To Tag or not To Tag? That is a Million Dollar Question

Another month is here and I still wonder why they call it October. My plans for October have being put on hold and the best lesson this has taught me is never to trust anyone who wears trousers. Hahaha! On a more serious note, trust me on that.

Let me take this opportunity to acknowledge the name Madam Areesha Noor of New Year Greeting 2014.She is that brilliant well known for her lovely messages for all occasions even messages bound for newly-born babies.

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These are the sorts of beautiful messages the name Areesha has to offer and visiting her site wouldn’t of course be a bad thing to do at all. You will be amazed at those messages she has to offer and you will love them as well.

Now let move back to business as usual and as you already know, the issue on board is simple; to tag or not tag? That to me is worth more than a million dollar. Hahahaha! Please before I’m skinned alive here, let me first of all introduce you to Little Johnny and do you know Little Johnny has found himself in a new school but I doubt whether he will be accepted.

Look at what transpired.

TEACHER: There will be an elementary science test next week.

Contrary to his nature, Little Johnny reads his book from cover to cover like no man’s business.

On test day, teacher lines up about 5 birds, covering each with a piece of cloth so only their legs are visible.

QUESTION 1: Looking at the leg of a bird write down its common name, species, family, zoological name, habitat etc.

After about 20 mins of frustration and not writing down anything, Little Johnny storms to the teacher’s desk and slams his blank sheet in front of the teacher.

Little Johnny: Sir, this test makes no sense! I am going home!

TEACHER: What a rude boy! Come back here. What is your name?

Little Johnny raises his trouser and points to his leg “You too, look at my leg and tell me my name, my surname, my house address, what tribe I come from”

Hahaha! I guess the teacher now has his own palaver to solve now but as to whether he will be able to solve that, I have my own question to solve here as well and as usual it has to do with whether to tag or not to tag?

This tagging issue raised an interesting issue on Facebook just recently with some taking offence with respect to why friends need tag them in their posts. It was a back and forth debate

This is my take on it as well. Why do people become angry when they are tagged? Tagging is something many do see as really unethical but is that really the case?
The issue is; as bloggers we all need each other that is why I have bloggers as friends on Facebook so will I be wrong to tag you when I write a blog post on blogging which I deem worthy for every blogger to read?

Most bloggers avoid tagging simply because they hate it but will love you to tag them when you write about but my problem is; why will you not allow me to tag you in my ordinary post but will love it when I tag you in a post I mentioned you? Is that not… Let me pause here before  I say the unsay able. Hahaha!

Your Turn

What is your say on this? I have had mine and yours is very well welcomed.To Tag or not to Tag is the issue on the board today and what you make of it is what I want to hear from you.

52 Replies to “To Tag or not To Tag? That is a Million Dollar Question”

  1. Hello Emanuel,

    I followed that argument on FB though maintained a respectful silence; when you said you got a post idea, I thought you were joking – and here we are!

    There’s nothing wrong in tagging – especially if the content is related to what the person in question is familiar with – or stands for! I really do not know what blew up that fellow’s lid!

    But again, there’s an option to review all updates that you’re tagged in before they come on live on one’s wall…sometimes, believe me, all that is needed is a simple education!

    Do have a very great day! And for the records, I’m going to tag you in my next FB update whether it concerns you or not!


    1. Hi, I dont really like tagging no matter the excuse you give unless the post has a thing to do with me personally.
      If you say you tag fellow bloggers to let them know about your post, I have 1000+ bloggers as friends on Facebook, just imagine half of that number tagging me in a day because they just published a new post could you imagine how messed up my notification bar will look like?
      Can you imagine the number of posts that I will have on my Timeline review??
      So, no matter the excuse, tagging is not good except if that person is mentioned or has something personal to do with that post..

      1. You have genuine reasons, but I still disagree with you. You can turn off tagging completely. I know of someone who has done similar thing..

