Ecommerce, E-Business, Black Friday Deals – What has Happened to the Ghana Space?



Taking a momentary pause to analyze the growth of Ecommerce in Ghana and Africa as a whole, we can conveniently say that they barely had any recognition or acknowledgement let alone patronization from Africans as at 2010, fast forward four years later the buzz going around on the much talked about Online shopping has skyrocketed in ways that even these Online markets cannot believe.

Initially if most Africans had any intentions of shopping  online, the likes of Amazon, Ebay were the Go-to source and even at that, the percentage of those online shoppers from Africa was relatively little, today Ecommerce can comfortably boast of a substantial number of people that purchase basically all their needs online in Africa.

South Africa is said to be topping that list with about 51% of citizens with internet connection are online shoppers, Nigeria is strongly competing with over 66million people  which is approximately 28% internet users and Kenya proving not to lag behind has about 18-24% of their citizens shopping online, the growing generation of internet literate and Technology savvy individuals has contributed tremendously to this development and that is the reason Ghana although presently ranking 68th in the world with 5,171, 993 internet users of the over 26million population in Ghana, irrespective of the country’s low per capita income and limited internet access which has led to drive up the price for internet connection  that is definitely a great addition to the statistics we have for Africa.

That being said, the inability for Ecommerce to record a higher number of enthusiastic customers solely depends on the fact that a huge determinant for online sales lies in the customers and some of them are still of the notion that online shopping connotes scams and fraud, therefore, it is not unprecedented that there is a little trust issue and the reliability and dependency on this platform is still in doubt which  is where the online shops finding their footing in Ghana are having a challenge.

The likes of Kaymu, Jumia, and a list of others are struggling to change that impression to one where the buyers can conveniently establish a trustworthy relationship and comfortably be certain that their security is utmost priority through transparent transactions and quality products with authenticity written over it whenever they shop online.

When that situation phases out, the perks of a Wide variety of products where you can conveniently shop online at any time, the occasional discounts and low prices that are expected, for instance we are in the holiday season and a Christmas store or a black friday deals store is likely to be on major online shops.

The annual Black Friday clearance sales where one can purchase items at ridiculously cheap amounts are some of the things that one should consider, also, there is need to emphasize saving time, avoidance of retail congestion, very easy to compare prices and most importantly the influence of online reviews which easily gives way to the negativity or positivity of a product especially when they involve electronics, cars, makeup products be certain those reviews will help make the decision easy. Those are few of the many benefits that come with shopping online which guarantees ease, comfortability and convenience.

These days there are provisions made for Vendors, physical shop or not, Kaymu, the online buy or sell marketplace is one portal recognized for giving merchants a platform to sell their products. Nothing beats being able to shop from the comfort of your home or office and after get your get your huge load of items delivered to you in a well-organized and packaged way, that is the one thing Ecommerce is trying to sell to you, to be there for you in times of Impromptu Christmas parties and retail shops are either sold out or not open, to give you a medium where you can replace your smashed mobile phone instantly instead of waiting for when Tech shops are back from holidays, the list goes on.

Ecommerce in Ghana is taking a new turn and making a mark, with these platforms that has saddled themselves with the responsibility of making life easy for the average Ghanaian by creating cost effective means where one can buy and sell at ease and go about their daily shopping without encountering the usual hustle and bustle a physical market entails it is only logical one considers it because Ghana is in dire need of this huge development and it is not a bad idea to give this a try.

Roadblocks to Motivation in Blogging


Another day has dawned on us as usual and Kabenlah jas no option than to write. Yes, I obviously need to write something. Hahaha! I have being away for a while and I doubt whether you will love to know where I have being all these while. For those sending me emails wanting to know whether I’m preparing for my wedding anniversary; here I am and unfortunately I have still no bride at least not yet.

As usual, this post isn’t complete without my good friend Little Johnny and today is of course no exception; he is still in trouble again.

An inspector going round checking TV licence and gets into Little Johnny’s house.

Little Johnny: I do not have a TV, that means I do not have a licence.

Inspector: But I saw a TV antenna on your roof?

Little Johnny: Inspector please come in.

(Little Johnny opens the fridge and points to the jar of milk)

Little Johnny :Inspector, what is this?

Inspector: How can you ask me such a silly question, it’s a jar of milk.

Little Johnny: Does that mean I have cows in my yard?!

Hahaha! Let move back to business as usual and as you already know, the issue on board is ‘Roadblocks to motivation in Blogging’

Many blogs are already winding up without any reason or better still, reasons such as adsense not being approved. That’s weird!

So you have been blogging for quite some time. You think that it has been a long time while you are doing the same tasks repeated, time and again. You neither have much of the visitors to your blog on a daily basis. You applied for Google adsense and Google E-mailed you by kindly stating

Your application for adsense has been rejected due to the following reasons:

copyright material(or any other reason) or site doesn’t comply with terms and conditions

You again posted some quality content and built some more backlinks and then applied for Google adsense but the result was the same; you have been disapproved once again. Also, you have not been able to increase the traffic. So, don’t you get demotivated?

