Some Bloggers I have Grown to Hate

I have being weighing my options as to whether to accelerate or apply the brakes on this. I guess you might be wondering on what? I have decided to have hanged my blogging…

I need to place the full stop before I’m lambasted with lots of questions and whys I can’t find answers to. I will obviously be coming in with the right post for that but as usual; this post ought to be written in a way which obviously has to be understood.

I know I might not be writing in Greek but in English but there seem to be certain words which I myself find it difficult to understand but not something like some bloggers I have grown to hate.
Now what comes in mind is this; what is this post going to be about?

Anyone who teaches they call a teacher and interestingly anyone with a blog is called a blogger. One beautiful thing about blogging is that it requires no certificate and anyone with a blog can obviously go around hitting his chest hard telling the world he or she is a blogger. Thanks for the likes of and wordpress, people like me can refer to myself as a blogger as well. Hahaha!

As always, my posts aren’t complete without our good friend Little Johnny. What has happened this time around? For those who don’t know about Little Johnny, embrace yourself for this.

At a Sunday school class, one Sunday morning, after an interesting topic, the teacher asked, “Any question?”

Little Johnny, looking puzzled, raised his hand, and the following conversation ensued:

Little Johnny: “You said the children of Israel escaped from Egypt?”

Teacher: Yes

Little Johnny: “You said the children of Israel crossed the red sea?”

Teacher: Yes

Little Johnny: “You said the children of Israel also brought down the mighty walls of Jericho?

Teacher: “Yes Little Johnny!” “What exactly is your question?”

Little Johnny: “When the children of Israel were doing all these, where were the adults of Israel?”

Hahaha! I guess Little Johnny has raised an interesting question. Let move back to business as usual and I think there is no need for me to repeat myself once again by listing some bloggers I have grown to hate.

  1. Ungrateful Bloggers

If there is one thing which seems to be making wave across in this blogosphere, it has to do with some bloggers who are always ungrateful. How do you make of this? A blogger desperately asks for your help and you do all that you can for him, but at the end, not a simple thank you was returned. How will you feel about it? My stay in this blogging arena has made me come across many bloggers and how they behave.

I have lots of Facebook friends on my list who are bloggers and interestingly, the only time most of them messages you is when they find themselves in a mess and after that you will only hear of them when there is another problem they feel you could be of help. Hahaha!
What annoys me the most is the fact that; a mere thank you is something they find it difficult to say.
Ungrateful bloggers are one bloggers I hate the most.

  1. Hypocrite Bloggers

I think I have talked a lot of these types of bloggers on this blog of mine. These are the types of bloggers who preach the word but do the exact opposite of it. But why should that be the case? The blogging scene is filled with lots of these bloggers and I just laugh anytime I come across such blogs. Blogging is all doing what you preach as well.

  1. Confused Bloggers

These are the types of bloggers I prefer to call them the swinging bloggers as well. They tend to go along with anything they read. Every blogger must be discerning and not just go along with what the masses are doing. But there are bloggers who very much interested in doing exactly what other bloggers are doing and just want their blogs to be like theirs. Blogging is all about being yourself and I think I have said this  more than a million times but I think it is worth repeating once more again in this post.
Your Turn

One beautiful thing about finding yourself as a blogger is the fact it is more or less like a democratic state, everyone has a view to share. Hence, it is now your turn to have say on this. What are some of the bloggers you’ve grown to hate?

34 Replies to “Some Bloggers I have Grown to Hate”

  1. Hey man,

    Funny stuffs 🙂

    You know what I hate most? Bloggers who ask me how to make money online. LOL.

    I mean, c’mon. There are dozens of posts out there. Why aren’t you using Google to find? Most importantly, they have to understand that reading 1,000 or more posts about making money from blogging won’t help if they don’t take the first step.

    Just saying!

    Great write man.

    1. I would reply them back with another question.

      Is it possible to make money with your Blog?

      I hope you should do that too 🙂

        1. Yeah, it has been a while.
          I was unable to find time for my blog and also I had nothing in my mind to write about.

          I hope you are doing well with your Blog 🙂

          1. Yourfriend, I guess you now have time.
            Your blog is one of the finest in this blogosohere.

      1. Hi Bro
        Your blog posts are so unique and interesting and I enjoys a lot while reading your posts because you explained your post very deeply in a very easy and clear language.

        happy Blogging

    2. Hello Reginald,

      Hahaha! It is of course all about action and taking the first bold step.

      Thanks for your comment and please do have a great day.

  2. Hi Emmanuel

    Very well narrated post with your powerful characters’ conversation and conveying the message very effectively.

    I think confused bloggers need our pity because they fail to decide what to do and what not to do.

    Many newbie bloggers take blogging as an end of this world and never make up their mind to quit it if they could not have made it despite several efforts.

    Rest of the two negative features of bloggers are also too bad and one must avoid to interact more with them and stay focused on his own goals.

    Thanks for sharing yet another interesting post.

    1. Hello Professor Mi,

      Please allow me to address you with the professor accolade. Prof. the pleasure is always mine seeing you on my blog with your comments.

      Having focus should of course be the aim and the way forward. Thanks for your comment and please do have a lovely week.

  3. Hi Emmanuel,
    it’s a known fact that some bloggers are really confused mostly newbies, they don’t even know why they’re blogging, all they’re after is Google Adsense approval :'( . Well, consistency and passion is needed to become successful in the blogosphere. That’s my one cent though, just woke up from sleep, so no strength to type much. Anyways, thanks bro Emmanuel for sharing, do have a happy Sunday.