        I believe majority of FB users do not entirely have a problem with tagging.. You too can begin to appreciate its value and love it completely… 😀

        1. What are you saying man?
          can you hear yourself???
          I should turn off tagging?? I dont know how you reason man!
          I cant turn off tagging because my Families can tag me, my aunties can tag me in Family Birthday pixs, my cousin can mention me in important stuffs and my friends too can tag me in REASONABLE posts!
          I cant disable tagging because one asshole I can block can tag me!
          You need to think better!
          FYI, 9 out of 10 FB users hate tagging! We all hate unreasonable tagging my friend!

          1. Kabenlah!!! You must come here at once… Hahaha!!!

            “FYI, 9 out of 10 FB users hate tagging!”

            I wonder where you got your statistics from 😀 , Either way.. you are wrong..

            I honestly can’t believe you are dragging the issue this far.. C’mon.. loosen up some steam…

          2. Hello Joe,

            Be calm here. You obviously seem pissed off.

            Nosa said, you CAN and not you SHOULD. These are indeed two different words even in the court of law have different interpretations.

            Are you not being a hypocrite? You hate tagging that much but here you are with waiting from tagging from families. Have you read the Animal Farm before, you’re just behaving like the pigs.

      2. Whiles interestingly reading your comment and preparing to have my say once again as well, I came across this, ‘PEACE!’

        I love that. You have had your say and that is of course the beauty of being a blogger and sign of maturity.

        I can’t in anyway force you to love tagging but my only problem is this, why will you love it when others tag you in a post you were mentioned in but you won’t show interest in their other posts?

    2. Hello Terungwa,

      You are absolutely right and reviewing every post before it goes live on your timeline is some thing I missed on reply.

      I have used that feature some time ago, but I got rid of it.. I really don’t see a big deal with tagging..

      It’s like someone complaining..,”I hate broadcast messages on BBM”.. LOL.. but you bought a BlackBerry? Please take a seat! 😀

      1. Hello Nosa,

        But that feature is all important – at least to have control over where you appear. It seems many folks really hate this tagging stuff.

        May I tag you in my next update?


    3. Hello Akaahan,

      I will of course be waiting for your next tagging as anything from your end will be nothing short of quality. Hahaha!
      My friends on Facebook are mostly bloggers and for a blogger to channel something out, it means it is worth the read so tagging me in a post is something I don’t see as a big deal at all.

      Otunda, has taken offence to your comment with respect to you saying it appears his lid has being blown off and I guess it will be prudent to say sorry.

      1. Hello Emmanuel,

        I sincerely love your maturity! What is it in tagging? I also sincerely like the flow of Nosa’s argument – his BB example is most apt.

        The fact remains however that Otunda was red angry about the tagging issue and it really showed up on that update. Now, do I need to apologize for someone’s anger? Or for recounting history?

        Make the day great!


        1. Hello Akaahan, as to where the apology should go, I guess you go got me thinking.
          Should it be for his anger or for recounting history? Hahaha!

  2. Hello Kabenlah,

    Thanks for the lovely episode.. 😀

    Firstly, my comment might annoy a lot of persons and I’d like to apologize before it happens.

    Let me start off by saying it is completely hypocritical and ridiculous for anyone to complain about being tagged in a Facebook post. The moment one signs up for Facebook and agree to her terms, he is greeted with a whole of features, the “tagging” feature is included and obviously one of the best on the social platform.

    Reason of that is because, I may not come across an update in my news feed, but once I am tagged, there is no way I’m going to claim ignorant of it.

    What baffles me, what shocks me and leaves me in mental disarray is when people sarcastically make updates, solely to take a jab at people tagging them.. I’mean.. C’mon.. That’s insane. There is an OPTION TO REMOVE any tag..

    If you can make an update, you can take a lesser effort to remove that tag.. I have been tagged to n*ude pics… I just hit the remove “tag” button and everyone lives their normal lives..

    There is a fundamentals of relationship and callous updates, insulting or castigating people who tag oneself can soil relationship unaware to the recipient.