These are all of the external roadblocks to motivation in blogging. However, you might have some internal ones also such as lack of interest, lack of enthusiasm, lack of confidence or lack of patience. All of these result to decelerate your pace towards a meaningful creation.

So, from where do you find the milk for the tea?

The sources for motivation may differ for different people. As the person in particular may behave very differently for a particular situation.

“You have got a dream; you have to protect it. People wanna say something to you, they say you can’t do it” – Pursuit of Happiness

Remember the last football match you ever watched? Whenever the team has not scored up to the mark, the coach does not scold the players. Instead, he used to motivate them by his own peculiar ways. And many a times, his team does remarkably good to win the match from a situation from where it seemed just nowhere. So, it is all about motivation.

Motivation is essentially a gradual process. What is important is to let you get motivated. The key to success is to tap yourself to the appropriate and the right sources of motivation. The sources include:

Actual Motives– You should identify the actual needs you want to satisfy. You should identify why you pursue things and then put effort to fulfill them.

Start finding fun inside your work, what you do.

Try to improve your reputation among the people who share the same thoughts as you.

Find the desire among yourself to meet the expectations of others from you. Also, try to inculcate the power to negate the people who think you cannot do something by doing better than what they thought of you.

Try not to pay attention to the words of those people who do not have the dare to appreciate the people for their good deeds. They do not deserve to be taken seriously by the hard working mass.

Do not indulge yourself in the ordinary tasks, particularly when you are failed. Just try harder for the challenging tasks and when you should be successful in accomplishing the target, the feeling you shall get shall be just awesome.

Last, but not the least, you need to believe in whatever you are doing. Of course the hard work you are doing is worthwhile of making you a successful person at the end of the day.

What can be the factor for motivation?

There can never be a set of guidelines to have a source of motivation. As every person is unique and have its own identity, the motivating source could be anything from a book, to a friend, family or any material also. The main aim is to find the source and let the spark among you alive. It is the spark actually which differentiates the dead from the lively, the meaningful from the scratch.

Tending to conclusion:

You may have read many articles regarding “how be a successful blogger”. In most of them, you must have read about the particulars you have to follow as writing quality content, doing seo, or other blah blah. But, I had seen it with a new perspective. What I think personally is that at first you should find the motivation in any work what you are doing and rest all will follow on its own.

Your Turn!

It’s now your to share your views. What are your roadblocks to motivation in this whole blogging thing? And how have you survived all these? Let’s hear your views through your comment!

Some great Bloggers I know telling the world what success in Blogging is all About.

It has being a while. Please I do hope I might be pardon for not writing for sometime now. I was engaged in some engagements and that engagement of course is one engagement which ought to be engaged. Hahaha! I know I’ve not made any sense with that statement of mine but I believe this is one post you can’t afford to ignore midway because it’s a post with some of the finest bloggers I know in this blogosphere coming on board.

So instead, the best advice I can offer you is for you to tighten your seat belt or better grab a cup of coffee or grab a pen and paper and be taking notes as the question, what is success in blogging is being answered.

Talking of the finest bloggers I threw the question to; stand well and watch those lovely answers which came on board.
Prof. Mi Muba was the first person I threw the question to and please those who don’t know him, it’s either you are the only stranger in Bethlehem or just arrived . Hahaha!

Look at Prof. Mi and what he had to say! He is the brain behind Be a Money Blogger.

Success is a relative term. A huge success for one may be a starting point for another. That is why it is not so easy to say definitely who is successful and who is not. But there is a general criterion of success which says you are successful if you are moving towards your destination in a speed that you are sure of reaching there within deadline.

In blogging, success has diverse meaning. Just talk to a few successful bloggers and their achievements will be quite different from each other. A few of them will proudly share their income reports with you, a few others analytics of their blog and a few intellectual soul wills simply declare they are so happy to blog regularly and getting huge pleasure from it. Readers’ engagement, fame, authority and huge number of friends are also a few benchmarks of success in blogging according to many bloggers.

But being a serious blogger with the goal to become a damn pro blogger you must develop the habit of measuring your success in quantified term. How many kilograms happiness you have right now. Did you ever hear this question? Or how many liters satisfaction you achieve with blogging? Surely you will burst into laughter after hearing such silly questions.

So get ready to start examining your success in quantified terms from now. You need to keep reviewing it with regular interval of a month, two month or maximum one quarter.

  • How many posts you published?
  • How many average numbers of comments you received on your each post?
  • How many likes, +1, favors and reshares you received at Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
  • How many friends or followers you got at Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
  • How many unique visitors increased at your blog?
  • How many unique visitors converted into loyal visitors?
  • How much rise you achieved in your PPC income?
  • How much rise you achieve in your affiliate income?
  • How many your own products and services you sold in a given period?
  • And above all how much rise you received in your total blog income?

You can easily review your level of success in quantified terms if from the day one you make an excel sheet and put each question in its first column and add four more columns to record the numbers of four subsequent weeks if you want to review after every month. So the number of weekly columns depends upon the length of your review period like monthly, bio monthly or quarterly.

