Some great Bloggers I know telling the world what success in Blogging is all About.

It has being a while. Please I do hope I might be pardon for not writing for sometime now. I was engaged in some engagements and that engagement of course is one engagement which ought to be engaged. Hahaha! I know I’ve not made any sense with that statement of mine but I believe this is one post you can’t afford to ignore midway because it’s a post with some of the finest bloggers I know in this blogosphere coming on board.

So instead, the best advice I can offer you is for you to tighten your seat belt or better grab a cup of coffee or grab a pen and paper and be taking notes as the question, what is success in blogging is being answered.

Talking of the finest bloggers I threw the question to; stand well and watch those lovely answers which came on board.
Prof. Mi Muba was the first person I threw the question to and please those who don’t know him, it’s either you are the only stranger in Bethlehem or just arrived . Hahaha!

Look at Prof. Mi and what he had to say! He is the brain behind Be a Money Blogger.

Success is a relative term. A huge success for one may be a starting point for another. That is why it is not so easy to say definitely who is successful and who is not. But there is a general criterion of success which says you are successful if you are moving towards your destination in a speed that you are sure of reaching there within deadline.

In blogging, success has diverse meaning. Just talk to a few successful bloggers and their achievements will be quite different from each other. A few of them will proudly share their income reports with you, a few others analytics of their blog and a few intellectual soul wills simply declare they are so happy to blog regularly and getting huge pleasure from it. Readers’ engagement, fame, authority and huge number of friends are also a few benchmarks of success in blogging according to many bloggers.

But being a serious blogger with the goal to become a damn pro blogger you must develop the habit of measuring your success in quantified term. How many kilograms happiness you have right now. Did you ever hear this question? Or how many liters satisfaction you achieve with blogging? Surely you will burst into laughter after hearing such silly questions.

So get ready to start examining your success in quantified terms from now. You need to keep reviewing it with regular interval of a month, two month or maximum one quarter.

  • How many posts you published?
  • How many average numbers of comments you received on your each post?
  • How many likes, +1, favors and reshares you received at Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
  • How many friends or followers you got at Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
  • How many unique visitors increased at your blog?
  • How many unique visitors converted into loyal visitors?
  • How much rise you achieved in your PPC income?
  • How much rise you achieve in your affiliate income?
  • How many your own products and services you sold in a given period?
  • And above all how much rise you received in your total blog income?

You can easily review your level of success in quantified terms if from the day one you make an excel sheet and put each question in its first column and add four more columns to record the numbers of four subsequent weeks if you want to review after every month. So the number of weekly columns depends upon the length of your review period like monthly, bio monthly or quarterly.

I am not adamant to say that qualitative achievements are not part of the success. But you can’t record:

  • How much satisfaction you derived from blogging in a given period of time?
  • How much pleasure you obtained?
  • How much fame you achieved?
  • How much love you got?

You can simply feel these achievements and share them with others with the help of powerfully appropriate words. But you can’t review these achievements as a tabulated data.

So your success in blogging has two components. One is quantitative which you can review exactly and also share it with others to inspire them how successful you are. The other component is qualitative which you can enjoy more and equally tell your followers and friends by skillfully describing the level of your qualitative success.

What does Madam Harleena had to say as well? She is one individual I deem as the Mother of Blogging. She is the brain behind Aha-now.

The basic reason of blogging is to put our personal point of view across to people. It’s still a personal diary as it meant to be, but in the present era, a blog is a personal point of view diary that we want everybody to read.

Blogging is successful if more people visit and read your blog and exchange or share their views – the more your point of view perpetuates and gets recognized, the better. Thus, the basic criteria of successful blogging is more targeted blog traffic, as well as user interaction and engagement.

The engagement can be in the form of visitors spending more time reading your blog post, commenting on them, and sharing your posts with others through social bookmarking and social media sites, or other means. If your blog engagement contains all these aspects of engagement, you’re definitely progressing towards success in blogging.

The advanced criteria of success in blogging is the accomplishment of the desired result. It could differ from blogger to blogger, as it can be anything like – achieving higher rank, being more popular, helping more people, contributing to the society and the world, earning lots of money, selling greater number of products or services etc.

Overall, success in blogging is subjective. It depends on your objective of blogging.

This same question was also thrown to the name Atish Ranjan. He is the main man behind Tech Tricks World and I always love his honesty. This is what he had to say;

Success in blogging can be different for different people. Few believe that earning huge amount of money from blogging is success, few consider success if their alexa rank becomes very good. Different bloggers has different measures to define success in blogging.