    One thing I don’t play with is relationship, I value them and I know people. People are people.. You can’t take that away from them.. Some can be crazy for 5-mins, 5-days, 5-weeks, 5-months or even 5-years. We just have to adjust to different folks and learn tolerance! :/

    Thanks for accepting my apology, to anyone who this hurts.. 😀

    Have a nice day Kabbie…

    Best Regards,

    1. Hello Nosa,

      Be careful ooo! be fore I bring in the police for misconduct on Hahahaha!
      Hypocrite was one word I wanted to use in my post but had to draw it back as those who are not depth in knowledge might misinterpret my words for their propaganda.

      And moreover, you should tagged me to let me know that this was how long your comment was going to be. Hahaha!

      Thanks a lot the insights and display of high intelligence you always carry along with you.

      Do have a great day!

  3. Hi Emmanuel,
    You’re very wonderful in getting post ideas 🙂 . Jesus Christ! 🙁 So that little beef on Facebook finally found its exit gate here? :/ . Well, am loving these post, at least tagging you on my Facebook posts has now been made legal 😛 . Anyways thanks buddy for sharing and do have a happy weeks ahead.

    1. Hello Victor,

      Tagging Kabenlah on Facebook was never illegal. Was it? Hahaha!
      Do have happy weeks ahead as well.

  4. Hahahaha Little Johnny got me there! 😀 back to the question; Do I like being tagged? I don’t see tagging as unethical. Like Nosa pointed out, when you are tagged on a post, you never get to miss that post. This I think is wonderful! 🙂 Why? Cos some things are easier said to you indirectly through a facebook post that has you tagged than through a DM! 😉

    1. Hello Kay,

      Is that not as simple as that? But this is something many find it really difficult to understand.
      There is always an option of untagging as Nosa rightly stated.

      Is this your first encountering Little Johnny on my blog? Stay tune for more and there is already more here in almost all my posts. Hahaha!

  5. Wonderful Article Kabenlah,
    I see nothing wrong with tagging, although it could be irritating some times when the update has no relationship with you.
    I’ve seen some comments here and after going through them I noticed that almost all who commented here before me approved tagging hahaha 🙂 so I’m gonna have tagging liberty
    Thanks for the BIG question.

  6. Hi Kabenlah,

    Its really million dollar question. Sometimes tagging will allow people to identify them in the group or people want to share the ownership of the picture among themselves.

    But in many occasions it went wrong… For non sense posts they used to tag people who are all known to them.

    Even people tag their friends on profile pic…

    so i agree its an million dollar question…

    Thanks for the thought….

    Prasanna LP

    Thanks for the BIG question.

    1. Hello Presanna,

      And thanks for adding your thought and sharing your displeasure on things you hate to be tagged in.

      I think the debate will still continue to linger on.

  7. Well I guess its not so important question to me as I’m not so active at facebook as I’m on other things and may be automated tasks on facebook like sharing and etc.


    1. Hello Samuel,

      This is indeed a question I guess doesn’t indeed bother as you aren’t active on Facebook.
      Thanks for your comment and please do have a great day.

  8. Listen man! If you tag me in a post in which I am.mentioned, then the post has something to do with me because I was mentioned and you would probably want to get a comment from me.
    If am not mentioned in a post and then you tag me, then thats BULLSHIT!
    When do you get to know what will interest me or not? Who are you to decide if I should read a post or not?
    its my decision! if I see your status update and I love what you share, I will click to read more, if it doesnt interest me, I fcuk off!
    So tagging me is a NO-NO, and its most times annoying!

    1. Hello Joe,

      Just be calm and I won’t tolerate the using of ‘F’ words on my blog not under any circumstance.

  9. Hi Emmanuel

    Oh I missed the argument on FB but tagging isn’t a big problem. It’s an interesting way to keep up with each other. I think what we should be asking is how frequently should a person be tagged?

    1. Hello Ikechi,

      If you missed the argument on Facebook, then you obviously missed a lot.
      But I think the heat could still be felt here.

  10. Tagging hasn’t ever been a problem for me, but I can definitely see how it can be an issue for some people.
    Good article.

  11. Hi Emmanuel

    I think the best way to come out of the dilemma of to tag or not to tag is to get consent of those who you want to tag.

    First way of getting consent is just announce at your timeline that you are just going to share your latest post and who want to be tagged with your new share.