I am not adamant to say that qualitative achievements are not part of the success. But you can’t record:

  • How much satisfaction you derived from blogging in a given period of time?
  • How much pleasure you obtained?
  • How much fame you achieved?
  • How much love you got?

You can simply feel these achievements and share them with others with the help of powerfully appropriate words. But you can’t review these achievements as a tabulated data.

So your success in blogging has two components. One is quantitative which you can review exactly and also share it with others to inspire them how successful you are. The other component is qualitative which you can enjoy more and equally tell your followers and friends by skillfully describing the level of your qualitative success.

What does Madam Harleena had to say as well? She is one individual I deem as the Mother of Blogging. She is the brain behind Aha-now.

The basic reason of blogging is to put our personal point of view across to people. It’s still a personal diary as it meant to be, but in the present era, a blog is a personal point of view diary that we want everybody to read.

Blogging is successful if more people visit and read your blog and exchange or share their views – the more your point of view perpetuates and gets recognized, the better. Thus, the basic criteria of successful blogging is more targeted blog traffic, as well as user interaction and engagement.

The engagement can be in the form of visitors spending more time reading your blog post, commenting on them, and sharing your posts with others through social bookmarking and social media sites, or other means. If your blog engagement contains all these aspects of engagement, you’re definitely progressing towards success in blogging.

The advanced criteria of success in blogging is the accomplishment of the desired result. It could differ from blogger to blogger, as it can be anything like – achieving higher rank, being more popular, helping more people, contributing to the society and the world, earning lots of money, selling greater number of products or services etc.

Overall, success in blogging is subjective. It depends on your objective of blogging.

This same question was also thrown to the name Atish Ranjan. He is the main man behind Tech Tricks World and I always love his honesty. This is what he had to say;

Success in blogging can be different for different people. Few believe that earning huge amount of money from blogging is success, few consider success if their alexa rank becomes very good. Different bloggers has different measures to define success in blogging.

If you ask me, I would say success in blogging is when I wouldn’t need to do a day job for paying my bills. This is the biggest success I am still waiting for but there are so many other things which I consider as success such as:

  1. When I get more valuable comments on my blog post from some good bloggers and readers.
  2. When I notice multiple bloggers are sharing my blog posts on their social profiles because they are worth sharing.
  3. When I notice someone mentioned my name on his/her blog.
  4. When my readers appreciate my blog posts.
  5. You have asked me to put my views for this post. Right? It is also a kind of success for me because you might have thought that I would give something valuable to your readers.

 In short, for me success in blogging is anything which gives me happiness and whatever I have mentioned above are the things which make me very happy.

And obviously as I said in the beginning that the greatest success for me in blogging will be when I won’t need to do a day job which means earning a lot of money.

One more thing I considered as success which is RESPECT. When someone respects you in blogosphere, this is a kind of great success. I think I am much successful in this area as I have got so many good fellow bloggers and friends like you who respect me a lot and this is one of great success to me.

I hope I am done with what I wanted to say!

“Success is everything which makes you happy”

Another main man who shared his opinion on this was Kulwant Nagi with Blogging Cage. He loves blogging more than any individual I’ve known.

Blogging is a journey, not a destination. So in blogging you cannot define the point of success. You will have to excel yourself everyday to become a better blogger.

Blogging is a combination of your marketing skills, writing style, dedication and commitment, which will become stronger only and only if you are in the learning mode.

So it’s a continuous process.For me success in blogging is, when your students/readers start making money.

There is no need to blog if you are not helping people to change their lives.

Success in blogging is all about seeing the change in society with your efforts.

My Turn

My turn? what I have to say is a big thank you to all these great bloggers who made this post a reality. Thanks once more and I do you wish you all; all the best.

Your Turn

It’s now your turn, what is success to you in this blogging world? What do you make of this post as well? Your thoughts by way of comments are really welcome.

How to Become a Popular Blogger in this Confused area called Blogosphere?

How to become a popular blogger in this confused area called blogosphere? This is of course the exact question one person asked me on Facebook but I think it will be prudent to address this issue in the form of a post.I do like how the question was framed with particular interest in the confused part.

If you want one area where you’re likely to be confused the more, then please find yourself in an area we refer to as blogosphere. Whiles Blogger A has this to say, Blogger B has a different opinion to share as well but the funny thing is that it’s all happens on the same subject-matter.

As always, posts on is where I look at the world through the eyes of others aren’t complete without Little Johnny who always finds in one mischievous act or the other and as always, today is of no exception.

Little Johnny got to school late on Monday morning:

Teacher: Little Johnny why did u come to school late?

Little Johnny : One man lost #1,000 note at the bus stop

Teacher: “Ooohh! That’s good of you…seems you were helping the man look for his lost money.

Little Johnny answered “Nooo! Am I mad?  I was standing on the money”

But on that Sunday preceding the Monday, look at what happened to Little Johnny. No wonder he needs money.

Little Johnny’s pastor called him after church and asked him how much he bought his iphone 6 smartphone.