If you ask me, I would say success in blogging is when I wouldn’t need to do a day job for paying my bills. This is the biggest success I am still waiting for but there are so many other things which I consider as success such as:

  1. When I get more valuable comments on my blog post from some good bloggers and readers.
  2. When I notice multiple bloggers are sharing my blog posts on their social profiles because they are worth sharing.
  3. When I notice someone mentioned my name on his/her blog.
  4. When my readers appreciate my blog posts.
  5. You have asked me to put my views for this post. Right? It is also a kind of success for me because you might have thought that I would give something valuable to your readers.

 In short, for me success in blogging is anything which gives me happiness and whatever I have mentioned above are the things which make me very happy.

And obviously as I said in the beginning that the greatest success for me in blogging will be when I won’t need to do a day job which means earning a lot of money.

One more thing I considered as success which is RESPECT. When someone respects you in blogosphere, this is a kind of great success. I think I am much successful in this area as I have got so many good fellow bloggers and friends like you who respect me a lot and this is one of great success to me.

I hope I am done with what I wanted to say!

“Success is everything which makes you happy”

Another main man who shared his opinion on this was Kulwant Nagi with Blogging Cage. He loves blogging more than any individual I’ve known.

Blogging is a journey, not a destination. So in blogging you cannot define the point of success. You will have to excel yourself everyday to become a better blogger.

Blogging is a combination of your marketing skills, writing style, dedication and commitment, which will become stronger only and only if you are in the learning mode.

So it’s a continuous process.For me success in blogging is, when your students/readers start making money.

There is no need to blog if you are not helping people to change their lives.

Success in blogging is all about seeing the change in society with your efforts.

My Turn

My turn? what I have to say is a big thank you to all these great bloggers who made this post a reality. Thanks once more and I do you wish you all; all the best.

Your Turn

It’s now your turn, what is success to you in this blogging world? What do you make of this post as well? Your thoughts by way of comments are really welcome.

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  1. Hi Emmanuel,
    This is my first visit on this site and really got impressed. 🙂
    What an excellent and amazing post indeed.
    I have also read Harleena Mam and Atish blogs.
    Thanks for sharing…please keep posting…

    1. Hello Itzarsalan, welcomes and I do hope to see you around more often with your comments. Thanks for your comment and please do have a great day!

  2. Hi Emmanuel,

    You’ve done a good job in this post. Great replies for blogging success from awesome bloggers and opinion vary from person to person. I totally agree with their views and the reaction of Atish and Nagi are precise. As Nagi told, blogging is a journey where we should travel with internet marketing and writing skills.

    Loved the replies of Atish. He is very exact about blogging success. Whenever, we got mentioned, inspired, appreciation, blog post sharing, more comments for every post etc. these can be considered are blogging success.

    Sorry for not taking part in this opinion post, I was busy at home during weekend. I’ll be waiting for the next chance. Thanks for sharing this post 🙂

    1. Hello Madam Nirmala,

      The pleasure is all mine seeing you with your comment as well. It was quite unfortunate I couldn’t your answer on board but obviously will always have you in mind anytime such posts come up.

      Thanks for your comment and please do have a great day.

  3. Hi Emmanuel,
    Nice and wonderful list of inspiring bloggers, I follow their blogs and i can say that these guys are really trying. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Emmanuel,
    Really Great article. I follow all the above bloggers. I agree with the above explanations. Blogging is a journey not a destination.Thanks for sharing this lovely post.

  5. Hi Emmanuel,

    Thanks so much for putting up this wonderful post 🙂

    It’s always good to read how our other blogging friend’s define success, which for each one is so different…you cannot really define it or comprise it within a few words as it’s so vast.

    I honestly don’t think we achieve success as what the word goes to define the word…once you start thinking you are successful, you stop working to get better! So, being a learner is always better than to be successful – just my two cents. 🙂

    Good to see all my friend’s here, and it’s a pleasure and real treat to read what all they have to say, along with my view point too.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead as well 🙂

    1. Hello Madam Harleena,

      You’ve another interesting addition worth more than a million dollar but I wonder why you decide to say just your 2 cents! Hahaha!

      Thanks a lot for your comment and for your addition and please do have a great day,

  6. Hey Emmanuel,

    I am surprised that all the bloggers are listed here are closely known to me. I loved what they have said about blogging success. I agree with Harleena about being learner than being successful.

    Thanks for giving me an opportunity to publish my views with these cool bloggers. 🙂

    1. Hello Atish,

      You shouldn’t be surprise at all with the sort of bloggers listed in the post. You all are closely related because everyone wants to be part of the best.

      Thanks and please do have a great day!

