive.
    Thanks for the great post and information Emmanuel. 🙂

    1. Working hard and smart is something which can’t of course be taken out in the equation of blogging as far as one wants success.

      Thanks as well for your add up and do have a great weekend.

  2. These are quite useful ideas to maintain a blog.As normal as they may occur,one could not have easily noticed that it a way ok killing a blog.

    1. Hello Edwin,

      Hence that is why Kabenlah is here to raise that awareness. Thanks for your comment and I do hope to see you around more often

  3. Hi Emmanuel,

    Nice ways indeed, though I wonder why would anyone like to kill their babies (blogs!) 🙂

    But you are right – if people follow such ways, they are surely going to end their blogs sooner than they thought. Laziness is the biggest killer of all I think, and so is wasting time doing things other than your work or blogging. I see so many of my young friends online, social networking sites, more worried about who did what, who made how much money, or tagging people for nonsensical things! Instead, the same time could have been used for writing a post or updating your blog!!

    Social media is important, alright – but come to it at a specific time, once your work ends – there is just NO substitute for hard work I feel – just my two cents. 🙂

    Also, taking a holiday is no harm done, provided you let your readers know you are going away – you know I took a month off and I still have my loyal readers with me, and now with a new community and forum, there’s a lot to be done. Yes, never forget your readers – write FOR them – they always come first.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    1. Hello Madam Harleena,

      If there is one thing about this comment of yours, it has to do with what you prefer to call it your two cents but to me, it is worth more than a million dollar contribution.

      Thanks for comment and please do have a lovely weekend.

  4. Hey man,

    Great write. I think the biggest is forgetting about the readers. You got to write to help them solve problems etc. Giving them what they need.

    If you are just selling, you won’t make it far honestly.

    Thanks for sharing man!

  5. Hi Emmanuel,
    I honestly think that these 7 spirits are truly blogging career killers. i see lack of goal which is born out of the lack of vision as the mother of all. Like i will always say, a man that has no goal is like a football match without a goal post – wasted efforts.
    Your 7 factors are real!!!

    1. Hello Emebu,

      Please come again, a man that has no goal is like a football match without a goal post – wasted efforts.

      I like that. Please thanks for your comment and do have a great day.

  6. Hi Emmanuel,
    Indeed a great article. After reading your whole post I must say that these are some silly mistakes which are done by many bloggers. So, every blogger must avoid such mistakes to make his/her blogging life successful. No doubt its a detailed and amazing guide about blogging mistakes.
    Thanks for sharing such an excellent post.

    1. Hello Muhammad,

      I do pray many bloggers will be aware of this and be careful of them.
      Thanks as well for your wonderful comment.

  7. Hello Emmanuel,
    Thanks for the useful information. That’s the most interesting ways every unsuccessful bloggers can do away with their blogs. Why I used unsuccessful is the fact that, no successful blogger can willfully embark on such disaster. Anyways, thanks for the share and do have a nice weekend.

  8. Thank you for this list, a few are intuitive, however a couple like taking a vacation and diversifying were great for the new and upcoming blogger. This is my first visit here, and will be back.

    1. Hello Zachery,

      Kabenlah.com welcomes you and thanks a lot for your comment as well.
      I do hope to see you around more often.
      Thank You.

  9. Great points, Emmanuel!

    I have been guilty of many of these points, like taking a long break (although I do let my readers know), getting lazy and sometimes, losing the spark (I feel that this one isn’t entirely in our hands. The best we could do is take a break and perhaps try to attain a different perspective; that has always helped me).

    I am just getting back to blogging after a long break (yeah, I did neglect the blog for the most part). I wanted to publish a post, but decided to take the time off anyways.

    I don’t regret that though…it helped to gain a better vision for my blog (I wanted to make money through my blog, and that didn’t really work out).

    I was considering my options and writing stood out (So, I am shifting my focus from blogging to writing). I will still be maintaining the blog, publishing less frequently. I will be writing more often, especially for other blogs (Have to get noticed, and get writing opportunities 😀 Hopefully that will go well :D).

    Anyways, thank you for sharing this, Emmanuel!

    1. Hello Jeevan,

      It’s a beautiful thing seeing you back after a while. The Daring Blogger obviously did take a long break and it is good knowing it
      was worth it.

      Thanks as well for your comment and do have a great weekend.