Little Johnny lied that he bought the phone for $100 instead of $1000, because he didn’t want the Pastor to shout and ask how much he (Little Johnny) gave to God that month.

All of a sudden, the Pastor gave Little Johnny  two hundred dollars to buy two of the phones for him and his wife. Now Little Johnny is confused and doesn’t know what to do. What advice will you give to Little Johnny?

Hahaha! Obviously, Little Johnny need some great advice and  is indeed in great dilemma.
Let now move back to business as usual. How does one become a popular blogger in this confused world we call blogosphere?

  1. Don’t Change your Blogging niche just like that

Let people know your blog for one particular thing and don’t be the jark of all trades. Be known for solving one particular problem instead of lambasting your readers with all sorts of posts around the web.

  1. Always answer the important questions of your readers so that they remember you as their guide.

Wanting to becoming a popular blogger is all about answering the needed questions your readers want to know.

  1. While sharing links express the topic clearly so that people become interested in clicking your link.
  2. Thank people for their retweets since they are helping you to become more popular in their side.
  3. Engage with your Readers

Whether you are popular or trying to gain popularity, engaging with your audience is the key. If you can keep your regular readers happy and use good ways to get more and more new readers, then you can easily get popularity and once your blog becomes popular you don’t need to worry about anything. If you were blogging for money, then now you can easily get a decent income as money will flow to you because you have finally build a brand out of your blog.

Always remember that not just the branding of your blog is important but also personal branding of yourself is important. Why? Because you are the one who run your blog and people want to talk with you, their influencer. They want you to help and educate them.

Your Turn

What do you make of this and what do you have to add? How does one become popular as a blogger? Your thought is very well welcomed.

If You Hear I’m Dead as a Blogger

Who wants to go to heaven? And obviously the entire class raised their hands except Little Jane who was weeping at the corner with her hands down. Mr. Smith gently walked to her to inquire more. So Little Jane, why are you crying? Little Jane looked at him and continued to weep the more.

The whole class was perplexed. What at all could be worrying Little Jane? Maybe your guess was as good as mine but in this case, it wasn’t death that Little Jane was afraid of but rather had being warned by the mother to quickly run back home when Sunday School was over. How can she therefore get to heaven when her stunning mother had warned her? So you see, that was Little Jane’s dilemma.

The argument of whether Heaven exists or not is something I will leave to those atheists-(people who believe there is no God)  and their evolution nonsense. Yes, atheists claim there is no GOD but yet still spend their entire life  telling the whole world there is no God with some baseless proofs. With me, I do believe in GOD and Heaven.

Hey but wait, today’s post isn’t about whether Heaven exists or not but what I want to know is, if you I should die right now,what would be your reaction? Obviously you’ll shed some small tears and the rest remains history. My president died about a year ago and it appears the whole nation has forgotten about him. Death is one subject everyone abhors greatly but yet still all of us wants to get to Heaven. The surest way to get to Heaven is through death. If so, why do many of us fear the subject of death anytime it comes up.

If You Hear I’m Dead as a Blogger

A man’s great challenge is to develop the inner strength to express his true self and not to fear death. He must learn to share his love with the world without holding back. When a man is satisfied that he’s done that, he can make peace with death. But if he fails to do so, death becomes his enemy and haunts him all the days of his life.

A man cannot die well unless he lives well. A man lives well when he accepts his mortality and draws strength from knowing that his physical existence is temporary. When a man faces and accepts the inevitability of death… when he learns to see death as his ally instead of his enemy… he’s finally able to express his true self. So a man isn’t ready to live until he accepts that he’s already dead.

So tell me, do you fear death? I’m not here to simply tell you how immortal I am. Because I’m not and I’m one day also going to die just as everyone. Good! Live a life which will make people talk good things about you if you depart from this planet earth.

Now let’s look at this lovely poem written by one Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe on the theme, If you hear I’m Dead

If you hear I am dead
Please don’t go anywhere to look into it
Because I was not guaranteed to live forever
So, whenever I go and however I go
Let me go in peace

Don’t go blaming anyone for my death

For I go with joy.

If you ever hear I am dead

Please don’t say I died untimely death

Because no one gave me a specific number of years to live as a blogger

So how can you tell if it was not my time?

Both green and brown leaves fall from trees.

If you hear I am dead

Please bury my wasted useless body

And get back to your lives

The fact is,

The body you see on my death will not be me

But the husk I have left behind after the harvest

So throw the husk away quickly and inexpensively.

For my wasted body is of no use

It is just waste

If you hear I am dead

Let it remind you that you also won’t live forever

So, take thought of your life and watch how you live

So that death will not be a frightening

Prospect for You.

If you hear I am dead

Mind your life and love more

For each mortal is destined the six feet

For death still remain the end of each soul

Live and Love your life

If you hear I am dead

Please don’t come and read

any insincere tributes at my funeral

If you cannot say the truth about me,

And about my impact of my life

Then do me a favour

Just Keep quiet.

I know I’m one day going to die one as a blogger and I will not be  hypocritical about that. I have seen many bloggers in this blogosphere but now sees them no more. Where are they now? And it is obvious they’ve die as a blogger.

