5 Ways Of Increasing Your Organic Traffic You Probably Don’t Know Anything About

Organic traffic is free traffic – and it converts better than referral or social traffic (and the two combined). The reason for this is that search engine visitors are visitors that are already looking for something. They are potential buyers, subscribers or clients simply waiting for they perfect pitch before they’ll open their wallets/purses. In essence, search engine visitors are potential ATM machines for your website/blog.

The sad fact is that webmasters around the world still struggle with organic traffic. What could be the reason for this? More importantly, what is the way out? First, the reason is because most bloggers do not know what they need to do exactly to attract search traffic – free of charge. They keep following the sorry tales pro-bloggers like telling (while they themselves do something else – completely). Secondly, the way out is as simple as following these simple steps/procedures no one blogs about.

Shall we?

You’ve Got Your Meta Tags Missing (Or Wrong)

Meta tags are contained in a site’s header and are used to provide structured data about the content of a blog or website. This structured data, in practice, contains express instructions to search engines what exactly a site is all about. If you are blogging about pets – and dogs in particular, it would be a great idea to have your header section of your theme expressly reflect that. Sadly, most sites do not have any meta tags at all!

The way out?

Install the Add Meta Tags plugin. Once installed, configure it for the set of keywords (or keyword) you wish to rank for. Usually, you’ll begin to see positive improvements in terms of SEO within a month.

Too Many Broken Links Ruins Organic/Free Traffic

When search engines crawl your site, they expect to meet links that are active; links that point to other functional sites – not dead links. If by chance you have amassed quite a number of links that have ceased to point to any other site – and can be properly called dead, you’re in for a surprise: when search crawlers visit your site, you’d be surprised that instead of being ranked higher, you’ll sadly be ranked lower and this will ultimately hurt your organic traffic!


Search engines would assume that your site is abandoned. Or else, you do not have user’s interest at heart: either way, you’ll certainly lose a ton of organic traffic. The challenge of detecting broken links can be a challenge without help. But what if I told you that a simple (and light) plugin can monitor your blog and report to your mail once you have a broken link? That plugin is the Broken Link Checker.

Lest I forget…the first time I ran the plugin, I discovered that my overall site speed increased. In essence, broken links can also slow things down – certainly what you’ll not wish for your blog!

Non Implementation Of H – Tags Is A Bad Idea So Far As Organic Traffic Is Concerned

The h-tags (short for heading tags) are one of the most neglected elements of SEO. Unfortunately too, many bloggers and information marketers today do not know what the tags stand for, how they can be implemented or even the benefits in terms of organic traffic.

It’s sad – real sad.

H – tags typically run from 1 – 6. Thus, when properly implemented, it should read in this manner: H1, H2 etc. These tags, are like sub – headings indicating that your post is a one coherent whole. Thus, you must make sure that your topic as well as your heading tags contain your keywords – or at least a variation of your keyword. To insert these tags, simply highlight the text where you wish to insert them and click on the Text Format tab. Naturally, the font size decreases as you descend from H1. You could simply correct that that unifying the text size via the Text Size tab.

And viola – you’ll begin to notice a tremendous increase in your search traffic!

Ignorance Of Schema (Completely)

Schema makeup is a collective effort of Yahoo, Bing and Google to produce a markup that would be valid across board. Never have these search giants come together in this manner so you should be rest assured that if you’re not implementing the Schema markup, you are sure missing something big.

This amazing markup tells search engines exactly what your content is about: a person, product, news items, review and just about any post category you can imagine. Accordingly therefore, the search engines are better equipped to direct users to your site: all three major search providers!

Unfortunately, this markup can prove time consuming and extremely stressful especially for sites with thousands of entries. Don’t be intimidated though: you can simply download (and install) this plugin and take up things from there.

Did I mention that the click through rate also increases once you have properly marked up your site?

Writing About What No One Is Searching For Kills Organic Traffic Faster Than You Can Imagine!

The last bit about beefing up organic traffic to a site is making certain that you are writing what people are already searching for (or at least optimize your posts for popular keywords). It may surprise you that if you do the things mentioned here, you could easily rank for any keyword – at least with time. Why I’m I so certain?

…because, almost 99.9% of webmasters do not observe these simple rules!

Capping Up

Organic traffic is fun: not only is it free, it brings visitors to a site without any efforts from your end. Fortunately too, these visitors are always willing to pay, become subscibers and make you stinking rich in the process. Why should you say no?