How to create an Affiliate Store within 5 minutes with NEZIE.

To be honest with you, the smallest place to be on this earth is being on the internet. That’s when you’ll truly believe that this world is indeed small. I bet you! What prompts me in writing this post?

Enough of those crap and let’s start business. Good! My quest of wanting to start my own affiliate store started 11 months ago when calamity struck my site after several months of hard work. It was nowhere to be found on the blogging world. My web host was down without any notice. All dreams of blogging went down the drains but as fate will have it, I started asking the right questions as to what to do with my other domain. I had no intention of spending anymore on web hosting. ( as if I had money by then
Finding what to do with my domain led to many discoveries. Many suggested I park my domains whilst others were for selling but how sooner will those domains be sold.
Then one therefore decided into going into affiliate marketing. But how can one go into affiliate marketing when he is not ready to spend on web hosting and other wordpress premium plugins? That’s when I come in with the solution. NEZIE is the answer. Yes! Nezie offers you what you need without no hustle.

I discovered this great site after numerous research. So what makes NEZIE.COM special and unique? Let me go deep within this.
1. Nezie is free. One can create as many affiliate stores he intends to. It’s one affiliate platform which offers an enviable deal you can’t find anywhere in the market.
2. It’s linked with Amazon associates, zazzle, linkshare, pepperjam, commission junction and so many affiliate which I can’t enumerate.
3. It’s easy to set up. All that one needs is to create an account with any of the affiliate sites like the likes of linkshare , amazon etc and you’re done.

With Nezie, you choose the products you intend to display so far as your unique id from those affiliate sites you registered are inserted and boom! Your site is ready.
4. No need for web hosting. You need not pay for webhosting. All these are taken care of by NEZIE so far as your domain nameservers are directed to theirs.

And if you have no domain, you need not worry since your affiliate store will still be online. Eg,  It’s just fun working with Nezie.
5. It’s SEO friendly. You can claim your site on google or Bing without  hustle. Their templates are easy to edit and you can even add your own private banners.
6. ADSENSE and PRIVATE ADS are allowed. One can easily add his own adsense publisher id and there you have your ads popping up on your affiliate store . You also have the privilege of adding you own private banners.
How many sites can are allowed per one account? And the answer is simple, COUNTLESS.
That’s the least I can say with regards to NEZIE.COM.

These are the least I can say of Nezie. Please note this isn’t  a sponsored post or trying to over hype Nezie. It is my humble opinion on one site I have known for long and its usefulness for people who wants to create an affiliate marketing site.

Check out my affiliate store which was has being created with help of Nezie, MYCUDJOE.BIZ.