I think it’s now time to stop my long winding talk. I’m going to enjoy my breakfast now. As I do so, I’ll be really glad to moderate your comments. They are greatly welcomed on this subject matter.

Some Bloggers I have Grown to Hate

I have being weighing my options as to whether to accelerate or apply the brakes on this. I guess you might be wondering on what? I have decided to have hanged my blogging…

I need to place the full stop before I’m lambasted with lots of questions and whys I can’t find answers to. I will obviously be coming in with the right post for that but as usual; this post ought to be written in a way which obviously has to be understood.

I know I might not be writing in Greek but in English but there seem to be certain words which I myself find it difficult to understand but not something like some bloggers I have grown to hate.
Now what comes in mind is this; what is this post going to be about?

Anyone who teaches they call a teacher and interestingly anyone with a blog is called a blogger. One beautiful thing about blogging is that it requires no certificate and anyone with a blog can obviously go around hitting his chest hard telling the world he or she is a blogger. Thanks for the likes of and wordpress, people like me can refer to myself as a blogger as well. Hahaha!

As always, my posts aren’t complete without our good friend Little Johnny. What has happened this time around? For those who don’t know about Little Johnny, embrace yourself for this.

At a Sunday school class, one Sunday morning, after an interesting topic, the teacher asked, “Any question?”

Little Johnny, looking puzzled, raised his hand, and the following conversation ensued:

Little Johnny: “You said the children of Israel escaped from Egypt?”

Teacher: Yes

Little Johnny: “You said the children of Israel crossed the red sea?”

Teacher: Yes

Little Johnny: “You said the children of Israel also brought down the mighty walls of Jericho?

Teacher: “Yes Little Johnny!” “What exactly is your question?”

Little Johnny: “When the children of Israel were doing all these, where were the adults of Israel?”

Hahaha! I guess Little Johnny has raised an interesting question. Let move back to business as usual and I think there is no need for me to repeat myself once again by listing some bloggers I have grown to hate.

  1. Ungrateful Bloggers

If there is one thing which seems to be making wave across in this blogosphere, it has to do with some bloggers who are always ungrateful. How do you make of this? A blogger desperately asks for your help and you do all that you can for him, but at the end, not a simple thank you was returned. How will you feel about it? My stay in this blogging arena has made me come across many bloggers and how they behave.

I have lots of Facebook friends on my list who are bloggers and interestingly, the only time most of them messages you is when they find themselves in a mess and after that you will only hear of them when there is another problem they feel you could be of help. Hahaha!
What annoys me the most is the fact that; a mere thank you is something they find it difficult to say.
Ungrateful bloggers are one bloggers I hate the most.

  1. Hypocrite Bloggers

I think I have talked a lot of these types of bloggers on this blog of mine. These are the types of bloggers who preach the word but do the exact opposite of it. But why should that be the case? The blogging scene is filled with lots of these bloggers and I just laugh anytime I come across such blogs. Blogging is all doing what you preach as well.

  1. Confused Bloggers

These are the types of bloggers I prefer to call them the swinging bloggers as well. They tend to go along with anything they read. Every blogger must be discerning and not just go along with what the masses are doing. But there are bloggers who very much interested in doing exactly what other bloggers are doing and just want their blogs to be like theirs. Blogging is all about being yourself and I think I have said this  more than a million times but I think it is worth repeating once more again in this post.
Your Turn

One beautiful thing about finding yourself as a blogger is the fact it is more or less like a democratic state, everyone has a view to share. Hence, it is now your turn to have say on this. What are some of the bloggers you’ve grown to hate?

The Difference between a Nigerian Blogger, an Indian Blogger and an American Blogger. Part 2!

The Difference between a Nigerian Blogger, an Indian blogger and an American blogger is of course the issue on board for today. I vividly do remember that I have written such post on my blog before and so I guess this is going to be the part 2. For those who missed the first part, check it out.

When it comes to even movies, I guess there is even a big difference in their trends. Whiles there is the high possibility of a Nigerian movie somehow ending in part two or three like this post, Indian movies have one unique character of always ending in love with the main man having his dream woman always at the end but when it comes to American movies, they have an interesting way of playing with your mind. Hahaha!

Is that how it is when it comes to blogging? Blogging is one beautiful thing many do find themselves in because it is perceived to be that easy thing all of us could find ourselves in and obviously the luxury will start flowing.

What attract many into the blogging scene be it the blogger being a Nigerian, an Indian or an American mainly has to do with the numerous successes few bloggers write about on their blogs.

Now let move back to the big question on board, what is that big difference between a Nigerian blogger, an Indian blogger and an American blogger? The funniest thing is that they all came to the blogosphere with one big mission which is to achieve freedom and at least make some cool bucks from their hard work.

Another interesting similarity between these bloggers is the fact that they all love Adsense if not all of them, about 90% of them do. Hahaha! I do hope it goes beyond the 90% though. What again do they have in common?

They all complain when Adsense earnings are low and slam Google Adsense when they are banned. HAHAHA!