    Second method is keep adding one new person in your tag list whenever you share a new post. If he does not object make him in your permanent list and if he objects say sorry to him and never tag him again.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this post on quite a new topic.

  12. Hello Emmanuel,

    Great post as always 🙂

    Its a fact that you think numbers of time whenever you tag people on fb because they feel irritated the publicly tell you don’t tag them next time so better to tag those, who are your real friends or whom you communicated recently 🙂

    Minakshi Srivastava

    1. Hello Madam Minakshi,

      Yeah, that is of obviously true. It is one of those updates which prompted this post.

      Thanks for your add up and please do have a great weekend.

  13. Hi Ennanuel,
    Wonderful article indeed.Really you are a treasure chest of great ideas! I am going to print out this post and have this at my side, within reach, at all times.I think tagging on facebook is going rapidly popular although it annoys some time your very close one’s.
    Thanks for sharing such an excellent and informative post.

    1. Hello Muhammed,

      You mean you’re going to have this printed. I’m flattered. Hahaha!
      Thanks as always for your comment and please do have a lovely weekend.

  14. Hi Emmanuel,

    You raised a great point about tagging. I don’t mind it at all if someone tags me because they wrote something about me.

    But…if someone is tagging so many people just to get attention, or more than that..for a sale..Oh Boy does that get me mad!

    When tagging others, it has to be for that person’s benefit only. It is just plain simple ethics!

    Thanks for raising this topic and I just love your “Little Johnny” stories!


    1. Hello Madam Donna,

      The pleasure is all mine for adding your voice to the discussion as well.
      The Little Johnny stories aren’t stopping anytime soon so please embrace yourself for more.

      Thanks and do have a great weekend.

  15. That’s a million dollar question and the answer to is not less.

    I don’t mind somebody tags me when he/she has to point something that concerns me. Tagging is a kind of poking on some message. But how would you feel you are tagged each and every affiliate links, unsolicited messages, blog post links, sales page links and you always have hundreds of notification when you open Facebook. That’d truly ruin the purpose of taging won’t it? It becomes something equal to the spam emails.

    Oh ya, that little johnny is really lively character now 🙂

    1. Hello Mr. Khanal,

      You have of course raised some interesting points as well. But as usual the Little Johnny will continue what he does best. Hahaha!

      Thanks for your comment and please do have a great weekend.

  16. Hi Emmanuel,

    In my opinion tagging all the people of your friend’s list is not a good idea. I used to notice that people upload their image and tag many users.

    I mean all are not there in the pic.
    People should know its kind of irritating activity.

    I hate it when someone tag me like this.

    Good to read this post.

    Have a nice day.:)


  17. Hi Emmanuel,

    Nice question/topic indeed.

    I think tagging is quite good. Tagging in a blog post you write and tagging in facebook, both are differ from each other. Tagging to unnecessary and unrelated people is not such good.

    For tagging in facebook or other social network, first we should make good relation with others to whom we want to tag.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful topic.

    Have a nice weekend!

    1. Hello Madam Nisha,

      The pleasure is all mine seeing you with your comment as well.

      Thanks and do have a nice weekend as well.

  18. Hi Emmanuel,

    Just to add my opinion in – although a little late, because of “life”….

    I would hate it if people tagged me just to get my attention, UNLESS it were personal to me. For instance, some friends do it if they see a problem on my site etc etc. And that’s great because it’s helpful. But otherwise, if I want to be notified of every post I will have subscribed to their list / feed.

    Have a great weekend. Joy

  19. Nice points kabenlah,

    But…if someone is tagging so many people just to get attention, or more than that..for a sale..Oh Boy does that get me mad!

  20. In my opinion tagging all the people of your friend’s list is not a good idea. I used to notice that people upload their image and tag many users.

  21. Well I guess its not so important question to me as I’m not so active at facebook as I’m on other things and may be automated tasks on facebook like sharing and etc.

  22. I like a hell lot to read your article. Thanks for this another informative Post.

    Tagging in Facebook Photo and Tagging in Blog post it totally Different. I think Facebook tagging is Useless for SEO.

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