  7. Very nice post Emmanuel. The bloggers who’ve given their opinion about success in blogging are my good friends and I have learnt a lot from them. Success is when one establishes an authority blog which is helpful for readers. Good number of social shares and comments may clearly indicate that the blog has become a successful one..I’m going to follow your blog regularly now and I wish to know the opinion of some other bloggers regarding the same.

    1. Hello Mohit,

      The pleasure is all mine seeing you here as well. welcomes you!
      Thanks for your add up and please do have a great day!

  8. Hi Emmanuel

    First of all thanks a lot for including me in this list of great bloggers.
    I am not getting formal while thanking you because when you sent me the question I thought you just wanted a few words on the topic and didn’t know I was going to be with these amazing bloggers who already have high repute in blogosphere.

    Your selection of topic is always so amazing and this time an opinion-based blog post with this most interesting topic is an ample proof of your deep insight into each subject of blogging.

    Once I read somewhere if you want to read a novel; stand at a busy thoroughfare and request the very first person you see there that he tells you his story. His extempore story can be a great plot to expand it as a literary novel. On the same line if you want two bloggers never agree with each other on a point just throw this topic and they will just be telling their own viewpoint quite different from each other. 🙂

    Once again thanks for planning and executing this wonderful idea and compiling it in a perfectly formatted post. You again rock man.

    1. Hello Prof. Mi,

      If there is any one who I need to be thanking the more, it has to do with you. I got this idea from one of your posts I read sometime back hence that is why you were the first person I posed the question to.

      And I was really glad when you replied me with that intelligent answer. Thanks a million times and I do wish you all the best.

      Please do have a great day!

  9. Hi Emmanuel

    I love reading wisdom from other bloggers. This post is spot on and I love the opinion of other bloggers about success in blogging. Thumbs up and thank you fo shaing.

    1. With the name Ikechi praising this post as well, then this post has rally achieved it purpose. Hahaha!

      Thanks for your comment and please do have a great day.

  10. Hi Emmanuel,

    Thank you so much for introducing them to us. I’ve seen a lot of Harleena for sure because of her famous comments through out blogosphere.

  11. Hi Emmanuel, an awesome round up I must say. These are the bloggers we look up to. I love hearing grom them and this topic came as a pleasant surprise.

    Their insights of success can help us measure ours by being a yardstick.

  12. I am a fan of Ahh Now, Blogging Cage, TechTricksWorld, but I had never read beamoneyblogger blog. Thanks for introducing that awesome blog. 🙂

    It is really hard to get a definition about the meaning of the success of blogging because it depends on the person by person. But these four bloggers have explained it really nice.

  13. I guess I know all of the bloggers you’ve listed above and I’ve been a reader of all blog since a long time and I give credit to all you guys for what I’m now or everything I’ve learned from them.


  14. Wow! Great list of bloggers with their views, Emmanuel. Good idea to post in this way where not just you but all other bloggers can speak their mind.

  15. I had my own blog. Called it Monkeylife. Was in danish, but i grew tired of it, because it had no comments and not many readers. So i dropped it..

    1. Hello Anders,

      Talking of blogging success isn’t a matter of dropping your blogs when things aren’t going according to plan.

      It’s all about persistence and perseverance.

  16. Hi Emmanuel,

    An interesting post indeed. Differences in opinion is what really makes the world go round.

    Personally, I opine that success in blogging is what a blogger believes it is…and to get to this point, the objectives of starting the blog itself must have been met (a fact exclusive to the blogger in question).

    Do make the day great, Emmanuel!


    1. Hello Akaahan,

      Thanks for your add up and I do love that quote pf yours; differences in opinions obviously do make the world go round.

      Do make the day great as well and don’t forget we will be expecting you and your blog in no time.

  17. Hello, Emmanuel,

    Great post, and I am familiar with these great bloggers except for Atish and Kulwant – I need to get to know them now.

    I’ve known Harleena and Mi Muba for quite a while, and have come to depend on their excellent quality articles to learn and grow myself in the blogging atmosphere.

    Thank you for bringing attention to these new folks, whom I do not have the pleasure of knowing yet, I will definitely be checking out their sites, so thanks for the heads up.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I will be talking to you soon.

    – Carol

    1. Hello Madam Carol,

      Atish and Kulwant are really great bloggers and I’m 100% sure you wouldn’t regret connecting with these gurus in this blogosphere.

      I had a wonderful weekend and I do believe same can be talked about your week as well.

  18. first to say thanks for sharing these great people. Because they are key of success. So nice to share this knowlageble post. Because they are new path for newbie blogger.

    1. I believe this is one post everyone will be grateful for as the best in this blogosphere were assembled and their thoughts fetched on what success in blogging is all about.