Before we obviously move into business, it is obviously clear that this post wouldn’t be complete without my good friend Little Johnny.  He is involved in one wedding scandal.

This particular wedding event occurred at his own wedding reception. This is what he had to say at the wedding vote of thanks.

  1. I want to first of all thank the Lord Almighty for creating my wife and to also thank the pastor and his wife for lending us their wedding rings.
  2. Special appreciation to my landlord who lent us his car.
  3. I am most grateful to my boss for approving the loan I used for the wedding.
  4. Big thanks to the committee of friends for the appeal fund they raised on my behalf.
  5. Also to my brother’s wife, thank you for lending us your wedding gown.
  6. I’m so grateful to the cake designer for the cake. I promised to return it tomorrow morning as agreed without cutting or part of it.
  7. Special thanks to my friends who brought food from their homes to help me feed you all. Please for those who were served food good luck and for Those who didn’t get any, well we will make it up to you during our child dedication (hopefully next year).
  8. Very big thanks to my parents for bringing the village cultural band to supply the music as well as entertain us all here, today.
  9. Not forgetting the church marriage committee, thank you for persuading my wife to marry me.
  10. Appreciation to the married men in the church for rushing me into this marriage.
  11. The women are not left out, thanks a lot for teaching my wife how to dance.
  12. To the youths, thank you for sweeping and decorating this venue with palm fronds.
  13. I am also grateful to my teenage friends for helping with the Sobolo drink
  14. Appreciation to my co-tenants for contributing money for the cameraman
  15. Well, I wish you all safe journey and I pray you don’t experience what I suffered for this wedding. Thank you all.

Hahaha! As to whether this marriage is going to last just as Little Johnny plans, time will obviously be the judge at the end. I think the wedding was dissolved right at the reception.

But that obviously is the palaver of Little Johnny and not something we have to think of. Let move back to business as usual and once again let me repeat myself, what is that difference between a Nigerian blogger, an Indian blogger and an American blogger?

This is where the discussion begins. When it comes to blogging, the nationals of Nigeria and Indians as well as Americans can’t be left out. They seem to be the main stay as far as blogging is concern.

But the most interesting thing is that they all seem to have a peculiar character which distinguishes them from one another.

When it comes to Nigeria, the issue of entertainment is what they love to write about. Nothing entertainment doesn’t go through their lenses without proper scrutiny but the funny thing about most Nigerian bloggers is the fact that most of them are greedy and the downfall of a fellow blogger brings them more joy and I guess the issue of Linda Ikeji portrayed that vividly well. Hahaha!

And when we come to our Indian bloggers, there is one disintinctive trace about them, they have lots of blogging personalities to look up to with so many names who are Indians making it in this industry we call blogging but one funny thing about them as well has to do with the fact most Indian bloggers hardly speak the truth especially when it comes to issues of how much they make online. This breed jealousy among them. Hahaha!

With our American bloggers, they always have this zeal of channeling out those lovely personal development posts but the unfortunate thing is that it will be very difficult for an American to live on his or her blog when the blog even earns him $1000 monthly. Hahaha!

Your Say now

What do you make of this? Your thought by way of comment is very well welcomed. What do you think is the difference between a Nigerian blogger, an Indian blogger and an American blogger? Hahaha!

5 Blogging Tips which Makes me understand Blogging is not for Fools.

Kabenlah is at it again and as usual when I’m it, it means all that I’m doing is channel a piece like this which I will prefer to call it a masterpiece. Can you think of any better name though? Hahahaha!

5 Blogging Tips which makes me understand Blogging is not for Fools is the issue. The name Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe is a blogger with and this is something you already know but what has blogging taught me all these while?

This post is being written but as usual you obviously do know Kabenlah’s posts aren’t mostly complete without the introduction of Little Johnny. For those who might not have heard of my good friend Little Johnny, he is that guy who always finds himself in one mischievous act each and everyday and today is of no exception.

1) TEACHER: Little Johnny, what do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer interested?

Little Johnny: A teacher! 

2) TEACHER: How do we keep our school clean?

Little Johnny: By staying at home!

3) TEACHER: Draw a diagram of bacteria.

[Few minutes later]

Little Johnny: Here it is sir.

TEACHER: Where? You haven’t drawn anything

Little Johnny: Sir, can you see bacteria without microscope?

4) TEACHER: Little Johnny, your essay on “My Dog” is exactly the same as your brother’s. Did you copy his essay?

Little Johnny: No Sir, it’s the same dog.

5) Little Johnny was writing something very slowly. A friend asked “why are you writing so slowly?”

Little Johnny: I’m writing to my six year old son, he can’t read very fast.

Hahaha! these are some of the interesting collections of Little Johnny but as usual, let just move back to business as usual and I do hope because of laughter, you haven’t forgotten the fact that the issue on board has to do with 5 Blogging Tips which makes me understand Blogging is not for Fools. I will be interested in knowing yours as well.

So what are they? What are some of the blogging tips blogging has taught me?