  10. Hi Emmanuel

    You have raised very great points. Everything you have stated is true and will definitely kill your blog but let me add something about losing your spark. This can happen if you pick a topic or niche that is boring to you because you want to make money. It’s best to talk about things you spark your heart. Thanks and great post.

  11. It is interesting that people work hard to build a profitable blog, then suddenly they ‘become familiar’ with the very same tips that helped them grow. Thank you for the reminder on how not to kill our blogs.

  12. Hi Kabenlah,
    It’s a wonderful article you placed here today,
    That of ads I was thinking of flooding my blog with ads anyway the sidebars alone but from your article I’ve seen that it would be nice making gradual changes and not all at a time.
    Thanks for the big share

    1. Hello Larry,

      Knowing what you’re about is what matters the most but when it comes at the peril of your blog is when it comes disastrous.

  13. Hi Emmanuel,

    You have listed some amazing things to do for boosting up any blog. There are many bloggers who seek for these kind of tips.

    Many bloggers do mistakes while handling their blog. They don’t act good with their readers which is not a positive thing to do.

    I have seen many bloggers who continue to work which can cost them a lot. They feel mental pressure and somehow their work doesn’t go smooth.

    Wonderful tips here.

    Thanks for letting us know.:)

    Have a nice weekend.


    1. Hello Ravi,

      I always say this anytime I see you around with your comment, the pleasure is all mine seeing you here with your add up.

      Thanks for the add up and please do have a great week ahead.

  14. Emmanuel

    The most unfortunate part of destroying something is that you get know its results after sometime and you don’t have chance to correct your mistakes.

    All the points you mentioned very slowly hit your blog and meanwhile you keep worrying why your traffic is getting down, or why people are not buying from you or why your each blog post has deserted look without any comments.

    Thanks a lot for sharing another wonderful post with quite useful points.

  15. Emmanuel, you identify several important things that a blogger should not do. We all know you could have talked about many more.

    The nice thing about taking a holiday is that you can take your blog with you. With so many wonderful mobile devices a blogger can literally work from anywhere. When you mix work with a vacation, you get additional tax breaks in the USA. So taking a holiday can mean that you might have even more time to focus on your blog.

    Great post full of good information, thank you.

    1. Hello Madam Mary,

      Please welcome on board to kabenlah.com with your add up as well.
      Thanks a lot for your comment and please do have a great week ahead.

  16. Hi Emmanuel Kabenlah,

    I agree with you. one can kill their blog to just follow these steps hahaha.

    Blogging is the name of hard work, honesty and care.

    If you just hard work to write quality post, do off-page SEO honestly and care your readers. You can achieve your goal though blogging. am I right?

    Areesha Noor!

  17. Great Post Emmanuel. We always concentrate more on what to do but not on what not to do.Thank you for this amazing article 🙂

    Have a great day !

    Minakshi Srivastava

  18. Great tips Emmanuel.

    It’s good to have these reminders sometimes. I especially like the one about not being lazy. Most online articles are riddled with errors, and that irritates me.


  19. Hi Emmanuel,

    Fantastic post – as usual. In my opinion the biggest and most common way is focusing on monetizing and not content or networking, from day 1. Like any success, blogging is something that takes time, and step 1 has to be focusing on the niche and readers.

    Have a great week.

  20. Hi Emmanuel,

    I wouldn’t want to be a specialist in failure like how the special one puts it 😀

    All the things you mentioned above can certainly lead to failure. The big one IMO is forgetting your readers and failing to acknowledge they’re the ones who brought your blog up. I see that with some of the big blogs and that’s why sometimes I prefer the smaller bloggers who’re there for their readers.

    One of my biggest weaknesses is that sometimes I get lazy with my blogging. This something I’m working hard to improve on.

    1. Hello Norbert,

      It is great to know you’re working on your laziness. Hahaha!
      Thanks for your comment and do have a great week.

  21. Creating and maintaining a great blog requires more time than to kill the same. I completely agree with all the points what you have mentioned. If we took a decision to create a blog then we should also know to maintain it. I will be very careful by avoiding those points indeed. Thanks for the wonderful post

  22. This post is a kinda funny,but i must say its informative. I am 101% sure these are reasons why those poor bloggers neve succeed.

  23. Hi,
    I am a professional blogger and sometimes, the blogging gives me a deadly experience and want to kill it. This post really proves beneficial for me. I will try out these tips to kill my blog, when I felt boring and tiring because of the continuous blogging. Thanks to share the interesting ways.
    Have a nice day ahead!

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