    1. Did yo say that was your 1 cent? I think that was worth more than a million dollar. Being consistent and having the passion are of course the ingredient needed to be successful in any endeavours.

  4. Hello Emmanuel,

    You have quite a list…and an interesting one at that.

    The bit I can resonate with (very well) is about these folks called ungrateful ‘bloggers’. Many have asked me about how to make money online (especially via my new blog). After taking my time to explain, none (without exception) offers a simple ‘thank you’…sometimes, I wonder: is it not their habit that’s keeping them from making the money?

    Also, the blogger that blogs about what he does not know is quite detestable. Here in Nigeria, we have many who blog about making money online (though have never made a penny themselves). What could be funnier than that?

    I had some nice, quite, good laughs reading your awesome post!

    Be sure to thoroughly enjoy the week!


    1. Hello Akaahan,

      Hahaha! ask your question again, what could be funnier than that? Having to deal with ungrateful bloggers is a great headache.

      Thanks as always for your valuable comments and I do hope your week began on a goof note.

  5. Hi. quite an interesting post. I concur with Akaahan on ugrateful bloggers. If one is not greatful with the ‘little’ they have, it will be difficult to get the much they are looking for.

    1. Hello Bilha,

      Akaahan obviously did made some interesting point. Being grateful is what matters the most.

      Thanks for your comment and do have a great day.

  6. Hi Emmanuel,
    not to hate them,
    but I start ignoring “Ungrateful Bloggers”.
    The ones you helped much and they don’t do anything to exchange the favor.
    I mean, I give tips without asking something back.
    But at least, a bit of reciprocity!

    Thanks for the post,
    have a great week.

    1. Hello Erik,

      A simple thank you does a lot of magic but this is one little thing many find t difficult to do.

      Thanks for your comment as well and please do have a great day.

  7. Hi Emmanuel

    Oh When will Little Johnny stop being funny. lol.

    One thing I like about your blog is the way you pick topics. I mean you discuss issues that some bloggers feel are not worth while.

    I do hate bloggers that don’t do what they preach and are ungrateful but I also hate bloggers that don’t value their readers.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Hello Ikechi,

      The pleasure is mine once more seeing you here with your comment.
      Thanks as well for your add up. Valuing your readers can’t in anyway be taken for granted.

  8. Hello,

    I guess everyone do hate confused and hypocrite bloggers as they are still confused and they don’t trust themselves.

    Thanks for sharing this post.

  9. Hi Emmanuel,

    The story of little johnny was surely an interesting one, but quite witty! I must I add that I dislike bloggers who create terrible content, as if they just put something on their website and called themselves a blogger. Then they want to try and teach you something. Hmmm, thats just me, but I can agree with your thoughts as well. Thanks for sharing, I surely hope I don’t get on your list hahaha

    1. How can a great blogger like the name Lawrence Berry be on this list? He is far beyond this and if there is anyway he is going to be on my list, it is going to be on the list of the most influential bloggers in this blogosphere. Hahaha!

      Thanks for your comment and embrace yourself for more of Little Johnny’s saga.

      Do have a great day!

  10. Hi Emmanuel

    I love your honesty as always and your choice of topics – not afraid to handle those which many would probably shy away from. 🙂 Your character Little Johnny is brilliant and through interacting with him both of you have a fun way of articulating the message.
    I give you props for that.

    I have come across all 3 types of bloggers and pity the confused blogger most of all. I have learned to grow into my own skin, be my own brand while still remaining humble. The thing is people do not become hypocritical and ungrateful overnight – they are that way before they started blogging. It is only a matter before their true colors begin to show.

    With your permission I will add one more to the list: Selfish Bloggers

    Have a blessed day/weekend. Cheers! 🙂

    1. Hello Madam Yvonne,

      It is true. People of course do not become hypocrite overnight. Being a hypocrite is more or less like a pregnancy, with time, it will pop up and everyone will know.

      Thanks for your comment and for your add up as well.
      Please do have a blessed day as well.

  11. Excellent post as always Emmanuel!

    First of all let me say, I always get a kick and a really good laugh from the exploits of little Johnny!

    But closer to home, it’s extremely easy to see how and why practically all of us (that) consistently give and get little to nothing in return, from the group you mentioned!

    It’s completely understandable that we all probably have such a list! Thanks for sharing that we’re not alone!

    1. Hello Mark,

      The saga of Little Johnny isn’t going to stop anytime and so please wait embrace yourself for more. Hahaha!

      Thanks as well for your comment and please do have a great day!

  12. Hey Emmanuel,

    When i saw the title of this article, i was shocked.

    But when i started reading, i understood where you were heading to.

    I would commend you for taking time to put this up.

    You have raised these three important types of bloggers.

    Take care and have a nice day ahead.

    -Oloyede Jamiu

  13. Hi Bro
    It’s a fact that your blog posts are so unique and interesting and I enjoys a lot while reading your posts because you explained your post very deeply in a very easy and clear language. Thanks for your support and Happy Blogging 😀

  14. Good day Kabenlah, not only you that hate these bloggers, i do also. Hope you wouldn’t mind if i tell you other blogger i hate? The Selfish bloggers!

  15. I think I hate Stubborn Bloggers. They are those who always make spam comments though there’s generally unwritten-law about it that no one will accept spam comments. I keep seeing comments that include keyword on “name section”. Seeing that I just say … “what a stubborn blogger you are”.

  16. Hello,

    Well seems like you have shared some obvious points here and I really agree with all kind of bloggers mentioned here.


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