  1. Contents aren’t king but instead Readable Contents are.

There seem to be this whole notion spreading across the entire blogosphere with respect to having to make it as a blogger, one need to focus more on writing more contents. That is of course not a bad idea at all but what are the sorts contents are you’re channeling? Readable contents are what matters the most as far as succeeding as a blogger is concern. Who told you content is King? It isn’t!

  • Content isn’t king anymore. Content used to be king. Now it’s a servant in the king’s court. The king is the user. Content serves the king (the user) with valuable writings, videos, images, graphics, resources, or whatever else Content should be. The best content wins. Anything else rolls downhill collecting at the base of the Mountain of Mediocrity, which makes the web. The best content wins, because the web is built with mediocrity.
  • Relationships are the king makers. Relationships allow us to connect with important people, companies, and organizations online. They are what the web (and the world) are built on, too. Consistent contribution makes healthy relationships possible. Consistency is key.
  • Identity is a knight. Identity grants “known-ness” to those lucky enough, smart enough, talented enough, or hard working enough to wear that crown. Identities can be powerful allies on the web, in the never-resting tussle for attention.
  1. Images are very Important

One thing is clear when it comes to issues blogging, where words can’t be used, images have a thousand words to say so the use of images is something which can’t of course be taken lightly.

  1. Crafting crafty Headlines

The first call of attention when it comes to blogging has to do with headlines and if there is one thing which blogging has taught me well, it has to do with crafting good headlines. But how many bloggers take into consideration headlines when it comes to crafting a headline?  Headline is the first commitment level from the reader and anything other than that leaves readers wondering and they go and come no more. Hahaha!

  1. Having a Business Plan

What is the plan for your blog? Or just like many you’re just blogging for blogging sake but why the complain in low in revenue? Blogging is more or less like an enterprise on its own and so the earlier that sink in, the better.
Having a plan for your blog is something obviously not for fools.

  1. Traffic

Having a better traffic is all about; Big Network + Better promotion = More traffic. 
The equation is as simple as that!

Your Turn.

What do you make of this. It is now your turn to have your say as well.

To Tag or not To Tag? That is a Million Dollar Question

Another month is here and I still wonder why they call it October. My plans for October have being put on hold and the best lesson this has taught me is never to trust anyone who wears trousers. Hahaha! On a more serious note, trust me on that.

Let me take this opportunity to acknowledge the name Madam Areesha Noor of New Year Greeting 2014.She is that brilliant well known for her lovely messages for all occasions even messages bound for newly-born babies.

For those lovely messages for your wife, you can check these out

  • Ι don’t Know where Ι would be, if you had not supported me. Α dead end is where my life would come to, if it were not for you. Today, Αs we celebrate οur anniversary, Ι just want tο say thanks fοr everything baby.
  • Εven though we have been married just fοr a few years, yοu can read my mind as if you have known me for Α lifetime. Ηappy anniversary, Ι love yοu.
  • Ι love you mοre than life itself and sο thankful that we met my world’s nοw filled with sun shine, Ηow much better can it get?
  • Sοme husbands dedicate sοngs, sοme dedicate a Facebook page and some dedicate a gift to their wives on a wedding Αnniversary. Ι have kept it simple and dedicated my whole life tο you, sweet Ηeart. Ηappy anniversary.
  • Yοu are the Gοοd in my Good Μorning, Ηappy in my Ηappy Birthday and Lοve in my Ι Love Yοu. Happy anniversary to the woman who Ιs the essence οf my life.

These are the sorts of beautiful messages the name Areesha has to offer and visiting her site wouldn’t of course be a bad thing to do at all. You will be amazed at those messages she has to offer and you will love them as well.

Now let move back to business as usual and as you already know, the issue on board is simple; to tag or not tag? That to me is worth more than a million dollar. Hahahaha! Please before I’m skinned alive here, let me first of all introduce you to Little Johnny and do you know Little Johnny has found himself in a new school but I doubt whether he will be accepted.

Look at what transpired.

TEACHER: There will be an elementary science test next week.

Contrary to his nature, Little Johnny reads his book from cover to cover like no man’s business.

On test day, teacher lines up about 5 birds, covering each with a piece of cloth so only their legs are visible.

QUESTION 1: Looking at the leg of a bird write down its common name, species, family, zoological name, habitat etc.

After about 20 mins of frustration and not writing down anything, Little Johnny storms to the teacher’s desk and slams his blank sheet in front of the teacher.

Little Johnny: Sir, this test makes no sense! I am going home!

TEACHER: What a rude boy! Come back here. What is your name?

Little Johnny raises his trouser and points to his leg “You too, look at my leg and tell me my name, my surname, my house address, what tribe I come from”

Hahaha! I guess the teacher now has his own palaver to solve now but as to whether he will be able to solve that, I have my own question to solve here as well and as usual it has to do with whether to tag or not to tag?

This tagging issue raised an interesting issue on Facebook just recently with some taking offence with respect to why friends need tag them in their posts. It was a back and forth debate

This is my take on it as well. Why do people become angry when they are tagged? Tagging is something many do see as really unethical but is that really the case?
The issue is; as bloggers we all need each other that is why I have bloggers as friends on Facebook so will I be wrong to tag you when I write a blog post on blogging which I deem worthy for every blogger to read?