      Thanks for your comment and please do have a great day!

    1. Hi Lekxel,

      With those lovely posts you’ve being channeling, there is no doubt Litecblog will be seeing success in no time.

  19. Hi buddy,

    Good to learn the views from the great bloggers. Success is getting what you initial aimed for, if you are not progressing like you planned, sometimes it is better to switch than try.

    It is all about trying, going with intuition and making most out of your efforts.

    Take care.

    1. Hello Rohan,

      Thanks a lot for your add up. I do like your submission with respect to what success is all about.

      Please do have a great day!

  20. Hey Emmanuel,

    Really an awesome read of all best bloggers thoughts about success.
    Success is depend on motive of the work. If somebody is blogging only for money and if didn’t get it then it would be failure for him

    1. Hello Sagar,

      It has being a while. Please how are you doing?

      I do love your submission with respect to what success is. Thanks for your comment and please do have a great day.

  21. Hi Emmanuel,

    Great post. I really have to agree with Atish. “Success is everything that makes you happy” is a wonderful phrase and one that everyone should live by. So many people get caught of in success and making money they forget to look at their happiness and let life pass them by. Also, when you are happy in what you are doing, you are more successful in terms of money in most cases, because in that line of work you are willing to do what other aren’t.

    1. Hello Lawrence,

      You’ve said it all. Success is in indeed all about one’s happiness and at the end, the money will follow.

      Thanks and please do have have a great day.

  22. wow ! Great post….i am totally agree with you…..this is my first visit of this blog….very good views from the great bloggers….this post s very important for me. very very thanks for sharing this…..
    Thanks again!
    Amul Sharma

  23. Hi Emmanuel,
    I am come back. because of some problem. I could not continue my work.
    Now I am here with great passion.
    Most of these are my great like Sir Mi Muba, Mam Harleena. some are new for me.
    I love these blogger.

    Thanks for sharing their view with us

    Areesha Noor!

  24. I have learned from you that my biggest mistake I am doing is not allowing comments in my blog and not interacting with other bloggers, i will try that

  25. Great post sir! You really posted a great article and it will help all the person. Who are wanting help form someone. Your information is very helpful.

  26. Nice article on Expert Bloggers Traffic Generation Tips
    I love to read and learn a lot of things from it
    Thanks for sharing such a worthy article.

  27. Hi Emmanuel,
    Your post inspires all bloggers in the world to improve their blog, this is my first time visiting your blog, but I got a lot of knowledge from yours .
    Thank you

  28. Mi Muba said the right thing. Success in Blogging is kind of Subjective and it differs person to person. It depends upon what you expected from your Blog in beginning.

    Did you want to earn huge load of cash with your Blog?
    Did you want to become famous?
    You wanted to gain thousands of subscribers?

    Long and short, it all depends upon you. Nobody can answer that question for you.

    I tried to visit your blog couple of weeks ago and it should me some sort of a hosting error. I thought your domain has been expired and you are not on this url anymore.

    Don’t know what was the real reason behind that error. Anyway, nice to see you back 🙂

  29. Hello,

    Nice article Emmanuel.
    The basic criteria of successful blogging is blog traffic as well as user interaction and engagement. I follow above bloggers as they are also inspirations to us.

    Thank you so much for sharing wonderful post with us.

  30. Great post, you seem to have a good understanding about it. When i entered your blog, i felt this. I merely found this excellent post through Google. They definitely need to position your site on the first page. Come on and keep writing and your blog will be more attractive.

  31. Your selection of topic is always so amazing and this time an opinion-based blog post with this most interesting topic is an ample proof of your deep insight into each subject of blogging.

  32. Hi Emmanuel,
    First of all let me tell you that this post of your is really good. i need not say this because comments prove that this post of your is amazing. And list of blogs that you have mentioned are really making out with their great efforts because i read some of their post previously.
    So thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

  33. Hi Emmanuel

    First of all, I would like to thank you for covering such a wonderful and interesting topic.

    & I am completely agree with Kulwant Nagi’s line i.e. ” Blogging is a journey, not a destination. So in blogging you cannot define the point of success. You will have to excel yourself everyday to become a better blogger.”.

    Well said Kulwant, Blogging is a Journey and not a destination because the destination is a point where journey ends. Right?

    But Blogging hasn’t any ending point so It can’t be a destination. It is definitely a Journey and we all need to work hard everyday to improve our skills.

    Either way, Once again Thanks for sharing it. 😀

  34. Hi Emmanuel
    One more Amazing article from you. Thanks for this Useful post.

    Basic criteria for Blogging is Good Content. And traffic is the way to success of a Blogger.

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