Why your Blog will not Make Money online?

Make online money is the most attractive word and most teenagers love to give it a shot but they do not know how to make money. They know people are making money through their blogs but how they are making money, nobody is basically going to reveal in a single post.

Instead of that, they will guide you to purchase some ebooks that will guide you to make money online.

The four major reasons that I know are the prime reasons, newbies are not able to make any money online and if you are able to find out the idea behind these four reasons, I am 200% sure you are going to earn money in next couple of days.

1. You are writing for the sake of writing

Do you also write how to write blog to attract traffic or how to SEO your blog so that search engine start sending a lots of traffic, AND if you do not mind what is the main reason for writing these types of article?

Well, May be your knowledge is superior than Darren Rowse or John chow and then start promoting these type of post on social media like a crazy man.

I have some serious doubt, how much money you are minting from these types of posts? $1 no, no, no $1.01, Right !
You are writing for the sake of writing, you are not writing to make money through your blog posts? Yes i am 100% sure what I am writing here.

If you are targeting mainly Google, then why are you not targeting the mass through your post? Why you are targeting only a very small segment.

Google adwords tool can help you to find out such topics which are in demands and trending, You can also try to write article on some trending topics like –ICE BUCKET Challenge, Education in Foreign Countries, Government Jobs or upcoming Jobs in IT sector etc etc.

2. You are not writing to make money online

The most famous pro-bloggers do write long post to their probable audience but their each and every post bring some money for them, if you do have any doubt. Just go back to www.john-chow.com and duly check each post now.

Did you find any think unusual?


don’t say  NO

John chow rarely write any blog post that does not contain some meat. Their every post either endorse something or contains some paid links.

But the topic you people choose does not have any meat thus Google or other ads network insert the least CPC ads on your site and later on you people start crying- Google is a big sucker.

3. You do not have any thing to endorse/sell

Most newbie bloggers think that just open a new blog and start writing anything, apply for Google ad-sense and when you have ad-sense- a floodgate of money is wide open for his/her.

No no my dear friends, if you are not too much new to blog sphere then you might have seen the earning reports of many so called probloggers and in that reports if you have ever noticed that these so called pro-bloggers are earning through their service or products not using Google ad sense.
It means, they are selling their own products or endorsing someone else products ( affiliate marketing). Their blog is basically a platform for their products as you can see I am selling Wallpaper WordPress theme and LOL funny Image WordPress theme from by blog.

Do you have your own products? if not then think twice what else you do have to offer to your readers – logo design, banner design, theme design, template, plugin, Content writing or what else?

If you can offer any such service, Prepare a page on your website with some suitable information related to your service or product and place the link in the most suitable place.

4. You are too much jealous to endorse others product

If you do not have any extra skill that you can offer through your blog, then I am sure at-least you know how to write a killer article, instead of writing killer articles for the sake of an article, write reviews.

Why reviews?

Because are read by the people in the last stage of  buying and a good review can help your readers to make decision. After a crispy review, if you are able to generate a visible link to your affiliate program, i am sure you are gonna to make some quick bucks.

This is the main reason, most bloggers love to write reviews on their website.

Now Your Turn

Did i miss something from this post, this post is not a black book to guide you how to make money online, but if you have read it Word by Word, then I am sure you are going to make it big for you online very soon. What do you want to do to make money online?