Most bloggers avoid tagging simply because they hate it but will love you to tag them when you write about but my problem is; why will you not allow me to tag you in my ordinary post but will love it when I tag you in a post I mentioned you? Is that not… Let me pause here before  I say the unsay able. Hahaha!

Your Turn

What is your say on this? I have had mine and yours is very well welcomed.To Tag or not to Tag is the issue on the board today and what you make of it is what I want to hear from you.

5 Ways Of Increasing Your Organic Traffic You Probably Don’t Know Anything About

Organic traffic is free traffic – and it converts better than referral or social traffic (and the two combined). The reason for this is that search engine visitors are visitors that are already looking for something. They are potential buyers, subscribers or clients simply waiting for they perfect pitch before they’ll open their wallets/purses. In essence, search engine visitors are potential ATM machines for your website/blog.

The sad fact is that webmasters around the world still struggle with organic traffic. What could be the reason for this? More importantly, what is the way out? First, the reason is because most bloggers do not know what they need to do exactly to attract search traffic – free of charge. They keep following the sorry tales pro-bloggers like telling (while they themselves do something else – completely). Secondly, the way out is as simple as following these simple steps/procedures no one blogs about.

Shall we?

You’ve Got Your Meta Tags Missing (Or Wrong)

Meta tags are contained in a site’s header and are used to provide structured data about the content of a blog or website. This structured data, in practice, contains express instructions to search engines what exactly a site is all about. If you are blogging about pets – and dogs in particular, it would be a great idea to have your header section of your theme expressly reflect that. Sadly, most sites do not have any meta tags at all!

The way out?

Install the Add Meta Tags plugin. Once installed, configure it for the set of keywords (or keyword) you wish to rank for. Usually, you’ll begin to see positive improvements in terms of SEO within a month.

Too Many Broken Links Ruins Organic/Free Traffic

When search engines crawl your site, they expect to meet links that are active; links that point to other functional sites – not dead links. If by chance you have amassed quite a number of links that have ceased to point to any other site – and can be properly called dead, you’re in for a surprise: when search crawlers visit your site, you’d be surprised that instead of being ranked higher, you’ll sadly be ranked lower and this will ultimately hurt your organic traffic!


Search engines would assume that your site is abandoned. Or else, you do not have user’s interest at heart: either way, you’ll certainly lose a ton of organic traffic. The challenge of detecting broken links can be a challenge without help. But what if I told you that a simple (and light) plugin can monitor your blog and report to your mail once you have a broken link? That plugin is the Broken Link Checker.

Lest I forget…the first time I ran the plugin, I discovered that my overall site speed increased. In essence, broken links can also slow things down – certainly what you’ll not wish for your blog!

Non Implementation Of H – Tags Is A Bad Idea So Far As Organic Traffic Is Concerned

The h-tags (short for heading tags) are one of the most neglected elements of SEO. Unfortunately too, many bloggers and information marketers today do not know what the tags stand for, how they can be implemented or even the benefits in terms of organic traffic.

It’s sad – real sad.

H – tags typically run from 1 – 6. Thus, when properly implemented, it should read in this manner: H1, H2 etc. These tags, are like sub – headings indicating that your post is a one coherent whole. Thus, you must make sure that your topic as well as your heading tags contain your keywords – or at least a variation of your keyword. To insert these tags, simply highlight the text where you wish to insert them and click on the Text Format tab. Naturally, the font size decreases as you descend from H1. You could simply correct that that unifying the text size via the Text Size tab.

And viola – you’ll begin to notice a tremendous increase in your search traffic!

Ignorance Of Schema (Completely)

Schema makeup is a collective effort of Yahoo, Bing and Google to produce a markup that would be valid across board. Never have these search giants come together in this manner so you should be rest assured that if you’re not implementing the Schema markup, you are sure missing something big.

This amazing markup tells search engines exactly what your content is about: a person, product, news items, review and just about any post category you can imagine. Accordingly therefore, the search engines are better equipped to direct users to your site: all three major search providers!

Unfortunately, this markup can prove time consuming and extremely stressful especially for sites with thousands of entries. Don’t be intimidated though: you can simply download (and install) this plugin and take up things from there.

Did I mention that the click through rate also increases once you have properly marked up your site?

Writing About What No One Is Searching For Kills Organic Traffic Faster Than You Can Imagine!

The last bit about beefing up organic traffic to a site is making certain that you are writing what people are already searching for (or at least optimize your posts for popular keywords). It may surprise you that if you do the things mentioned here, you could easily rank for any keyword – at least with time. Why I’m I so certain?

…because, almost 99.9% of webmasters do not observe these simple rules!

Capping Up

Organic traffic is fun: not only is it free, it brings visitors to a site without any efforts from your end. Fortunately too, these visitors are always willing to pay, become subscibers and make you stinking rich in the process. Why should you say no?